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Paul: So being fair-skinned, do you burn easily in the sun?保罗:你皮肤白皙,那你很容易被太阳晒伤吗?Aimee: I do! I get really, really freckly, just turn into one big freckle. I have to be careful not to get burned, yeah. Im careful with my sun lotion. How about you?艾米:是的!我会长雀斑,而且是那种很大的雀斑。我必须小心不被晒伤。我会认真擦防晒霜。你呢?Paul: Yeah, Im not a sunbather. I cant think of anything more boring to be quite honest with you. I may not get it lying on the beach — youve got the sand, youve got the surf. I do get it, but I just get too bored. Id rather be more active, doing some sort of swimming, some sort of activity....保罗:我不喜欢晒日光浴。说实话,我认为没有什么事比那更无聊了。我可能不会只躺在沙滩上,可以玩沙子,也可以去冲浪。虽然我理解,但是我觉得那太无聊了。我宁愿多动动,比如去游泳,或是做其他运动……Aimee: I really enjoy swimming in the ocean. If I go to the beach, I dont sunbathe at all. I sit in the shade until I just want to swim in the ocean: go snorkeling, see something. Thats a lot more fun.艾米:我非常喜欢在大海里游泳。如果我去海滩玩,我不会晒日光浴。我会一直坐在阴凉处,然后想游泳的时候就去海里游泳,去浮潜,去欣赏景色。那样更有乐趣。Paul: Mmmm, yeah, see something, explore a bit. Yeah, yeah. I mean the sea creatures are actually fascinating really. You put that snorkel on, its as if youve gone into a new world.保罗:嗯,欣赏景色,去探索。对,我认为海洋生物非常迷人。穿上潜水以后,就像进入了一个全新的世界。Aimee: I couldnt do that in Scandinavia, I dont think.艾米:我想那在斯堪的纳维亚半岛做不到。Paul: Speaking of Scandinavia, I did a home stay when I was a high school student.保罗:说到斯堪的纳维亚半岛,我上高中时去过那里,当时我住在寄宿家庭里。Aimee: Oh, did you?艾米:哦,是吗?Paul: Yeah, and it was with a Danish family. And the mother was very kind of typically Scandinavian. Uhm, like stereotypically very strong, blond hair, and every day of the year without fail, she would swim in the sea.保罗:对,我当时和一个丹麦家庭一起生活。那个家庭的妈妈是典型的斯堪的纳维亚人。就像大家印象中的那样,非常强壮,有一头金色的头发,她每天都会去海里游泳。Aimee: Oh my goodness.艾米:哦,我的天哪。Paul: You know thered big blocks of ice in the sea, and shed still be swimming.保罗:你知道,海里有很大的冰块,可是她仍然坚持去游泳。Aimee: A sturdy lass.艾米:一位强壮的女性。Paul: Yeah, she swore by it. I think she really believed that it was good for the circulation and her health. Yes, but admiration, but I wont want to follow her.保罗:对,她很相信那个理论。我认为她非常相信游泳对血液循环和健康有好处。我虽然很佩她,不过我不会像她那样做。Aimee: I dont think I could — only certain times a year.艾米:我想我也做不到,只有一年中的特定时间可以做到。Paul: Yeah.保罗:对。 译文属 /201704/501720

11. Going through the Customs 11.通过海关A: Do you have your customs form?A:你有通关单吗?B: Yes, I filled it out on the plane.B:是的,我在飞机上填好的。A: I also need your passport.A:我还需要你的护照。B: Im a U.S. Citizen.B:我是美国公民。A: I still need to see your passport.A:我还是需要看你的护照。B: What other documents do you need?B:你还需要什么文件?A: Do you have anything to declare?A:你有什么需要报关的吗?B: I bought some leather wallets in Morocco.B:我买了一些在洛哥皮革钱包。A: Youre going to have to show them to me.A:你要给我看看它们。B: Are you going to take them away from me?B:你要把它们没收吗?A: Ill only confiscate them if they are made of python skin.A:如果他们是蟒蛇皮做的,我才会没收它们。B: They are just leather wallets. B:他们只是皮革钱包。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/429915

Todd: So Abidemi, youre from Nigeria, right?托德:阿比德米,你来自尼日利亚,对吧?Abidemi: Yes, I am, thats correct.阿比德米:对,没错。Todd: So, can you talk a little bit about food from your country?托德:你能谈谈尼日利亚的美食吗?Abidemi: Yes, gladly. I love eating, so food is one of my favorite things to talk about. In Nigeria, we eat a lot of food thats made of potatoes or yam so one of my favorite foods from Nigeria is called Inyan. Inyan is pounded yam. And what we do is we boil yam in a pot and then we put it into like what we call a pounder. I dont know how you say in English and we use a mortar and a pounding stick. And we pound it for maybe 20/30 minutes, usually the women do this and it comes out really sticky. And we eat it with our hands and with a sauce, kind of like tomato sauce with a lot of meat or fish, depending on your region. And its just really delicious. Its something we eat especially during festivals and like yeah, with lots of music, if you are happy, if you are eating, yeah, its really good.阿比德米:好,我很乐意。我喜欢美食,所以食物是我最喜欢谈的话题之一。尼日利亚有很多食物是由土豆或山药做成的,我最喜欢的尼日利亚美食是Inyan。这道菜要把山药捣碎。我们先把山药放到锅里煮,煮好后把山药放到捣具里。我不知道英语是不是这么说,我们用臼和棍子把山药捣碎。通常这个工作由女性来做,大概20到30分钟以后,山药就会变成粘稠状。我们通常用手拿着捣好的山药蘸酱吃,一般是番茄酱,再搭配肉和鱼类食用,搭配取决于你所在地区的习惯。非常美味。我们一般在节日期间吃这道菜,周围会放音乐,如果你在吃饭的时候感到开心,那非常好。Todd: That sounds really good. So, you said though that it has sauce on it and you also eat it with your hands?托德:听起来很不错。你说要蘸酱吃,而且是用手拿着吃?Abidemi: Yes. Normally, we eat it with our hands so they put it in a plate, its white in color and beside theyll put like a stew, its tomato based with onions all mixed together, grinded together. And then they cook a fish or meat or even a mixture of both in the stew. So when you eat it, youre eating with your fingers and your, yeah, put it in your mouth, its very savory, its a very savory dish.阿比德米:对。通常我们用手吃,捣好后的山药是白色的,把它们放在盘子里,然后搭配炖菜食用,炖菜就是把番茄和洋葱磨碎混合在一起。然后再烹饪鱼或肉,把它们也混合在炖菜里。用手拿着放进嘴里直接吃,这是一道非常美味的菜肴。Todd: That sounds good. So, how long does it take to cook?托德:听起来不错。那做这道菜大约需要多长时间?Abidemi: Usually, I would say an hour to two hours because you have to boil, peel the yams, boil the yams and then pound the yams so all that process takes time. And then theres the sauce, the stew as well that has to be prepared, so it takes time.阿比德米:一般需要一到两个小时的时间,因为要煮山药、去皮,然后捣碎山药,这些步骤需要时间。接下来还要准备酱汁和炖菜,所以比较费时间。Todd: That sounds like a lot of energy.托德:听起来要耗费很多精力。Abidemi: It is a lot of energy which is I think mainly why its eaten during festivals or when people have a lot of time or people that are just at home, yeah, special occasions, thats when we have it.阿比德米:的确会花费很多精力,所以在节日或是人们有很多时间或是人们赋闲在家时才会做这道菜,当然在特殊场合也会准备这道菜。Todd: So when you pound the yams, do you just do one yam at a time or are you doing many yams at once?托德:在捣山药时,是一次捣一个山药,还是同时捣多个山药?Abidemi: Youre doing many pieces of yams so the yams have been cut, after theyve been peeled. Theyve been cut into smaller pieces and you put these into the mortar and then youre pounding away, yeah.阿比德米:同时捣多个山药,所以在去皮以后要把山药切成块儿。把山药切成小块儿以后,把它们放进臼里,然后捣碎它们。Todd: Oh, wow. So, and what foods does this go well with?托德:哦,哇哦。那这些食物一般和什么搭配着吃?Abidemi: This is normally eaten by itself but when we have special occasions of course, we dont only have one dish. We have that, we also have rice thats made, we call one Jollof rice and its made ... cooked in ... I would say its similar to the Spanish pilaf. So its tomato based as well and it comes out red, so you have that. We might have some what we call dodo which is fried plantains in English. So we have different dishes around that, theyre centered around, yeah, we love eating in Nigeria, so yeah.阿比德米:通常就这样吃,不过如果是特殊场合,不可能只有这一道菜。我们通常要做辣椒炖肉饭,这种饭和西班牙的辣味菜肉饭很像。做这种饭也要用蕃茄,所以它的颜色是红色的。我们还会做油炸大蕉。我们会准备很多道菜,搭配着食用,我们尼日利亚热爱美食。Todd: Sounds good.托德:听起来真不错。 译文属 /201701/485671

on the same page----想法一致/进度相同大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。某日,小强在看CNN的一则报道的时候,出现了这么一个句子:;Not everyone was on the same page in terms of strategy and operational focus within al Qaeda,; the official said.这个句子里面的on the same page是什么意思呢?It means to have the same understanding or amount of knowledge.小强觉得,我们可以从两个方面来理解这个表达。一是指想法一致,理解相同。比如刚刚的这个句子说的就是基地组织内部并非人人对策略和作战重点有相同的看法。而另一方面,on the same page也有刚刚所说的have the same amount of knowledge的意思,也就是进度相同、知识相当之类的意思,比如这个句子:Ideally, we want everyone to go to college, because college gets everyone on the same page.意思是理想情况下,我们想让每个人都上大学,因为大学能让大家的知识储备相当。;On the same page; is a useful expression. Are you on the same page with me? on the same page这表达很有用,你同意吗?这里是小强英语,我们下期再会。小强在微:@小强英语;小强在微信:englishonair。本栏目由原创,。 /201502/358791

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