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在美国英语里,有许多常用俚语是由动物字眼构成的,相当的生动、形象。掌握它们,会你的口语和作文更地道,更生色!Session I: It's a Zoo Out There(真象个动物园)1. Smell a Rat feel that something is wrong可以用 I smell a rat 来表达自己感觉什么事情不正常、奇怪、不对头的意思,就象闻到死老鼠的味道一样。范例对话:A: How come the front door is open? Didn't you close it before we went shopping?B: I'm sure I did. I can't understand it.A: Frankly, I smell a rat.B: Me, too. I'm convinced that something is definitely wrong here.A: We'd better call the police.2. Fishy strange and suspicious同 smell a rat 意思相近,也表示感觉奇怪和怀疑,就象闻到鱼的腥臭味一样。范例短文:When the security guard(保安)saw a light in the store after closing hours, it seemed to him that there was something fishy going on. He called the central office and explained to his superior(上级) that he thought something strange and suspicious(令人怀疑的) was occuring.3. Take the Bull by the Horns take decisive action in a difficult situation在困难的条件下作出决定性的动作,或不计安危,勇敢面对,直接面对,就象擒牛从牛角入手的方法。范例短文:Julie has always felt that she was missing out on a lot of fun because of her clumsiness(笨拙) on the dance floor. She had been putting off taking lessions, but she finally took the bull by the horns and went to a professional dance studio for help. She was tired of feeling left out and acted decisively to correct the situation.4. For the Birds uninteresting, meaningless, boring and silly无聊、无趣,愚蠢的,只是为鸟儿们准备的。范例短文:They went to a poetry ing, but they got bored and restless. As far as they were concerned, it was for the birds! They left during an intermission(中间休息) because they found the ing totally uninteresting and meaningless.5. Straight From the Horse's Mouth from a reliable source说话者本人的原话,或从可靠、权威人士处得来的信息。美国人在这里把说话的人比作大马了。范例对话:A: How did you find out that Jill was engaged?B: I got the information from a very reliable source.A: You mean Jill told you so herself?B: That's right. I got it straight from the horse's mouth! /10/85936W: Hey, Jim. Wake up!嘿,吉姆。起床啦!M: Do I have to get up now?我现在就要起床吗?W: Youd better get up or youll be late.你最好起床,否则你要迟到了。M: What are you talking about? The alarm hasnt even gone off yet.你们刚才在讨论什么?闹钟还没响。W: Yes, It has. It went off 30 minutes ago.是的,还没有。30分钟之前就响了。M: I must have slept right through it.我一定是睡过头了。W: Rise and shine, sleepyhead.贪睡鬼,起床啦!M: Just let me sleep five more miuntes.让我再睡多5分钟。 /201203/174401Billy: What's that?Jennifer: It's my new pendant. Do you like it?Billy: Is that Hello Kitty?Jennifer: Yes, in a monkey suit. It's adorable!Billy: Is it real gold?Jennifer: Yeah. Two-toned, white and yellow. 内容来自: /201102/126239

Jo: Hello, welcome to Real English from B Learning English. I’m Jo.Sun Chen: 嗨,我是董征。Jo: Today we’re going to look at words and phrases that you might not find in your dictionary.Sun Chen: 地道英语和大家一起学习现代英式英语中最新出现的流行词汇和新鲜表达。那Jo,今天给我们带来的新词是什么呢?Jo: Today’s word is internship I.N.T.E.R.N.S.H.I.P.Sun Chen: 和学习有关?Jo: Yes, it can be an important part of student life.Sun Chen: 还是很重要的一个单词。那你最好还是解释一下吧。Jo: An internship is an arrangement where a student works in a company for a limited period of time, usually to gain work experience.Sun Chen: 这么说 internship 就是短期的实习;学生通常可以拿到相应的工作经验 work experience. Jo: There aren’t many internships available, so it’s highly competitive。Sun Chen: Highly competitive. 竞争很激烈,看来同学们很早就要面对现实问题了。Insert A: What are your plans for the summer holiday? B: I don’t know yet. I’m hoping to get an internship with an investment bank. A: Oh, dear, it’s going to be tough. I wish you luck. B: I’ll need it. There are only 10 places, and I think they’ve aly received 500 applications. Sun Chen: 听到了吗,500 申请人里才挑10个暑期工。比申请正式工作还难。Jo: It is really tough to get an internship. You have to work really hard just to get an interview.Sun Chen: Well, good luck to the internship applicants then.Jo: I’m afraid that we are out of time. Anyway, to recap an internship is ….Sun Chen: 就是短期工作实习。Jo: You’ve been listening to Real English from B Learning English. Join us next time. Sun Chen: 我们下次节目再会。 /200711/19824

我们汉语中有很多成语和俗语,英语中也是一样的。不同语言中的俗语代表着不同国家的文化,我们在理解这些俗语的时候可不能只看字面意思哦。1. lame duck:不中用的人A lame duck manager cannot bring his business back on to the normal track.一个无能的经理无法把他的企业重新拉回正常经营轨道上去。 /201005/103764

消费新观念 The New Consumptive Attitude中国经济的成功正改变着中国人看待金钱的方式。拥有更多周转资金的人们正步入物质消费的文化当中。Listen Read Learn The economic success of China is changing the way Chinese people look at money. The people, who now have more money available, are beginning to enter into a material consumer culture. This new excess has allowed more spending on movie, books, concerts, dramas, and a host of other things. This has dramatically changed since when people were interested more in buying food than in entertainment. These new consumptive habits and attitudes have created many differences in society. This is especially true of the gap between generations. Young people today focus a lot of their attention on brands, which are made up of both international and domestic name brands. The desire to possess these famous name brands in clothing and electronics, has led to the massive increase in these industries. Another interesting effect has been the rise of tourism and its related industries within China. Chinese tourists are beginning to explore their own country in increasing numbers. The opening of the new railway to Tibet is an example of the excitement people have for visiting famous places in China. More people are now being exposed to the wonders of China’s cultural and natural heritage. Therefore, environmental protection and green consumption are on the rise. This new awareness of the environment and culture is echoed by China’s large consumption on education and educational products. It can be argued that education has become a big part of the people’s consumption. All of these new consumptive attitudes are changing the face of China, as it becomes more global.听看学中国经济的成功正改变着中国人看待金钱的方式。拥有更多周转资金的人们正步入物质消费的文化当中。这使得他们可以将更多钱消费于看电影、购买书籍、听演唱会、观看戏剧和其他许多事情上。这完全改变了人们先前喜欢把钱花在购买食物而绝非的历史。这些新的消费习惯和态度给社会带来了诸多不同。这尤其体现在几代人之间的代沟问题上。当今年轻人关注的焦点是国内外的名牌。拥有名牌装和电子产品的欲望使这些产业有大幅度增长。另外一个有趣的现象是中国旅游业及其相关产业的崛起。不断增多的中国旅游者正开始开发本国的旅游业。青藏铁路的开通便是中国人游览名胜古迹兴奋之情的例子。现在,越来越多的人去游览中国的文化和自然遗产,因此环境保护和绿色消费不断兴起。中国在教育和教育产品上的巨大消费体现着环境和文化的新意识。教育已经成为人们消费的一大部分。随着中国国际化程度的加强,所有这些新的消费态度正改变着中国的面貌。语法小结 Grammar非限制性定语从句非限制性定语从句对所修饰的词没有限制的作用,只是做一些补充说明,常有一个逗号把它和句子其他部分隔开。引导非限制性定语从句的关系词有:who, whom, whose, which, when 和where, 不可以用that 和why, 例如:This note was left by Tom, who was here a moment ago.这个留言条是汤姆留下的,他刚走一会儿。As a boy, he was always making things, most of which were electric.作为一个男孩,他喜欢做一些东西,大多数都是电子的。They relay on themselves, which is much better.他们依靠自己,这样好得多。Sunday is a holiday, when people do not go to work.星期天是放假日,这一天人们都不用上班。I met some students, several of whom were freshmen.我碰到一些学生,其中有几个是新生。家庭总动员 Do it together两人一组,一方朗诵下面的中文句子,另一方说出相应的英语句子。1.我买了几本书,其中有几本是关于历史的。2.她喜欢游泳,这对她的健康有好处。3.他向我展示了一些作品,其中没有一个是令人满意的。4.他做了好多菜,所有的我都喜欢。5.这花是杰克送的,他想给女孩留下深刻的印象。1.She likes swimming, which is good for her health.2.The flowers were sent by Jack, who wanted to impress the girl.3.I bought some books, some of which are about history.4.He shows me some works, none of which is satisfying.5.He cooked some dishes, all of which I liked very much. /200807/44692

带着些许新奇,带着些许忧虑,满载着憧憬和梦想,我们终于有幸迈进了象牙塔的大门.这里的生活是什么样的?面对着四周陌生的面孔,似曾相识的教学楼,亲切和蔼的辅导员,我们将经历一种怎样的别样生活呢? /09/84231

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