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Astronomy is always in fashion, but it can be a little challenging to find stylish clothes that also convey your love for all things space.我们总能在一些时尚单品中发现天文元素。不过,要找到一款时尚同时又能表达对太空中所有事物的喜爱的衣却具有挑战性。ThinkGeek#39;s Twinkling Stars Skirt combines wearable LED technology with an accurate star chart to make you the belle of the celestial ball.近日,由ThinkGeek推出的一款闪烁星星裙,将LED可穿戴设备技术与精确的星座图结合,一定能让你成为舞会女王。At first glance, you see a blue skirt full of twinkling constellations. Look a little deeper and you see the details in the construction.一眼看去,它不过是一件带有闪亮星座的蓝色裙子,不过细看之下,你会发现设计的精细之处。The midi-length skirt is made up of three layers: a white liner, a gauze layer and a see-through constellation layer.这款中长裙由三层组成:一层白色内衬、一层薄纱和透视的“星座层”。The 250 LED lights are attached to three strands of wire. The skirt runs .99.3股电线上装着250个LED灯。这条星星裙售价为59.99美元。This isn#39;t the sort of skirt you get and immediately throw on for a night outside with your telescope. Assembly is required.这可不是那种入手后就可以马上穿上、带着望远镜外出的裙子。它还需要组装。The gauze layer includes 30 elastic snap tabs where the battery-powered lights are attached. There#39;s a built-in pocket to hold the battery pack. ThinkGeek posted an assembly to help you out.薄纱层装有30个松紧带四合扣,用以固定电池灯,里面还有一个口袋来被用来放置电池组。不过别担心,ThinkGeek还发布了一段视频来教你怎么安装。;So sorry I#39;m late! I had to assemble my wearable glowing star chart.; That may be the best excuse you#39;ll ever have for being tardy to an event.“真的很抱歉我来晚了,我得组装我的可穿戴星星裙。”这可能会是你参加活动迟到时可以找出的最好的一个借口。 /201610/469564

I studied abroad in Paris for a semester in college. I#39;m American. My biggest shocks were:我在巴黎上了一个学期的大学。我是美国人。到了法国我受到最大的冲击是:1. I never ran into any locals that were overweight.我从没碰到过超重的当地人。2. ;Faire la bise,; the cheek-to-cheek kisses that the French use as greetings.“贴面吻”——那种脸贴脸的亲吻,法国人用这种方式互相问候。3. No free public restrooms, anywhere. Except for at tourist attractions or in McDonald#39;s.在任何地方没有免费的公共厕所。除了旅游景点和麦当劳。4. No free wi-fi, either. Except for McDonald#39;s.也没有免费Wi-Fi。除了麦当劳。5. Everyone dresses up, even for a trip to the grocery store around the corner.每个人出门都会精心打扮,哪怕是去街角的杂货店。6. If you#39;re a female, prepared to get stared at, kissed at, called at, and grabbed.如果你是一个女人,要随时准备好被人盯着看、隔空吻、叫住、或拦住。7. No Mexican food, anywhere.在任何地方都没有墨西哥食物。8. Day drinking is socially acceptable and even encouraged.白天饮酒是普遍接受的,甚至受到鼓励的。9. There#39;s a LOT of smokers.有很多烟民。10. They are protective of their culture. French are proud of their country, and increasing globalization threatens to dilute it. This is in contrast with Americans, who welcome outside influences openly.他们非常保护他们的文化。法国人为自己的国家感到自豪,而日益加剧的全球化趋势威胁着他们的文化。这与美国人相反,美国人很欢迎外来文化Edit: To be more specific with #3/#4, I was referring to ;free; as in you don#39;t have to be a customer to use a business#39; internet or bathroom. There were a lot of places that had these amenities but you couldn#39;t just waltz in and use them without buying something first, unlike in America, where you can usually use them whether you purchase something or not.注:在这里对# 3 / # 4做一个更具体的解释,我指的“免费”是你不必是一个客户才能使用商家的互联网或浴室。有很多地方都有这些设施,但你不能只是在里面闲逛和没买他们的商品的情况下就使用他们的网络,这不像在美国,在那里无论你买不买东西,你通常都可以使用它们。I am an expat American who lives and works in France.我是一名在法国定居和工作的美国人。Some big differences:一些明显的差异:There#39;s a very good national healthcare system. If you are sick, go to the doctor. If you don#39;t get better then go back. Care decisions are not based on cost. (If you#39;re a tourist and get sick here also go to the doctor: even without insurance it#39;s really inexpensive).法国有完善的医疗体系。如果你生病了,就去看医生。如果病情不见好转,你可以再回去找医生。治疗方案不会基于成本去考虑。(如果你是一个游客,在这里生病了也可以去看医生:即使没有保险,医疗费用也很便宜)。The French care way less about money and way more about doing things well.法国人做事时对钱这个方面的考虑要少得多,而对如何把事情做好这方面则多得多。There is way more vacation and people are expected to take their vacations. It is mandatory to take a summer vacation that is at least two consecutive weeks in the summer.法国人有更多的假期,而他们也觉得人们理应享受这些假期。在夏季,至少连续两周的暑假是强制性的。Especially outside Paris they#39;re not making it up: many people really don#39;t speak English. Google Translate and other translation apps are your friend.很多人真的不会说英语,尤其是在巴黎以外的地方。谷歌翻译和其他翻译软件将是你的好朋友。In schools there are a lot of vacations: two weeks every 6-8 weeks. There are also subsidized camps for the kids during this time. There#39;s a very strong chance your kids teacher won#39;t speak English but an equally strong chance they#39;ll work with your child to bring them up to speed. Your kid will soon speak French much, much better than you.在学校有很多假期:每6-8周就有两周的假期。在这段时间里,还有为孩子们准备的补课营。你的孩子的老师有很大的可能是不会讲英语的,但他们也很有可能会不遗余力地帮你的孩子赶上进度。不久之后你的孩子就会讲法语了,甚至说得比你流利得多。Dogs are welcome almost everywhere, including restaurants, and people smoke outside.几乎哪都可以带,甚至是餐厅,另外人们会在户外抽烟。Don#39;t rush meals, or anything else necessarily, but especially meals.用餐或食用其他任何东西时都不要狼吞虎咽,特别是正餐。 /201703/498758

Charles was not a wolf in sheep#39;s clothing查尔斯并不是只披着羊皮的狼 /201702/488904While everyone feels great about having a large group of friends, the truth is that many of our relationships are based on opportunity. So you could be friends with people you work with every day, a shopkeeper who you see almost every other day, or members of a sports club or other activity that you see nearly every week.虽然我们每个人都会因为有一大群朋友感到很棒,但事实上我们的许多关系都是以机会为基础的。所以你可以与你每天一起工作的人,几乎每隔一天就看见你的店主,运动俱乐部以及几乎每周看的其他活动的成员成为朋友。With relationships being largely focused on activities or physical proximity, it is possible that your friends do not know a lot about you. Here are 4 things your friends may not know about you or you may not know about them.这种关系大多数是集中于活动或者身体的接近,很可能你的朋友对你了解的很少。下面是你的朋友或许不了解你的或者不知道的4件事。1. What you really do1.你真正的职业Many people openly admit they do not know what their friends do for a living. Most friends have a general idea of each other’s line of work, but they are actually surprised when they learn the exact details.许多人都公开承认他们并不知道他们的朋友以什么谋生。大多数朋友对对方的工作线只是有一个大致的概念,但是当他们知道具体细节的手,他们实际上感到很吃惊。2. What your password is2.你的密码Now granted, this may not be the case with everyone, but a lot of people have one or more trustworthy friends who know the passwords to their phone, computer, or email just in case of an emergency.现在同意吧,这或许并不适用于所有人,但是大多数人有一个或者更多值得信赖的朋友,他们会知道你的手机、电脑或者邮件密码,为了防止紧急情况。3. What TV shows you secretly love3.你私底下喜爱的电视节目So you are a guy who enjoys romantic comedies, or a girl who loves to watch action movies but guess what – most of your friends will not be aware of what TV shows you enjoy. And of course, it does not help that you pretend to love whatever show your entire group is talking about.所以你是喜欢浪漫爱情剧的男人,或者是喜欢看动作片的女孩,但是猜一下——你的大多数朋友不会知道你喜欢看什么电视节目。而且当然,即使你假装喜欢整个朋友圈都在讨论的电视节目,也没什么用。4. How bad you are at technology4.你在科技方面有多弱Now you should be fairly proficient with your cell phone and in using a computer, but there are just some things that no one gets right. Most of your friends would be horrified if they saw you use a computer that slow – this works the other way around too.现在你应该对手机和电脑操作非常的熟练,但是也有一些事情是没有人弄明白的。大多数朋友在看到你操作电脑非常慢的时候,会感到害怕——如果你看到你的朋友电脑操作很烂的时候,你也会感到很诧异。 /201702/490329

Because we seriously believed we had everything. Think about the stuff the Spanish and the English people wanted when they sailed off:因为我们非常相信我们已经拥有了一切。想想西班牙人和英国人起航时想要的东西:Spices? Had those香料?有了Silk? We basically invented it.丝绸?是我们发明的。Gold? Plenty!黄金?太多了!Silver? Shit load of.白银?到处都是。Farm land? Miles and miles and miles…农场?一望无际……Large amount of cheap labor? More than enough.大量的廉价劳动力?供不应求。Natural resources? Which kind? Never mind… we have them all.自然资源?哪一种?无所谓……我们都有。And on the flip side:另一方面:Religious oppression? Nope, don’t care about religion. You believe whatever shit you want, just obey our laws and don’t rebel against government.宗教压迫?不,不关心宗教。你可以相信一切你想相信的,只要遵守我们的法律并且不要造反。Need land for penal colony? Nope, we execute our prisoners each fall, the rest get to serve in the army.需要土地作为流放地?不,我们每年秋天处死我们的囚犯,其余的去兵役。Land too poor, can’t support local population? Nope. OK, some lands might be poor, there’re definitely bad years, but moving around usually means cross the mountain, not sailing across the ocean.土地太贫瘠,无法撑本地人口?不。好吧,一些土地可能是很贫瘠,肯定有荒年,但四处走动通常意味着翻山越岭,而不是渡海跨洋。Do you know what China did need at the time?你想知道当时中国需要什么?Trade. So we sent out a big fleet to discover trade routes, and we brought back shit China didn#39;t have….贸易。所以我们派出了一大舰队去探索贸易路线,然后带回了一堆中国没有的屎……Giraffes!长颈鹿!Zheng He be like: Your Highness! Just look at it!!! Isn’t it cute? Have you ever seen such thing before?郑和:陛下!看呐!它不可爱吗?您之前见过这玩意儿吗?And the Ming emperor be like: Hell No!!! Love this shit! I’m gonna name it 长颈鹿 (long neck deer) because it looks like a deer but has long neck! Totally worth the trip! Here’s more money, go bring back more cute stuff and open some ports so we can trade with them.大明皇帝:当然不!!朕就喜欢这口味的!朕要把它叫做长颈鹿,因为它长得像鹿却有个长脖子!这一趟太值了!给你更多的钱,去给朕带回更多可爱的东西,然后开放港口,如此便可与外夷通有无了。We don’t need colonies, we don’t need labors and economic crops to support our dying economy back home.我们不需要殖民地,我们不需要劳动力和经济作物来撑我们垂死的经济回到家。So, we didn’t colonize places.所以,我们没有殖民地。Didn#39;t the emperor who followed the one who commissioned those fleets end up stopping most naval trade and expeditions, essentially slowing Chinese economic growth and cutting it off from the world? He adopted a very “China first” strategy and wanted to focus on domestic issues… but as a result ended up scrapping one of the most powerful naval merchant fleets in the world and closing China off to technological innovation that was happening in other nation states.这个皇帝不是听从谏言,终止了船队的海上贸易和探险活动,根本上减缓了中国的经济发展,并使得它与世隔绝吗?他接受了一个十分“中国优先”的战略,希望关注国内问题……但是因此废弃了世界上最强大的海上商船队之一,使得中国无法进行发生在其他国家的技术创新。Full disclosure: I have a thing for giraffes. I buy my baby all things giraffe or giraffe-patterned. Does he like giraffes? I don#39;t know—He#39;s 2 months old!坦诚地说:我有很多和长颈鹿有关的东西。我给我的宝宝买了很多长颈鹿的或有长颈鹿图案的东西。他喜欢长颈鹿吗?我不知道——他才两个月! /201705/509721To like or not to like...喜欢还是厌恶……(模仿《哈姆雷特》中的名句;To be or not to be, that#39;s a question.(生存还是毁灭,这是一个值得考虑的问题);)If Hamlet was written today如果《哈姆雷特》成书于今天的话 /201703/498099

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