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Just one in five Britons eats the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, a poll for World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) suggests.世界癌症研究基金会(World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF))的民意调查数据显示:只有五分之一的英国人按照营养师推荐的五大类蔬菜水果来完成每天的餐饮。The Department of Health first launched its five-a-day campaign in 2003.卫生部2003年首次实施“每日五食”计划。But the WCRF says its survey of more than 2, 000 UK adults shows people still find achieving that goal difficult.但是WCRF却表示,在参与调查的超过2,000个英国人当中,他们表示说要实现那个目标也很难。It is urging people to eat ;just one more portion; for a healthier diet, which would increase cancer protection.WCRF也正在劝说人们,为了健康饮食,至少能吃那五类中的一类,这样也能减少患癌症的风险。The YouGov survey for the WCRF found that, on average, 17% of lower income households (social groups C2, D and E) eat at least five portions per day, compared with 27% for those in higher income groups.WCRF的调查机构的调查发现,平均17%低收入家庭(生活在C2,D和E社区)每天都在吃这五类食物,相较于27%的高收入家庭。 Fruit and veg consumption levels were lowest in the north of England, where 18% had five or more portions daily.在英国北部的水果和蔬菜的消费水平是最低的,只有18%的人每天吃这五类食物。The highest levels of consumption were reported in the south of England, where 26% said they ate at least five portions.而最高的水果和蔬菜消费水平则是在英国南部,那里有将近26%的人都每天在吃这五类食物。In London, it was 21%, in Scotland 22% and in Wales 23%.伦敦21%,苏格兰22%,威尔士23%。Kate Mendoza, head of education for the WCRF, said: ;These figures show that many people are still finding it difficult to follow the healthy eating message.WCRF的教育主管凯特·门多萨(Kate Mendoza)说,“这些信息表明还有很多的人很难遵从健康饮食信息。”;Getting at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day is the building block of a healthy diet. Not only are fruit and veg a good source of nutrients, they also tend to be low in calories and full of fibre and so help us maintain a healthy weight.“每天吃至少这五类食物是健康饮食的基础,不仅水果和蔬菜作为一条好的营养渠道来源,而且它们还是低卡路里、富含纤维,能帮助我们保持相对健康的体重。;;A diet based on plant foods, such as wholegrains and pulses as well as fruit and vegetables, can reduce cancer risk as research shows they protect against a range of cancers. Recent research has confirmed that foods containing fibre reduce the risk of bowel cancer. “饮食是基于种植食物,比如大米、干豆,水果和蔬菜也是如此。通过这些食物,可以减少癌症风险,研究表明:这些食物可以防止大量癌症的发生,最近的研究还明含有纤维的食物可以减少肠癌的发病风险。”;Although people are more aware of the significance of eating five a day than they used to be, it is clear that there are still barriers to incorporating plant foods into our daily diets, ; she added.The charity is holding an awareness day, ;Fruity Friday;, on 18 May as part of Cancer Prevention Week.尽管现在的人们比过去更加的认识到每天吃这五类食物的重要性,但是要把这些种植食物融进我们的日常生活中,还有很多的障碍,” 凯特·门多萨补充到,“慈善机构已经在组织名为“鲜果星期五”宣传日,定于每年5月18日,作为癌症预防周的一部分。A Department of Health spokesperson said: ;We know we need to do more to encourage people to eat their five a day and help prevent diseases like cancer.一位健康部门的发言人说:“我知道我们还必须做更多的事来鼓励人们吃这五类食物,以此来预防像癌症这一类的疾病。”;That is why, through our Change4Life campaign, we invested around £10m last year on encouraging healthier lifestyles. This included things like the Supermeals campaign which promoted five a day by giving recipe ideas and money off fruit and vegetables in retail stores.;“这也是为什么我们改变生命方式的原因,上一年我们投入了大约一千万英镑的资金来鼓励健康的生活方式。这其中包括了比如我们的“超级饮食(Supermeals)”运动,我们通过在零售店分发食谱、给蔬菜水果打折,以此来促进每日五食的实施。; /201206/185874Leap Year Day, 1986: I drove up to a ramshackle house in Berkeley to pick out my first dog. It was a month before my two-year cancer anniversary, at which point I would be considered “cured,” and I was y to make a commitment – to life, longevity and a puppy.1986年的闰年日:我驱车前往伯克利,在一幢破破烂烂的房子里,挑选了我的第一只。一个月后,就是我癌症两周年的日子,到时候我将被认为“痊愈”了,我已经准备好做出承诺——对生活、对生命以及,对一只小。In a local paper I had seen an ad for a litter of cocker spaniels; among the nine pups I watched the runt get trampled over and pushed aside from the kibble. Too small for the forces stacked against her, but determined to stay in the game, the little female struck a chord in me. “That’s my dog,” I said as I paid two Benjamins for her. I know it sounds treacly, but it truly was “puppy love” at first sight.我是从当地报纸上看到的关于这窝可卡犬的广告。一共有九只幼崽,我发现其中最弱小的那只被它的兄弟踩在脚下,远远地挤离了食盆。它太小了,无力抵抗加诸在它身上的暴力,但它始终不屈不挠,不肯放弃。我被这只小母深深地触动了。“我想要这只,”我说,并为它付了200美元。我知道这故事听起来似乎太甜,但我确实是第一眼就喜欢上了这只。It didn’t matter a bit to me that she was fully accredited by the American Kennel Club (which I figure is akin to being a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution). I was much more enthralled by her political lineage. Her “mother” and “father” had joined many Vietnam-era protests. Soon enough, this little dog would make her debut in San Francisco’s Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day Parade.我一点也不在乎它得到了美国犬业俱乐部(American Kennel Club,我推测它是个跟“美国革命女儿会”[Daughters of the American Revolution]类似的机构)权威认,倒是对它的“政治家谱”更感兴趣。她的“爸爸”和“妈妈”都参加过众多越战时代的抗议活动。很快,这只小也会在旧金山的同性恋自由日游行(Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day Parade)中首次亮相。For 13 years, “Billie” was the four-legged love of my life. She was fearless: On hot days, she would leap into our backyard pool and then paddle to the steps, climb out, and do it all over again. She was peripatetic: Over her lifetime she obtained elite status on ed, having flown miles and miles in the airline’s friendly skies. And she was smart: able to open doors with a single paw.13年来,这只名叫比莉(Billie)的一直是我四条腿的“爱人”。它勇敢无畏:在炎热的日子里,它会纵身跃入我们家后院的游泳池,一路扑腾到台阶上,然后爬出来,再来一遍。它很逍遥:它获得了美国联合航空公司(ed)的终生贵宾资格,已经在该航空公司友好的务中飞过千里。它很聪明:能用单爪打开门。Billie was also ahead of her time, with two dads long before that became downright cool. Still trend-setting in her middle years, she became a poster pup for joint custody when I moved to the East Coast for a new job. When the New York gig fizzled, Billie and I moved back to the Bay Area.此外,比莉还很前卫,早在人类的同性恋得到承认之前,它就有了两只“爹”。在步入中年后,它仍然走在潮流尖端,当我搬到东海岸从事新工作时,它登上了“共同监护权(joint custody)”的主题海报。后来,我在纽约的工作草草收场,比莉又跟着我回到了湾区。Then, one night I noticed that she was rubbing her right eye with her paw, as though she had a bad headache. A quick look showed something was terribly amiss; the eye had clouded over. An emergency call to the vet only heightened my anxiety. “Bring her in first thing,” he told me. After a cursory exam the next morning, he delivered the bleak news: “Glaucoma.” The pressure in her eye had aly destroyed her optic nerve.再后来,一天晚上,我发现它老是用爪子去蹭右眼,就好像患了严重的头痛似的。我只扫了一眼就发现它的眼睛很不对劲——那里面密布着云翳。我赶紧给兽医打电话,他的回答让我忧虑更甚。“明天一早就请把它带来,”他如是对我说。第二天早上,兽医给它做了粗略的检查后就告诉我一个令人沮丧的消息:“它患上了青光眼”。过高的眼压已经损坏了它的视神经。Within the year, the retina in her good eye detached and she went completely blind just as I was moving into a new apartment. It pained me to see her crash into unfamiliar walls and furniture. But Billie remained fearless — and proved resilient — and she soon figured out how to maneuver her way around these new obstacle courses.同一年,它好眼的视网膜也脱落了。就在我刚搬进新公寓时,她完全失明了。我心疼地看着它因为不熟悉环境而在墙壁和家具上磕磕撞撞。但比莉仍然无所畏惧,而且坚韧不拔,它很快就找到了在这些陌生的障碍物之间穿行的方法。Just before holidays that year I happened to kick an old tennis ball across the living room. Billie took off after it and wandered back to me with it in her mouth. I repeated the experiment and then called the vet, who told me I was suffering from “wishful thinking.” I brought her in for an exam and he put her through her paces in his office – including the ball toss. When he had finished, he came to me, tears in his eyes, saying, “This really is a Christmas miracle.” The retina had spontaneously reattached.就在那一年放假前,我碰巧把一只旧网球踢过了起居室。比莉追在它后面,把它叼回给我。我重复实验了一回,打电话告诉了兽医,他却说我只是“一厢情愿”罢了。于是我把比莉带去给他检查。他让它在他办公室里自由跑动,还玩了抛球游戏。检查结束后,他热泪盈眶地对我说:“这真是一个圣诞奇迹。”——它的视网膜居然自发复位了。A year later, I took Billie back to the dog hospital one last time. Days earlier they had found a mass in her belly, and I knew it was time to bid farewell.一年后,我最后一次带比莉去了医院。几天之前,他们在它肚子里发现了一个肿块——我知道我们终于到了说再见的时候。Thirteen years together. During that time, our thrice-daily walking routine helped me come out of my cancer fog. Day-by-day, walk-by-walk, I came to realize I would likely achieve a normal life expectancy. My commitment to this four-legged HAD led to a happy marriage with a two-legged.十三年的朝夕相伴。在那期间,我们每天的三次例行散步帮我走出了癌症的阴霾。一天一天,一步一步,我逐渐明白我将有机会活到正常寿命。我与这四条腿的小家伙的不离不弃也曾成就了我与某人的一段幸福婚姻。After Billie was gone I never thought I would have another dog, much less one I could love so completely. Then, suddenly, it turned out I was single again; I thought I would remain that way for years to come. But five months later, I found myself making the trek to a small house surrounded by a white picket fence with a heart-shaped wreath on the front gate. There, a 5-year-old cocker named Max who needed a new home, overjoyed by my attention but seemingly terrified of his own clipped tail, jumped all over me. Unlike Billie, this big lug of a cocker had no particular lineage and struck me as kind of low-I.Q. It was not love at first sight.比莉去世后,我没想过要再养一只,更不用说再付出这么多的感情。后来,我突然又成了单身;我一度以为自己的余生就是这样了。然而,五个月后,我长途跋涉,去往一座环绕着白色尖桩篱栅,正门还挂着个心型花环的小房子。在那里,一只5岁的可卡犬马克斯(Max)需要一个新家,我的关注让它喜出望外,但它似乎被自己修剪过的尾巴吓到了,一跃就扑在我身上。与比莉不同,这只大可卡犬没有什么特别的血统,给我一种智商不高的感觉。这第一次见面并没让我喜欢上它。I told the owner I would think about it and drove away, expecting to forget about Max.我告诉主人我会考虑的,然后就开车走了,一心想把马克斯忘到爪哇国去。Within hours came an insistent call from Max’s owner: “If you don’t take him by the morning we’re going to put him down.” Well, when he puts it like that, what can I do? I said out loud to myself. Despite my misgivings I went back to pick him up.结果还没过几小时,马克斯的主人就打来电话说:“如果你上午不把它接走,我们就把它处死了。”——他都这么说了,我还能怎么办?我大声对自己说。尽管心存疑虑,但我还是回去把它接回家了。Max soon confirmed that he wasn’t “gifted.” On a hike, he watched a horse trot by from right to left. Once off the leash, he tore off in pursuit – in the completely wrong direction. City life didn’t prove much easier. Barely a month later I came home to find Max breathing rapidly as though his heart was y to explode. The one-pound box of dark chocolates, now empty, gave him away. At the E.R., I sat vigil through a touch-and-go night. A mere ,000 later we came home, and what did Max do? He went directly to the trash bin and to pull out the chocolate box. My little genius.事实很快就实马克斯确实不够聪明。一次远足时,它看到一匹马小跑着从右去向左边。我刚一松开链,它就追了出去——却完全弄错了方向。城市生活对它来说也没轻松多少。仅仅一个月后,我回到家里,发现马克斯的心跳快得像要爆炸了一样。一盒一磅(约合0.45千克)重的黑巧克力现在空空如也,解释了一切的原因。生死攸关的一夜,我坐在急诊室没有合眼。花了2000美元后,马克斯终于痊愈回家,你猜它干了什么?他直接跑去垃圾桶里把巧克力盒子扒拉了出来。真是个小“天才”!However, I was finding that Max needed me in a way Billie never had. And through our various trials I came to love Max, too – not like Billie; in some ways it felt like a betrayal of Billie. But about this time I remembered an old folk song, with old folk wisdom, called “Magic Penny”:不过,我渐渐发现,马克斯非常需要我,而比莉从不会这样。经过重重“磨难”的考验,我终于也喜欢上了马克斯——而且这种喜欢与对比莉不同——有时候,我甚至感觉自己“背叛”了比莉。这时候,我想起了一首充满了古老民间智慧的民谣,歌的名字叫做:《神奇的硬币》(“Magic Penny”):Love is something if you give it away, give it away, give it away爱就是付出,付出,再付出Love is something if you give it away, you end up having more.Indeed, in giving my love to Billie, it had opened me up to having more. 爱就是如果你付出,最后就会拥有更多。是的,我对比莉的爱为我打开了一扇大门,给了我更多的收获。Toward the end of Max’s days, I took him to an alternative medicine vet in search of help for a bulging disk, since he was now too old for back surgery. Silently, I watched her place each of the two dozen needles into his head, back and legs. Within moments, my frightened old fella had calmed down and lay quietly on the soft bed in the exam room. I did, too, ostensibly to make sure he didn’t jump up and shake out all the needles. But really, I wanted to hold him, to protect him – indeed, to love him – every moment that I could. I thought to myself with amazement as we lay there in the dark: “I love him completely, and completely differently.”在马克斯的暮年,它换上了椎间盘突出。因为已经太老了,它没法接受背部手术,于是我把它带去一家替代的药物兽医诊所寻求帮助。我默默地看着兽医在马克斯的头部、背部和腿部各扎了二十几针。这饱受惊吓的老伙计马上就镇静下来,静静地躺在柔软的检查床上。我也跟着躺了下来,表面上是为了确保它不会跳起来,抖掉身上所有的针,但其实我只是想好好抱抱它,保护它,爱它——每时每刻。和它一起躺在黑暗中的时候,我惊讶地想到:“我居然彻底爱上它了,而且这爱跟爱比莉完全不同。”And when he died not long after, I thought how lucky I was to have loved twice like that. Different loves, yes. Each one complete in its own way. Time may have its limits, but love apparently doesn’t. Oh, and along the way I found another spouse. Years later we are still together, with photos of Billie and Max in the house – along with a crazy but brilliant Jack Russell terrier. But that’s another story.不久之后,马克斯离开了人间。但我想我是幸运的,因为我曾经那样地爱过两只,以两种不同的方式。时间或许有其限度,但显然,爱是无限的。对了,在此期间我又找到了另一个配偶。多年后,我们依然生活在一起,在我们的房子里,放着比莉和马克斯的照片,还有一只聪明但脾气古怪的杰克罗素(犬的一种)。但那又是另外一个故事了。 /201508/389971

The stress of daily life has sparked a new phenomenon-sleep texting.据英国《每日邮报》11月23日报道,日常生活的压力已经引发了一个新的现象;;睡眠短信。People with the rare condition send incoherent text messages while asleep to their friends and family - completely unaware that they are doing it.该现象是指睡眠质量差的人会在睡着的时候编辑语无伦次的短信发送给他们的朋友和家人,并对自己的这种行为毫无意识。Sleep specialist Dr David Cunnington, of Melbourne Sleep Disorder Centre in Australia, said patients had reported incidents of sleep texting - and he has advised people to leave their mobile phones outside the bedroom.位于澳大利亚墨尔本睡眠障碍中心的睡眠专家大卫-坎宁顿士说,有患者报告过自己曾发送过睡眠短信。他建议人们在睡觉的时候将自己的手机放在卧室外面。He said: ;Sleeping text is one of those things that happens, but it is very rare, and certainly not a common trend.;他说:;睡眠短信事件的确会发生,但是非常罕见,而且必定不会成为一种大趋势。;Dr Cunnington described sleep texting as the result of people having too much to do during waking life.坎宁顿士形容睡眠短信是人们在清醒时工作过多的结果。He explained: ;People are doing so much during a normal day that it can mean that they feel like they#39;relsquo;on callrsquo;even at night.;他解释道:;人们在一天里做太多的事意味着他们即使在晚上也感觉自己是lsquo;随叫随到rsquo;的;。;Because it#39;s so easy to receive emails constantly, and get notifications from smartphones, it becomes more difficult for us to separate our waking and sleeping lives.;;因为频繁的接受电子邮件与手机短信是很容易的,这就使得我们更难分清清醒和睡眠状态。;Dr Cunnington said people struggling to get a quality night#39;s sleep should keep their phones out of the bedroom.坎宁顿士称想要获得优质晚间睡眠的人应该把手机放在卧室外面。 /201111/162363

Brits the length and bth of the country are currently gripped by London 2012 Olympic fever.如今,英国四处洋溢着2012伦敦奥运会的狂热气息。While many of us are hugely inspired by the phenomenal achievements of the athletes, the sad reality is that only a minority of us share the same enthusiasm for being active.当我们许多人因为运动员的杰出成就受到极大鼓舞时,残酷的现实却是:仅有少数人与他们一样拥有运动的热情。Scientific journal The Lancet has carried out a global study, including results from 122 countries, to establish which nations are the laziest.科学期刊《柳叶刀》进行了一项全球研究,其中包括来自122个国家的调查结果,列出了世界上最不爱运动国家的排行榜。The UK, it found was one of the most inactive countries, with a staggering 63.3% of the population being inactive. It was ranked eighth laziest country in the world.研究发现,英国是最不爱运动的国家之一,居然有63.3%的人口不爱运动,位列排行榜第八。The UK was put to shame when compared with its US friends. The study found just over 40 per cent of those in North America were inactive, putting it in the 46th spot.当与他的好朋友美国比较时,英国应当感到羞愧。调查显示只有40%多的北美居民不爱运动,处于第46位。Meanwhile, Greece was labelled the least lazy nation in the study. Only 15% of the population of the balmy Mediterranean country, which also boasts one of the world#39;s healthiest diets, was classed as inactive.同时,希腊是研究中最爱运动的国家。这个气候宜人的地中海国家只有15%的人口被归为不爱运动,他们同时也享受着世界上最健康的饮食。Overall, women rated lower than men in the study. The highest percentage of inactive women was found in countries where they find it difficult to find employment due to social constraints, such as Saudi Arabia, which ranked third least active country.总的来说,此项研究中,女人比男人更缺乏活力。不爱运动女人的最高比率出现在妇女失业率高的国家,比如位列第三的沙特阿拉伯。Of the countries surveyed almost one third of their population is considered inactive.调查的国家中基本上都有三分之一的人群不爱运动。And 80 per cent of adolescents rated as below the standards.而且80%的青少年低于标准。The results of the study, the researchers said, are being release to coincide with the Olympic Games to help spur lazy members of the public to choose to lead more active lives.研究者说,公布调查的结果是为了与奥运会相呼应,帮助激励群众中的懒惰分子选择更有活力的生活。The researchers point out that lack of exercise is now a leading cause of death and a third of people across the world do not meet the minimum activity recommendations, which is generally about 2.5 hours of moderate activity per week.研究者指出,现在缺乏锻炼是死亡的主要原因,世界上三分之一的人口没有达到最低运动量推荐标准,也就是每星期一共适度运动2.5个小时。They hope that the timing of the series, along with Olympic excitement, will give people a push into more physical action.他们在奥运会四溢之时推出这个榜单,希望能促使人们参与到更多的体育运动中去。 /201208/193801

I recently a piece about a guy in his late 30s who took up learning guitar as a hobby and actually became a proficient player. Then I about a young man who decided to devote an hour a day learning about something just for fun - including banjo, juggling and astrophysics.我最近看到一篇文章,讲的是一个快四十的男人开始学习弹吉他,原本纯属业余爱好,最后竟成了一名娴熟的吉他演奏家。之后,我又看到一篇文章,写的是一个男青年决定每天花一小时学点什么,仅仅为了自娱自乐,包括五弦琴、戏法和天体物理学。 Those pieces revved me up to go out and learn something new. Although I love that journalism allows me to dabble in a range of topics, I miss the thrill of structured, focused education. I#39;m not talking about going back to school full-time for a degree program, but taking a course or even ing a book to learn something just for the sake of it, such as a new language or skill. (Italian! Guitar! Indian cooking!) I don#39;t need to become a master-the basics are fine with me.Getty Images你能挤出时间学习新东西吗?这些文章启发我走出去,学些新东西。新闻事业使我可以涉猎各种不同的题材,我喜欢这一点,但我也怀念系统性、专注式教育的乐趣。我指的并不是重返校园做个全职学生并拿个学位,而是完全出于兴趣去修一门课程,或是看书自学些什么,比如学一门新的语言或技能。(意大利语!吉他!印度菜!)我不需要成为大师,只要学些基础的东西就可以了。Easier said than done, of course. The problem isn#39;t just that my aging brain makes it harder to absorb new information. It#39;s squeezing in the time.当然,说起来容易做起来难。问题不仅仅是我老化的大脑更加难以吸收新的知识,时间也挤不出来。 But when you think about it, a dedicated hour or even half-hour a day isn#39;t that hard to fit in; I surely accumulate that much time watching TV, ing, exercising or futzing round the house. Maybe I could listen to an instructional tape while jogging? Or some educational nonfiction before bed instead of my go-to novels or mysteries? Or take a web course instead of vegging out to #39;Modern Family#39;?不过,当你细想一下,每天挤出一小时甚至半小时并不太难;我看电视、看书、锻炼或在家里闲混的时间就足够了。或许我可以在慢跑的同时听教学录音带?或是在睡前看些有教育性的非小说类图书,而不是看口水书或推理小说?或是修一门网络课程,而不是沉溺于《登家庭》(Modern Family)? Despite my gung-ho intentions to learn, I have a feeling that I may simply be too undisciplined-and tired-at the end of the day to make this happen at this young-kid stage of my life.尽管有着学习的强烈愿望,我却有种感觉:我可能管不住自己或每天下班累得精疲力尽,难以在我尚年轻的时候实现这些想法。 It#39;s not just me, either. My husband recently signed up for Rosetta Stone to learn Brazilian Portuguese. His initial enthusiasm has now waned and while he still wants to complete the course, work, family and sleep needs have made it tough to master. He#39;s also trying to teach himself programming through Codecademy, which provides free online courses.也不仅仅只有我是这样。我丈夫最近注册了语言教学公司Rosetta Stone的巴西葡萄牙语课程。他最初的热情如今已经消退,尽管他仍希望完成课程,但工作、家庭和睡眠需要使他难以应付。他还力图通过Codecademy免费网络课程自学编程。 Readers, have any of you done any adult education or learned a new skill or hobby as an adult? How did you find the time?读者们,你们成年后是否曾进修过或学门新技能或爱好?你是如何挤出时间的? /201202/170323

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