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上饶县中医院做祛疤手术多少钱The latest off-the-wall photo project to hit Tumblr shows a man posing alongside Gap mannequins mirroring their static poses and wearing matching outfits.轻客Tumblr最近有一组十分另类的照片火了。在这组照片中,一个男人穿着和身旁模特一模一样的衣,摆着和模特相同的姿势。Steve Venegas, 30, from Vancouver, started the quirky practice of #39;dressing like a dummy#39; four years ago and now has dozens of photographs to show for it.来自温哥华的史蒂夫·贝内加斯今年30岁,四年前开始“模仿假人”的奇特行动,目前已经积累了大量的此类型照片。On his Tumblr account - The Gap Mannequin Project - he is seen trying out the latest fashions from peach-colored hoodies to plaid shirts and dark denims.在他的Tumblr账号他将这组照片命名为“Gap模特项目”,在这些照片中他试穿了各种最新潮的饰,有桃色的连帽衫、格子花呢上衣以及深色牛仔裤。Mrs Venegas photographed him next to an identically-clad mannequin with an expressionless look on his face. The one-off stunt quickly turned into an ongoing tradition for the couple, and now they make regular trips to Gap.贝内加斯先生穿着和模特一样的衣,脸上摆出呆呆的表情,他的夫人拍下了他和模特的合照。这一行为本是一次临时起意,但后来它变成了这对夫妇一直坚持的传统,现在他们会定期去Gap装店逛逛。#39;I try on clothes and have my photo taken because it#39;s funny to dress like a dummy,#39; Mr Venegas explains under the #39;About#39; section of his Tumblr. And it seems others are also amused by his antics.“我穿和模特一样的衣拍照,因为这很有趣。”贝内加斯先生在自己的Tumblr账号中“关于”部分写到。似乎其他人也被他的滑稽行为逗笑了。Ongoing tradition: Now he has dozens of photographs to show for it.持续性传统:现在他已经积累了大量的模仿模特的照片。On show: He launched the Tumblr account - The Gap Mannequin Project - on December 31.展示:他在12月31日开启了轻客Tumblr账号上的Gap模特项目。Mr Venegas says that he doesn#39;t own any of the clothes in the photos and merely puts them on in the fitting room.贝内加斯先生说照片中的衣都不是他的,他只是在试衣间穿上它们。Novel idea: He merely goes into stores, looks at what the dummies are wearing, and pops a matching outfit on in the fitting room.新奇的创意:他只是走进商店,看着装模特穿的衣,然后就突然产生了在更衣室换上和它们同款衣进行模仿的想法。#39;I always hang them back up when I#39;m done,#39; he reassured fans via Twitter.;每次拍完照片我都把衣放回原处。;他在Twitter上解答了粉丝的疑虑。The amateur model told The Province that there was no special reason why he originally chose Gap for his project.这位业余模特告诉《温哥华省报》记者,他在项目最开始的时候选择Gap装店没有什么特别的原因。He was shopping there with his wife, Lauren, back in 2009, when he decided to try mimicking the dummies as a joke.当时是2009年,他正和妻子劳伦逛街,突然他就决定开玩笑模仿装模特的饰和动作。#39;I noticed the mannequin was about my size. Everything was in front of me, so I just said, ;I should try this on, see how this looks,;#39; he recalled.“我注意到模特的尺寸和我的身材差不多,它们就在我面前,我就说‘应该穿上试试,看看什么效果。’”他回忆到。In the name of fun: Many commentators seems amused by Mr Venegas#39; antics.代表乐趣:似乎许多者被贝内加斯先生的搞怪行为逗笑了。#39;I#39;m just going to keep doing this until they tell me stop, I guess,#39; Mr Venegas concluded.贝内加斯先生总结道:“我想除非有人来阻止我,要不我都会一直继续下去。” /201401/273323婺源县做韩式开眼角哪家好 After capturing the harrowing moment a plane went down off a Hawaiian island, a crash survivor turned his GoPro camera on himself, snapping a selfie with the sinking aircraft in its background.夏威夷岛屿起飞的一艘飞机因故坠海,一位幸存者在拍摄了这一恐怖过程之后,把他的GoPro相机对准自己,拍摄一张以下沉飞机为背景的自拍照。Ferdinand Puentes and eight others, including the pilot, were aboard the Makani Kai Air Cessna when its engine quit on Dec. 11, according to KHON 2. One person was killed.据夏威夷 KHON 2电视台报道,费迪南德·普恩特斯和包括飞行员在内的其他八人,于2013年12月11日搭乘赛纳斯飞机航班。其中一人遇难身亡。;Sirens and bells; started to sound on the plane, Puentes told KHON 2, and the Ewa Beach, HI native turned on his camera, recording footage of the traumatic ordeal.普恩特斯是夏威夷伊娃海滨的本地人,他对KHON 2电视台记者表示,飞机报警器响起来的时候他打开了自己的相机,拍摄视频短片记录下这一危险时刻。;I had to make sure it was on,; the 39-year-old told Hawaii News Now, adding that he had two GoPro cameras and he initially wanted to record the take-off.普恩特斯在接受《夏威夷今日新闻》采访时说:“我得确保相机已经打开了。” 同时他补充说自己有两部GoPro极限运动专用相机,他本打算拍摄飞机起飞过程的。In images released to Hawaii News Now, Puentes is seen clinging onto a wing of the aircraft. Another image shows other passengers holding on to plane debris to stay afloat.在《夏威夷今日新闻》发布的照片中,可以看到普恩特斯正试图爬上飞机羽翼,另一张照片展现了其他乘客抓住飞机残骸以免下沉的场景。;It was so many things just happening. Is it for real? Is this really happening?; he told Hawaii News Now.“当时发生了太多事情。这是真的吗?坠机真的发生了吗?”他对《夏威夷今日新闻》记者感慨道。But even with the sheer shock of the crash, Puentes reversed the camera on himself.但即使是在坠机的紧要关头,普恩特斯都没放下相机。In a bright yellow life preserver, in the Pacific Ocean, clutching onto a seat cushion, he took a selfie; the tail of the sinking aircraft behind him.身着明黄色救生衣漂浮在太平洋上,普恩特斯抓住坐垫拍了张自拍照;身后是坠机的机尾。According to KHON 2, Puentes was in his work gear.据KHON 2电视台报道,普恩特斯当时正穿着工作装备。;My steel-toed boots, my heavy work jeans and my long sleeve shirt. It was pretty hard and exhausting to swim with all that,; he said.普恩特斯说:“我当时穿着铁头靴子、沉重的工作牛仔裤和长袖衬衫,没法游泳。”In Puentes#39; released to A News, the alarm sounds aboard the plane as it crash-lands into the water. Passengers can be seen putting on life-preservers as water begins to seep in.在普恩特斯提供给A新闻的视频中可以看到,警报响起后飞机坠落在海洋里,海水迅速涌入,乘客们匆忙穿上救生衣。They calmly exit the aircraft.他们非常淡定地从飞机中逃出来。 /201401/273837上饶光子脱腋毛美容

上饶韩美整形美容医院雀斑怎么样In most communities around the world, goddesses are symbolic of a spiritual world. But in Nepal, these sacred females live and breathe.在世界上大部分的国家和地区,女神是精神世界的象征,但在尼泊尔,这些神圣的女性在世间生活着呼吸着。Handpicked from birth, these pre-pubescent girls are known as Kumaris, which means virgin in Nepalese, and are believed to be incarnations of the Hindu Goddess of Power, Kali.这些被称为“库玛利斯”(尼泊尔语处女)的女孩是自出生时就被精心挑选出来的。直到进入青春期前,她们都被视为印度女神时母的化身。They are forced to leave their homes and are hidden away in temples as a living deity, only able to leave when they are required at festivals and processions as the subject of worship.她们被认为是在人间的神祗,必须隐居在神庙里,只有出席节庆或宗教活动时才被允许离开。回家更是不可能的事情。These Kumaris are even considered too special to walk, instead being carried in chariots, thrones and other people#39;s arms - sometimes meaning they do not learn to walk until they retire.人们认为这些女孩太特殊,她们无须步行,一般坐马车、宝座或肩舆出行。也就是说,有时她们在退休之前都不会学习走路。And the girls are banned from going to school or taking part in day-to-day society, only appearing outside their temples up to 13 times a year.她们不能上学,也不能过普通人的日常生活。一年最多只能离开神庙13次。But once they reach puberty, everything changes for these Kumaris. After menstruation starts, the girls are put through a 12-day #39;Gufa#39; ritual, after which their life as a Kumari ends - and they return to an ordinary life that they have never known.一旦到了青春期,一切都将变得不同。初潮开始后,她们会参加一个为期12天被称为“古法”的仪式。“库玛利斯”生涯就此结束,她们将回到此前从未经历过的正常人的生活中去。 /201406/305611 上饶市做文眉手术多少钱余干县去雀斑多少钱



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