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原汁原味情景喜剧,配有中文字幕,让你在欢笑中学英语。 Article/201112/165337一位肯尼亚的企业家克非洲时尚业的挑战,在网络上开了一家时尚小店,并希望成为非洲大陆顶尖的时尚零售出口商。Interest in African fashion is growing around the world. But designers and artisans on the continent often have a hard time setting up the marketing, distribution and payment systems that would help them capitalize on the popularity of their pieces abroad. Our correspondent Okwi Okoh tells us how one Kenyan entrepreneur could be holding the key to overcoming those challenges.Beverly Lwenya is checking in on what she hopes will eventually become one of the top fashion retail outlets on the continent.Her boutique - which is exclusively located online - is called The Afropolitan Shop, and when Beverly isn#39;t meeting with designers and artisans to stock its virtual shelves with jewelry, handbags, shoes and other fashion accessories; she#39;s updating the site#39;s blog, Twitter account and Facebook page.Through the internet, she mostly targets Africans in the Diaspora and non-Africans who are looking for affordable yet trendy, high-quality products from the continent.The venture began after Beverly started a blog to chronicle her experiences as an African living outside the continent. Those experiences not only gave her the idea for her business, but its name as well.Beverly Lwenya said, ;I would go back and forth between Kenya and the States and people would always ask for earrings I was wearing or necklaces or bracelets or sandals - the Maasai sandals - so you know it got to the point where I was like maybe I should try and make the things available that I can get when I am in Kenya so the idea for the Afropolitan Shop was born shortly after the blog actually in 2008, 2009.;Beverly says that one of the biggest problems facing budding entrepreneurs - especially those in Africa#39;s fashion industry - is access to affordable but highly visible places to stock their wares.Beverly Lwenya said, ;What I see Afropolitan Shop doing in this space is creating retail space online so shifting the focus from store front to online what this does is still move products for the designers, they are still able to sell and not only are they able to sell locally but abroad as well.;CCTV#39;s Okwi Okoh said, ;When it comes to fashionable clothing and accessories and the creative people who make them, Africa - and Kenya in particular - is not in short supply. But the problem comes in when you want to get these trendy items into the hands of people around the world who want them, and that#39;s where Beverly Lwenya and the Afropolitan Shop come in. She wants to fill that gap but its not just about payment, deliveries and marketing, it#39;s also about meeting the designers one on one, face to face?The Afropolitan Shop officially launched last year and is yet to break even, but Beverly says she#39;s encouraged by the inquiries and consequent attention the designers on her site have gotten from all over the world.Rachel Njoki and her partners have been running Nini#39;s Afrique Boutique since 2009. They specialize in designing bags and beaded sandals and were among the first to list on the Afropolitan Shop.Rachel Njoki said, ;We want to really grow, we want to open our workshop and for that to happen it#39;s for Beverly to succeed and bring in more business, but things grow gradually.;Beverly knows there are many tough miles ahead before she can achieve the kind of international recognition and success she dreams of for the Afropolitan Shop and its partners. But hard work and creativity aren#39;t going out of style anytime soon in Africa, so she might just get her wish one day soon. Article/201205/181126Today in History: Tuesday, February 05, 2013历史上的今天:2013年2月5日,星期二On Feb. 5, 2003, Secretary of State Colin Powell urged the U.N. Security Council to move against Iraq, saying that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was harboring terrorists - claims that later turned out to be false.2003年2月5日,美国国务卿科林·鲍威尔敦促联合国安理会采取行动打击伊拉克,称萨达姆拥有大规模杀伤性武器并且庇护恐怖分子,该声称后来被明是错误的。1881 Phoenix, Ariz., was incorporated.1881年,亚利桑那州菲尼克斯组建。1917 Congress passed a law severely curtailing the immigration of Asians.1917年,国会通过了一项严重削弱亚洲移民的法律。1937 President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed increasing the number of Supreme Court justices. Critics charged that he was attempting to ;pack; the court. 1937年,罗斯福总统提出增加最高法院大法官的数量,批评者指责他试图“包揽”法院。1958 Gamel Abdel Nasser was nominated to become the first president of the new ed Arab Republic, a short-lived union of Syria and Egypt.1958年,纳赛尔被提名为阿拉伯联合共和国第一任总统,这是叙利亚和埃及一个短暂的联盟,。1988 The Arizona House of Representatives impeached Gov. Evan Mecham, who was later convicted in the state Senate and removed from office.1988年,亚利桑那州众议院弹劾州长Evan Mecham,他后来在参议院被判有罪并被罢免。1988 Panamanian military leader Gen. Manuel Noriega was indicted on bribery and drug trafficking charges in Florida.1988年,巴拿马军事领袖Manuel Noriega 将军在佛罗里达州被指控犯有受贿和毒品走私罪。1994 White separatist Byron De La Beckwith was convicted in Jackson, Miss., of murdering civil rights leader Medgar Evers in 1963. He was sentenced to life in prison.1994年,白人分裂主义者Byron De La Beckwith在密西西比州杰克逊因1963年谋杀民权领袖Medgar Evers被判有罪,被判终身监禁。1997 Investment bank Morgan Stanley announced a billion merger with Dean Witter.1997年,投资根士丹利宣布100亿美元与添惠公司合并。2001 Four disciples of Osama bin Laden went on trial in New York in the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa.2001年,奥萨马·本·拉登的四个信徒因1988年美驻非洲两大使馆爆炸事件在纽约受审。2002 A federal grand jury indicted John Walker Lindh, the so-called ;American Taliban,; alleging that he was trained by Osama bin Laden#39;s network and that he conspired with the Taliban to kill Americans.2002年,联邦大陪审团起诉约翰·沃克·林德是所谓的“美国塔利班”,声称他被奥萨马·本·拉登通过网络训练,并与塔利班合谋杀死美国人。 /201302/224485

REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT ON MEMORIAL DAYMemorial Amphitheater Arlington National CemeteryMay 25, 2009Thank you, Admiral Mullen, for that generous introduction and for your sterling service to our country. To members of our armed forces, to our veterans, to honored guests, and families of the fallen -- I am deeply honored to be with you on Memorial Day.Thank you to the superintendent, John Metzler, Jr., who cares for these grounds just as his father did before him; to the Third Infantry Regiment who, regardless of weather or hour, guard the sanctity of this hallowed ground with the reverence it deserves -- we are grateful to you; to service members from every branch of the military who, each Memorial Day, place an American flag before every single stone in this cemetery -- we thank you as well. (Applause.) We are indebted -- we are indebted to all who tend to this sacred place.Here lie Presidents and privates; Supreme Court justices and slaves; generals familiar to history, and unknown soldiers known only to God.A few moments ago, I laid a wreath at their tomb to pay tribute to all who have given their lives for this country. As a nation, we have gathered here to repeat this ritual in moments of peace, when we pay our respects to the fallen and give thanks for their sacrifice. And we've gathered here in moments of war, when the somber notes of Taps echo through the trees, and fresh grief lingers in the air.Today is one of those moments, where we pay tribute to those who forged our history, but hold closely the memory of those so recently lost. And even as we gather here this morning, all across America, people are pausing to remember, to mourn, and to pray.Old soldiers are pulling themselves a little straighter to salute brothers lost a long time ago. Children are running their fingers over colorful ribbons that they know signify something of great consequence, even if they don't know exactly why. Mothers are re-ing final letters home and clutching photos of smiling sons or daughters, as youthful and vibrant as they always will be.They, and we, are the legacies of an unbroken chain of proud men and women who served their country with honor; who waged war so that we might know peace; who braved hardship so that we might know opportunity; who paid the ultimate price so we might know freedom.Those who rest in these fields fought in every American war. They overthrew an empire and gave birth to revolution. They strained to hold a young union together. They rolled back the creeping tide of tyranny, and stood post through a long twilight struggle. And they took on the terror and extremism that threatens our world's stability.Their stories are the American story. More than seven generations of them are chronicled here at Arlington. They're etched into stone, recounted by family and friends, and silently observed by the mighty oaks that have stood over burial after burial.To walk these grounds then is to walk through that history. Not far from here, appropriately just across a bridge connecting Lincoln to Lee, Union and Confederate soldiers share the same land in perpetuity.Just down the sweeping hill behind me rest those we lost in World War II, fresh-faced GIs who rose to the moment by unleashing a fury that saved the world. Next week, I'll visit Normandy, the place where our fate hung on an operation unlike any ever attempted, where it will be my tremendous honor to address some of the brave men who stormed those beaches 65 years ago.And tucked in a quiet corner to our north are thousands of those we lost in Vietnam. We know for many the casualties of that war endure -- right now, there are veterans suffering and families tracing their fingers over black granite not two miles from here. They are why we pledge anew to remember their service and revere their sacrifice, and honor them as they deserve.This cemetery is in and of itself a testament to the price our nation has paid for freedom. A quarter of a million marble headstones dot these rolling hills in perfect military order, worthy of the dignity of those who rest here. It can seem overwhelming. But for the families of the fallen, just one stone stands out -- one stone that requires no map to find. Article/200906/72261

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