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We have encountered severe clear air turbulence. Request immediate descent.721. 我们已遇到严重晴空颠簸。申请立即下降。Request a general heading of 050 due to multiple cells ahead.722. 由于前方多个单体雷雨区,申请大概050的航向。We have stopped on Runway 23 and will remain on the runway due heavy fog. I say again, we are still on the runway.723. 我们已停在23号跑道上,但由于浓雾我们仍在跑道上。我再说一遍,我们仍在跑道上。There is heavy drifting fog. We think it is no longer safe to taxi. Request to hold at present position.724. 有较大平流雾。我们认为滑行不安全。请求原地等待。Frontal weather is quickly moving in from the west. If the holding is more than 10 minutes, we will have to divert.725. 锋面天气很快由西移动过来。如果等待超过10分钟,我们将备降。We made the go-around because strong convective currents on short final made our approach unstable.726. 我们复飞的原因是因为短五边很强的对流气流使进近不稳定。There was temperature inversion when we descended through 3000 feet. Our airspeed dropped suddenly by 25 knots.727. 我们下降通过3000英尺时有逆温层。我们的空速突然掉了25节。We performed the missed approach below the minimum because of advection fog. We could no longer see the runway lights.728. 由于平流雾,我们执行了低于最低高度的复飞。我们不能够再看见跑道灯了。The latest weather says that frontal weather and freezing rain is now stationary over the airport. Request diversion.729. 最新气象报说锋面天气和冻雨正在机场上空停留。申请备降。We can’t find any gaps for at least 100 miles in the squall line covering our arrival route. Request diversion.730. 飚线覆盖我们进场航路,至少100海里范围内我们都找不到任何空间穿越。申请备降。We can see dust swirls approaching the airport and we’re concerned about low level wind-shear. Request holding.731. 我们能看见尘埃涡流接近机场,我们担心低空风切变。请求等待。The latest SIGMET says a super-cell thunderstorm is developing at our destination. Is our flight affected?732. 最新重要气象报表明超级单体雷暴正在我们目的地机场形成。我们的航班受影响吗?Request to continue our flight. Our ETA is in two hours and maybe the airport will have the runways cleared of snow by then.733. 请求继续飞行。我们的预达时刻是两小时后,可能机场会在那时将跑道上的雪除干净。We had to make a quick heading change due ice pellets. You didn’t answer our request so we squawked 7700 and made the heading change.734. 我们必须快速改变航向是因为冰丸。你没有回答我们的申请,因此我们设置应答机编码7700并改变了航向。We were struck by hail. Our airframe is severely damaged. Request emergency services.735. 我们被冰雹击中了。我们的机体严重受损。申请紧急务。We have just encountered a lightning strike. Some of our instruments have erroneous indications. Request diversion to the nearest suitable airport.736. 我们刚遇到了雷击。一些仪表出现错误指示。申请备降到最近的合适机场。We have had a lightning strike. So far no system seems to be affected. We will continue to our destination.737. 我们已遭遇雷击。目前为止没有系统受到影响。我们将继续前往目的地。Roger heavy rain. Request to terminate our approach.738. 明白,大雨。申请终止进近。Request to cancel our approach. The runway is not long enough and there are water patches.739. 申请取消进近。跑道不够长,还有部分积水。Request to cancel our approach. Braking action is poor and we’re concerned about hydroplaning during rollout.740. 申请取消进近。刹车效应差,我们担心滑跑时出现滑水现象。 /201704/502152讲解文本:hollow 空洞的,无内容的,无意义的His words sound hollow.他说的话听起来都是空话。I am so sick of your hollow promises.我受够了你虚伪空洞的承诺。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201702/491908

Language Points1. what a small world! 2. never mind 3. come on /201604/437516

Staircase IntonationSo what is intonation in American English?What do Americans do?We go up and down staircases.We start high and end low.Every time we want to stress a word or an idea, we just start a new staircase.That sounds simple enough, but when and where do you start a new staircase?Statement Intonation with NounsIntonation or pitch change is primarily used to introduce new information.This means that when you are making a statement for the first time, you will stress the nouns.Dogs eat bones. /201508/394967

11. Rejecting a Counteroffer 11.拒绝买方还价A: Mr. Smith, we received a counteroffer on your house.A:史密斯先生,你的房子收到了买方还价。B: For which property?B:因为哪个原因?A: Its for the lot on 6th Avenue.A:因为位置在第六大道。B: Okay, Ive been waiting for this.B:好吧,我一直在等着这一天。A: Yes, and I think it is a very good offer.A:是的,我认为这是一个很好的出价。B: Okay, lay it on me.B:好吧,把它给我。A: The buyer upped his offer to 5,000.A:买方将价格提高到375000美元。B: Are you kidding me? Thats still ,500 below list.B:你是在和我开玩笑吗?这仍比要价低7500美元。A: I know, Mr. Smith, but the market is weak right now.A:史密斯先生,我知道,但是现在市场疲软。B: I dont care. Im not losing money on this.B:我不在乎。我不会在这上面赔钱。A: You wont be losing money, sir.A:先生,你不会赔钱。B: I dont care. Im not selling at that price. B:我不在乎。这个价格我不会卖。 译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201605/440232

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