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People who do not get enough sleep are more than twice as likely to die of heart disease, according to a large British study released Monday.Although the reasons are unclear, researchers said lack of sleep appeared to be linked to increased blood pressure, which is known to raise the risk of heart attacks and stroke.A 17-year analysis of 10,000 government workers showed those who cut their sleep from seven hours a night to five or less faced a 1.7-fold increased risk of death from all causes and more than double the risk of cardiovascular death.The findings highlight a danger in busy modern lifestyles, Francesco Cappuccio, professor of cardiovascular medicine at the University of Warwick's medical school, told the annual conference of the British Sleep Society in Cambridge."A third of the population of the UK and over 40 percent in the US regularly sleep less than five hours a night, so it is not a trivial problem," he told reporters.Previous research has highlighted the potential health risks of shift work and disrupted sleep. But the study by Cappuccio and colleagues, which was supported by British government and US funding, is the first to link duration of sleep and mortality rates.The study looked at sleep patterns of participants aged 35-55 at two points in their lives - 1985-88 and 1992-93 - and then tracked their mortality rates until 2004.The results were adjusted to take account of other possible risk factors such as initial age, sex, smoking and alcohol consumption, body mass index, blood pressure and cholesterol.Cappuccio said it was possible that longer sleeping could be related to other health problems such as depression or cancer-related fatigue."In terms of prevention, our findings indicate that consistently sleeping around seven hours per night is optimal for health," he said. 本周一公布的一项大规模英国调查表明,睡眠不足的人死于心脏病的几率是睡眠充足者的两倍多。目前其中的原因尚不清楚,但研究人员称,睡眠不足会导致血压升高,从而增大患心脏病和中风的风险。一项针对1万名政府职员、长达17年的跟踪调查表明,每晚睡眠时间从七个小时减少到五个小时或更少的人因各种原因而死亡的几率是睡眠正常者的1.7倍,而且死于心血管疾病的风险也增加了1倍多。沃里克大学医学院的心血管药物学教授弗朗西斯哥#8226;卡普西奥在英国睡眠学会在剑桥召开的一年一度的研讨会上说,这一研究成果揭示了忙碌的现代生活中潜在的危险。他在接受记者采访时说:“三分之一的英国人以及超过40%的美国人每晚的睡眠时间常常达不到五个小时,所以这个问题不可小视。”此前有调查发现轮班及睡眠中断会对健康产生潜在威胁。但卡普西奥及其同事的这项调查则首次揭示了睡眠时间长短与死亡率之间的关系。该调查由英国政府和美国基金提供资助。该调查对年龄在35岁至55岁之间的人在1985年至1988年以及1992年至1993年两个阶段的睡眠模式进行了探究,并对这一人群截至2004年的死亡率进行了追踪。调查还考虑到了调查对象的初始年龄、性别、是否吸烟喝酒、体重指数、血压及胆固醇指标等其它可能的风险因素。卡普西奥说,睡眠时间过长也可能导致如抑郁症及癌因性疲乏等其它健康问题。他说:“就预防而言,我们的研究结果表明,每晚睡眠时间持续保持在七小时左右最益于身体健康。” /200809/47939。

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (front L) and first lady Akie Abe disembark from a plane at the Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing, October 8, 2006.While nearly 80 percent of Japanese say they are patriotic, most of that majority say their country should own up to, and reflect on, its record of aggression in Asia, according to a poll published in a newspaper yesterday.The Asahi Shimbun said 78 percent of 1,805 respondents to the December 2-3 poll felt at least some degree of patriotism. The figure was slightly lower than the 80 percent recorded in a similar poll conducted in April 2005, the daily said.At the same time, 88 percent of those claiming to be patriots said Japanese must consider their country's militaristic past and brutal colonial rule in Asia, the Asahi said.The results reflect public concerns about Japanese friction with China and South Korea over their shared history, the Asahi said.Japan's relations with its Asian neighbors have often been poor because of Tokyo's lack of contrition for its aggression and harsh colonial rule in the first half of the 20th century.Repeated visits by former prime minister Junichiro Koizumi to the Yasukuni Shrine that honors war criminals from World War II have further strained those ties.The Shinzo Abe government has pursued a policy agenda aimed at bolstering Japan's international military role.However, Japan's relations with China and South Korea have improved after Abe took power in September last year. His first overseas trips as prime minister were to Beijing and Seoul and there have been several initiatives in recent months to thaw ties.昨天公布的一项调查显示,虽然80%的日本人说自己是爱国人士,但其中的大多数人认为日本应该面对历史,应对自己曾对亚洲一些国家的侵略行为进行反省。据《朝日新闻》报道,这项在12月2日和3日进行的调查共有1805人参加,调查显示,其中有78%的人认为自己至少有点爱国心,略低于2005年4月一项类似调查的80%。此外,在自认为有爱国心的受访者中,88%的人认为日本必须面对自己的军国主义历史以及曾在亚洲一些国家进行的残酷殖民统治。《朝日新闻》称,调查结果表明,日本民众对政府与中韩两国在历史问题上的分歧较为关注。20世纪上半叶,由于日本政府对其过去的侵略行为和残酷的殖民统治毫无悔意,所以日本与亚洲邻国的关系一直很差。再加上日本前首相小泉纯一郎多次参拜供奉二战战犯的靖国神社,使得日本与邻国的关系更为紧张。安倍晋三首相上任后,政府出台了一系列旨在加强日本国际军事角色的政策。然而,自安倍首相去年九月上任后,日本与中韩两国的关系有所改善。安倍首相上任后出访的第一站就是北京和首尔。此外,近几个月还出台了几项旨在“解冻”关系的新计划。 /200808/46489。

Chinese restaurant syndrome is the popular slang for allergies or adverse reactions that some people claim they get after eating food containing the flavour-enhancer monsodium glutamate, or MSG, that is widely used in many processed foods and also added to many Asian dishes.中国餐馆综合症是流行用语,指有些人声称的在进食了含增强鲜味的味精(monsodium glutamate,或简称MSG)之后所产生的过敏或不良反应。味精被广泛用于食品加工,也被添加到许多亚洲菜肴中。What is amazing about the publication of this research is not that it concludes MSG allergy is a myth, but that a scientific journal still needs to bother debunking such pseudoscience at all. As the New York Times put it in an article by Julia Moskin published last year, "'Chinese restaurant syndrome' has been thoroughly debunked (virtually all studies since then confirm that monosodium glutamate in normal concentrations has no effect on the overwhelming majority of people)".这项研究报告的令人惊讶之处,并不在于它作出了“味精过敏是一个谬论”的结论,而在于一份科学杂志仍然需要不厌其烦地揭露伪科学的谎言。正如去年《纽约时报》朱莉娅·莫斯金的文章所说,“‘中国餐馆综合征’一说已被彻底揭穿(几乎所有的研究已经实,正常浓度的味精对绝大多数人不造成影响)”。This newspaper published an article in 2005 by Alex Renton that says "at no time has any official body, governmental or academic, ever found it necessary to warn humans against consuming MSG".这份报纸在2005年曾发表了一篇署名阿莱克斯·莱顿的文章,文中说道:“从来没有任何正式的政府或者学术机构认为有必要对人们使用味精发出警告”。Renton also writes about experimenting on a friend of his named Nic, who claimed to have adverse reactions to MSG: Renton feeds him a meal full of the MSG and closely related naturally occurring glutamates that are found in a huge range of foods including tomatoes, cheese, Marmite, seaweed and Worcester sauce. But Nic feels no pain or adverse reaction after his glutamate-stuffed meal.莱顿在文章中还谈到自己在朋友尼克身上所做的实验。尼克声称对味精有不良反应,于是,莱顿在给他吃的菜肴里加了味精,或者加了与味精密切相关的天然谷氨酸——许多食物含谷氨酸,如番茄、奶酪、酵母提取物、海草和辣酱油等。不过,尼克在吃完一顿富含谷氨酸的饭菜之后,并没有感到哪里疼痛或有什么不良反应。That's because he did not know he was eating MSG and other glutamates: like everyone else who complains of allergy or adverse reactions to MSG, Nic has psyched himself into believing that the benign substance makes him feel bad.原因在于他不知道自己吃了味精或其他谷氨酸:像其他任何一个抱怨对味精过敏或有不良反应的人一样,尼克已经神经过敏了,误以为这种良性物质会让自己感到不舒。In China, where I live, you don't hear many complaints about MSG allergy. They're too busy gorging themselves on the stuff. Chinese people consume 1.6m to 1.8m tonnes of MSG crystals every year, according to China's "MSG King" Li Xuechun, chairman of the Fufeng Group--a company that grew big enough to list on the Hong Kong stock exchange thanks to sales of MSG.在我生活的中国,你很少会听到味精过敏一类的投诉。人们对这玩意儿爱得不亦乐乎。根据中国“味精大王”阜丰集团(一家因销售味精而发展起来在香港联交所上市的公司)的董事长兼总裁李学纯的测算,中国人每年的味精消费量在160万至180万吨左右。Most restaurants and home kitchens in China have a big bag of MSG crystals, known in Chinese as weijing, or "flavour essence", and they toss it liberally into all kinds of savoury dishes. Even chefs who don't use glutamate crystals use soy sauce in most recipes, and soy sauce tastes good precisely because it's chock full of glutamates.在中国,大多数餐馆和家庭厨房都有一大袋MSG结晶体,中文称作味精,或“调味品”,人们在各种风味的菜肴里都搁上一点儿。即使不使用谷氨酸晶体的厨师,也会在大多数菜肴里加点酱油。酱油口味鲜美,正是因为含有丰富的谷氨酸。Your clothes, your kids' toys and most of the stuff you own was probably produced in factories in southern China by migrant workers who power through their overtime shifts by eating instant noodles, of which MSG is a vital ingredient. Instant noodles form a big part of the diet of the country's more than 20 million university students, and you certainly don't hear any of them complaining about Chinese restaurant syndrome.你穿的衣、你孩子的玩具、你的大部分物品可能就是中国南部的农民工加班加点生产的,而给他们身体提供动力的是速泡面--味精是其中不可或缺的配料。速泡面也是中国2000多万大学生的重要食品,你肯定没有听到他们哪个在抱怨患了“中餐馆综合症”。Nor do Italians complain about headaches after eating parmesan cheese (which tastes good because of the glutamates in it), Japanese don't worry about eating too much seaweed or dried shrimp (ditto), and even in Britain you don't often hear whining about adverse reactions to Marmite (ditto); you certainly don't get warnings from your doctor about the dangers of human breast milk to babies (ditto).意大利人吃完巴尔马干酪(口味绝佳,因为含谷氨酸),没有抱怨头痛;日本人没有担心海藻或虾米吃得过多(理由同上);甚至在英国,你很少听到有关酵母提取物引发不良反应的牢骚(理由同上);你也肯定无法从你的医生那里得到母乳喂养婴儿会有危险的警告(理由同上)。The fact is that unless you're eating bucket-loads of the stuff, MSG and its naturally occurring cousins are not going to do you any harm.事实是,除非你把味精当饭吃,否则它和它的天然表兄不会对你造成任何伤害。The persistence of the Chinese restaurant syndrome myth is a symptom of the hypochondria that has become fashionable in contemporary Anglo-American culture, and the failure of our educational systems to teach people the difference between quackery and hard science.对“中餐馆综合症”谬论的固执坚持其实就是一种臆想症的症状,它已经成为当代英美文化的时尚,也是我们教育体制的失败——因为它没有教会人们如何辨别江湖骗术和自然科学。 /200908/81602。

摘要:颅相学的理论是由德国医生加勒与他的学生斯帕津姆创建的,他们研究如何靠分析人头骨的开头来测定特定的性格与才能。颅相学一度被认为是科学,但现在人们认为它缺乏科学根据。Phrenology is the practice of analyzing a person' s character by examining the shape of the skull. It was developed during the early 19th century by two German physicians. Fanz Joseph Gall and his student Johann Kaspar Spurzheim. Phrenology was once considered a science, but now we know the theory has no scientific basis. So it should be called a pseudoscience.Phrenology was based on the belief that the brain is composed of many areas, each of which governs different character traits and intellectual abilities. Gall and Spurzheim believed a map could be made of the skull to show where these areas were. The strength or weakness of each trait or ability is determined by the size of the area where it is centered. They said they could tell whether a person was a musician, a poet, a businessman, a thief, or anything else, simply by feeling the bumps on the person' s head.Phrenology became very popular in Western Europe and North America during the 19th century. Maps showing the different intellectual qualities centered in each of the brain' s areas were printed and sold in large numbers. Studies on phrenology continued to be popular until the early 20th century. Famous people who believed in phrenology included Queen Victoria of Britain, the American poets Edgar Allan Poe and Walt Whitman.Today, scientists know the shape of the skull does not correspond to the shape of the brain, and there is no evidence that particular character traits are centered in specific areas of the brain. Different parts of the brain have different functions, but the parts interact in a more complex way than phrenologists realized. Nevertheless, phrenology did help pave the way for the scientific study of personality, and thus for modern psychology. /200905/70461。

A mixed-race couple who had one black and one white twin daughter seven years ago have described how they defied the odds and did it again. Skip related contentDean Durrant, 33, and Alison Spooner, 27, of Fleet, Hampshire, have had another set of twin girls with different coloured skin.Miya has her father's black skin and Leah is white like her mother.The couple's first set of twins arrived in 2001, with blue-eyed, red-haired Lauren taking after her mother while Hayleigh has black skin and hair like her father.Ms Spooner told Sky News: "I honestly didn't think it would happen again."I thought we would have two the same - and I didn't think we'd have twins again for a start. That was a shock," she said.The couple tried to put a bet on just in case but say bookies William Hill refused because the did not have the medical knowledge to offer them odds.Rupert Adams, a spokesman for William Hill, said some novelty bets are difficult to offer fair odds on.However, the bookes will try and offer a price if the couple want to make it third time lucky."If they came to us again saying they would try for another set, we'd give them odds of 10,000 to one," he said.Miya and Leah were delivered by Caesarean section at Frimley Park Hospital, in Surrey, at just 37 weeks of pregnancy after scans revealed both babies were in the breech position.Mr Durrant said he began to suspect they were different colours when second-born Miya arrived.He explained: "I was sure in my mind there was a difference but I didn't think it was as much as with Hayleigh and Lauren but obviously it is."The babies were taken to a special care unit because they were not breathing properly so it took five days for the parents to see them side by side."It's amazing," Mr Durrant added. "I think I'm still in shock." /200901/60536。

前不久英国皇室宣布了威廉王子和女友凯特·米德尔顿即将结婚的消息。全球对这位新平民王妃都异常期待。而凯特本人在英国国内也摇身变成时尚偶像。她的穿衣风格被无数女性追捧。今天小编就带你一起来看看这位平民王妃如何演绎英国上流社会的穿衣范儿吧!The 28 year-old fiancée of Prince William has stayed true to her demure and practical style over the years.凯蒂的气质被英国媒体称为"demure and practical style",意思就是正经严肃,但又很实用的穿衣风格。图上凯蒂的一袭宝蓝色连衣裙搭配黑色小西装和礼貌,的确很有大家闺秀的风范。 /201012/120656。

By now, almost everyone is aware of the powerful benefits of meditation. When we become conscious of our breathing and direct our awareness inward, our body relaxes, our blood pressure and heart rate drop, and our brain state shifts from anxiety producing beta waves to the smoother experience of alpha waves.  如今,几乎所有人都知道冥想的好处。当我们关注自己的呼吸和意识时,我们的身体会放松,血压和心率会降低,大脑发出的电波也会从焦虑的β波转为平缓的α波(小编注:β波,人的四种基本脑波之一,在清醒时出现,伴有需努力能够达到的注意力集中。α波,四种基本脑波之一。是连接意识和潜意识的桥梁,是有效进入潜意识的唯一途径,能够促进灵感的产生,加速信息收集,增强,是促进学习与思考的最佳脑波。)  But here's the problem – who has the time? Most of us have jobs to go to, families to care for, and errands to run. In the midst of the chaos of daily life, we simply don't have the luxury of meditating all day like monks in a monastery. There is, however, a simple solution to this problem. It requires that we rethink the very nature of meditation.  问题在于,哪里来的时间?我们中的大部分不仅要上班,要照顾家人,还要料理各种生活琐事。在繁杂的日常生活中,像僧侣们那样冥想实在是一种求之不得的奢侈。但其实,这个问题很好解决!只是需要我们重新反思冥想的真正本质。  1. It's All About the Breath 一切在于呼吸  You can get lost in the details of meditation. You can become obsessed with posture, mantras (repeated phrases), and mudras (finger locks). But reduced to its essence, meditation is all about the breath. We always breathe, but, when we meditate, we breathe consciously. We bring our awareness to each inhale and exhale. So while you may not be able to sit in lotus pose during a board meeting, that doesn't mean that you can't meditate.  你可能被冥想的种种细节弄的摸不着头脑,也可能纠结于姿势、祷文、马德拉舞这样的细节。但是说到底,冥想只与呼吸有关。我们每时每刻都在呼吸,但当我们冥想时,我们的呼吸是有意识的。我们把意识带入每一次吸气和呼气。所以,开会时,你也许没法打坐,但不意味着你没法冥想。  2. Finding the Gaps 见缝插针  All of us, no matter how busy, have small gaps in our day that are perfect for meditation. It might be the five-minute wait in line at the grocery store, the 10-minutes you spend stuck in traffic, or the two minutes you spend waiting for your computer to start up. In these moments, try shifting from frustration to meditation.  不论我们有多忙,也总能见缝插针的找到一些零碎的时间来冥想。也许是在杂货店排队时的5分钟,也许是堵车时的10分钟,也许是等电脑开机时的2分钟。在这些空隙中,试着从“沮丧模式”调整为“冥想模式”。  3. Meditative Multitasking 一心多用  You can also bring meditation into almost any workday task. Take meetings. In my experience, most meetings only require about 50% of our attention. So this leaves about 50% of your attention open for meditation. So rather than getting bored, try meditating. Experiment with bringing your attention to the breath as you follow the flow of the meeting. With practice, you can learn to meditate while doing just about any task – while checking emails, talking on the phone, or commuting to work.  你几乎可以在做任何日常工作时进行冥想。就拿开会来说,大部分会议只需要我们付出50%的注意力。也就是说你可以用剩下的50%来冥想。所以,不要陷入无聊,开始冥想吧。试着将注意力放在呼吸上同时还能跟上会议的进度。多多练习,你将变得能在做任何工作是进行冥想——处理邮件、接电话、在上下班路上等等。 /201109/153869。

Interactions can be wrought with mixed signals- saying one thing and non-verbally communicating another.No wonder so many singles report confusion regarding what their date was really thinking or feeling. On the surface, understanding this language can seem very difficult, if not impossible. Not so, if you learn to speak the non-verbal language of process.交流这种事情其实最纠结了,完全可以嘴里说着幺四七条心里却想着二五八万。这样看单身童鞋们对于约会对象的那点小忐忑,琢磨对方意思而不得的心情也就不足为怪了The following tips will be presented using examples of naturally (and commonly) reported dating scenarios experienced by singles.所以我们搜集了众多单身小盆友的约会资料,情景再现般地教给大家怎样破译约会的谜题1. Good eye contact/ poor eye contact 四目相对型When you are sitting and talking with your date, do you notice how they look at you, when you or they are speaking? When their eye contact is good, this is a sign that they feel comfortable and interested in you. They are really involved in the interaction and want to be there. It also communicates honesty and sincerity. Conversely, when your date has difficulty making eye contact, this communicates discomfort; lack of interest or it could be extreme shyness. The last would be easy to know if they are a shy person in general.当你们并肩而坐侃侃而谈之时,你有没有注意过伊的眼睛?如果伊两眼一直关怀着你,OK,伊必然是对你有好感,表示他/她很享受交流的过程,同时你还能看到伊内心深处的小坦诚与小真挚。如果不然,你的他/她就是不愿抬眼跟你对望,那么他/她要不是对你没有好感提不起兴趣,要不就是个害羞帝。当然如果伊是害羞帝,那你不用观察也知道他/她不敢跟你对视了。2. Restlessness坐立不安型Have you ever experienced the restless date? You know the one. He moves around in his chair, she looks at her watch, and his mind seems somewhere else. He may or may not offer an explanation. What appears to be going on is that her mind IS somewhere else. This behavior communicates a lack of interest or a preoccupation with someone or somewhere else.跟这种人约会过吗?这一类的男银在凳子上搓来蹭去,上窜下跳,这一类女银一会看表,一会提包,俩人放一块儿就是一对神游物外。这种情况都不需要解释,两种可能,一是他/她对你没有兴趣,再者就是伊心里有事儿,身在曹营心在汉。3. Looking around at others a lot and not at you Have you ever had the unpleasant experience of being out with someone who watches the crowd the whole time? Perhaps, they just glance furtively (and frequently) around the room? This, of course, signals lack of interest, possible discomfort and a desire to avoid interaction with you. It can also be a general sign of someone who is not trustworthy, or at the very least, hasn't been completely honest/ candid with you.左顾右盼型想想看你好不容易约上一个他/她出来,TA却一直关注着周围茫茫多的人群,没人可看时就从天花板到地砖缝上下前后的瞄。你说悲催不悲催。这必须就是人家对你不感兴趣,可能是觉着跟你在一块不舒,或者干脆就是躲避跟你谈话。反过来,你怎么看TA?那就是,不值得信任,至少不是那种实实诚诚的敞亮人儿。 /201104/131999。

Couples who are about to be married may be wondering how to wear wedding rings. It's not hard, so on to find out more.Step 1. In many countries, the wedding rings are worn on the left ring finger. If you're not sure which finger is the ring finger, start with the thumb and count to four. That's it. The left ring finger is said to have a vein that goes straight to the heart. That's why people tend to wear their wedding rings on this finger.大多数国家都将戒指戴在左手的无名指上,因为据说这根手指有一根动脉与心脏直接相连。 /200911/89652。

Facebook, YouTube at work make better employeesCaught Twittering or on Facebook at work? It'll make you a better employee, according to an Australian study that shows surfing the Internet for fun during office hours increases productivity.The University of Melbourne study showed that people who use the Internet for personal reasons at work are about 9 percent more productive that those who do not.Study author Brent Coker, from the department of management and marketing, said "workplace Internet leisure browsing," or WILB, helped to sharpened workers' concentration."People need to zone out for a bit to get back their concentration," Coker said on the university's website "Short and unobtrusive breaks, such as a quick surf of the Internet, enables the mind to rest itself, leading to a higher total net concentration for a days' work, and as a result, increased productivity," he said.According to the study of 300 workers, 70 percent of people who use the Internet at work engage in WILB.Among the most popular WILB activities are searching for information about products, ing online news sites, playing online games and watching s on YouTube."Firms spend millions on software to block their employees from watching s, using social networking sites or shopping online under the pretence that it costs millions in lost productivity," said Coker. "That's not always the case."However, Coker said the study looked at people who browsed in moderation, or were on the Internet for less than 20 percent of their total time in the office."Those who behave with Internet addiction tendencies will have a lower productivity than those without," he said. /200904/66434。