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The death of coral reefs in Australia may be doing more than wiping out habitats for fish: It may be changing their behavior. 澳大利亚珊瑚礁的死亡可能不仅仅摧毁鱼的栖息地,可能会改变它们的行为。Researchers recently put young fish in controlled environments, half with healthy coral and the other half with bleached coral. 研究人员最近将幼鱼放在受控环境中,一半是健康的珊瑚,另一半是漂白的珊瑚。Then they exposed them to a chemical that fish release when theyre attacked. Young fish sense this alarm signal and associate it with the predator. 然后,他们放入鱼儿受到攻击时释放的化学物质。幼鱼感觉这个报警信号,并将其与捕食者联系在一起。The problem is for one species of fish tested, only those in the living-coral environment hid when the chemical was released by researchers. 问题是对一种鱼进行测试,当研究人员释放化学物质时,只有生活在活珊瑚环境中的鱼会躲藏。;Their counterparts on dead coral failed to pick up the scent,; one researcher said. 一位研究人员表示:“生活在死亡珊瑚上的鱼没有闻到气味”。The study says its unclear whether these fish just didnt respond appropriately to the hypothetical predators or if they actually failed to learn what to do in case of an attack. 这项研究指出,目前还不清楚这些鱼只是对假设的捕食者未能做出适当的反应,或者它们没能在攻击的情况下学习该怎么办。Australias Great Barrier Reef is suffering a massive bleaching event right now. If fishs survival instincts are lost with it, a lot of Australias biodiversity is at stake. 澳大利亚的大堡礁现在正遭受大规模的漂白。如果鱼的生存本能随之消失,澳大利亚的生物多样性面临危险。译文属。201605/443921TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/466625We made an incredible, moldable, indestructible material.我们制造出一种不可思议、可随意塑形、坚不可摧的材料。But when we dump it, it doesnt go away.但当我们将之丢弃时,它并不会消失。Now one truck of it ends up in our oceans every minute.现在每分钟有一卡车的塑料最后进到我们的海洋。Its killing sea life.那正在扼杀海洋生命。The fish eat the trash; then we eat the fish.鱼吃垃圾;然后我们再吃鱼。Were feeding ourselves our own garbage, and its now in our bloodstreams.我们用自己造的垃圾喂养自己,而那现在流在我们的血液中。Weve got to avoid plastic; weve got to get it out of the ocean and reuse it.我们必须避免塑料;我们必须将它从海洋中清出,然后重新利用。Look. What if we took some trash and made a sports shoe out of it?听着。假如我们用一些垃圾,然后用那做出运动鞋会发生什么事呢?And then we made a million more from 11 million plastic bottles?接着我们用一千一百万罐保特瓶再做一百万只运动鞋?What if that was just the start? And what if everyone did that?要是那只是起点而已呢?如果每个人都那样做会怎样?201702/490203TED演讲视频:少点用具 多点乐趣作家兼设计师格雷厄姆·希尔在探究这样一个问题:使用小一些的空间并且放置少一些的用品能够给我们带来更多快乐吗?他从占据更少空间这个角度切入,给出了三条修正我们生活方式的建议。201702/490668All her adult life, Elizabeth had been spooked by her fascinating, infuriating cousin,自成年以来 伊丽莎白一直被 她那令人又爱又恨的表侄女搅得心神不宁who seemed to personify all the cliches about women which Elizabeth herself had rejected.她展示出了所有女人传统的特点 同时也是伊丽莎白所没有的品质Now she had a precious opportunity to get Mother Mary off her back.现在她有了一个绝好的机会 能让玛丽永远消失Parliament was impatient to be rid of her,the people were positively baying for Marys blood.议会迫不及待地要除掉她 而人民也渴望看到玛丽的鲜血Yet, somehow, Elizabeth couldnt bring herself to do the deed.但是 伊丽莎白却不能作出这个决定It wasnt that she was sentimental about Mary,这并不是她对玛丽心存惋惜it was that she was scared,scared to be seen by the world to have her fingerprints on the axe.她只是非常害怕 她害怕被世人铭记 她也曾将人送上断头台This is what was robbing Elizabeth of her sleep,这让伊丽莎白辗转反侧 夜不能寐the tormenting question, whether by killing Mary这是一个痛苦的问题 杀了玛丽后she was getting rid of trouble or inviting it.她是摆脱了烦恼还是愁上加愁呢On February 1st, 1587,Elizabeth finally put her signature on Marys death warrant.1587年2月1日 伊丽莎白最终在玛丽的死刑判决书上签字了All the chaos, squalor, reckless adventuring,rash conspiracies, pathetic delusions,所有这一切的混乱 鲁莽的行为 草率的阴谋 可悲的愚昧histrionic bouts of self-pity, all the escapes all the rescues,戏剧性的一幕自我怜悯 所有的逃跑和拯救they had all led her to this one supreme moment.这些都将她引向这最后的瞬间She would be a Catholic martyr.她将成为一名天主教的殉道者 /201606/448701

You really have to try to imagine你得设法去想象that every single point is moving away from every other point.每一个点都在远离其他的点So no point is special.所以没有一个位置是特殊的No matter where youre standing in the universe,无论你身处宇宙何处if you look out, you will see galaxies moving away from you.眺望远方 你就会发现星系在离你远去Think of it like cities on the map of America.拿美国地图上的城市作比较If you were standing in California,如果你现在位于加利福尼亚you would see New York moving away from you.你会看见纽约向远处运动But, from the perspective of New York,而从纽约出发you would see Boston move away.会发现波士顿正在远去And if you were standing in Chicago,如果你身处芝加哥you would see New York and California moving away from you.则会看见纽约和加利福尼亚同时在远离你So, no matter where youre standing,所以 不管你在哪里you see everything else moving away from you.你会发现万事万物都在离你远去In the observable universe,在可观测宇宙中the galaxies are doing exactly the same thing.同样的情形发生在星系之间The only explanation for that唯一的解释就是is that the space itself is stretching,空间本身在拉伸that the universe itself is getting bigger,是宇宙本身在膨胀not that the galaxies are moving on the space,不是星系在移动but that the space is getting bigger.而是所处的空间正在膨胀重点解释:1.no matter 无论; 不管例句:Recently, I feel tired no matter what I do.最近我无论做什么都会疲劳。2.move away 搬走例句:Please move away the desk and the chair.请把那个桌子和那把椅子搬开。3.look out 注意,留神例句:Police will be looking out for trouble-makers at todays match.今天的比赛有警察防备著捣乱分子。201706/512271

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201606/447641

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