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盐城妇幼保健院上环多少钱盐城市第四人民医院男科So imagine youre at a party, and you cant believe that your friend or your spouse假设你在参加派对,你无法接受你的朋友或者是配偶,isnt picking up on it that you want to leave early.竟然没有注意到你想要早点离开。And youre thinking, ;I gave you the look.;你会想,“我向你使过眼色了。”With a stranger, we have to start from scratch.对待陌生人的时候,我们就需要从零开始。We tell the whole story, we explain who the people are, how we feel about them;我们要讲清前因后果,我们会解释都有哪些人,以及我们对他们的看法;we spell out all the inside jokes. And guess what?我们会解释清楚笑点在哪里。猜猜结果是什么?Sometimes they do understand us a little better. OK.有时候他们确实能更好的理解我们。好的。So now that we know that talking to strangers matters, how does it work?现在我们知道与陌生人的交流关系重大,但是为什么会这样呢?There are unwritten rules we tend to follow.我们会遵循一些约定俗成的规矩,The rules are very different depending on what country youre in, what culture youre in.这些规矩会因为你所在的国家和文化背景有所差异。In most parts of the US, the baseline expectation in public在美国大多数地方,公共交流的底线是is that we maintain a balance between civility and privacy.我们要维持礼貌和隐私的平衡。This is known as civil inattention.也就是我们说的“礼节性疏忽”。So, imagine two people are walking towards each other on the street.想象两个人在街道上面对面走近。Theyll glance at each other from a distance. Thats the civility, the acknowledgment.他们会远距离观察对方。这是礼节,是对他人的认可。And then as they get closer, theyll look away, to give each other some space.但是随着他们走近彼此,他们会移开视线,目的就是给对方一些个人空间。In other cultures, people go to extraordinary lengths not to interact at all.在其他文化中,人们会尽力避免跟其他人有任何接触。People from Denmark tell me that many Danes are so averse to talking to strangers,丹麦的朋友告诉我,很多丹麦人不愿意和陌生人讲话,that they would rather miss their stop on the bus than say ;excuse me; to someone that they need to get around.以至于他们宁愿坐过站也不愿意对别人说“接过”,好腾出地方让自己下车。Instead, theres this elaborate shuffling of bags他们只会通过故意移动背包and using your body to say that you need to get past, instead of using two words.和肢体语言来告诉别人他们需要借过,而不是用简单的两个单词。201705/511304盐城利民康复医院阳痿早泄价格 Two Do you believe in palmistry?你相信手相术吗? 1 IntroductionA In America, thirteen is considered to be a superstitious number. So some buildings don’t have the thirteenth floor, instead, they go from the twelfth to the fourteenth floor. Some house door numbers are like that as well.在美国,十三被认为是个迷信数字。所以一些建筑物都没有十三楼,相反,它们是从十二楼直上到十四楼。一些房子的门牌号码也是这样的。B When a ladder is propped against the wall, it is supposed to be bad luck to walk underneath it. 当梯子靠墙架时,从下走过被认为是有坏运气。C At Halloween, people usually place a carved pumpkin with a candle inside and a scary face carved on it, outside their front doors. It is meant to frighten off evil spirits. 万圣节前夕,人们通常把一个里面点有蜡烛、表面雕刻有鬼脸的南瓜,摆放在他们的前门。目的是想吓走阴魂鬼神。 2 Sample Sentences1. Numerous devout men and women are kowtowing and praying. 许多信男信女在磕头、祈祷。2. She would be interested in having her fortune told. 她很想有人给她算命。3. I believe they were fated to be married. 我相信他们命中注定了结婚的。4. You should go to an astrologer to have your horoscope . 你应该找一个占星家,让他告诉你你的星象。5. You can get someone to tell your fortune over the phone. 你可以找个人在电话里跟你算命。6. I believe for a business to succeed, it has to pay tribute to Buddha. 我相信一个事业要成功,就必须拜佛进贡。7. How much would you pay for genuine peace of mind? 你会出多少钱买个心境平和?8. I believe that two people sharing a pear are not good. 我觉得两个人分梨是不好的。9. Are you superstitious? I guess I am a fatalist. 你迷信吗?我猜我是个宿命论者。10. While many college students felt the urge to push their beliefs on their friends, they also recognized it might not be the most helpful thing at the moment. 在许多大学生很想把他们的信念强加给他们的朋友时,他们同时也意识到了在这个时候这样做可能并不是最有益的事。 3 Conversations1. A funny story about ghosts.Ruth: So, Jack, do you believe in ghosts? Jack: No, not really. Why do you ask? Ruth: Because I want to tell you about the time that I saw a ghost.Jack: You saw a ghost? When?Ruth: It was many years ago, when I was a little child. It was the middle of the night, and I went to get a drink of water from the kitchen. I walked out of my room and was at the top of the stairs, when… Jack: So that's where you saw the ghost? In your house? What did it look like? Was it hideous1? Ruth: It was a big, green thing that looked like a person. It was in the kitchen, and it slowly moved towards the stairs… Jack: So what did you do? Ruth: I hid so that it couldn't see me. Slowly it got closer and closer, until ……Jack: Until what? What happened? Did you see it clearly? Did it attack you?Ruth: It moved slowly up the stairs, step by step, and I could hear its approaching2 footsteps. When it finally got to the top of the stairs, I realized that it was my father in his green pajamas. He had gone to get a late night snack.——那么,杰克,你相信鬼吗?——不,不完全信。你为什么问这个?——因为我想告诉你一次我看见了一个鬼。——你看见了一个鬼?什么时候?——那是许多年前,当我还是小孩子的时候。那晚半夜,我去厨房喝水。我走出我的房间,在楼梯的顶端,就在这时……——那么说你就在那儿看见了鬼?在你家里?是什么样子?可怕吗?——它是一个巨大的、绿色的东西,看上去像个人。它在厨房,慢慢向楼梯移动。——那你怎么办?——我躲起来以便它看不见我。慢慢地它越来越近,直到……——直到什么?发生了什么事?你看清楚了吗?它有没有攻击你?——它慢慢地移上了楼梯,一步一步,我能听见它越来越近的脚步声。当它最后走到楼梯顶端时,我才知道原来是我父亲穿着他的绿睡衣。他去吃了个宵夜。2. Palmistry.Janice: So do you believe in palmistry3? Margaret: Palmistry? What is that?Janice: It's when someone takes a look at another person's palm4 to tell the future.Margaret: Oh, you mean palm ing5. I've seen that before, but I don't believe in it.Janice: Are you sure? I've a lot about palmistry and I've been able to tell a lot of accurate things about a person from his palm. Do you want me to take a look at your hand? Margaret: Really? You've books about it? Ok, then. But only if you want to.Janice: Ok, let's see, well, you've got a long life line, which is good, and the love line is strong ……Margaret: What else do you see? Will I be successful? Will I make a lot of money?Janice: Hmm, hard to say, wait, yes, it looks like you will do well in business, and your ambition will help you a lot, but …… Margaret: What? What is it? What's the matter?Janice: You seem to have a large gullibility 6 line. You believe everything that you're told. Margaret: Hey!Helpful Information:The most accurate statement about palm ing is that people believe what they want to believe. 关于看手相,最准确的说法是,人们相信他们想相信的东西。——你相信手相术吗?——手相术?什么是手相术?——手相术就是别人通过看另外一个人的手掌,然后预知他的未来。——哦,你是说看手相。我以前看过,但我不相信。——你真的不信?我读过很多关于手相术的书,而且我已经能通过一个人的手掌上讲准很多关于他的事情。你想要我看一下你的手掌吗?——真的吗?你看过许多关于手相术的书?那好吧。只要你想看。——好的,让我看,唔,你有一条很长的生命线,这很好,而且爱情线很粗……——你还看见其它什么东西了吗?我会成功吗?我会赚很多钱吗?——呣,很难看出,等一下,是,看上去好像你生意上会有所成就,而且你的抱负将对你大有帮助,但是……——什么?是什么?有什么麻烦?——你似乎有一条很粗的轻信线。别人说的,你都相信。——嘿!3. Thirteen people on Friday. David: Ok, so who are we going to invite to our dinner party? Sue: Well, we have the Thompsons, the Greens, and the Andersons, about twelve people total. David: Don't forget my friend Andy from the office. He has nothing to do on Friday, so I invited him over.Sue: But that makes thirteen people! We can't have thirteen people for dinner on Friday!David: Why can't we?Sue: It's an old superstition7. If we have thirteen people at the table, then it means bad luck. Can Andy bring a date? David: I'm not sure. He just broke up with his girlfriend recently, and I don't think he's in the mood to start again so soon. Sue: But we can't have thirteen for dinner!David: I think you're making a mountain out of a molehill8. It's only a superstition. It really doesn't mean anything.Sue: Absolutely not! I refuse to have thirteen people for dinner on Friday! David: Ok, ok. I'll ask my sister to come. That way we'll have fourteen for dinner.Sue: That's better. Helpful Information:If something bad happens on a particular day, people have a tendency to associate that day with the negative event. The same goes for Friday the 13th, so if something bad happens on Friday the13th, people blame it on the day. On Friday the 13th, some people are so superstitious that they go as far as to refuse to leave the house. As for me, I’ve always had good luck on Friday the 13th. It’s really all about what you believe the most, so I choose to believe that Friday the 13th is my good luck day. 如果特定的一天发生了什么坏事,人们倾向于把那一天和这个消极的事联系起来。星期五、十三号也一样,所以如果有坏事发生在星期五、十三号,人们把这件事归咎于这一天。在星期五、十三号这一天,一些人是这么迷信以至于他们都不出家门。对我来说,星期五、十三号总是有好运。所有这些真的是全在于你最相信什么,所以我选择相信星期五、十三号是我的幸运日。——好了,那么我们打算邀请谁来参加我们的宴会?——唔,我们将邀请托马斯一家,格雷一家,安德森一家,大约一共有12个人。——不要忘了我办公室的朋友安迪。星期五他无事可做,所以我邀请了他过来。——但是那样就有13个人!星期五我们不能有13个人吃饭!——为什么不能?——这是个老迷信。如果我们在饭桌上有13个人,那就意味着运气不好。安迪能带他女朋友来吗?——我不知道。他最近才和他女朋友分手,我想他没有心情这么快又找一个。——但我们不能有13个人吃饭!——我想你是在把问题弄大。这只是个迷信,没有任何实际意义。——绝对不是!我拒绝星期五13个人吃饭!——好,好。我要我也来。那样我们就有14人吃饭。——那还差不多。4. Horoscope.Ben: Hey, what's new?Kitty: Not much. Just sitting here eating some Chinese food. Is that the paper? Why don't you open it and tell me my horoscope9?Ben: Ok, wait a minute … let's see. I'm a Taurus, and it says, “Mars is in the third house, and is soon to eclipse Venus”. I don't know what that means, but then it says, “Your charm and drive will win others over to your way of thinking. Remember to be positive.” Sounds good to me.Kitty: What about Gemini? What's the prediction? Ben: “Since Mercury10 has crossed paths with Jupiter, your fortunes are falling. Bad luck will follow you today, and you will lose that which you value. Be careful.”Kitty: That sounds bad! I'm really worried, what should I do? Maybe I should go home and stay in the rest of the day. Ben: But we have a date tonight! You can't stay at home because of a stupid horoscope. Kitty: But those things are dangerous! I'm not going out if it means bad luck.Ben: That's silly. They don't mean anything. Here, give me one of those fortune cookies11 you're eating. Let's see what it says. “Sunshine will follow your feet if you let it.” See, that sounds good to me. It's ridiculous12 to let a horoscope control your life.Kitty: I don't know. I've had days that seem to fit with my horoscope's predictions, but then there are days that it doesn't work. I really don't know.Ben: Does this mean we're still on for tonight?Kitty: I guess so. Ben: Good. ——嗨,有什么新鲜事?——没有什么。只不过是坐在这儿吃一些中国菜。那是报纸吗?为什么你不打开它,告诉我我的星位呢?——好的,等会儿……让我看一下。我是金牛座,上面说,“火星在第三座房子里,很快将吃掉金星。”我不知道这是什么意思,但上面还说,“别人因为你的魅力和推动力也会转到你的思维方式上来。记住要积极一些。” 我看很好。——双子座呢?预言是什么?——“墨丘利神已经穿过木星的轨道,你的运气正在下落。今天坏运将跟着你,你会失去你认为重要的东西。小心。”——听起来很坏!我真担心,我该怎么做?或许我应该回家,今天呆在家里不再出门。——但是我们今晚有个约会!你不能因为一个荒唐的星象呆在家里。——但这些事情是危险的!如果它意味着坏运,我就不会出去。——那样做是愚蠢的。它们没有任何意义。 喂,把你要吃的那些签饼给我一个。看它说什么。“如果你愿意,阳光将跟随着你的脚步。”看到了吗,我看挺好的。让一个星象控制你的生活真是荒谬。——我不知道。我已经有好几天似乎和我的星象预言相符合,但有几天又不相符合。我真的不知道。——这就是说今晚我们仍继续吗?——我想是。——很好。5. The Missing FloorSome Russian students are spending their summer in Philadelphia, visiting historic sights. They are checking into a hotel.Boris: We'd like a room with two beds, please. Clerk: A double? Let's see ... I can put you in room 1405. It faces the river and has a wonderful view. Alexis: That will be fine. Since we're going to be fourteen stories above the ground, I think we should definitely have a room with a view. (Later, Alexis returns from a walk.)Alexis: Boris, I saw you sitting out on the balcony of our room. I could see you from the street. Boris: That's quite a distance. How could you tell who it was?Alexis: I recognized your bright red shirt. But there's something strange. We're in room 1405, right? Well, when I saw you on the balcony, I counted upward. I only got to thirteen. We're on the thirteenth floor.Boris: No, I'm sure we're on the fourteenth floor. The desk clerk said so.Alexis: I know! I'll look out the window and count downward. (She counts.) I still say we're only thirteen stories up.——我们想要一间双人房。——双人房?让我看看……我可以把你们安排到1405房间。面对着江,风景很好。——那太好了。既然我们将住在十四楼上面,我想我们当然应该挑个景色好的房间。(后来,亚力克西斯散步回来。)——鲍里斯,我看见你坐在我们房间外面的阳台上。我可以从街上看到你。——那比较远。你怎么能分辨出是谁?——我认出了你的那件大红的衬衫。但是有点怪。我们在1405房,是不是?不过,当我看见你在阳台上,我就往上数。我只数到了十三。我们在十三楼上。——没有,我肯定我们在十四楼上。接待人员这样说了。——我知道了!我会从窗户往外看,并往下数。(她数着。)我还得说我们只是在十三楼上面。 4 Words and Expressions1. hideous [#61493;#61544;#61545;#61540;#61545;#61509;#61555;] 丑陋的; 可怕的; 骇人听闻的2. approach [#61509;#61493;#61552;#61554;#61509;#61557;#61556;#61510;] 接近, 靠近3. palmistry [#61493;#61552;#61506;#61498;#61549;#61545;#61555;#61556;#61554;#61545;] 手相术4. palm [#61552;#61506;#61498;#61549;] 手掌, 手心5. palm ing 看手相6. gullibility [#61495;#61543;#61521;#61548;#61513;#61493;#61538;#61513;#61548;#61513;#61556;#61513;] 易受欺骗7. superstition [#61495;#61555;#61546;#61557;#61498;#61552;#61509;#61493;#61555;#61556;#61545;#61510;#61509;#61550;] 迷信; 迷信行为8. molehill [#61493;#61549;#61509;#61557;#61548;#61544;#61545;#61548;] 鼹鼠丘(因鼹鼠打洞而鼓起的土堆)9. horoscope [#61493;#61544;#61507;#61554;#61509;#61555;#61547;#61509;#61557;#61552;] 占星术; 星象(算命)10. Mercury [#61493;#61549;#61509;#61498;#61547;#61546;#61557;#61554;#61545;] 水银, 汞11. fortune cookie 签饼12. ridiculous [#61554;#61545;#61493;#61540;#61545;#61547;#61546;#61557;#61548;#61509;#61555;] 可笑的, 荒谬的; 滑稽的 /200603/5414There are a couple different stories you can tell about our economy.关于我们的经济,你可以说出截然不同的故事。One goes like this. Eight years after the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes,一个就像这样。我们生命中最严重的经济危机8年之后,our economy has created jobs for 71 straight months.我们的经济已经连续71个月创造着就业岗位。Thats a new record. Unemployment has fallen below five percent.这是一个新记录。失业率已经下降到5%以下。Last year, the typical household saw its income grow by about twenty-eight hundred dollars – the biggest one-year increase ever.去年,最普遍的家庭都可以看到,他们的收入增长了近2800美元--这是有史以来一年中最大的增长量。And the uninsured rate is at an all-time low.未购买保险率也是一直以来的最低水平。All that is true. Whats also true is that too much of our wealth is still taken by the top所有这些都是事实。同样是事实的是,我们太多的财富仍然被最富有的人所占有and that leaves too many families still working paycheck to paycheck, without a lot of breathing room.但是这让太多的家庭会一直为了挣票而挣票,没有一点儿喘息的空间。There are two things we can do about this.关于这些,我们有两件事情可以去做。We can prey on peoples worries for political gain.我们可以为了政治收益而让人们担忧,Or we can actually do something to help working families feel more secure in todays economy.或者实际上我们可以做些事情,帮助工薪阶层在当下的经济中获得更多的安全感。Count me in the latter camp.我算后一种人。And heres one thing that will help right away: making sure more of our families have access to paid leave.当下有一件事情可以起作用:确保我们更多的家庭拥有带薪病假的福利。Today, having both parents in the workforce is an economic necessity for many families.今天,对众多家庭来说,父母双方都上班,在经济上是必要的。But right now, millions of Americans dont have access to even a single day of paid sick leave.但当下,数百万人没有机会获得甚至是一天带薪病假的福利。201611/476101盐城协和妇科医院治疗内分泌怎么样好不好

东台市妇科专家挂号美国成语俗语教程录音 Lesson19-24暂无文本 /200606/7804盐城市盐都区中西医结合医院官网 NO.4 Sweet November《甜蜜的十一月》 小伙子尼尔森是个工作狂,因此精神状态有些问题。萨拉看出他的危机所在,想帮他走出阴郁。借故搭车套近乎。尼尔森并不领情。萨拉装疯撒泼使他就范。单词通缉令1. tantrum n.发脾气;发怒2. tub n.桶;盆3. fudge n.乳胶软糖4. vodka n.伏特加酒5. flasher n.喜好裸体者6. flashing v.裸露身体7. nut n.疯子Sara: Hi, Manny.Nelson: How did you find me?Sara: I’m smart. So I need a ride.Nelson: Is this a joke?Sara: Well, you’re the reason why I can’t drive. So you know the least you can do is to schlepp me somewhere. Come on, it will be quick painless, where’s your car?Nelson: Been a ball but some of us have to work.Sara: OK, please don’t make me throw a 1)tantrum. (To an old couple just walking out of the building)Hi, would you like to get naked with us, we live here. We have a 2)tub full of 3)fudge and 4)vodka…Nelson: Ignore her.Sara: Come on, it’s gonna be fun.Nelson: Ignore her.Sara: Come on, he’s really cute.Nelson: Hey, hey, what are you doing?Sara: You know what? You’re a 5)flasher. You’re a flasher. It’s gotta be stopped. Nelson: Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Johnson! Stop now. I’m gonna call the police. I’m gonna call the police.Sara: Don’t walk away, Mr. Johnson, this ass he keeps 6)flashing everybody in this building.Nelson: What are you 7)nuts? I live here. You have any shame at all?Sara: Well, I just want a ride. Please?莎拉:嗨,小伙子。尼尔森:你怎么找到我的?莎拉:我很聪明。所以我要搭车。尼尔森:你不是开玩笑吧?沙拉:哦,你就是我不能开车的原因,所以你知道你最少应该帮帮我。来吧,很快就会没有痛苦了,你的车呢?尼尔森:但我们总有些人要工作。萨拉:好了,别让我对你发脾气。(对面正走出大楼的一对夫妇)嗨,你愿意和我们一起裸体吗?我们住在这里。我们有一大桶的乳脂软糖和伏特加酒……尼尔森:别理她。萨拉:来吧,很好玩的。尼尔森:别理她。萨拉:来吧,他真的很可爱。尼尔森:嘿,嘿,你在干什么?萨拉:你知道什么?你是裸露癖者。你是个裸露癖者。不能这样下去。尼尔森:约翰逊先生,约翰逊夫人!打住,我要叫警察了。我会叫警察来。萨拉:别走开,约翰逊先生,这家伙不停对着大楼里的每个人裸露身体。尼尔森:你是什么东西?疯子。我住在这里。你一点羞耻感都没有吗?萨拉:噢,我只想搭车。请吧? /200603/5399滨海县治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好的

盐城不孕不育医院预约挂号Health studies from the region are conflicting and fraught.针对那个地区做的健康研究都很矛盾又漏洞百出。The World Health Organization puts the number of Chernobyl-related deaths at 4,000, eventually.世界卫生组织估计与切尔诺贝利事件相关的死亡人数有4,000人。Greenpeace and other organizations put that number in the tens of thousands.绿色和平和其它组织估计有上万人。Now everybody agrees that thyroid cancers are sky high,现在每个人都同意,甲状腺癌的罹患率奇高,and that Chernobyl evacuees suffer the trauma of relocated peoples everywhere:在切尔诺贝利事件中的撤离者饱受重新安置的创伤之苦:higher levels of anxiety, depression, alcoholism, unemployment and, importantly, disrupted social networks.更严重的焦虑、沮丧、酗酒、失业,还有更重要的是,社交圈瓦解。Now, like many of you, I have moved maybe 20, 25 times in my life.现在,就像在座的你们一样,我这辈子大概搬了 20、25次家,Home is a transient concept.家是一种短暂的概念。I have a deeper connection to my laptop than any bit of soil.相较于任何一片土地,我和我的笔电有更深刻的连结。So its hard for us to understand, but home is the entire cosmos of the rural babushka,这对我们来说很难理解,但是家的概念就是这群村妇的全世界,and connection to the land is palpable.与土地的连结是显而易见的。And perhaps because these Ukrainian women were schooled under the Soviets也许是因为这些乌克兰妇女在苏维埃政权下接受教育,and versed in the Russian poets, aphorisms about these ideas slip from their mouths all the time.熟读俄国诗歌和格言,与这些相关的观念随时都能轻易地从她们口中颂出。;If you leave, you die.;“如果你离开,就会逝去。”;Those who left are worse off now. They are dying of sadness.;“那些离开的人处境每况愈下,他们都悲伤地死去。”;Motherland is motherland. I will never leave.;“家乡就是家乡,我永远都不会离开。”What sounds like faith, soft faith, may actually be fact,那些听起来像是信念,温柔的信念,也许才是事实,because the surprising truth --因为那些出乎意料之外的真相——I mean, there are no studies,毕竟没有任何研究明,but the truth seems to be that these women who returned to their homes只是真相似乎是,那些回到家乡的妇女and have lived on some of the most radioactive land on Earth for the last 27 years,至今生活在这片全世界最高放射污染的土地上已长达27年,have actually outlived their counterparts who accepted relocation, by some estimates up to 10 years.相较于与她们有同样处境,但是接受安置的人们,她们的寿命预估多于十年。How could this be?这怎么可能?Heres a theory: Could it be that those ties to ancestral soil,有一个理论是:有没有可能那些与祖先土地的连结,the soft variables reflected in their aphorisms, actually affect longevity?那些在他们的格言中展现的可变因子,其实也影响了寿命?The power of motherland so fundamental to that part of the world seems palliative.家乡的力量对那部分的世界来说如此重要,似乎能够带来疗愈。Home and community are forces that rival even radiation.家与社群是一种力量,即使连辐射都能抵抗。Now radiation or not, these women are at the end of their lives.不管有没有辐射,这些妇女都走到了她们的生命尽头。In the next decade, the zones human residents will be gone,未来十年,禁区的居民都会过世,and it will revert to a wild, radioactive place,这片土地会恢复为荒野,有辐射的地方,full only of animals and occasionally daring, flummoxed scientists.只有满满的动物和偶尔出现胆大又困惑的科学家。But the spirit and existence of the babushkas,但是这些老奶奶的精神与生活方式whose numbers have been halved in the three years Ive known them,尽管在我认识她们的三年中人数已减少了一半will leave us with powerful new templates to think about and grapple with,将留给我们强而有力的新模式,让我们得以省思,风险的相对涵义,about the relative nature of risk, about transformative connections to home,让我们得以攫取,一种变迁中的家的联系,and about the magnificent tonic of personal agency and self-determination.也让我们得以反思,并且获得那滋养个人决心的动力。Thank you.谢谢!201604/440174 第47课I had(got) a flat. 我的车胎没气了。49.交通轶事 (柯受良曾经从这座桥上飞跃过黄河) 168. I was caught in traffic. 我今天堵车。(前后左右都是车,在这种情况下好象被车流抓住了。) Oh,I''m sorry,I missed the bus. 169. I missed my bus. 我没赶上公共汽车。(解释为什么迟到了) 170. I had(got) a flat. 我的车胎没气了。(车轮瘪了,没气了) 171. It won''t happen again. 不会再发生类似事件了。(诚心诚意的对你的老板说,保) 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2954射阳县海通镇医院龟头炎症盐城妇幼保健院无痛人流多少钱




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