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B地道英语口语:Carbon Footprint 碳足迹Neil: This is Real English from B Learning English. I'm Neil.Lily: 大家好,我是杨莉。Neil: This is the programme in which we look at words and phrases that you may not find in your dictionary.Lily: 地道英语和大家一起学习现代英式英语中经常出现的流行词汇和实用表达。Neil: Today we're looking at an expression which has become very popular over the last year.Lily: What's that?Neil: Carbon footprint.Lily: Carbon footprint. What does it mean?Neil: Well, let's start with the second word, footprint.Lily: OK.Neil: You know what happens when you walk on wet or muddy ground?Lily: Oh yes. 从湿路或泥路上走过时会留下足迹 – footprint. Neil: That's right. Well your carbon footprint is the impact you make on the planet from your use of energy.Lily: Carbon 碳. 碳足迹就是指一个人的能源意识和行为对自然界产生的影响。Insert A: I'm going on a weekend break to Barcelona tomorrow. I managed to get a really cheap flight. B: Didn't you fly to Paris last month? A: Yeah, that was a bargain too. B: Don't you ever think about the environment? Your carbon footprint must be terrible! Neil: He uses planes frequently, so he has a large carbon footprint. He uses a lot of energy which puts carbon into the environment.Lily: 这位讲话的男子经常乘坐飞机旅行,那么他在这个世界上就留下了一个很大碳足迹。carbon footprint,因为汽油燃烧排放废气,污染环境。Neil: So, lots of people want to reduce their carbon footprint.Lily: What are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint, Neil?Neil: Well, I only use my car for essential journeys and I've decided not to take short flights – I'll use the train instead.Lily: Neil只是在必要时才开车,而且他还决定短途履行不坐飞机,只坐火车。Neil: Well, that's all we have time for today.Lily: You've been listening to Real English from B Learning English. Neil: Join us again soon for more up-to-the-minute Real English. Bye.Lily: See you next time. /200711/19923。

我们汉语中有很多成语和俗语,英语中也是一样的。不同语言中的俗语代表着不同国家的文化,我们在理解这些俗语的时候可不能只看字面意思哦。1. lame duck:不中用的人A lame duck manager cannot bring his business back on to the normal track.一个无能的经理无法把他的企业重新拉回正常经营轨道上去。 /201005/103764。

1 FINE:很好This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.争吵中,如果女人说了这个词,就意味着她觉得自己很对,你该闭嘴了. /201001/94796。

资料内容和音频选自《一句话喷倒老美》经典语句 Wow! It’s packed. 哇!好多人啊。喷倒老美Bill和好友要乘坐火车去旅行,一进火车站,他们就发现人特别多。好友不尽感叹道:“Wow! It’s packed.”想聊就聊Ben: Wow! It’s packed.本:哇!好多人啊。Mary: The train station is indeed crowded. I think it’s hard for us to get on the train.玛丽:火车站的确拥挤不堪,我想我们很难挤上火车。知识点津pack意为“将……挤入,装进”, It’s packed.形容人很多,感觉像被打包了似的,因此指“人很多,很拥挤”。 It’s packed.意思类似于It’s crowded。 /201103/128681。

张扬、幽默、自作主张,这就是今天的女人?还是只有在“Sex and the City”?看“Sexy and the City”,您自己就能给出!从今天开始,Steven将和大家一起“挖掘”欲望都市的角角落落。。。Ok, Let's find out more![一位英俊的男人向Carrieb表白,Carrie说。。。][翻译]我真是受宠若惊。[] I'm so flattered. /09/85733。

车开在路上,丹尼尔看见了路边的麦当劳店,就想吃汉堡,但是爸爸妈妈会不会给他买呢? Listen Read LearnDaniel: Dad, when will we get there?Dad: Won't take much longer now.Daniel: Mommy, can I ask you something?Mom: Yes, please!Daniel: Do you think our food is enough?Mom: Yeah?Daniel: I mean there is a McDonald's right over there.Mom: Hold on, I know where this is going.Daniel: Come on, just some cheeseburgers.(Dad can't do anything but drive the car to the McDonald's sale window.)Attendant: Can I help you?Dad: 3 double cheeseburgers to go, please!Attendant: All right. Would you care for a cup of coffee?Dad: No, thanks. I've got what I want.听看学丹尼尔:爸爸,我们什么时候才能到啊?爸爸:用不了多久。丹尼尔:妈咪,我能问一个问题吗?妈妈:好的,说吧!丹尼尔:你认为我们的食物够吗?妈妈:呃?丹尼尔:我的意思是那边有个麦当劳。妈妈:打住,我知道你的最终目的。丹尼尔:妈妈,就只买几个芝士汉堡而已。(爸爸没有办法,只有把车开到了麦当劳餐厅的外卖窗口。)务员:您要什么?爸爸:3个双层芝士汉堡带走。务员:好的,您还要一杯咖啡吗?爸爸:谢谢,不用了。我已经买了该买的。经典背诵 RecitationDad: Daniel loves cheeseburgers. He would not miss any chance to get one. He would always keep on asking whether we have enough food when we s near the McDonald's on our way to places. I know what he really wants. So I would just say yes. You know it's the only way!生词小结get vi. 到达enough adj. 足够的mean vt. 意味着cheeseburger n. 芝士汉堡window n. 窗户coffee n. 咖啡语法小结 Grammar 名词复数名词复数可以分为规则名词复数和不规则名词复数。1. 规则名词复数(1)一般情况单词复数普通情况,加s,如sisters, brothers, schools, books;以s, x, ch, sh 结尾的词, 加es, 如watches, buses, dishes;以“辅音+y”结尾的词,变y为i再加上es, 如lady, ladies, country, countries(2)以o结尾的词,多数加es构成复数hero, heroes, potato, potatoes, tomato, tomatoes(3)以oo结尾或元音字母+o结尾的单词,加s构成复数radio, radios, zoo, zoos, bamboo, bamboos(4)以f或fe结尾的单词,通常变f为v,再加上es或sself, selves, wife, wives, life, lives2.不规则名词复数man, men, woman, women, child, children, mouse, mice, policeman, policemen, policewoman, policewomen, gentleman, gentlemen.家庭总动员 Do it together请一方读出以下单词,另一方用复数表达。fireman glass block doctor cup woman teacher battery face zoo memoryfiremen glasses blocks doctors cups women teachers batteries faces zoos memories /200804/35087。

美国成语俗语教程录音 Lesson141-150暂无文本 /200711/20622。

99 suggestions and request words suggestion idea could should might possible possibility chance reply assist demand invite invitation apply application advise advice hint recommend propose phrases could you please…? Would you mind…? If there a chance you could … How about…? Is it ok to…? Why don’t we/you…? Is it possible to..? I have a suggestion… May I make a suggestion? i/we could always … perhaps we / you should.. put forward an idea take a chance wait and see take a hint put forward a proposed make a recommendation strongly recommend beginner a: hi. Could you give me a hand with this report? B: sure. I’d be happy to give you some hints and advice. A: thanks. Would you mind taking a look at the layout? Do you think it’s appropriate? I want it to be formal, but not boring to look at. B: it looks good to me. I would suggest that you put the client’s logo and our logo on each page. The bosses seem to like that. A; that’s an excellent suggestion. I can easily do it on the computer. B: why don’t you use a different font the headings? They’ll be more distinct. A; I’ll take that suggestion too. How about the content? B; I think you’ve included all the essential things. You might want to make the conclusion a little longer. Restate your reasons clearly. A: is it ok to include the pictures? B; definitely! I would include one or two on each page if possible. Remember that you should make the report as eye-catching as possible. A: thanks for those ideas. I’ll get to work on them right away. Intermediate A: hello. How was the marketing meeting? B; hi. It was awful. I think I put forward some great ideas, but none of them were accepted. A: I’m surprised to hear that. I thought you had some very good suggestions. B: so did i. I ran the ideas by a few people before the meeting and their ideas seemed to have the supports of some people. A: so what happened in the meeting? B; one or two people didn’t take to my ideas very well. That was to be expected. The worst thing was that the people who said the idea were good before the meeting didn’t support me during the meeting. A: I wonder why not. We could always revise the suggestions, to take into account any objections. B: that’s good advice, but I’m not confident that even revised proposals will be accepted. A: may I make a suggestion? B: sure. I’m open to any reasonable suggestions. A: Is there a chance you could contact the client confidentially and see what they think? If they like your ideas, perhaps they could put them forward as their own proposals. You won’t get credit for ideas, but the client will know they were yours. B; I’m not sure that’s a good idea. A: go on. Take a chance. You could just hint at your idea. The client should be smart enough to take a hint. /200711/20847。

故宫在美丽的建筑背后还有着非常悠久的历史和众多的宫廷传说,罗拉好像也有所了解,并且很感兴趣。这不,她和本杰明聊起了宫廷的传说。 Listen Read Learn Laura: Uncle Ben. When was the Forbidden City built?Benjamin: The construction began in 1407, the 5th year of the third emperor of the Ming Dynasty. And, it was completed 14 years later in 1420.Laura: Oh, it took such a long time.Benjamin: Sure. That was why it became the world's largest palace complex.Laura: It must be interesting to live in such a beautiful place.Benjamin: Interesting? No, I'd rather say dangerous, for most of the people who used to live there.Laura: Why? Were there any dangerous animals?Benjamin: No. Well, except the royal family, most of the people were just maids. And the rules were extremely strict for them. One simple slight mistake could bring them death.Laura: Oh, that's too bad! Luckily, it is just history. We are perfectly safe here. Look, here's a picture. Who is the lady in it?Benjamin: It's Tzu Hsi. Have you ever heard of any stories about her?Laura: Sure. I even a book about her. Its name is “Dragon Lady”. The book tells many interesting stories about her.Benjamin: “Dragon Lady”. That's an interesting and suitable name for her, a real dictator, powerful and cold-blooded.Laura: Oh, there, they have costumes for photo shooting.Benjamin: Wanna try? What do you want to be, the emperor, the queen, or the princess?Laura: None of those. Just the “Dragon Lady”Benjamin: Cool choice!听看学罗拉:本叔叔,紫禁城什么时候建成的啊?本杰明:它始建于1407年,也就是明朝第三任皇帝登基后的第五年。它是在14年后的1420年完工的。罗拉:哦,花了那么长的时间啊。本杰明:当然啊。这就是它成为世界上最大的皇宫建筑群的原因啊。罗拉:住在这个美丽的地方一定是一件非常有趣的事情。本杰明:有趣?不是的,对于大多数曾经在这里生活过的人来说,我宁愿说是危险的。罗拉:为什么啊?这里以前有什么危险的动物吗?本杰明:那倒没有。不过,除了皇族,大多数人都是仆人。管理他们的制度非常苛刻。一个小小的失误就可能给他们带来杀身之祸。罗拉:哦,那太糟糕了。幸好,那只是历史。我们在这里绝对是安全的。看,这里有一幅画。那里面的女人是谁?本杰明:她就是慈禧太后啊。你听说过有关她的故事吗?罗拉:当然了。我还看过一本关于她的书呢,名字叫做《龙女》。那本书讲了很多关于她的有趣故事。本杰明:《龙女》?对于她这样的独裁者,这倒是一个有趣并且贴切的名字,有权势又很冷酷。罗拉:哦,那里,他们好像有供拍照用的戏呢。本杰明:想试试吗?你想当什么,皇帝、皇后还是公主啊?罗拉:不想当那些,就想当“龙女”。本杰明:很酷的选择嘛。 /200807/43111。

资料内容和音频选自《一句话喷倒老美》经典语句You have your ducks in a row. 你工作干得很漂亮。喷倒老美Jenny很能干,干工作既思路清晰又有效率,今天主管遇到Jenny时,一开口就表扬她:“You have your ducks in a row.” Jenny一头雾水,赶紧答道:“I have no ducks at all.(我根本没有鸭子)”。想聊就聊Boss: You have your ducks in a row.老板:你工作干得很漂亮。Terry: Thank you very much. I will devote all my efforts to my work.泰瑞:非常感谢,我会尽全力去做。知识点津have one’s ducks in a row 这个习语来源于游戏园里面的玩具射击场。管理员把一种金属做的鸭子摆成一排,如果鸭子摆得又快又整齐,就是最佳管理员。所以短语的含义是“工作完成得很出色”。 /201012/121467。