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盐城哪个医院检查性病盐城不排卵会来月经吗So I come out with my little sheet music and it was Just My Imagination by the Temptations. 然后我出台了 带着我的乐谱我要唱的是诱惑合唱团的《我的幻想》Thats what I came up with So I hand it to the accompanist, and. 我准备的就是这个我把乐谱递给伴奏者 她看了看乐谱she looks at it and looks at me and looks at the director, and just like.. So, I start to, you know, Im gonna sing like... 看了看我 又看看指挥 然后这幅表情我就那样开始唱了And theyre not saying anything So Im thinking I must be getting better. 他们一言不发所以我以为一定是我表现得越来越好了So I start getting into it the director said, Thank you very much, Mr. Washington. 正当我开始全身投入的时候导演说 非常感谢 华盛顿先生Thank you So, I assume that I didnt get the job. 谢谢我想我肯定是得不到那份工作了But the next part of the audition, he called me back the next part of the audition is the acting part of the audition. 不曾想 他们叫我去参加下一回合的试演试演的下一回合是表演I know im... Hey, OK, maybe I cant sing, but I know I can act So they paired me with this guy. 我想 虽然我歌唱得不好 但我可以表演啊他们把我跟刚才那家伙安排在一组And again, I didnt know about musical theatre and musical theatre is big. 然而我仍然对音乐厅全然不知音乐厅很大So they can reach everyone all the way in the back, of a stadium like and Im more from a realistic, naturalistic kind of acting. 所以发声要注意让后排的人都能听见而我的表演方式更像是现实生活中的自然流露Where you... You know, you actually talked to the person next to you so I dont know what my line was...my line was what... 当时我的表演是跟旁边那人说话我并不知道该怎么说我的台词 我的台词是Hand me the cup And his line was. 把杯子递给我他的台词是201611/473709盐城包皮龟头炎的治疗 英语日常口语 19:Tim's reward 本单元是关于对 Tim 回报的对话Tim: Hello I'm calling from McCarthy's. I helped you when you were looking at watches the other day. Customer: Yes? Tim: I think I've found something of yours. Have you lost anything? Customer: Not that I've noticed. No, nothing seems to be missing. Tim: Well, you dropped 150 pounds!Customer: Really! Tim: Yes. Now, how can I return your money? Customer: Oh how refreshingly honest! But I think a small reward is in order, don't you?Tim: Oh I couldn't.Customer: You could. I'm sure you have a pretty young girlfriend who needs to be spoiled.Tim: No I don't. I'm single just now.Customer: A good looking man like you? I don't believe it!Vocabulary:something (for example, a reward) is in order: : it's logical or right that something should happen (for example, that Tim should get a reward)to return (v): to give something back本单元的语言点是关于不定代词 No/None/Any, 看看下面对这几个词的例句和解释No/None/AnyNo, none and none of'no' with a noun:We have no homework today. We don't have any homework. She has no brothers. She doesn't have any brothers.'none' without a noun: 'How much money have you got? 'None' No money 'How many letters did you send?' 'None' No letters 'none of' with a noun:All of the class passed the test. None of us failed. I went by myself. None of my friends came with me. 'No' + noun at the beginning of sentence:No butter was used in the cake. No animals were harmed in the making of this film.Nobody/no-one, nothing and nowhereIn a statement: Nobody (or no-one) likes doing the washing up in our flat.I have nothing to wear to the party.In a short answer: What did you buy?' 'Nothing.' I didn't buy anything.'Where are you going on holiday?'' Nowhere, we're just staying at home this year.'nobody/nowhere/nothing not + anybody/anywhere/anything:He helped nobody (or no-one) He didn't help anyone. Note: He didn't help nobody. (Wrong)They've eaten all the cake. There's nothing left. There isn't anything left. Note: There's not nothing left. (Wrong)Any/anyone/anything it doesn’t matter who/which oneAnyone in that office will help you. It doesn't matter which person you ask, he or she will help you. It doesn't matter what you give me to drink. Honestly, tea, coffee, water, anything is fine. Note: after nobody/no-one you can use they/them/their:Nobody wants to play football, do they?No-one in the office has sent their Christmas cards out yet. /200707/15911第6课I am running late.我要迟到了。 6.脱身妙语 18、I am running late. 我要迟到了。 Can I meet you in half an hour?半小时后再见好吗? 19、I''ve gotta get outta here. 我得离开这儿了。 我得赶紧走了。 20、I''ve gotta catch the bus. 我要去赶公共汽车了。 21、gottagot to (相当于have to 不得不,必须)   wannawant to   gonnagoing to 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2913盐城割包皮的好处

盐城流产手术医院And he was quiet for a moment.那一刻他很安静And I thought, ;What am I thinking? Hes five years old. Hes not going to understand this.;我想:“我在想什么啊?他才5岁,他不会理解这些。”And just as I was having that thought, he looked up at me and said,而正当我怎么想着,他抬头对我说:;So that when I grow up, I can show this to my kids?;“那等我长大了,我可以给我的孩子们看,是吗?”And I thought, ;Wow, this is powerful stuff.;我想:“哇,这玩意儿真是太强大了。”So I want to leave you with one last memorable moment from our family.所以,我要给各位留下最后一个值得回忆的家庭记忆This is the first time our son took more than two steps at once -- captured on film.这是我儿子第一次迈出两步的情形,拍摄在录像中。And I really want you to focus on something as I take you through.我希望你们看的时候注意到其中的一点Its a cluttered environment; its natural life.周围有点闹,这是自然的环境My mothers in the kitchen, cooking, and, of all places, in the hallway,我妈在厨房做饭,就在过道里I realize hes about to do it, about to take more than two steps.我意识到他就要迈步了,大概一两步的样子And so you hear me encouraging him, realizing whats happening, and then the magic happens. Listen very carefully.因此各位可以听到我在鼓励他,我感到有事要发生,然后妙事发生了。请仔细听About three steps in, he realizes something magic is happening,大概在走了三步后,他感到了美妙的事情发生了and the most amazing feedback loop of all kicks in, and he takes a breath in,令人惊讶的反应循环作用全部启动,他松了一口气and he whispers ;wow; and instinctively I echo back the same.轻轻地说了声:“哇”,我也凭着直觉说了同样的话And so lets fly back in time to that memorable moment.我们现在回到那一刻,回到那个令人难忘的一刻。201705/509790响水县中医院治疗脱肛多少钱 英语会话800句 16 /200608/9099亭湖区看泌尿科怎么样

建湖县人民医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱17.Opening Remarks for the 74th Oscar Academy Awards17.汤姆·克鲁斯第74届奥斯卡颁奖典礼开幕词When the great director Billy Wilder was asked what makes a movie unforgettable, his answer was simple, ;A little bit of magic!; Were all here tonight or sitting at home watching because something came off a movie screen: a little bit of magic touched our lives. And you always remember where you were: the theater, the popcorn, the people you were with when it happened.当人们问及伟大的导演比利·怀尔德是什么使一部电影令人难以忘怀时,他的回答非常简单:“一点点魅力!”今天晚上,所有嘉宾聚集在此,所有电视观众聚焦荧屏,是因为电影屏幕给我们带来的那“一点点魅力”触动了我们的生命。当它上演时,你总会记着你身处何地:戏院,爆米花,还有那时你身旁的那个人。It was 1968, my family was living in Ottawa, Canada, and the movie was Stanley Kubricks 2001: a Space Odyssey; I couldnt help stop thinking about what is life, what is space, what is existence? I was 6 years old. And I knew right then and there I wanted to be an astronaut.1968年,我们全家生活在加拿大的渥太华,当时有一部斯坦利·库布里克主演的电影《2001年太空漫游》在上演。看完这部电影,我不禁开始思考:什么是生命?什么是宇宙?什么是存在?那个时候,我6岁。我决定成为一名宇航员。My family traveled a lot: the white-hot thrill of Jaws that was Louisville, Kentucky; senior year, New Jersey Apocalypse Now, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania Raging Bull. I knew I wanted to be an actor. In good times and poor times, movies were my lifesaver. And then last September came an event that would change us. An actor friend said to me: ;What are we doing? What are we doing? Is it important? Is it even important what I do?; And what of a night like tonight, should we celebrate the joy and magic the movies bring? Well, dare I say it? More than ever! A small scene, a gesture, even a glance between characters can cross lines, break through barriers, melt prejudie, just plain make us laugh, it brings us all together, that little bit of magic. Thats just me.我的家庭经历过数次搬迁。在肯塔基州的路易丝维尔,《大白鲨》给了我最强烈的震撼;高中的时候,我在新泽西州和宾夕法尼亚州的弗吉谷又先后受到《现代启示录》和《愤怒的公牛》两部电影的感染。那时我想成为一名演员。无论身处顺境还是在逆境,电影都是我的救生员。去年发生了911事件,我们对于工作和生活的态度也发生了改变。一位演员朋友对我说:“我们在做什么?我们究竟是在做什么?重要吗?我们所做的一切重要吗?”在今天这样一个美妙的夜晚,我们应不应该庆祝电影给我们带来的欢乐和魅力?我想我敢说:我们要更加隆重地庆祝!电影里的一个小场景、一个手势,甚至演员之间的一点眼神交流,都可以跨越彼此之间的界限,打破彼此之间的屏障,消融彼此之间的偏见。或者更直白地说,电影让我们欢笑,使我们在一起。这就是那一点点魅力。这就是我对于电影的理解。Tonight we are going to listen to you. Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris crisscrossed America asking movie goers and culture-makers a question: ;What do movies mean to you?; And you answered. So lets expand this beautiful stage into every one of your homes. And maybe even some of you will answer this question as you stand on this stage tonight, ;What do movies mean to you?; So pull up a sofa Its just us, talking. Its Oscar night.今天晚上,我们将听取各位的理解。纪录片和制作人埃罗尔·莫里斯走遍美国各地,向电影观众和文艺传播者提出了一个问题:“电影对于您来说意味着什么?”你们已经给出了。那么现在,让我们把这个美丽的舞台延伸到每一个家庭。或许你们之中会有人站在今晚的舞台上回答这个问题:“电影对于您来说意味着什么?”现在,让我们站起来,让我们来共同探讨这个问题。奥斯卡颁奖典礼,现在开始!201706/511944 即学即用英语会话词典E部分:情人节进入《即学即用英语会话词典文本》下载页面即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200708/16260盐城治疗尿道炎专业医院盐城男性尿道炎症状治疗



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