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阜宁县人流多少钱盐城市第二人民医院药流多少钱盐城治疗腹胀哪家医院最好的 Thousands of residents in Hong Kong rallied Sunday to protest what they see as waning press freedoms in this Chinese city.数千名香港市民周日举行了游行示威活动,抗议他们所称的新闻自由遭打压的现象。According to organizers, more than 6,000 demonstrators--including reporters, college students and retirees--rallied under blue skies by the edge of Victoria Harbour. Police put the number at closer to 2,200 at its height. Crowd estimates from police and organizers usually vary widely in Hong Kong.组织者称,有超过6,000人参加了在维多利亚港边上举行的游行活动,其中包括记者、大学生和退休人员。香港警方说,最高峰时游行人数接近2,200人。警方与示威组织者对游行人数的估计通常有很大差异。The rally is part of continued unease in Hong Kong about the influence of mainland China, which controls the former British colony under a one-country, two-systems agreement. In a report earlier this month, the Committee to Protect Journalists said that Hong Kong#39;s traditionally freewheeling press was under attack, citing past violent incidents against the pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily, and rising rates of self-censorship.香港人对中国大陆的影响一直感到不安,游行凸现了这种担忧情绪。保护记者委员会(Committee to Protect Journalists)本月早些时候发布报告称,香港一向都很自由的新闻界正在遭受压制,报告列举了针对亲民主刊物《苹果日报》的暴力事件以及新闻界日益上升的自我审查频率。Karen Kwok, a cable-television reporter at the rally who attended alongside at least 10 colleagues, said the future of freedoms #39;depends on what kind of fight we put up.#39;与至少10名同事一起参加游行的有线电视记者Karen Kwok说,未来的自由取决于现在进行什么样的抗争。#39;If we don#39;t speak up, of course it will only get worse,#39; she said, as she stood before a wall of blue ribbons that protesters had tied to the fence surrounding the government#39;s office.她表示,如果不抗议,情况只会越来越糟。抗议人群在香港政府办公楼周围的栏杆上系满了蓝丝带。A government spokesman said the city was committed to continuing to guard freedom of speech and freedom of the press, as the two are #39;major elements in sustaining Hong Kong#39;s status as an international metropolis.#39;香港政府一位发言人说,香港致力于继续维护香港言论自由和新闻自由,这两项自由都是维持香港国际大都会地位的主要元素。Hong Kong#39;s global press-freedom ranking this month slipped three places to No. 61 this year, according to the Paris-based Reporters Without Borders. Anger in Hong Kong has also been simmering since the start of the year over the ousting of a top editor at the well-regarded Ming Pao newspaper, which many staff believed was politically motivated.根据总部设在巴黎的无国界记者(Reporters Without Borders)的报告,香港在全世界新闻自由排行榜上的名次今年下降三位,至61位。而今年年初香港《明报》(Ming Pao)总编辑被撤换一事也激起了香港人的不满,该报许多员工认为撤换总编辑背后有政治意图。One local magazine reporter who marched on Sunday said he believed Chinese authorities were increasing pressure on Hong Kong publications as calls for political reform mount in advance of 2017, the year that Beijing has said is the earliest local residents can begin directly electing their leader.一位参加周日游行的香港杂志记者说,随着要求政治改革的呼声在2017年到来前不断高涨,中国当局加大了对香港新闻刊物的钳制。中国政府表示香港最早可于2017年直接选举特首。In particular, he said, he had been personally pressured by his editors to ensure that any print references to #39;Occupy Central#39;--a plan to occupy the city#39;s financial district to demand full universal suffrage--were accompanied by language emphasizing the potentially destructive impact of such a movement.他特别指出,他自己就受到过编辑的压力,编辑让他务必在提到“占领中环”的新闻报道中附带强调这一行动会造成的破坏性后果。#39;I definitely see more censorship,#39; said the reporter, who declined to be named out of fear of jeopardizing his job.他说,他遇到的审查肯定是更多了。这名记者因为担心自己的工作受到影响而不愿透露姓名。 /201402/277287盐都区流产手术多少钱

阜宁县中西医结合医院男科挂号Chinese companies have been stepping up their global investment spree in the past 12 months. Mergers and acquisitions by private Chinese investors are becoming the key drivers of the country’s outbound direct investment.过去12个月里,中国企业的全球大举投资行动一直在加码。中国私营领域的投资者发起的并购开始成为中国对外直接投资(ODI)的主要推动力。In what has been called the ‘Third Wave’ of China outbound direct investment (ODI), the focus of investment has been on companies in the developed economies in high-tech and services. Previous ‘waves’ have focused on supporting developing economies and investing in commodities and extraction industries.在所谓“第三波”中国对外直接投资中,重点并购对象是发达经济体中的高科技与务行业企业。在前几波中国对外直接投资中,投资重心在于持发展中经济体,投资大宗商品和采矿业。The increase in China’s ODI is driven by the central government’s strong encouragement for domestic companies to invest overseas in a bid to boost theirinternational competitiveness. The added benefit to Beijing of ODI is it utilises surplus domestic capacity and helps to slow the rapid build-up of the country’s foreign exchange reserves, which reached a record .8tn at the end of 2014.中国对外直接投资增加的推动力,来自中央政府强烈鼓励国内企业通过到海外投资来提升自身国际竞争力。对外直接投资对北京方面的附加好处是,它能利用国内过剩产能,还有利于放缓外汇储备的积累速度。2014年底,中国的外汇储备余额达到创纪录的3.8万亿美元。Slow global economic recovery and depreciating foreign currencies has provided a decent tailwind to this endeavour.全球经济复苏缓慢以及外币贬值,为中国的这一努力提供了不小的便利。China’s ODI grew 19 per cent year-on-year on average between 2009 and 2014. This compared with foreign direct investment (FDI) into China growing on average 5 per cent year-on-year during the same period. Last year, China’s ODI reached 6 bn, almost the same reaching that of the FDI total of 0bn2009年至2014年,中国对外直接投资平均每年增长19%,同期流入中国的外国直接投资(FDI)的年均增速仅为5%。去年,中国的对外直接投资达1160亿美元,几乎接近2014年1200亿美元的FDI流入量。Some of the landmark and headline making deals we have seen include the .3bn acquisition by Lenovo of IBM’s x86 Server business. Another deal involved Anbang Insurance teaming up with Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc to purchase The Waldorf Astoria New York hotel for .95bn. Lastly but not least, in financial services, IC purchased a 60 per cent share of South African Standard Bank for 0m.我们看到了一些具有里程碑意义、登上媒体头条的并购交易,包括联想(Lenovo)以23亿美元收购IBM的x86 务器业务,还有安邦保险(Anbang Insurance)携手希尔顿全球控股有限公司(Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc)以19.5亿美元收购纽约的华尔道夫酒店(Waldorf Astoria)。还有一项重要交易发生在金融务业——中国工商(IC)以6.9亿美元收购南非标准(South African Standard Bank) 60%的股份。So, what is the outlook for China’s ODI and are there any new trends to watch out for?那么,中国对外直接投资的前景如何,有哪些新趋势值得关注?Firstly, in our view China’s ODI will to continue to grow by around 20 per cent a year, with China overtaking the US as the world’s largest outbound direct investor in the next few years. This year, the pace of investment to accelerate, pushed by massive infrastructure investments in Asia and Europe envisioned in the “One Belt, One Road” initiative.首先,我们认为,中国对外直接投资将继续以每年约20%的速度增长,中国在未来几年内会超过美国成为全球最大的对外直接投资国。今年,在“一带一路”战略构想的对亚洲和欧洲基础设施大举投资的推动下,对外投资速度将会加快。Secondly, Chinese companies will continue to shift their geographic and sector focus. The investment destination is changing away from Africa, Latin America and Asia. Chinese investors are now making strategic investment in developed markets, in particular the European Union and North America. Europe has recorded 14 per cent of China’s ODI in goods and services in the last five years.其次,中国企业在对外直接投资中关注的地域和行业也会继续改变。投资的主要目的地将不再是非洲、拉美和亚洲。眼下中国投资者正对发达市场、尤其是欧盟(EU)和北美进行战略投资。过去5年,欧洲占到了中国商品和务对外直接投资的14%。In addition, China’s ‘Third Wave’ ODI is shifting focus from acquiring natural resources in coal, oil and metals to infrastructure including rail, shipping and ports. They are now turning to agriculture, technologies, high-end manufacturing, consumer goods, real estate, services and brands. This is at an early stage, but growth rates are rapidly accelerating.此外,中国“第三波”对外直接投资的重心,开始从收购煤炭、石油和金属等自然资源转向铁路、航运和港口等基础设施。现在,中国企业转向了农业、科技、高端制造、消费品、房地产、务和品牌。这种转变仍处于早期阶段,但增速正显著加快。Finally, another important trend is that private investors are becoming the main driving force of ODI. State owned enterprises (SOEs) continue to do deals in the industrial, resources and energy sectors. Private owned enterprises (POEs) are investing in more value-added industry sectors such as agri-business, technology, high-end manufacturing and real estate in more countries and regions. They are looking for intellectual property and brands to bring back to the Chinese market.最后,另一个重要趋势是私营领域的投资者开始成为中国对外直接投资的主要推动力。国企(SOE)继续在工业、资源和能源行业发起并购。民营企业(POE)开始对更多国家和地区的农业经营、科技、高端制造和房地产等附加值更高的行业进行投资。它们希望把知识产权和品牌带回到中国市场。Mergers and acquisitions (Mamp;A) have become the fastest way for Chinese companies to tap foreign markets and move higher up the value chain. Foreign currency depreciation against the renminbi prices continue to provide a favourable environment for China’s Mamp;A activities.并购已成为中国企业打入外国市场、向价值链高端攀升的最快捷途径。外币对人民币贬值继续为中国企业的并购提供有利的环境。In the first quarter, transaction value of China’s outbound Mamp;A deals surged 36 per cent to a historical high of .2bn, according to PwC. The number of deals jumped by 33 per cent year on year to a record high of 77, with privately owned enterprises accounting for 68 per cent of the Mamp;As.普华永道(PwC)数据显示,今年第一季度,中国企业对外并购交易额大增36%,创下202亿美元的历史新高。交易数量同比增加33%,达到创纪录的77个,其中68%的并购交易是由民企完成的。Real Estate is the top targeted industry for over deals valued at more than bn, with .2bn via four deals in 2015 Year-to-date.交易额高于10亿美元的并购交易的头号目标行业是房地产,该行业今年迄今已通过4笔交易完成122亿美元的交易额。Fast moving consumer goods, brands and experiences such as tourism and leisure sectors are expected to feature prominently in the “third wave” of China outbound Mamp;A. This is driven by increased disposable income and wealth creation.在“第三波”中国对外并购中,快速消费品、品牌、以及旅游业与休闲行业等务业有望成为一个突出特色。这背后的推动力来自人们可配收入和财富的增加。We have seen also private equity make a meaningful contribution to the Mamp;A activates for the first time. The deals in technology and consumer-related sectors accounted for more than half the total investment plans intended to align with the strategic direction of China’s wider economy. A similar trend was seen in deal values last year. There were 15 PEs and financial buyer deals valued at more than bn, another record.我们也看到,私募股权基金第一次对并购活动做出重要的贡献。在旨在与中国宏观经济战略方向保持一致的所有投资计划中,科技与消费相关行业的交易占到了一半以上。去年的交易金额中也体现出了类似趋势。去年有15家私募股权基金和财务投资者进行了并购,交易金额总计逾10亿美元,也创下纪录。The opportunities, however, come with challenges. Acquiring value-added assets is likely to remain extremely difficult. Chinese companies are still not well understood overseas. Cultural integration can be a challenge. To adapt to these challenges we have seen private enterprises hiring local management, applying local operating models in a bid to retain talent and cut acquisition risk.然而,机遇总是伴随着挑战。收购附加值型资产可能仍然极端困难。中国企业在海外仍得不到充分理解。文化融合可能是一种挑战。我们看到,为了适应这些挑战,民营企业雇佣了当地人才担任管理层,采取当地运营模式,以便留住人才并降低收购风险。China’s new wave of ODI is underpinned by the Chinese government actively reforming and deregulating its regulation of overseas investment. We can expect more developments in the near and mid-term. For instance, with Chinese companies speeding up their pace of overseas expansion, renminbi-denominated deals could be promoted in overseas mergers and expansions.撑中国新一波对外直接投资的,是中国政府积极地改革和放松对海外投资的监管。我们可以期待,这方面近期和中期会有更多进展。比如说,随着中国企业加快海外扩张步伐,以人民币计价的交易可能会在海外并购和扩张中得到推广。In particular, the expansion of China’s trading and capital investment space in regional economic cooperation would greatly facilitate further the internationalisation of China’s renminbi through deepening the pool of renminbi liquidity globally, more renminbi cross-border investment along with associated cross-border renminbi loans and other derivatives.尤其是,随着在地区经济合作方面中国贸易与资本投资空间的扩大,全球范围内人民币流动性池子会加深,会产生更多跨境人民币投资,以及相关的跨境人民币贷款及其他衍生品,从而极大地推进人民币国际化。All in all, Chinese corporate overseas investment is supported by the central government and is helping to further open the economy at home and China’s participation in the global economy abroad.It is a new era of global cooperation and a clear win-win story.归根结底,中国企业海外投资得到了中央政府的持,有利于在国内进一步放开经济,在国外推动中国参与全球经济之中。这是一个全球合作的新时代,会谱写出明显的双赢故事。Spencer Lake is Global Head of Capital Financing at HS本文作者为汇丰(HS)环球资本融资主管 /201507/383901盐城市协和医院男性专科 HONG KONG — American allies in Asia on Wednesday welcomed a ed States Senate vote that appeared to clear the way for a final round of negotiations over a sweeping trans-Pacific trade pact and may have made it easier for governments to make politically risky concessions.香港——周三,美国的亚洲盟友对联邦参议院的表决结果表示欢迎。这一结果看来为一项广泛的跨太平洋贸易协定开展最后一轮谈判扫清了障碍,而且可能会令各国政府更易于做出带有政治风险的让步。Japan’s minister responsible for trade negotiations, Akira Amari, said a congressional victory for President Obama could open the way for a deal as soon as next month.日本负责贸易谈判的大臣甘利明(Akira Amari)表示,奥巴马总统在国会获取的胜利或许会为最快于下月达成协议铺平道路。“It’s possible we could have a ministerial-level meeting in July and conclude a broad agreement,” he told reporters. Any agreement would then require putting legislation in each country into effect, followed by approval there, which could take months.“我们有可能在7月举行部长级会议,达成一项广泛的协议,”他告诉记者。无论内容如何,协议均需各个国家的立法机构批准并实施,而这个过程可能需要好几个月的时间。China, which is not among the 12 nations negotiating the deal and had proposed a competing agreement, refrained from criticizing the vote.中国并未包含在参与这项协定谈判的12个国家中,并已提出了一个与之竞争的协议。它没有对参议院的此次表决提出批评。For Mr. Obama, the deal, which appeared headed toward passage on Wednesday, represents an important element of the so-called pivot to Asia to help maintain ed States influence as countries grow increasingly dependent on trade with China. For American allies, it offers the political cover to commit to trade concessions, removing the risk that Congress might reject the negotiated deal.看起来,该协定在本周三离获得通过更进一步。对于奥巴马来说,它是“重返亚洲”战略的重要一环。就在各国日益依靠对华贸易的时候,美国实施了“重返亚洲”战略,以维持自身在该地区的影响力。对于美国的盟友来说,它为承诺做出贸易让步提供了政治掩护,消除了美国国会拒绝接受谈判协议的风险。China was initially wary of the trade measure, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, seeing it several years ago as potentially giving an advantage to American allies’ business over Chinese companies in ed States markets. But those objections have faded as China has begun energetically pursuing its own regional trade agreements with East Asian neighbors.中国起初对这项名为“跨太平洋伙伴关系”(Trans-Pacific Partnership,简称TPP)的贸易协定持警惕态度,头几年的时候认为它可能会使来自美国盟友的公司在美国市场上比中国公司更占优势。然而,随着中国开始积极与东亚邻国达成区域性的贸易协议,这种反对的声音逐渐消退。“Even if T.P.P. is done, I don’t think it will pose any threat to China — we follow our own efforts,” said He Weiwen, a former Chinese commerce ministry official who is now a director of the influential China-ed States-European Union Study Center at the China Association of International Trade in Beijing.曾担任商务部官员的中国国际贸易学会中美欧研究中心主任何伟文表示,“即便达成了TPP协定,我觉得也不会对中国构成威胁——我们要走自己的道路。”The Senate voted on Tuesday to end debate on legislation that would give Mr. Obama and his successor the authority for the next six years to negotiate trade agreements and submit them to Congress with no amendments or filibusters allowed.参议院周二的表决是为了结束围绕授予奥巴马总统及其继任者贸易谈判权的立法所展开的辩论。这项授权将允许总统在接下来的六年时间里就贸易协定开展谈判,并将协议提交给国会,而国会无权修订最后的协定,也无法再实施冗长演说拖延战术。Ending debate required 60 votes, which the Senate’s Republican leadership barely mustered with limited support from Democrats. Passage of the actual legislation requires only 51 votes and would send the bill to the president, as the House of Representatives has aly approved it.参议院的共和党领导层获得了民主党人的有限持,勉强凑够了结束辩论所需的60票。实际的授权只要51票便能获得通过,然后就可以提交给总统签署,因为众议院已经批准同样的提案。Like previous presidents, who have had similar trade negotiating authority, Mr. Obama contended that the authorization was necessary so other countries would make all available concessions in talks with American trade negotiators, instead of reserving some in case Congress rewrote a deal.前几任总统也拥有类似的贸易谈判权。与他们一样,奥巴马提出,这种授权是必要的,如此一来,其他国家才会在与美国贸易谈判代表进行协商的时候做出所有可能的让步,而不是有所保留,以防美国国会改写协议。But American labor unions, environmental activists and other critics bitterly opposed passage of the negotiating authority, contending that it undermined the ability of Congress to stop administration negotiators from working with large corporations to craft deals that might not be advantageous to workers or the environment.不过,美国国内的工会组织、环保人士及其他一些持批评态度的人士强烈反对通过授予总统谈判权的法案,认为这会削弱国会阻止政府谈判代表与大企业携手达成可能会对劳动者或环境不利的协议的能力。Final congressional approval of the legislation would clear the way for a difficult final round of talks on the details of the trade agreement, which would remove trade barriers from Canada and Chile to Australia, Singapore and Japan.国会最终通过这项授权会为开启最后一轮有关TPP细节的艰难谈判扫清障碍。该协议将会移除从加拿大、智利到澳大利亚、新加坡和日本的贸易壁垒。Japan has been an especially difficult negotiating partner for the ed States because it wants to preserve trade barriers on rice, pork and other agricultural products. Tokyo has indicated that it is prepared to compromise but, fearful of Japan’s restive farm lobby, it has refused to discuss details in public as long as it was unclear whether Mr. Obama had the power to conclude a deal.对于美国来说,日本是一个特别难对付的洽谈伙伴,因为日本希望保留大米、猪肉及其他一些农产品的贸易壁垒。东京方面已经表明,日本准备做出让步,但由于担心强硬的本国农业游说团体,只要尚不确定奥巴马是否有权达成协议,日本就拒绝公开探讨细节。Another difficult question, which comes up for practically every free trade agreement, lies in so-called rules of origin: how to determine which goods are really made predominantly within the free-trade region and therefore qualify for tariff removal and other preferential trade access.另一个难题几乎每项自由贸易协议都会遇到,那就是所谓的“原产地规则”:如何确定哪些商品真的是在自由贸易区制造的,因此有资格免除关税,并获得其他优惠贸易待遇。Under the North American Free Trade Agreement, for example, garments do not just need to be sewn in North America to cross borders without being subject to tariffs; the garments generally need to be made from fabric that was woven in North America, and the fabric itself must be woven from yarn that was made in North America. That rule was written to prevent Mexican manufacturers from buying lots of precut, cheaper fabric from China and elsewhere and assembling it into inexpensive shirts for duty-free shipment to the ed States.例如,根据北美自由贸易协定(North American Free Trade Agreement)的规定,要想免除关税,装类产品不仅需要在北美缝制,通常还需要由北美的布料制成,而这些布料本身必须由北美生产的纱线制成。制定这项规定是为了防止墨西哥生产商从中国等地方购买大量预先裁剪的便宜布料,再利用这些织物缝制成便宜的成衣,运往美国,而不用交税。The Trans-Pacific Partnership includes Vietnam, a large garment-manufacturing nation that relies heavily on fabric imported from China. The negotiations pose the next battleground in a decades-long fight. The American textile industry consistently lobbies for the trade status of garments to be determined by where the material was made, not just where garments were sewn.TPP谈判国中包括越南。这个装生产大国严重依赖从中国进口的布料。相关谈判为这场长达几十年的争斗开辟了另一个战场。美国纺织业一直在开展游说活动,希望装的贸易地位由原材料的产地决定,而不仅仅是缝制成衣的地点。But large retailers and fashion brands want to link the trade status only to where garments are sewn, making it easier to use low-cost Chinese fabrics.不过,大型零售商和时尚品牌希望这种贸易地位只由成衣产地决定,更易于它们使用成本较低的中国布料。China’s trade policy analysts are eager to scrutinize the language of the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership pact as soon as it is completed and released, to determine how it might actually affect Chinese exporters, Mr. He said.何伟文表示,这12个国家一达成并公布TPP协定,中国的贸易政策分析人士就会马上细读协定条文,从而判断实际上它会如何影响中国出口商。 /201506/383097盐城利民康复医院治疗尿道炎多少钱

盐城协和医院去包皮 The Louis XIII casino and hotel in Macau will be something to marvel at even in the midst of one of the most gaudy and ludicrous cities in the world.即便是在全球最浮华而夸张的城市之一,路易十三(Louis XIII)和酒店项目也将令人叹为观止。This bn resort is expected to have a giant ruby coloured illuminated “jewel” above its entrance and will charge a minimum HK,000 (US,290) a night for the most basic of its 236 rooms. The smallest bets on its 66 gaming tables will be HK,000 and shopping at the Graff Diamonds store and other luxury outlets in its mall will be by appointment only.这个耗资10亿美元的项目预计将在入口上方镶嵌一颗巨大的红宝石颜色的绚丽“珠宝”,其236间最基本客房的最低价格将为每晚1万港元(合1290美元)。66张赌桌的最小赌注将为5000港元,在大厦内的格拉夫珠宝(Graff Diamonds)门店和其他奢侈品牌门店购物将需要预约。Welcome to the world of Asia’s rich.欢迎来到亚洲富豪的世界。Asia is producing more new wealth than any other part of the world at any point in history. Over the past five years, the assets of rich individuals have grown at triple the rate of the wealthy elsewhere, while the number of rich people has increased by twice that of other regions, according to the recent annual survey by Capgemini and Royal Bank of Canada.亚洲现在创造的新财富超过任何其他地区在任何历史时期的规模。凯捷集团(Capgemini)和加拿大皇家(Royal Bank of Canada)最近的年度调查显示,过去5年,亚洲富豪资产的增速是其他地区的3倍,富豪人数增速是其他地区的两倍。Their number grew by almost 10 per cent to reach 3.7m last year, according to the survey, while their wealth expanded by 12 per cent to tn.根据这项调查,去年,亚洲富豪的数量增加近10%,达到370万人,他们的财富扩大了12%,至12万亿美元。For “ultra-high-net-worth” people, who have more than m in net assets, the story is a little different. More people from the US and Europe entered this club in the past year than from anywhere else – the population in China and Brazil actually declined slightly – according to research by Wealth-X and UBS.而对于净资产超过3000万美元的“超级高净值”人士,情况则有些不同。根据Wealth-X和瑞银(UBS)的研究,过去一年,美欧超级富豪增加的人数超过全球任何其他地区,中国和巴西的超富人群实际上略有下滑。There are only 199,235 such individuals in the whole world, but unsurprisingly they are the main focus of private banks and wealth managers. They will often have m tied in a business, with m in property and m to play with, says Mykolas Rambus, chief executive of Wealth-X.全球超级富豪仅有19.9235万人,但毫不意外的是,他们是私人和财富管理公司的主要关注对象。Wealth-X首席执行官米科拉斯#8226;拉姆布斯(Mykolas Rambus)表示,这些富豪经常有2000万美元投入企业,500万美元投资房地产,还有500万美元可以自由调动。“The reason this market is so lucrative is that a lot of the wealth is not very liquid yet,” he says. “They are likely to have a monetising event within a couple of years, like a listing, and they tend to sp their wealth around among a number of banks.”“这个市场之所以如此利润丰厚,是因为大量财富的流动性现在不是很强,”他表示,“它们可能会在两年后以某种方式变现,例如上市,同时这些富人往往将财富分布在多家。”There are many more potential clients among those with m or less, but they might only have liquid assets of 0,000 or less. “You cannot make money out of that in today’s high cost regimes,” Mr Rambus adds.拥有500万美元或以下资产的潜在客户数量更多,但他们可能只有25万美元或更少的流动资产。拉姆布斯补充称:“你不可能在目前的高成本环境下从他们那里赚钱。”The newly rich can be much more demanding clients for private banks and other wealth managers, partly because they can take some convincing that a service they have never used or thought about is worth paying for.对于私人和其他财富管理公司而言,新富阶层的要求可能要苛刻得多,这在一定程度上是因为,要让他们相信自己以前从未使用过(甚至从未考虑过)的务是值得买单的,可能得花一番功夫。On top of this, as they are normally still tied in with their businesses, their investment expectations are for much higher returns than those who have been wealthier for longer and are more interested in preservation.此外,由于他们的财富通常仍与企业捆绑在一起,因此他们预期的投资回报率要远远高于那些致富更早、对资产保值更有兴趣的人。“For the new rich, investments in wealth management compete directly with their businesses for capital, so any investment needs to generate a higher return than they could get by reinvesting in the company,” says Kathryn Shih, head of UBS Wealth Management Asia Pacific. “Also, they have a home bias; they like to know the companies they are going to invest in.”“对于新富阶层而言,理财投资会直接与他们的企业争夺资金,因此任何投资的回报率都需要高于对企业的再投资,”瑞银财富管理公司(UBS Wealth Management)亚太区主管施许怡敏(Kathryn Shih)表示,“此外,他们有本土偏好;他们希望了解自己将要投资的公司。”Of course, those whose wealth is really new are also more interested in flaunting it – or at least buying some of the trappings such as cars, watches, properties and so on.当然,那些新富人群也对炫富更感兴趣,或者至少会购买一些炫富类的产品,例如汽车、手表、房产等等。But private banking executives say these things are bought early – and often with borrowed money – by the merely affluent, rather than the really rich.但私人业高管表示,这些东西都是由那些普通富人(而非真正富有的人)在致富初期购买,而且往往借助贷款购买,For those with m or more, the first thing they want to buy once they hit that bracket is an aircraft, according to Bassam Salem, chief executive of Citi’s private bank in Asia.花旗(Citi)私人亚洲首席执行官巴萨姆#8226;萨勒姆(Bassam Salem)表示,对于那些拥有3000万美元或以上资产的人而言,一旦他们进入这个群体,他们首先希望购买的是飞机。“The newly rich are a bit more exuberant in terms of showing their wealth initially,” he says. “But it takes a little while to become ultra-wealthy for most. The richer you are, the less you want to show it in many countries.”“在炫富方面,新富人群一开始都表现得更为热情,”他表示,“但对于多数人而言,得花一段时间才能跻身超富群体。在很多国家,你越富有,就越不想炫耀。”The exception to this is mainland China, where more people have become vastly rich in a much shorter time because of the explosive pace of growth in recent years. The average age of Citi’s ultra-rich clients in Asia excluding Japan is about 70, according to Mr Salem, whereas in China it is 35.中国内地是个例外,在这里,由于最近几年经济的爆炸性增长,有更多人在很短时间内暴富。萨勒姆表示,花旗在亚洲(除日本之外)的超富客户年龄平均为70岁左右,而在中国是35岁。Mr Rambus makes a similar observation, noting that the average age of millionaires in China is about 33, but that of the world’s ultra-wealthy is 52.拉姆布斯的看法类似,他指出,中国超级富豪的平均年龄为33岁左右,但全球超级富豪的平均年龄为52岁。In spite of cathedrals to excess such as the coming Louis XIII resort in Macau, Mr Rambus says the super wealthy in Asia, as in other parts of the world, are becoming less visible in terms of splashing the cash.尽管有一些铺张的豪华项目,诸如即将问世的路易十三酒店,但拉姆布斯表示,与全球其他地区一样,亚洲的超级富豪在大笔花钱方面正变得不那么高调。“There are many countries where visibility is not good culturally and where it is becoming less advisable if you want to keep your wealth,” he says.他表示:“在很多国家,从文化上讲,显山露水不是一件好事,而且如果你想守住财富,抛头露面的做法正变得不那么可取。”So, once the Louis XIII opens to its exclusive clientele in 2015, it is more likely that anyone who makes a noise about having stayed there is perhaps either lying, or at the lower end of that casino’s clientele.因此,一旦路易十三酒店于2015年向高端客户开放,大声嚷嚷着说曾在那里住过的人,更有可能要么是在撒谎,要么是这个的较低端客户。 /201312/268312江苏盐城市泌尿系统在线咨询江苏省国营新洋农场医院治疗痛经多少钱



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