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英语日常口语 7:Paying the rent本单元是关于付房租的对话Helen: Oh no, it's that time of the month again - time to pay the rent.Tim: Comes round fast enough, doesn't it?Alice: Yeah and I'm so broke just now. I don't know where my money goes. Tim: You need to tighten your belt Alice. Well, I'm fairly flush this month, want me to lend you some cash?Alice: Tim, would you?Tim: Sure, you know me, always willing to help a damsel in distress. There's only one small catch......Vocabulary:Rent (n, uncountable): amount of money you pay (usually every month) to live in a house or flat that belongs to someone elseA damsel in distress (humorous): a young woman who needs help There's a catch: There is a condition (usually something difficult or unpleasant). In this case Tim will lend Alice some money but she has to repay him in a way that he chooses A casino (n): a place where people can gamble (bet money) on the result of games with cards, dice or machinesGreyhound racing (n): a spectator sport where people watch dogs race and bet money on the result本单元的语言点是关于钱的习语,有时习语很难通过字面单词猜出其意义,看看下面的习语,你能猜出他们是什么意思吗?Idioms use language metaphorically rather than literally. If you paid 'through the nose' for something, it means you paid too high a price for it (the metaphorical meaning) not that you paid for something with money that came out of the middle of your face (the literal meaning).Idioms are also fixed groups of words so you can't change the wording of an idiom. For example, you can say 'That shop is a real rip off' to describe a shop that overcharges its customers but you can't say 'It's a real tear off'. Idioms - rich and poor:I'm so broke/I'm flat broke.I don't have any money.I don't have a bean.I don't have any money. You need to tighten your belt.You should try to spend less.He's flush (with cash).He's got a lot of money.She's rolling in it.She's very rich. Idioms - expensive and cheap:We really splashed out on our new car.We spent a lot of money on our new car. This dress cost me an arm and a leg.This dress was very expensive. This bag was dirt cheap. This bag wasn't expensive. I got this new top for a song.This blouse was very cheap.I can't believe the price of a cup of coffee here. It's daylight robbery!This cafe charges very high prices for its coffee. /200707/15899VOA流行美语 138: juice/nukeLesson 138 - juice / nukeLarry和李华正在电影院外面等朋友。电影都快开场了,可是朋友还没到。Larry 决定用手机给这个朋友打电话。今天李华会学到两个常用语:juice和nuke.LL: Darn! My cell phone is out of juice. Can I use your cell phone to call Bob and Lisa and find out why they're late?LH: 你的手机怎么啦?Out of juice, juice是果汁。哎噢!该不是你的电话掉到果汁里啦?难怪不能用啦!LL: No, my cell phone is out of juice. "Juice" is slang for "power". I meant that the battery in my phone is out of power.LH: 噢,原来juice在这里是指电池里的电啊!所以out of juice就是没电的意思。既然你的手机没电了,你可以用我的,我昨晚才充过电,so it has plenty of juice.LL: That's fortunate. At least one of us has a functioning phone.LH: 对了,Larry你前些天不是说你的车有毛病吗?现在怎样啦?LL: Yes, my car wouldn't start because the battery was out of juice. I had to go to the mechanic and get a new battery.LH: 原来是车子里的电池也没电啦!看来这juice还真少不了,否则什么也干不了。昨天,我的激光唱机没有电。噢,没有juice了,偏偏我又找不到电池,害得我什么也听不了。LL: Yeah, I hate it when that happens, too. The other day, I was in the middle of typing a report on my laptop, when the battery ran out of juice. I almost lost the whole report.LH: 哇,你可得特别小心电脑的电池呢。如果电脑没电了,你输入的报告还有档案都可能会泡汤。那可就严重了!LL: I know! I've had some awful experiences with that. Fortunately, now computer companies are making laptops with batteries that hold more juice.LH: 就是,现在的电脑用的都是容量比较大的电池,所以打到一半没电的情况比较少了。Larry, 你还是快点儿给他们打电话吧!电影很快就要开始了。******LH: 我真不敢相信Lisa和Bob居然说好了会不来。太糟糕了!LL: Yeah, I agree. Do you still want to go out to dinner? Or do you want to nuke the pizza that's in my fridge and eat that?LH: "Nuke a pizza"? "Nuke"是nuclear核能的简称。哎,Larry,你准备怎么吃那块比萨饼呀?LL: Oh, to nuke something is slang for cooking it in the microwave.LH: 噢,你真吓了我一跳呢!原来to nuke是把东西放进微波炉里加热啊!所以你是说你想把冰箱里那块pizza热来当晚饭吃。LL: Well, it would save some money. I also have some frozen dinners we could nuke. It would be faster than going to a restaurant.LH: 嗯,吃冷冻食品是比去餐馆吃饭是比较快,又便宜,可是我觉得冷冻食品不好吃耶!吃东西还是要吃新鲜的好!LL: My cousin won't eat food that's been nuked at all. She thinks that using a microwave is unhealthy.LH: 真的吗?你表说微波过的食物都不健康。那微波食物真的对身体有害啊?LL: I don't know and I don't want to know. Nuking food is so convenient and quick that I really don't want to give it up.LH: 我知道,微波食物既方便又快速。有时候我实在太忙,没时间做饭,我也是用微波炉来热剩菜剩饭。LL: I hardly ever have time to cook an entire meal. I'm also not a very good cook, so I would probably starve without a microwave.LL:好多男生都不会做饭,也没有兴趣。我看没有微波炉是要饿死的。今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是juice,也就是电源,电力的意思。 另一个常用语是nuke,是用微波炉加热的意思。 /200602/3358【中文这样说】我的祖母活到了85岁。【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style——My grandmother lived to eighty-five.American Style— My grandmother lived to be eighty-five. /200604/6394

1.Address by Donald Tsang at WTO, Hong Kong香港特区行政长官曾荫权在WTO香港会议上致辞We offered to host this Sixth WTO Ministerial Conference because we recognized that it would become a key staging post to the successful conclusion of the multilateral trade negotiations under the Doha Development Agenda. We want to play our part in the collective effort to realize the ambitions of the Round. We regard the WTO Members acceptance of our offer as a recognition of our contribution to the multilateral trading system, and an acknowledgement of our competence as a world city in handling whatever challenges that may arise from the Ministerial Conference.香港申请主办世贸第六次部长级会议,是因为我们深知,这次会议对多哈发展议程的多边贸易谈判能否取得圆满结果,起关键作用。香港希望能够尽一分力,与各国合力实现这回合的理想目标。世贸成员接纳我们的主办申请,显示他们认同香港对多边贸易制度的贡献,并确信香港这个国际都会具备能力,能够处理部长级会议带来种种的挑战。We in Hong Kong are determined to make this important event a success. Secretary John Tsang is committed to creating an environment of comfort for all delegates to conduct negotiations freely, frankly and constructively in the coming days. He has travelled the globe taking part in many of the key meetings which have paved the way for the negotiations that will take place over the next few days.全港市民同心合力,决心把这个盛会办好。曾俊华局长全力创造有利环境,让各地代表未来数天能够在自由坦诚的气氛下,进行有建设性的谈判。他跑遍世界各地出席多个重要会议,为未来数天的谈判作充分准备。Thousands of men and women in our community - civil servants, legislators, District Councillors, NGO members, business leaders, service providers, volunteers, and citizens of Hong Kong - have been working tirelessly since the WTO accepted our offer to host this Conference two years ago. We have a common objective: we want to stage a Conference that is well organized, transparent, inclusive, and above all, efficient. The fruits of this community-wide endeavour are now before you.自从世贸两年前接纳香港为这次会议的主办城市后,香港社会各界人士包括公务员、立法会议员、区议员、非政府组织成员、商界领袖、务供货商、志愿工作者以至普罗市民,就一直努力不懈,矢志达到一个共同目标,就是把会议办得井然有序,让会议可以在公开、包容的气氛下有效率地进行。香港全体市民的努力成果,今天就开始呈现在各位眼前。201702/493948

101. Should have done... 本应该······ 用法透视 这个句型表示本来应该做什么,但事实上没做成的事。 持范例 1. She shouldn't have gone sightseeing. 她本不应该出去玩的。 2. We should have gone swimming, but it rained. 我们本来应该去游泳的,但下雨了。 3. We should have offered our help to him. 我们本来应该帮他忙的。 会话记忆 A: You should have been at home and enjoyed a big meal. 你本应该呆在家里享受丰盛大餐的。 B: Yes. I should have gone to buy the ticket in advance. But now... 是啊。我当时应该提前去买票的,但是现在...... A: But now you can stay with friends and enjoy a holiday too. 但是现在你可以与朋友一起过节。 B: Right. Let's go and find some fun. 对。走,我们找点儿快乐的事去 /200706/14671

【中文这样说】我喜欢红茶。【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style I like red tea.American Style I like black tea. /200604/6376


The first job of the federal government is to keep our country safe. And if weve learned anything over the past eight years, its that the Presidents foreign policy is not doing the job. Look no further than: the vanishing red line in Syria, the faulty reset with Russia, the attempt to ;lead from behind; in Libya, followed by the rise of a terrorist safe haven on the Mediterranean Sea. He made a dangerous nuclear deal with Iran. Hes not done enough to take on ISIS. You add all of this up, and what do you see? All across the world, our enemies dont fear us, and our friends dont trust us. The Presidents foreign policy has left a power vacuum, which our rivals are all too happy to fill. So, to say this foreign policy is not making us any safer is – well, an understatement. But we House Republicans need to take action. Its not enough to sit on the sidelines. Its not enough to criticize. We have to propose an alternative. And we have. Were calling it A Better Way. We are showing the American people what we will do in 2017 and beyond if given the opportunity. We developed this plan from the bottom up, hearing from our constituents and working with all the members of our conference. And now were taking our case to the American people. In fact, Im talking to you from a small business in my district that makes security systems for public buildings. As Ive met with people I represent across my district, so many of them have told me that national security is an issue. Its an issue that concerns them the most. A Better Way is our answer to the challenges we face. Our plan includes 67 specific ideas to strengthen our national security. We lay out our four objectives: Keep Americans safe at home, defeat the terrorists, advance Americas interests abroad, and renew our national security tools. We focus a lot of attention on defeating radical Islamist terrorism because rooting out this extremist ideology is crucial to protecting Americans at home and abroad. We also wrote our plan with the understanding that our homeland faces a number of threats from border security to cybersecurity, and with the understanding that new threats will emerge. It renews our friendship with our allies. It makes sure our military and law enforcement officers have the tools they need to complete their missions. It makes sure our veterans receive the care they have earned. It also requires the federal government to work with technology experts, and bring together the best minds in one room to find ways to combat cyber threats. President Reagan famously called for ;peace through strength.; That is still the case today. America will be safe only when we are strong. And I believe our plan will accomplish just that. To learn more about our plan, go to our website: better.gop. Thank you.201608/462658

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