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Development of Pottery陶器的发展The existence of pottery was a hallmark of the Neolithic Age in primitive society.陶器的发明是原始社会新石器时代的一个重要标志。Pottery shards of more than i0000 years ago were discovered in the Fairy Cave site in Lishui County of East China’s Jiangsu Province, and shards of sandy red pot-tery dating back 10000 years ago were found in the Nanzhuang Culture site in Xushui County of North China’s Hebei Province.我国已发现距今约10000年新石器时代早期的残陶片。河北徐水县南庄头遗址发现的陶器碎片经鉴定为10800~ 9700年的遗物。The site of the Peiligang CultLrre in Xinzheng of Central China’s Henan Province and the site of the Cishan Culture in Wu’an of Hebei Province are early Neolithic sites found in northern China, dating as far back as 7900 years ago. They wereearlier than Yangshao Culture, and potteries of that period were mostly plain color without decorative designs.河北武安发现的磁山文化和河南新郑发现的裴李岗文化,是黄河中游地区新石器时代的代表,距今7900年以上。它们早于仰韶文化,该文化的陶器以素面无文者居多。The site of the Hemudu Culture in Yuyao County of East China’s Zhejiang Prov-ince is another early Neolithic site that flourished 7000 years ago. Grey pottery, red pottery, charcoal-mixed black pottery, and even an occasional piece of painted pottery were found at all these ancient sites.浙江余姚河姆渡发现的河姆渡文化距今7000年左右,在该文化遗址也出土了大量的陶器。河姆渡文化的陶器为黑陶,造型简单,早期盛行刻画花纹。The site of the Yangshao Culture at Yangshao Village in Mianchi County of Henan Province, and at Banpo Village in Xi’an of North China’s Shaanxi Province,inhabited by people who lived in prosperity in a matriarchal clan society, are more than 6000 years old. Large quantities of fine painted pottery were aly made at that time.在河南渑池仰韶村的新石器时代遗址,和陕西省西安市郊的半坡遗址都发现了大量做工精美,设计精巧的陶。这两个新石器时代遗址都属于母系社会遗址,有6000年以上的历史。With the development of the society, the quality of pottery steadily improved.By the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, a clear-cut division of labor had aly ap-peared among potters. Elegant designs and pictures of flowers and birds were carved on pottery ware during the Warring States Period.Potters in this period intro-duced lead glaze, which made the surface of pottery smooth and fine and added luster to the vessels.随着社会的不断进步,陶器的质量也逐步提高。到了商代和周代,已经出现了专门从事陶器生产的工种。在战国时期,陶器上已经出现了各种优雅的纹饰和花鸟。这时的陶器也开始应用铅釉,使得陶器的表面更为光滑,也有了一定的色泽。In the Western Han Dynasty the art of glazing pottery became widesp.Multi-colored glaze was also introduced in the Han Dynasty. The renowned Tang Dynasty tri-color pottery with lead glaze was the invention of potters who introduced white, yellow, blue, green, brown, and purple glazes and skillfully applied them in combination. The appearance of Tang tri-color glazed pottery marked the entry of pottery art into an era of greater variety and color.到了西汉时期,上釉陶器工艺开始广泛流传起来。多种色的釉料也在汉代开始出现。有一种盛行于唐代的陶器,以黄、褐、绿为基本釉色,后来人们习惯地把这类陶器称为“唐三”。唐三是一神低温釉陶器,在色釉中加入不同的金属氧化物,经过焙烧,便形成浅黄、赭黄、浅绿、深绿、天蓝、褐红、茄紫等多种色,但多以黄、褐、绿三色为主。唐三的出现标志着陶器的种类和色已经开始更加丰富多。 /201512/410746


  Three months ago, my wife, Chrysta, and I were driving along Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles when she let out a harrowing cry.三个月前,我和妻子克里斯塔(Chrysta)开车在洛杉矶梅尔罗斯大道(Melrose Avenue)上行驶时,她突然开始痛苦地哭叫。I knew exactly what to do: I reached for my iPhone and pressed the bright green “Start” button on the screen and continued to drive as I waited for her to stop wailing.我清楚地知道自己该怎么做:拿起iPhone,按下屏幕上鲜绿色的“开始”键,继续开车,直到在她停止哭号时按下“结束”键。The app I was using is called Full Term, which kept track of the length and intervals of her contractions. The app was, as my wife and I learned while rushing to the hospital for the birth of our first child, more useful than we could have ever imagined.当时我用的应用程序是Full Term,用来记录宫缩的持续时间和间隔时间。它比我们想像的有用得多。我们是在赶去医院生第一个孩子时得知这个应用程序的。I should preface this by saying that before we downloaded the app (a last-minute recommendation from a friend when I texted: “OMG! We’re in labor!”), I had scoffed at all these baby and pregnancy tools. After all, people have been having babies without apps since the dawn of humanity. Why do we need them now?我必须先说明一下,在下载这个应用程序(在我给一位朋友发短信说:“天哪!孩子快要生了!”之后,这位朋友在最后关头给我们推荐了这个应用程序)之前,我经常嘲笑这些婴儿和怀工具。毕竟,从人类出现起,没有应用程序人们不照样一直在生孩子吗?为什么现在就需要了呢?Turns out, I was wrong.结果明,我之前的想法是错的。When my wife went into labor, for example, we could have tracked it the old-fashioned way: get a stopwatch, a pen and piece of paper, then jot down the duration of each contraction, and the time in between, and then somehow convey that information to our doctor while my wife endures the most intense pain of her life.比如,妻子快要分娩时,我们本可以用传统方式进行记录:拿一个秒表、一笔和一张纸,记下每次宫缩的持续时间和间隔时间,然后在我妻子忍受着生命中最剧烈的疼痛之时,把这些信息以某种方式发给医生。Or, we could open Full Term (a free app, though donations are welcome) and press a green button to start, and a red one to stop. It gives you a detailed graph of the overall length and how far apart the labor pains are, which I could then text to our doctor. (We later discovered that we showed up at the hospital a tad early, by about 10 hours.)或者,我们可以打开Full Term(免费的,不过欢迎你捐赠一美元),按绿色按钮开始,按红色按钮停止。它能生成一个详细的图表,展示总时长和产前阵痛的间隔,我可以用短信把它发给医生(后来我们发现自己稍微提前一点到了医院,提前了大约十个小时)。In addition to the “go bag” that you pack for the hospital, you need a “go folder” of smartphone apps.除了准备带去医院的“待产包”,你还需要为智能手机上的应用程序建一个“待产文件夹”。Pregnancy-related apps are not a niche category. According to a 2013 report by Citrix, a software company that tracks app usage, pregnancy-related apps were more popular than fitness apps. And at the Apple iTunes store, four of the top 10 paid medical apps are currently baby-related, including My Baby’s Beat, Baby Connect and Baby Heartbeats.与怀相关的应用程序不再是一个小门类。Citrix是一个追踪应用程序使用情况的软件公司。根据它2013年的一份报告,与怀相关的应用比健身应用更受欢迎。在苹果的iTunes商店里,目前排名前十的付费医疗应用程序中有四个与婴儿相关,包括My Baby’s Beat、Baby Connect和Baby Heartbeats。What do all these apps do? There are apps to help you get pregnant such as My Days and Glow, which help women track their ovulation and fertility. Others track the baby during pregnancy, including BabyBump and Baby Tracker. Still others track the birthing process, including My Birth Plan and Birthing Method. (There’s one for dads called the Guys Guide to the Delivery Room.)这些应用程序是做什么用的?有帮助你怀的,比如My Days和Glow,它们帮助女性记录排卵和受。还有记录怀期间婴儿状况的,包括BabyBump和Baby Tracker。还有记录分娩过程的,包括My Birth Plan和Birthing Method(还有一款给准爸爸的,叫Guys Guide to the Delivery Room)。And there are hundreds to help parents after the baby is born.还有几百个应用程序是帮助父母照顾孩子的。Before I discovered Full Term, Chrysta downloaded My Pregnancy Today, which shows expectant mothers what’s happening in the womb week by week. (At 12 weeks, the app said, our baby was the size of a lime.)在我发现Full Term之前,克里斯塔下载了My Pregnancy Today,它能告诉充满期待的准妈妈子宫里每周发生的情况(12周的时候,那个应用程序说,我们孩子的大小跟一颗酸橙差不多)。During labor, I found that the most useful app was WhatsApp, the messaging platform owned by Facebook. I added friends and family to a group th, where I shared real-time updates, including audio of the baby’s heartbeat and photos of my wife looking as if she wanted to punch me in the face.分娩期间,我发现最有用的应用程序是WhatsApp,它是Facebook的一个消息平台。我把朋友和家人加到一个群里,我在那里实时分享最新情况,包括胎儿的心跳音频和妻子的照片——她看起来像是想朝我脸上打一拳。When our son was finally born, weighing a whopping 8 pounds 5 ounces, we quickly realized we had no idea what we were doing. This is where the app Baby Tracker, , came in. You can use it to track how often your baby poops, how much the baby sleeps and, if you’re breast-feeding, how long you feed for. It can also keep track of which breast the baby last fed on, though my wife found it easier to put a rubber band on her wrist.孩子总算出生了,是个8磅5盎司(约合7.5斤)的大胖儿子。不过,我们很快发现,自己完全不知所措。这时五美元的付费应用程序Baby Tracker登场了。你可以用它来记录你的宝宝多久大便一次,睡了多长时间,如果是母乳喂养的话,喂了多长时间。它还能记录上次吃的是哪一边的乳房,虽然我妻子觉得往喂过奶的那侧手腕上套个橡皮筋更方便。While your baby’s bowel movements may not seem fascinating at first, you will have riveting conversations about it with your pediatrician. And when you consider that diapers are changed 10 to 12 times a day, that’s the contents of more than 80 diapers a week to keep track of — and to discuss.虽然刚开始宝宝的排便情况似乎没什么意思,但是你将与儿科医生对它进行多次饶有兴趣的谈话。还有,你想想,纸尿裤一天要换10至12次,那一周就要记80多次,那也是需要讨论的内容。Now that our son is 3 months old, the app we rely on most is Sound Sleeper, (with a limited free version), which emulates a variety of white noises. Our baby likes to fall asleep to ocean waves, but when he has a meltdown, the only thing that seems to soothe him is the sound of a vacuum cleaner.现在,儿子三个月大了,我们最依赖的应用程序是四美元(有一个功能有限的免费版)的Sound Sleeper,它能模仿各种白噪音。我们的宝宝喜欢听着大海的波浪声入睡,但是当他情绪失控时,唯一能抚慰他的似乎是吸尘器的声音。Last week, we discovered a new app called the Wonder Weeks, based on the best-selling book by Frans X. Plooij and Hetty van de Rijt, that details the rapid changes taking place these first weeks of life, and why babies go through “fussy phases.”上周,我们发现一个新应用,名叫the Wonder Weeks,它以弗兰斯·X·普鲁吉(Frans X. Plooij)和赫蒂·范·德·里特(Hetty van de Rijt)写的畅销书为基础,详细介绍生命前几周里婴儿的快速变化,以及为什么婴儿会经历“烦躁的阶段”。But there’s one thing I want to make clear. By no means am I suggesting that we give babies iPhones. Many pediatricians, including mine, strongly advise against exposing newborns to the glowing screens of smartphones and tablets. I could not agree more.但是有一点我得说清楚。我绝不是建议让婴儿看手机。很多儿科医生,包括我的儿科医生,强烈建议不要让新生儿看刺眼的手机和平板电脑屏幕。这一点我非常赞同。Babies are soaking up the world around them, and their little neurons and synapses are being formed each day. Simple shadows and colors can be overwhelming for some babies. The last thing we want to expose them to are super-bright screens with fast-moving graphics, Additionally, doctors warn that the blue light from screens can reduce melatonin levels, which affects sleep.婴儿在感受周围的世界,他们小小的神经细胞和突触每天都在形成。简单的阴影和色都可能让有些婴儿难以承受。我们最不想让婴儿看到的就是有快速移动图像的超亮屏幕。另外,医生警告说,屏幕的蓝光会降低褪黑素水平,影响睡眠。Speaking of sleep, I haven’t been able to find an app that helps with sleep deprivation. I’m pretty sure there’s a market for that app, especially among new parents.提到睡眠,我没找到一款帮助解决父母睡眠不足问题的应用。我确信,那种应用肯定有市场,尤其在新生儿父母中。 /201509/398471。


  The Sundial日晷The sundial,an ancient Chinese timekeeping instrument consisting of a bronze needle and a stone dial,measures the time by taking advan-tage of the shadow of the sun.日晷又称“旧规”,中国古代利用日影测得时刻的一种计时仪器。The needle crosses the center of the dial vertically,just like the pole of the gnomon,and the stone dial is placed onto a stone plat-form,higher in the south and lower in the north.通常由铜制的指针和石制的圆盘组成。铜制的指针叫做“晷针”,垂直地穿过圆盘中心,起着圭表中立竿的作用,因此,晷针又叫“表”,石制的圆盘叫做“晷面”,安放在石台上,呈南高北低,The sundial surface is therefore parallel to the equatorial plane. The upper end of the sundial points right to the North Pole,and the lower end to the South.使晷面平行于天赤道面。这样,晷针的上端正好指向北天极,下端正好指向南天极。Both sides of the dial are divided into 12 parts,each part representing two hours. When the sunlight beams down on the sundial,the shadow of the needle falls on the surface and moves as the sun moves.Therefore,the needle’s shadow resembles the needle of a modern watch or clock,and the stone dial is like the watch or clock’s dial plate,indicating time.在晷面的正反两面刻划出12个大格,每个大格代表两个小时。当太阳光照在日晷上时,晷针的影子就会投向晷面,太阳由东向西移动,投向晷面的晷针影子也慢慢地移动。于是,移动着的晷针影子相当于现代钟表的指针,晷面则是钟表的表面,以此来指示时间。From the vernal equinox(about March 20)to the autumn equinox(about September 22),the sun moves in the northern side of the equator, casting the needle’s shadow on the upper part of the stone dial.由于从春分到秋分期间,太阳总是在天赤道的北侧运行,因此,晷针的影子投向晷面上方;Likewise,since the sun moves in the southern side of the equator from the autumn equinox to the vernal e-quinox, the shadow is cast on the lower part. Therefore,when observing the sun-dial,it is important to first find out the projection position in the two different peri-ods.从秋分到春分期间,太阳在天赤道的南侧运行,因此,晷针的影子投向晷面的下方。所以在观察日晷时,首先要了解两个不同时期晷针的投影位置。 /201511/409365

  China is planning to launch a Mars probe in the year 2020 to carry out an independent exploration of the Red Planet after a joint mission with Russia failed in 2011, said Ye Peijian, a top space scientist and national political adviser.近日,全国政协委员、顶级空间科学家叶培建透露,在2011年与俄罗斯的联合任务失败之后,我国计划于2020年发射火星探测器,对火星开展独立探索。The probe is expected to reach Mars in 2021 after a flight of seven to ten months, he said on Friday during the annual session of the national political advisory body in Beijing. ;Consensus has been reached among policymakers and leading scientists,; he said.该探测器预计将飞行7-10个月,于2021年到达火星。叶培建委员是在上周五全国政协会议期间透露这一消息的。他说:“政策制定者和科学家之间已经达成了共识。”China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp, the main contractor of China#39;s space missions, said on Friday that the Mars exploration is among the 10 major orders that Long March 5, the country#39;s next-generation heavy lift rocket, has received so far.作为中国太空任务的主要承办公司,中国航天科技集团公司上周五表示,探索火星是我国新一代重型火箭长征五号已经接受的10大订单中的一个。Other orders include the Chang#39;e-5 lunar probe mission that is expected to bring back soil from the moon around 2017, and the much-anticipated space station#39;s core module that will be launched around 2020.其他订单还包括嫦娥五号的探月任务,该任务被寄希望于2017年从月球带回泥土。此外还有2020年左右发射的备受期待的空间站核心舱等。The size and structure of the Mars probe will be similar to Chang#39;e-3, China#39;s first lunar lander that was launched in 2013, though there are many differences, he said.叶培建还透露,尽管有许多不同之处,但是我国火星探测器的大小和结构,与我国于2013年发射的第一个月球着陆器嫦娥三号相似。At present, scientists have started making technological preparations for communications, possible landing on the Mars, and how to deal with the planet#39;s extreme environment, he said.叶培建表示,目前,科学家们已经开始对包括通讯、着陆的可能性以及火星极端环境的处理进行着各项技术准备。;There are many challenges in front of us ... but I think it is likely we will send the probe to Mars given our all-out efforts, the know-how we gained from past missions and everybody#39;s support,; he said.他说:“我们面临着许多挑战,但是我想,通过过去的发射经验以及每个人的努力,我们一定会竭尽所能地将探测器发射到火星上去的。” /201603/430266

  Scientists have warned that rapid strides in the development of artificial intelligence and robotics threatens the prospect of mass unemployment, affecting everyone from drivers to sex workers.科学家们警告称,人工智能和机器人技术的快步发展可能酿成大规模失业,影响从司机到性工作者的各行各业劳动者。Intelligent machines will soon replace human workers in all sectors of the economy, senior computer scientists told the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Washington at the weekend.周末在华盛顿举行的美国科学促进会(AAAS)会议上,资深计算机科学家表示,智能机器很快将在各个经济部门取代人类劳动者。“We are approaching the time when machines will be able to outperform humans at almost any task,” said Moshe Vardi, computer science professor at Rice University in Texas. “Society needs to confront this question before it is upon us: if machines are capable of doing almost any work humans can do, what will humans do?“我们正在接近这样一个时刻,机器将能够在几乎所有任务上超越人类,”德克萨斯州莱斯大学(Rice University)计算机科学教授西瓦迪(Moshe Vardi)表示,“在这个时刻来临之前,社会需要直面一个问题:如果人类能够做的工作,机器几乎都能够做,那么人类该做些什么?“A typical answer is that we will be free to pursue leisure activities,” Prof Vardi said. “[But] I do not find the prospect of leisure-only life appealing. I believe that work is essential to human wellbeing.”“一个典型的回答是,我们将自由地从事休闲活动,”瓦迪教授表示,“但是我不觉得只有休闲的人生前景有吸引力。我相信工作对于人类的福祉是不可或缺的。”“AI is moving rapidly from academic research into the real world,” said Bart Selman, professor of computer science at Cornell University. “Computers are starting to ‘hear’ and ‘see’ as humans do... can start to move and operate among us autonomously.” He said companies such as Google, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft were scaling up investments in AI systems to billions of dollars a year.“人工智能正从学术研究快速进入现实世界,”康奈尔大学(Cornell University)计算机科学教授巴特帠尔曼(Bart Selman)表示,“计算机正开始像人类一样‘听’和‘看’……系统可以自主地移动和操作,跻身于人类行列。”他表示,谷歌(Google)、Facebook、IBM以及微软(Microsoft)等公司纷纷加大对人工智能系统的投资,使其达到每年数十亿美元。Professors Vardi and Selman said governments — and society as a whole — were not facing up to the acceleration of AI and robotics research. Prof Selman helped draft an open letter issued last year by the Future of Life Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, urging policymakers to explore the risks associated with increasingly intelligent machines.瓦迪教授和塞尔曼教授都表示,政府以及整个社会没有正视人工智能和机器人研究的加速。塞尔曼教授去年曾帮助起草由马萨诸塞州剑桥的生命未来研究所(Future of Life Institute)发出的一封公开信,敦促政策制定者探察智能含量越来越高的机器所带来的风险。Among the 10,000 or so signatories to the letter is Elon Musk, the tech entrepreneur whose company Tesla Motors has a large AI research programme aimed at developing self-driving cars.这封公开信有大约1万人签名,包括高科技企业家埃隆氠斯克(Elon Musk),他旗下的特斯拉汽车公司(Tesla Motors)有一个大规模人工智能研究项目,旨在开发自动驾驶汽车。Mr Musk will fund research at Cornell University “on keeping AI beneficial to humans”, said Prof Selman. The project will predict whether and, if so when, “super-intelligence” — all-round superiority of machine to human intelligence — might be achieved.塞尔曼教授说,马斯克将资助康奈尔大学以“确保人工智能造福于人类”为课题的研究。该项目将预测“超级智能”(机器相对于人类智慧的全方位优势)能否实现?如果是肯定的,它将在何时实现?According to Prof Selman, one of the fastest advancing areas of AI is machine vision, and particularly facial recognition. “Facebook can recognise faces better than any of us,” he said. Machine vision is key to the self-driving vehicles that scientists predict will take over our roads in the next 25 years. Prof Vardi said automated driving would cut accidents by 90 per cent or more, compared with vehicles driven by error-prone people.据塞尔曼教授介绍,人工智能进展最快的领域之一是机器视觉,尤其是人脸识别。“Facebook识别人脸的能力比任何人类都更好,”他说。机器视觉是自动驾驶汽车的关键;科学家们预测,此类车辆将在未来25年陆续上路。瓦迪教授称,相比容易出错的人类司机,自动驾驶将减少90%或更多的事故。“With so many lives saved and injuries prevented, it would be hard morally for anyone to argue against it,” he said. Yet around 10 per cent of all US jobs involve driving a vehicle, he added, “and most of those will disappear”.“如果能够拯救那么多人命,防止那么多受伤,反对者在道德上将会很难说得过去,”他说。然而,他补充说,美国10%左右的工作岗位涉及驾驶车辆,“这些工作岗位中的大多数将会消失”。Prof Vardi said it would be hard to think of any jobs that would not be vulnerable to robotics and AI — even sex workers. “Are you going to bet against sex robots?” he asked. “I’m not.”瓦迪教授称,面对日臻完善的机器人技术和人工智能,很难想象有任何工作不会面临消失风险,就连性工作者也不例外。“你会打赌性机器人不可能盛行吗?”他问道,“反正我不会。” /201602/426540

  The center of the virtual world, economically and culturally, may still be the ed States, but the work of creating that world leaves a real and growing footprint overseas. American technology giants have established data centers in about two dozen countries, and electronics manufacturers draw on materials fraught with ethical and environmental concerns. Those include the so-called conflict minerals — tin, tantalum and tungsten (and also gold) — as well as rare earth metals that are available almost exclusively from China. At the same time, the rapid cycle of obsolescence and replacement that feeds the expansion also produces a lot of garbage — nearly 42 million metric tons of toxic e-waste in 2014, less than a sixth of which made it into the regulated recycling stream, with much of the rest being broken down by workers at dumps throughout the developing world. Following are a few scenes from the digital life cycle.虚拟世界的中心在经济上和文化上或许仍然是美国,但创造虚拟世界的工作越来越多地转向海外。美国科技巨头们已经在大约24个国家建立了数据中心,电子产品制造商们使用材料的过程催生了对于伦理道德和环境的关切。这包括了所谓的“争端矿物”——锡、钽、钨(和黄金)——以及为中国垄断的稀土金属。与此同时,过时与替代的快速循环维持了产业的扩张,也制造了大量垃圾——2014年,全球产生了将近4200万吨有毒的电子垃圾,其中不到六分之一进入了受监管的回收渠道,而剩余的大部分则被发展中国家的工人在垃圾场分解。以下是数字产品生命周期中的几幕场景:Guiyu, China: The largest informal e-waste disposal site in China is here. Workers earn about .50 per day extracting materials that can be resold from circuit boards, sometimes by burning or leaching away potentially toxic components.中国贵屿:中国最大的电子垃圾处理场就在这里。工人从电路板中提取可以被转售的材料,有时是通过燃烧或滤除潜在的有毒元件,每天可以赚1.5美元。Accra, Ghana: Agbogbloshie, a suburb of Accra, is one of the most polluted e-waste dumps in the world. Recently, automated wire-stripping units were installed here to help workers extract copper wire without burning the plastic coating.加纳阿克拉:位于阿克拉郊区的阿布罗西(Agbogbloshie)是世界上受污染最严重的电子垃圾场之一。近期,这里安装了自动化的剥线设备,以帮助工人不必焚烧塑料外皮即可取出铜线。Chhatarpur, India: In the 2000s, China cornered the market on the rare earth minerals that are crucial components of consumer electronic and telecommunications equipment. But India produces around 2.5 percent of the world’s supply, largely here in the Orissa Sands Complex.印度切德尔布尔:在本世纪头一个10年里,中国垄断了对于消费电子与电信设备元件十分重要的稀土市场。但是印度生产的部分占全世界总供给的2.5%,大部分源自这里——Orissa Sands Complex。Lulea, Sweden: Facebook opened a data center here in 2013, its first outside the ed States, and says it will open another nearby soon. Locating the centers in high latitudes helps reduce the cost of cooling the servers.瑞典吕勒奥:Facebook于2013年在这里设立了其第一个位于美国之外的数据中心,并声称很快将会在附近设立另一个。将中心设立在高纬度地区有助于降低冷却务器的成本。Democratic Republic of Congo: Armed groups here battle over profits from gold, as well as tin, tantalum and tungsten (also known as the “three Ts”) — the so-called conflict minerals that are necessary to produce the specialized components of many electronic devices.刚果民主共和国:这里的武装组织为了争夺黄金,以及锡、钽和钨(即“3T”)的利润而战斗。这些所谓的“争端矿物”是生产很多专业的电子产品元件所必须的。Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of China: Amazon Web Services is building a data center here, and other American companies are opening facilities in China, where the government has invested heavily in the development of its “cloud cities.”中国宁夏回族自治区:亚马逊云务(Amazon Web Service)在此建立了一个数据中心。其他美国公司也正在中国设立各类设施。中国政府正加大投资,发展“云城市”。 /201506/379810。

  Red Flag Canal红旗渠Located at the juncture of the three provinces of Henan, Shanxi and Hebei and in the north of Linzhou City 61 kilometers away from Anyang City, the Red Flag Canal was dug on preapitous rock faces and sheer cliffs in Taihang Mountains by people of Linxian County in 1960. Red Flag Canal is 70 kilo-meters long, 4.3 meters high and 8 meters wide with a water diversion capacity of 18. 3 cubic meters/second.Red-Flag Canal is a monument to the industry and wisdom of Linzhou people created since the birth of PRC, valuable both in the material sense and the spiritual. Traditional Chinese virtues of cooperation, solidification, creation and sacrifice, manifested in this project by Linzhou people, were widely admired everywhere in China. ;The new-born China has two wonders: the Yangtze River Bridge in Nanjing and the Red Flag Canal in Linxian County ( now called Linzhou) ; , Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai told his foreign friends proudly in the 1970s. With a h.igh reputation at home and abroad, it is known as ; manmade river in heaven; and. ;today’s Great Wall;红旗渠构筑位于豫、晋、冀三省交界处#39;距安阳市林州县北部61千米远。红渠是1960年林县人民在太行山悬崖峭壁上盘山开凿的。长达70千米,渠高4.3米,宽8米,引水量18.3立方米/秒,是新中国林州人民勤劳与智慧的结晶,它不仅是一笔巨大的物质财富,而且是一笔巨大的精神财富。在此工程中,林州人民体现出的自力更生,艰苦创业,团结协作,无私奉献的优良传统美德和感人精神,受到世人的称赞而广为传颂。20世纪70年代周恩来总理曾自豪的告诉国际友人,“新中国有两大奇迹,一个是南京长江大桥,一个是林县(现名林州)红旗渠”。红旗渠在国内外享有很高的知名度,被誉为“人造天河”、“当代万里长城” /201602/419382

  Internet search is a lucrative business — just ask Google. The company accounts for two-thirds of desktop searches in the US. But change is afoot this year. Microsoft and Yahoo, numbers two and three in US search, could revisit their search agreement with each other. Yahoo’s market share in this field has risen (now 13 per cent, ComScore says) after it became the default for Mozilla Firefox. Meanwhile Google’s exclusive search deal with Apple’s Safari browser is up for grabs; UBS estimates that the Safari deal could drive nearly bn in sales for Google this year. So 2015 could become the year of the search wars.互联网搜索是一项有利可图的业务——只需问问谷歌(Google)就知道了。该公司占美国台式电脑搜索的三分之二。但今年,这样领域正在酝酿一场变革。在美国搜索领域排名第二的微软(Microsoft)和排名第三的雅虎(Yahoo),可能会重新修订互相之间的搜索协议。在成为Mozilla火狐(Firefox)浏览器的默认搜索引擎后,雅虎在互联网搜索领域的市场份额已上升(ComScore称,如今其份额为13%)。与此同时,谷歌与苹果(Apple)浏览器Safari的独家搜索协议仍悬而未决;瑞银(UBS)估计,与Safari的协议今年可能会为谷歌带来近80亿美元的销售额。因此,2015年可能会成为搜索大战之年。This all matters more for Yahoo than for most of its rivals. Search will be a crucial part of the company after its stake in Alibaba is spun out. Its search agreement with Microsoft accounted for 35 per cent of revenues last year.这一切对于雅虎,比对于它的大多数竞争对手更为重要。在雅虎剥离了其在阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的股权后,搜索将成为雅虎的一项关键业务。雅虎与微软的搜索协议占到雅虎去年收入的35%。But that agreement with Microsoft has had its drawbacks. Under the 2009 deal, which covers desktop usage, Yahoo-branded searches essentially distribute Bing results. Microsoft controls the search algorithm and handles ad sales, taking a 12 per cent fee. Disappointing sales have led Yahoo to consider ending the deal. Chief executive Marissa Mayer said in the January earnings call that discussions were under way. The agreement allows Yahoo to wriggle out after five years if certain targets are not met. The window for renegotiation expires this week. Otherwise the agreement will stay in force for another five years.但与微软的那份协议也存在一些不利之处。根据2009年的这份协议,雅虎品牌的搜索列出的主要是必应(Bing)的搜索结果。该协议涵盖了在台式机上的使用。微软控制搜索算法并管理广告销售额,从中抽取12%的分成。令人失望的销售额导致雅虎考虑终止该协议。在今年1月的盈利电话会议上,雅虎首席执行官玛丽萨#8226;迈耶(Marissa Mayer)表示,谈判正在进行之中。该协议规定,假如5年后某些目标没有达到,雅虎可以退出。重新谈判的机会在本周到期。否则,该协议将再续5年。But the bigger battle may be over mobile search. This has posed a challenge for search operators. Users do not engage with mobile search as deeply as with desktop, so advertisers are unwilling to pay as much for ads. Google has tried to address this with its Android operating system. Yahoo has built mobile search through acquisitions such as Aviate, an app with Yahoo search. But without full control over its search offerings and ad sales — across all formats — success in search could be an uphill battle for Yahoo.但更重要的战役可能在移动搜索领域。这对搜索运营商构成了挑战。在移动端,用户对搜索的依赖并不像在台式机上那么高,因此广告商不愿付那么多的广告费。谷歌一直试图利用其安卓(Android)操作系统来解决这个问题。雅虎则一直通过并购Aviate等应用扩大移动搜索业务,Aviate现已内置雅虎搜索。但对于雅虎而言,在没有完全控制搜索结果和广告销售(所有平台)的情况下,要想在搜索领域取得成功可能需要一场攻坚战。 /201503/366472


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