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2018年01月23日 17:33:04 | 作者:好医诊疗 | 来源:新华社

Asia-Pacific companies are on the hook to repay almost tn of debt over the next four years — more than half of it priced in US dollars — according to Standard amp; Poor’s.标准普尔(Standard amp; Poor’s)称,未来四年期间亚太企业将需要偿还近1万亿美元债务,其中逾半是以美元计价的债务。The rating agency’s report also highlights the rise in repayments due from riskier, junk-rated companies.这家评级机构的报告还突显了风险较高的垃圾级公司的应偿金额上升。The figures come as Before the report investors were aly worrying that the dollar’s strength and slowing economic growth globally would make it tougher for borrowers to coverroll over debts as they came due, particularly companies in emerging markets.这份报告出炉之前,投资者已经在担忧美元强势和全球经济增长放缓将使借款人(尤其是新兴市场的企业)更难滚转到期债务。And higher US interest rates increase the cost of refinancing existing loans.较高的美国利率提高了对现有贷款进行再融资的成本。The report covers the 1.4bn of debt coming due that is rated by Samp;P. More than two-fifths of it must be repaid in the next two years.该报告涵盖了即将到期的、由标普评级的9614亿美元债务,其中五分之二以上必须在未来两年内还清。Increasingly difficult conditions have followed a multiyear credit binge, during which the region’s borrowers took advantage of record-low interest rates and global investors’ search for higher-yielding assets.在当前日益艰难的条件之前,亚太地区经历了持续多年的信贷狂潮,其间该地区借款人受益于创纪录的低利率和全球投资者对高收益率资产的追逐。Bond issuance by Asia’s emerging market companies halved last year. Slightly more than 80 per cent of outstanding bonds from EM borrowers are denominated in dollars, while a further 6 per cent are in euros.亚洲新兴市场公司的债券发行量去年减半。新兴市场借款人的未偿还债券中,略高于80%以美元计价,还有6%以欧元计价。“With the global collapse in commodity prices, slowing growth and falling equities in China, and the appreciation of the US dollar, companies in the Asia-Pacific region could find credit conditions to be less favourable for refunding debt in the coming years,” said Samp;P analysts in the authors of the report.“随着大宗商品价格出现全球性崩溃,中国经济增长放缓和股市下跌,以及美元升值,亚太地区的企业可能发现未来几年的信贷条件不那么有利于债务再融资,”撰写报告的标普分析师们表示。By contrast just 58 per cent of borrowing by developed-market groups that are based in Australia, New Zealand and Japan is denominated in US dollars or euros.相比之下,在总部位于澳大利亚、新西兰和日本的发达市场企业的借款中,只有58%以美元或欧元计价。“While there is exchange rate risk, investment-grade issuers, particularly in the developed markets such as Australia, tend to largely or even fully hedge their positions,” Samp;P said.“虽然有汇率风险,但投资级发行人(尤其是在澳大利亚等发达市场)往往在很大程度上甚至完全对冲自己的敞口,”标准普尔表示。The biggest danger surrounds riskier junk-rated groups, for which repayments are scheduled to rise sharply.最大危险围绕着高风险的垃圾级企业,对它们而言,还款金额势必大幅增加。More than 20 per cent of non-financial institution debt is rated below investment grade, compared with just 4 per cent of the debt of banks and other financial institutions. 非金融机构的债务有20%以上被评为投资级以下,而和其他金融机构的这一比例只有4%。Some .6bn of repayments of junk bonds fall due in 2016, and that almost doubles next year — before doubling again to .9bn by 2019.约有86亿美元的垃圾债券将在2016年到期,需要偿还,这一金额明年将几乎翻倍,而2019年将再次翻倍,达到309亿美元。 /201603/428695

It can be one of the most frustrating things in life – waiting in line at the supermarket在超市排队结账真是一件非常让人懊恼崩溃的事。But new research shows that a few simple #39;life hacks#39; can make the process much quicker and pain-free than you may think.但最新调查研究表明,几个简单的生活小技巧可帮助我们加快结账排队速度,并且没有我们想象中那么复杂麻烦。Choosing to be served by female cashiers, standing in queues that feed into several tills and spying on other shoppers#39; grocery shop are just some of the ways to avoid the ded queues.选女收银员结账,排有若干个收款台的队伍,“偷瞄”其他顾客所买的杂货都能让我们避免那令人抓狂的长队。And opting for checkouts on the left or queuing behind shoppers with a trolley could also help cut down the amount of time waiting in line.此外,选择左手边结账口或排在推着购物车的顾客后面也能减少队伍等待时间。The #39;life hacks#39; have emerged after researchers found that the average Briton spends between one and six months of their life standing in line at the shops.生活小妙招的出现源于研究人员发现英国人一生平均要花费一到六个月时间在商店排队等候。Desmos, a US organisation that promotes maths, technology and data, has spent months analysing supermarket data and has revealed the best ways to beat the queues.一家专业研究数字、技术和数据的美国机构Desmos花费了数个月时间对超市数据进行了分析,并提出了不用长时间排队等候的最佳方式。Dan Meyer, a former maths teacher turned chief academic officer at Desmos, said it takes a baseline of 41 seconds for each customer to pass through a till, with an additional three seconds added on per item they are purchasing.曾是一名数学老师、后成为Desmos首席学术官的达恩·迈尔表示,每名顾客通过收银台平均要用41秒,购买的物品每件再额外增加3秒。#39;Every person requires a fixed amount of time to say hello, pay, say goodbye and clear out of the lane,#39; he told the New York Times.他在接受《纽约时报》采访时表示:“每个人说你好、付多少钱、再见以及结完账腾出空位的时间都是固定不变的。”He said the data showed that standing in line with numerous customers who are buying fewer items – such as basket shoppers at the #39;10 items or less#39; checkout – can be a bad choice.他说道,数据显示,排在很多购物少的顾客后面——比如在“10件或少于10件”结账口使用购物篮的顾客,会是个很糟糕的决定。Instead, he says it actually works out quicker to stand behind one person with a trolley full of items, as the face-to-face interaction time is quicker than having to wait for the cashier to greet numerous shoppers.相反,站在一个购物车满满当当的顾客后面速度会更快,因为和等待收银员一个个问候顾客相比,面对面交流时间减少能够加快排队速度。Meanwhile, Robert Samuel, founder of the New York-based Same Ole Line Dudes – a service that stands in line on behalf of customers - said most people are right-handed and therefore tend to queue on the right-hand side.同时,纽约Same Ole Line Dudes公司(一家专门代客排队的务机构)的创始人罗伯特·塞缪尔表示,由于大多数人是右撇子,所以多倾向于站在右边队伍排队。He advises customers to queue on the left, and said he opts for female cashiers.他建议顾客站在左边,并表示他会选择女性收银员。#39;This may seem sexist, but I prefer female cashiers. In my experience they seem to be the most expedient at register transactions and processing,#39; he told the newspaper.他在接受《纽约时报》采访时表示:“虽然这似乎有点性别歧视,但我确实更倾向于选女收银员。根据我的亲身体验,女收银员在结账交易处理上更快捷利索。”His other advice includes always facing bar codes toward the cashier, removing the hangers of clothes before they are scanned and splitting the items between yourself and a friend to get through the tills quicker.他还提出了一些其它建议,比如将商品条形码正对收银员、在收银员扫码前把衣上的衣架摘去、将自己和朋友买的东西分开来等等,这些都能加快结账速度。 /201609/468525

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