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People who rise early feel happier and more satisfied with life overall, compared to night owls.和夜猫子相比,早起鸟更快乐,整体生活的满意度更高。But the good news for stroppy teenagers is that most people become earlier risers as they age, and this change is also associated with greater feelings of happiness.对于那些难以控制自己的青少年而言,也有好消息。大部分人随着年龄的增长,会习惯早起,这种变化会让人有更强的幸福感。Researchers at the University of Toronto asked more than 700 people about their preferred time of day and how healthy and happy they generally feel.多伦多大学的研究人员询问了700多名人员,问他们最喜欢每天的什么时候,以及他们健康和快乐的程度。They then compared the responses of the group of younger adults aged 17 to 38 with older people ages 59 to 79.研究人员接着把17岁到38岁之间青年人的反应与59到79岁之间老年人的反应进行了对比。Only about seven per cent of young adults are morning larks, while by age 60 most people preferred to be up with the dawn. Just seven per cent of the oldest people in the study described themselves as night owls.青年人中只有7%的人是;早起鸟;,而到了60岁,大部分人都喜欢在黎明起床。在研究中,只有7%的老年人称自己是;夜猫子;。;We found that older adults reported greater positive emotion than younger adults, and older adults were more likely to be morning-type people than younger adults,; study researcher Renee Biss from the University of Toronto reportedly told LiveScience. The ;morningness; was associated with greater happiness emotions in both age groups.据报道,多伦多大学的研究人员芮妮-比什对生活科学网表示,;我们发现老年人的积极情绪比青年人要多。和青年人相比,老年人是‘早起鸟#39;的可能性更大。在两个年龄组中,‘早起鸟#39;更开心。;Morning types also tended to report that they felt healthier than the late risers, according to the study that published in the journal Emotion. The researchers said that this apparent health benefit could come from the extra sleep they would enjoy, as their sleeping schedule would fit with society#39;s expectations of rising early for work.根据发表在《情感》期刊上的研究,;早起鸟;也倾向于说自己比;夜猫子;要健康。研究人员说,这种明显的健康益处可能来自于;早起鸟;额外的睡眠,因为他们的睡眠时间表能适应社会所期望的早起工作。This extra sleep could not only make them feel more alert, but may also boost their immune system.额外的睡眠不仅会让他们更加清醒,而且还能提升他们的免疫系统。;Evening people may be more prone to social jetlag; this means that their biological clock is out of sync with the social clock,; Ms Biss said. ;Society#39;s expectations are far more organized around a morning-type person`s schedule.;;‘夜猫子#39;则更容易面临社交时差;也就是说他们的生物钟和社会时钟脱节了,; 比什女士说。;社会预期更多的是围绕着‘早起鸟#39;的日程安排。;;An evening person may go through their week feeling unhappy because they have to get up earlier than they would like to.; But Ms Biss said there was hope for night owls as it was possible for them to turn themselves into morning people.;‘夜猫子#39;在工作时可能会觉得不开心,因为他们不得不早起。; 但是比什女士说, ;夜猫子;也可以变成;早起鸟;。;One way to do it is to increase your natural light exposure early in the morning, and to wake up earlier and go to bed earlier,; she said. ;It#39;s easiest if you have a consistent schedule, to make sure you are waking up at the same time every day.;;其中一种方法是,增加早晨自然光线照射的时间,早睡早起。;她说。;如果你的作息时间比较规律,这是最容易不过的了,这样你每天都能在同一时刻醒来。; /201206/187874

  Researchers at the University of Kansas say that people can accurately judge 90 percent of a stranger#39;s personality simply by looking at the person#39;s shoes.堪萨斯大学的研究人员称,只需看看一个人穿的鞋,就能准确地判断陌生人的90%的性格。;Shoes convey a thin but useful slice of information about their wearers,; the authors wrote in the new study published in the Journal of Research in Personality. ;Shoes serve a practical purpose, and also serve as nonverbal cues with symbolic messages. People tend to pay attention to the shoes they and others wear.;这项新研究发表在《个性研究杂志》上,作者写道:“鞋子可传达其主人的细微但有用的信息。鞋子有其实际用途,但也作为非言语信号传递着象征性信息。人们一般都会注意自己和他人穿的鞋。”Medical Daily notes that the number of detailed personality traits detected in the study include a person#39;s general age, their gender, income, political affiliation, and other personality traits, including someone#39;s emotional stability.《医学日报》指出,研究发现鞋子可透露的个性特征细节包括一个人的大概年龄、这个人的性别、收入、政治立场,还有包括情绪稳定性在内的其他个性特征。Lead researcher Omri Gillath said the judgments were based on the style, cost, color and condition of someone#39;s shoes. In the study, 63 University of Kansas students looked at pictures showing 208 different pairs of shoes worn by the study#39;s participants. Volunteers in the study were photographed in their most commonly worn shoes, and then filled out a personality questionnaire.首席研究员欧姆瑞#8226;吉拉斯说,这些判断是基于所穿的鞋的样式、价格、颜色和新旧程度做出的。在研究过程中,63名堪萨斯大学的学生观看了研究参与者穿的208双不同的鞋的图片。参加该研究的志愿者都是穿着自己平日里最常穿的鞋拍的照,然后他们填写了一份性格调查问卷。So, what do your shoes say about your personality?那么,你的鞋反映了你的什么性格特点呢?Some of the results were expected: People with higher incomes most commonly wore expensive shoes, and flashier footwear was typically worn by extroverts.部分研究结果是在意料之中的:收入高的人大多穿价格昂贵的鞋子,而颜色鲜亮的鞋子通常是性格外向的人穿的。However, some of the more specific results are intriguing. For example, ;practical and functional; shoes were generally worn by more ;agreeable; people, while ankle boots were more closely aligned with ;aggressive; personalities.不过,一些更具体的研究结果则十分有趣。例如,“功能性的”鞋子通常是性格“随和”的人穿的,而短靴的主人则大多是性格“强势”的人。The strangest of all may be that those who wore ;uncomfortable looking; shoes tend to have ;calm; personalities.最奇怪的也许是那些爱穿“看起来不舒的”鞋子的人竟然性格一般比较“沉着冷静”。And if you have several pairs of new shoes or take exceptional care of them, you may suffer from ;attachment anxiety,; spending an inordinate amount of time worrying about what other people think of your appearance.此外,如果你有好几双新鞋子或者格外爱惜保养这些新鞋,那么你可能患上了“依恋焦虑症”,你花了过多的时间来担心其他人对你外表的看法。There was even a political calculation in the mix with more liberal types wearing ;shabbier and less expensive; shoes.研究甚至还发现了鞋子和政治立场之间的关系,那些穿“比较破旧和廉价”的鞋子的人更可能是自由党派。The researchers noted that some people will choose shoe styles to mask their actual personality traits, but researchers noted that volunteers were also likely to be unaware that their footwear choices were revealing deep insights into their personalities.研究人员指出,有些人会通过选择鞋子的样式来掩饰他们真实的性格特征,不过研究人员也指出,志愿者们一般都不会意识到自己对鞋的选择会让人窥见性格深处。 /201206/186961

  A pair of pranksters dressed up as a pantomime horse were thrown out of a Tesco supermarket after trotting around the frozen beef burger aisle shouting #39;murderers#39;.两位英国恶作剧青年扮成一匹木马冲进英国一家的乐购超市,跑到冷冻牛肉汉堡区大喊“凶手”,最后当然是被保安们给丢出去了。A of the incident, believed to have taken place in a Welsh store, has aly racked up nearly 50,000 hits on YouTube.据悉这个视频拍摄于威尔士的一购超市,目前视频在YouTube网站上点击量已经达到了5万次。The mobile phone footage shows the pantomime horse rolling on the floor near the frozen food aisle shouting #39;where#39;s my mum?#39; before a security guard asks them to leave.在这段用手机拍摄的视频中,青年扮成的木马顺着地板滚到冷冻食物区哭喊:“娘亲你在哪儿!” 保安随即赶到要求他们离开。Earlier this week Tesco was one of several UK supermarkets revealed to have quantities of horse meat in its frozen burgers.本周早些时候,包括乐购在内的英国几大超级都爆出了冷冻汉堡风波:所出售的牛肉汉堡中被发现含有马肉。The alert was first raised by Irish food watchdogs after horse DNA was found in burgers sold through Tesco, Iceland, Aldi, Lidl and Dunnes in Ireland.事件的首次曝光是在爱尔兰,在乐购、冰岛、阿尔迪、利德和邓恩等多家超市,爱尔兰食品安全局对牛肉汉堡进行抽检后发现含有马肉。It subsequently emerged that burgers from the same batches were sold in the British outlets of both Tesco and Iceland. More than ten million burgers have now been removed from sale.进一步调查发现,在乐购和冰岛超市的英国其他零售点也发现了同批次的问题汉堡。事件曝光后超过1000万个汉堡被撤下货架。Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and the Co-op immediately decided to remove thousands of packs of frozen burgers as a precautionary measure.英国大型连锁超市乐购、塞恩斯伯里、阿斯达和合作社等已经决定采取防范措施,将数千包冷冻汉堡下架。David Cameron reacted angrily, condemning Tesco yesterday, saying: #39;People in our country will have been very concerned to this morning that when they thought they were buying beef burgers they were buying something that had horse meat in it.#39;英国首相卡梅伦愤怒回应,昨日谴责乐购超市时表示:“我们国家的人民今天早上在读报时肯定非常担惊受怕,他们以为自己买的是牛肉汉堡,但没想到里面竟然会掺有马肉。”#39;This is a completely unacceptable state of affairs,#39; he added, calling for an urgent investigation by Britain#39;s Food Standards Agency.卡梅伦首相还表示:“这样的事件完全不能接受”,他要求英国食品标准机构立即展开调查。Labour says comprehensive food tests are needed to let families know how far horse meat contamination has sp into the food supply.英国工党要求进行全面食品测试,让英国的家庭知道马肉掺入物在食品供应链里的影响有多深入。 /201301/221509。


  Linnea Jacobson is a 14-years-old photographer/ writer from Umea. Her labels on Lookbook.nu: 14, daydreamer, bored and always in hurry. I love photography and fashion. 活跃在著名潮人街拍网站Lookbook.nu 上的时尚达人: 14岁的莉妮娅·雅各布森来自瑞典于默奥市,小小年纪的她现在已经是一个小有名气的摄影师,她会在个人客里及时更新着她亲自拍摄的照片。她的个人客名字很有趣,叫做wider than a teenager。 在Lookbook上她这样介绍着自己:14岁的空想家,有点无聊,总是急急忙忙的。我喜欢摄影喜欢时尚。 Lookbook.nu is the internet source of fashion inspiration from real people around the world. A lookbook is a collection of photographs compiled to show off a model, a photographer, a style, or a clothing line. It is an especially popular term with "fashion bloggers". Lookbooks in their online form can be described as "fashion diaries" because bloggers are constantly updating them on a daily or weekly basis. Lookbook.nu是一家在2008年推出的潮人街拍网站,网站上的时尚灵感都取材于现实生活。"lookbook" 指的是摄影师或者模特的照片合集。时尚主们定期上传照片更新他们的在线时尚日记。 /201110/158784


  Ever feel that your relationship suffers from a unique brand of frustration, tension, distance, or any number of other troubling feelings? The reality is, there is struggle in every romance. ;If you are experiencing disillusionment, well, join the human race; 。你是否曾经感觉自己的感情曾经遭受沮丧,紧张,距离或其他负面情绪的困扰?事实是,在每段感情中这些纠结都不可避免。“如果你正在经历这种幻灭,那么说明你和大家都一样” 。Hendrix, author of the best selling book, Getting the Love You Want, started examining the question, ;why do couples fight; in the late 1970s. After studying and working with thousands of couples, he has found that there are 10 common bad habits couples engage in that make relationships miserable and can lead to break-up or divorce。畅销书《相爱一生》的作者Hendrix在上世纪70年代末开始研究这个问题,“夫妻间为什么会有争斗”。在对几千对夫妻进行了研究和共事之后,他发现,那些婚姻悲剧的夫妻有10个共同的坏习惯,这可能导致他们分手或离婚。1. Be critical。太严苛。Even ;constructive; criticism can make your partner defensive and reduce the feeling of safety in a relationship. Being harsh and judgmental when angry can trigger a ;fight or fight response.;哪怕是“建设性”的批评也会让你的伴侣产生抵触情绪,并降低二人关系之间的安全感。过于严厉和主观,会让愤怒引发一场“战斗或战斗反应”。2. Insist your partner be exactly the same as you。坚持让你的伴侣和你一模一样。;Absolute compatibility; is an express route to a dull relationship. If you insist your partner have the same feelings and perceptions as you do, it can lead to despair and misery。“绝对的一致”很快就会让两人的关系变得乏味。如果你坚持让你的伴侣拥有和你一样的感觉和认识,这会导致绝望和悲剧。3. Flee from intimacy。拒绝亲密。If you habitually avoid being physically or emotionally close with your partner through escaping into work, hobbies, television, or other activities, you risk creating a divide between you and your partner that may become impossible to breach。如果你习惯性地避免和你的伴侣进行身体或情感上的亲密接触,而选择在工作、爱好、电视或其他活动中去逃避,你可能正在你和伴侣之间制造隔阂,而且这种隔阂可能会难以消除。4. Play the blame game。相互指责。Using ;you; language when upset will make your partner put up their defenses. When your goal is to communicate in a way that fosters intimacy, use statements that begin with ;I feel; instead。在感觉糟糕的时候用“你”这种表达会让你的伴侣产生抵触情绪。当你的目标是用一种能培养亲密感的方式进行沟通,换用“我感觉……”作为开头试试。5. Bargain。做交易。Both ;giving conditionally and receiving cautiously; erode relationships. He warns against doing something for a partner only when you want something in exchange。“有条件的给予和谨慎的接受”都会毁掉一段感情。Hendrix警告的是那些为伴侣做某件事只是为了交换另一件事的人。6. Be casual about romance。对于浪漫过于随意。No relationship can be spontaneously joyful forever. Once the initial excitement of a new romance wears off, some couples think their relationship is over and give up trying. They risk missing out on experiencing a deeper kind of love。没有感情可以永远自然地保持快乐。一旦一段新感情最初的激动消退,一些情侣就认为他们的关系已经结束了,而且放弃继续尝试。他们可能会错过经历一段更深层的爱。7. Focus on the negative。太过在意消极的情绪。If you constantly think and talk about your partner#39;s flaws it can amplify your discontent. A paradox of most forms of couples therapy is that you spend your sessions complaining about your partner—something that can actually be detrimental to your relationship。如果你不停地考虑并谈论你伴侣的缺点,这会放大你的不满。大多数情侣治疗形式的一个悖论在于,你在治疗期间抱怨你的另一半,而这其实会损害你们的感情。8. Refuse to listen。拒绝倾听。Thinking you are the right all the time and engaging in a one-way monologue is a great way to end up in a relationship…of one。认为自己任何时候都是正确的,而且只顾着自己说话,这是毁掉一段感情的好办法。9. Hide your needs。隐藏自己的需求。If you don#39;t express what you need and want to your partner, you#39;ll constantly feel deprived and frustrated. It#39;s crucial share ;the things that truly touch your heart.;如果你从不对伴侣表达你需要什么想要什么,你会一直感觉到不满和沮丧。分享那些“真正触动你内心的东西” 是非常重要的。10. Expect a fairytale romance。期待童话般的感情。Fairy tales are just that and eventually we all have to come down to earth. Demanding the fantasy go on forever prevents your partner from ever being their authentic self and fosters resentment and distance。童话只是童话,最终我们都要回归现实。希望幻想一直延续会让你的伴侣永远无法做真实的自己,会给你们带来怨恨和距离。 /201508/391161

  Many of us spend the bulk of our day peering at computer screens. Reading this article means there#39;s a good chance you#39;re looking at one right now.许多人每天都要花费很多时间在电脑屏幕前。比如读这篇文章的时候你就正在看着屏幕。But does looking at a computer screen damage your eyes? Brisbane optometry professor Nathan Efron does not consider computer screens ;harmful; to our eyes.看电脑屏幕真的会伤害我们的视力吗?布里斯班眼科教授Nathan Efron并不这样认为。But he admits if you use one a lot, you increase your risk of becoming slightly more short-sighted –where your eyes focus well only on close objects while more distant objects appear blurred. This is especially the case for children and young adults, whose eyes are still developing.但他承认如果你经常使用电脑屏幕,会增加你患近视的风险。因为你的眼睛经常盯着近处的物体,远处的物体自然就看不清楚了。这对于儿童和年轻人尤为明显,因为他们的眼睛还没有发育成熟。In the shorter term, prolonged viewing of a computer screen can make any slight existing vision defects more noticeable. It can also give you what is sometimes known as ;computer vision syndrome; – eye strain, headaches, gritty eyes and blurry vision. But this is only temporary and can be minimised by:简而言之,一直盯着电脑屏幕可以在短期内使视力明显下降。有时候还会让你出现“电脑眼综合症”:眼睛酸痛、头疼、异物感、模糊。但这些都是暂时的,可以用以下方法缓解:Adjusting the screen display so the contrast is high and the brightness feels comfortable.调整你的显示器的亮度和对比度,让你的眼睛觉得舒为准。Having lighting that does not produce glare on the screen.不要让屏幕上出现附近灯光的反光。Giving your eyes regular rests from looking at the screen (The Optometrists Association of Australia recommends you do this for five to ten minutes every one to two hours of computer use. It#39;s a good time to make phone calls or do other tasks.)让你的眼睛定期休息。(澳大利亚眼科协会建议每一到两小时至少休息五到十分钟。你可以利用这个时间打个电话或做些别的事情。) /201206/187528。


  Apple#39;s efforts to create its own mapping software has led to a different set of maps for its new mobile operating system built specifically for China. 苹果公司(Apple)在自主开发地图软件的过程中,专门针对中国打造了一套用于新版手机操作系统的地图。 When the Silicon Valley company released its iOS 6 mobile operating system last week, customers who upgraded their devices began to complain that one of the marquee technologies a new maps app to replace Google#39;s GOOG -0.03% maps service had misplaced or missing labels for businesses, landmarks and roads. 在这家硅谷公司上周发布iOS 6移动操作系统后,更新了操作系统的用户开始抱怨说,新系统的主打技术之一──取代谷歌(Google)地图务的新地图应用--存在误标或漏标商户、地标和道路的情况。 Customers in China, however, found more detailed maps covering their country than those overseas, in part because their data is provided by AutoNavi Holdings, a Chinese mapping company that makes auto navigation systems as well as virtual maps and satellite images. AutoNavi is also the most widely used mobile mapping service in China, with 45% market share, according to Analysys International. 但中国的用户却发现国内地图比国外地图更加详细。部分原因在于,他们的数据是由制作汽车导航系统、虚拟地图和卫星影像的中国地图公司高德软件有限公司(AutoNavi Holdings)提供的。高德也是中国使用最广的移动地图务,据易观国际(Analysys International)的数据显示,它占有45%的市场份额。 But in a sign of the continued isolation of China#39;s Internet from the rest of the world, Apple hasn#39;t integrated AutoNavi with information from Dutch navigation system maker TomTom, which helps to power Apple#39;s mapping service in other parts of the world. 但苹果并没有把高德的数据和荷兰导航系统制作商TomTom提供的信息整合到一起。TomTom为世界其他地区的苹果地图务提供持。这也显示中国的互联网仍就没有同世界其他地区融合在一起。 When customers in China attempt to look at other countries in street-detail mode, the maps outside China lack features such as landmarks and public transit stops. The Chinese maps also don#39;t include functions available on Apple#39;s international mapping software such as spoken driving directions or the 3-D flyover technology that Apple has developed for several cities. The Chinese maps do provide written driving directions to get from one place to another. 中国用户想以放大到街道的模式查看其他国家的地图时,会发现那些地图缺少地标和公交车站等内容。另外,中国地图不包含苹果国际地图软件上的一些功能,比如语音驾车指引,以及苹果为多座城市开发的3D俯瞰技术。中国地图倒也提供从一个地方到另一个地方的文字驾车指引。 If customers in China turn on the satellite image feature or layer road and place names on top of the satellite image, they can only see China, while the rest of the world is left black. 中国用户要是打开卫星影像功能或将道路、地名叠加在卫星影像之上,那么他们就只能看到中国,世界其他地方全是黑的。 Integrating the two would take time due to a number of complexities, which include integrating map search databases and coding, a person familiar with the matter said. 一位知情人士说,把两者统一起来将需要时间,因为其中涉及到一些复杂情况,比如地图搜索数据库和编码的整合。 Due to sensitivities over government and military installations, only 11 companies in China have licenses to do comprehensive mapping, and half of those simply exist to support the government. 由于政府和军事设施的敏感性,中国只有11家公司拥有全面测绘地图的牌照,其中一半只为持政府工作而存在。 The separated technologies Apple has built for the Chinese markets underscore the challenges it faces building its own maps technology rather than relying on Google#39;s offerings. Mapping experts say creating a comprehensive set of digital maps requires a lot of time and integration of data from many sources to ensure they#39;re all accurate, something Google has been doing since 2005. 苹果专门针对中国市场开发技术,凸显出它开发自有地图、摆脱对谷歌地图的依赖所面临的挑战。地图专家说,制作一套全面的电子地图需要耗费很多时间,还需要整合来自多种渠道的数据,以确保数据全部准确。谷歌从2005年以来就一直在做这件事。 Apple still has refinements to make both globally and in China. Searches for businesses and landmarks in China often turn up incorrect results. 苹果不管是在全世界还是在中国都还需要改进。在中国搜索商户和地标也会经常出错。 Ultimately the maps will likely prove popular with Chinese customers, however. AutoNavi aly provides data for Baidu#39;s widely used mapping services, and the Chinese mapping company has spent years accumulating databases of businesses, location names and roads. Google also integrates AutoNavi into its own mapping service. 但最终,苹果地图可能还是会受到中国用户的欢迎。高德已经在为百度(Baidu)用户众多的地图务提供数据,并花了很多年的时间积累商户、地名和道路数据库。谷歌也将高德整合到了自己的地图务中。 Although Apple#39;s iPhone sales in China doubled in the third quarter, the growth slowed from more than fivefold in the preceding one. Apple is facing increasingly fierce competition in China from rivals such as Samsung Electronics and HTC, which are unveiling pricey devices with big screens and fast processors, and local players such as Huawei Technologies and ZTE, which are offering less expensive phones with competitive specs. 虽然第三财季苹果在中国的iPhone销量实现翻番,但相比前一个季度四倍以上的增速还是慢了下来。苹果在中国市场面临着激烈的竞争,三星电子(Samsung Electronics)和宏达国际(HTC)不断推出大屏幕、处理速度快的高端手机,而华为(Huawei Technologies)和中兴(ZTE)等本土厂商也在出售规格有竞争力、价格更便宜的手机。 To gain an advantage, Apple likely chose AutoNavi because it provides the best overall data and system out there compared with its Chinese competitors, according to Jake Lynch, an analyst at Macquarie Group in Shanghai. 麦格理集团(Macquarie Group)驻上海分析师林奇(Jake Lynch)说,苹果之所以选择高德,可能是因为和其他中国的竞争对手相比,高德提供的数据和系统整体而言是目前最好的。 Mr. Lynch said AutoNavi invests twice as much capital in its products when compared to its nearest Chinese competitor, NavInfo, which holds 43.2% market share. #39;AutoNavi#39;s overall experience and accuracy is the best of the competitors,#39; he said. 林奇说,高德对产品的投入比仅次于它的中国竞争对手、市场份额为43.2%的四维图新(NavInfo)多出一倍。他说,高德的整体体验和准确度是竞争对手当中最好的。 /201209/201932

  Host: Why did you decide to pick up the story on dreams? Julie Bain: Well, dreams are fascinating, and the thing is most people don't pay any attention to them. And dreams have a lot to offer. Host: How do you train your mind to remember it the next morning? Gayle Delaney: Just keep a note pad by your bed before you go to sleep. Host: So you don't train yourself, you just write it down? Gayle: Just write it down. When you wake up, whatever's in your mind, write it down because you're problem solving. Every night in your sleep, you're looking at your relationships, your work issues, and your self-esteem. So it makes senseto write down whatever's there and then learn how to interpret your dreams. 主持人:你为什么决定研究梦? 朱莉·贝恩:嗯,梦令人着迷,问题是大多数人都不会注意它。梦可以反映很多问题。 主持人:怎样训练自己的大脑在第二天早上记住昨晚的梦呢? 盖尔·德莱尼:睡觉前在床边放一个笔记本。 主持人:所以你不需要训练自己,只要把梦记下来就行了? 盖尔:只要记下来就行了。你醒来时,不管你脑海中记得什么,写下来,因为你在解决问题。每晚在睡梦中,你都在审视你的人际关系、工作问题和自尊心。所以,明智的做法是:不管记得什么,先记录下来,然后学习怎样解梦。Host: Why do we dream in the first place? Gayle: We dream for many reasons. We dream to incorporate new learning. We dream to calm down our feelings and our upsets. But we also dream to understand our lives better. What are we really like when we're not so defensive? And our dreams show us "Look here!You're having a fi ght with your husband." You're the one who's doing something really stupid. Sometimes your dreams will tell you that, and that’s more useful information than ever being right with your husband. Host: So Julie, to that point then, we really should pay close attention to our dreams because it may enlighten us on what's down the road or what we're dealing with immediately. Julie: Well, and what people say is that you can train yourself to remember your dreams. You can even train yourself to go back to them and follow up, ya know, and it's all that stu that'sburied in you that  nds ways of bubbling up in your dreams...主持人:我们到底为什么做梦? 盖尔:我们做梦的缘由有很多。我们做梦以吸收新知识,我们做梦以平稳情绪、缓解不安。我们做梦还可以更好地了解我们的生活。当我们卸下一些防备时,我们到底是什么样?我们的梦告诉我们,“看!你和你的丈夫吵架了。”你是那个正在做一些非常愚蠢的事情的人。有时候你的梦会告诉你这一点,而那是比跟你的丈夫和好如初更有用的信息。 主持人:朱莉,说到这一点,我们真的应该密切关注我们的梦,因为它可能会启示我们将来会发生什么,或者我们应该马上处理什么问题。 朱莉:嗯,据说你可以训练自己记住所做的梦。你甚至可以训练自己重新回到那个梦,继续那个梦境。你知道,那些都是埋藏在你身体里的东西,以某些情境在你的梦里冒了出来……Gayle: And not only that, you can ask for a problem to be solved in your sleep. Incubate a dream. Tonight you've got a problem with your sister. What's really going on between me and my sister? You write that down and you will have a dream on it that night. Host: I want to break it down to some of the dream scenarios that are common, that people talk about all the time. Flying. What does that mean? Julie: They say it's when you feel exuberant and your self-esteem is up...Host: Really? Julie: ... you feel in control. Host: Now what about chased, being chased? That can't be a good thing, is it?  Gayle: Hardly ever, because you're terrified and you're afraid you're not gonna survive. So you have to in and out, who's the aggressor? What do you feel like in your dream? And if what you're feeling like is this person's overwhelming me, terrifying me, see what you can fi nd out about who is this guy following you, and is there anything in your life that's like that? What are you running away from? 盖尔:还不止这些, 你可以要求在睡梦中解决一个问题。酝酿出一个梦。比如今晚你跟你的产生了矛盾,“我和我的之间到底发生了什么?”你把它写下来,那晚你就会做一个有关这件事的梦。主持人:我想打断一下,谈谈一些人们经常谈到的非常常见的梦境。飞翔,这个梦境是什么意思?朱莉:据说当你觉得高兴,你的自尊心提高…… 主持人:真的吗?朱莉:……你感到自己控制着一切时(你会做这样的梦)。 主持人:梦到追逐……被人追是什么意思?那不可能是好征兆,对吗?盖尔:基本上不是,因为你会害怕,你害怕你会无法幸免。所以你要找出谁是那个攻击者?你在梦中的感觉是什么?如果你的感觉是这个人压制着你,让你感到害怕,看看找出这个追你的人你能发现什么,你的生活中曾发生过类似的事吗?你要逃离什么?Host: What if it's someone you don't recognize? 'Cause I've had dreams about people I've never seen! Julie: You know what I learned about this is that it might be a partof yourself that you're running away from, and it's really important to look inside and think "What could that be that I'm trying to get away from?"Gayle: And especially if the person chasing you is a different sex...Host: Uh-huh...Gayle: ...is there some part of yourself that acts like that person that you're not aware of, and you're running away from your own smoking, your own addiction? Host: This is deep. We need to sit in – we need to have a long talk. Now I'm going to ask you about the dream of missed exam, or missed appointment. A lot of people have that. Even when they don't have an appointment or an exam! Gayle: Remember, dreams are metaphors. 主持人:如果是你不认识的某个人呢?因为我的梦里出现过我从来没见过的人! 朱莉:你知道,据我了解,这可能是你想要逃避你自身的一部分,内省并想想“我试图逃避的是什么?”真的很重要。 盖尔:特别是如果这个追你的人是异性…… 主持人:嗯哼…… 盖尔:……是你的某一部分表现得像那个你不认识的人?你在逃避抽烟,你的烟瘾? 主持人:这学问太深了。我们需要坐下来,我们需要好好谈谈。现在我要问一下梦见错过考试或错过约会是什么意思。很多人都会做这样的梦,即使是在他们没有约会或考试的时候! 盖尔:记住,梦是隐喻。Host: OK...Gayle: It's not that you're actually having an exam tomorrow, but something going on in your life right now, your relationships, your work pressures, are like "Oh, there I am, back in high school or in college, taking an exam and I'm not even prepared for it." What are you doing in your life that you're so overscheduled that you're not prepared for things? Or, are you forgetting to prepare for something you know is coming up and you're just putting it off? Host: OK, and the last one I've got to ask you about…huh…the dream of being naked. There's a whole lot of people who feeexposed...Julie: ... vulnerable...Host: So that seems pretty obvious! Gayle: It's obvious, but you have to say "Relate it to my life. How in my life do I feel like that? Do I feel that way in my relationship? At work? Do I feel that I’ve said too much? Am I vulnerable?" And that's very helpful to know and be aware of so you don't keep making those same mistakes. 主持人:嗯…… 盖尔:实际上,不是你明天有考试,而是你现在的生活中发生的一些事,比如人际关系、工作压力,让你觉得就像“噢,我回到了中学或大学,要参加一场考试,我甚至都没有准备。” 你的生活中有什么事情如此仓促让你没有准备?或者,你是不是忘了准备某件事,延误了做某事? 主持人:好的,我最后想问你的是…… 呃……梦见裸露。许多人感到自己被曝光…… 朱莉:……易受伤…… 主持人:看起来非常明显! 盖尔:非常明显,但你得说“将它和我的生活联系起来,我在生活中是怎样一种感觉?在我的人际交往中我有那种感觉吗?在工作中我有那种感觉吗?我说得太多吗?我敏感吗?”了解这些非常有用,意识到这些可以让你不犯相同的错误。 /201110/158988

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