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盐城治疗慢性非淋最好的医院盐城医院割包皮全世界最高最长的隧道滑梯开放了 --3 3:56:3 来源: 你现在可以买世界上最高最长的隧道滑梯的门票了 You can now buy tickets the world’s tallest and longest tunnel slide at London’s ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower, which opens to the public the first time tomorrow.你现在可以买世界上最高最长的隧道滑梯的门票了,这个位于伦敦ArcelorMittal轨道塔的滑梯明天要向公众正式开放了Artist Carsten H?ller -- developing on an initial proposal by Bblur Architecture -- has designed the 8 m-long (58 ft) helter skelter slide. It’s the latest intervention to the 1 meter-tall (377 ft) Orbit, conceived by Anish Kapoor the Olympics, following an abseiling attraction completed last year.艺术家Carsten H?ller,设计了这个——由Bblur建筑工作室初步规划的——全长8米(58英尺)的极速滑梯它能够媲美Anish Kapoor为奥运会设计并于去年完成的1米高(377英尺)的绳降轨道"Since 1999, I have built a number of slides, both free-standing and attached to buildings, but never onto another artwork as in this case," says H?ller, who installed a pair of spiraling slides at the Hayward Gallery an exhibition last summer.“自1999年,我建造了不少滑梯,都独立地附在建筑物上,但从来没有像这次这样放在另一件艺术作品上,” H?ller说,他去年在Hayward Gallery安装了一个双螺旋滑梯"Now that the two artworks will be intertwined with each other, I see it as one of these double situations that I am so interested in."“现在这两个作品彼此交织,我把它看做是我很喜欢的双重局面”The Orbit Tower slide will be made up of 30 sections -- of which are now complete -- and feature turns, including a tight corkscrew twist. It starts at a height of 7 meters and has a top speed of miles per hour, taking 0 seconds to go down.轨道塔的滑梯由部分组成——其中个已经完成——个转弯,包括一个紧的螺旋扭曲它从7米高的地方开始,最高时速达到英里,下来需要0秒Tickets the attraction cost ? ($) and include access to the Orbit’s viewing platm.坐滑梯的票价是欧(美元),包括轨道的观景平台London isn’t the only city expecting a helter skelter either, with plans afoot a glass slide 1,000 ft up Downtown LA’s US Bank Tower.并不只有伦敦在建造极速滑梯,洛杉矶要在美国塔建造00英尺的玻璃滑梯盐城包茎什么价格 7岁古稀老人奇迹生宝宝 -- 19:35: 来源: 印度一名70岁老妇人采用人工受方式,如愿首度产下一子,她表示自己还未老到不能当妈妈,如今人生终于完整The 70-year-old Indian woman who have birth to her first child with her 79-year-old husband has returned home with her newborn son.印度一名70岁的老妇人和她76岁的丈夫迎来了他们的头生子,并带着他们的新生儿已经从医院回家Daljinder Kaur and husband Mohinder Singh Gill have been married 6 years, but were never able to conceive naturally, believing that they had been rsquo;cursed by Godrsquo;.Daljinder Kaur和她丈夫Mohinder Singh Gill已经结婚6年,但一直没有孩子,他们认为,这是因为他们被诅咒了Last month, thanks to IVF treatment, Mrs Kaur gave birth to their son Armaan, making her the worldrsquo;s oldest first-time mother上个月,多亏了试管婴儿治疗技术,他们的儿子Armaan诞生了,这也使她成为世界上年龄最大的,生第一个孩子的妈妈oday, Mrs Kaur and Mr Singh Gill returned to their home in Amritsar with Armaan, showing off their bundle of joy, saying that their life is now rsquo;completersquo;.今天,这对来自印度阿姆利则的夫妇将会带着孩子回家,炫耀他们来之不易的、快乐的包袱,并表示,他们的生命终于完整了Hitting out at critics, Mrs Kaur said she was not too old to become a first-time mother with husband, Mohinder Singh Gill, adding they were not worried about the future as rsquo;God will take care of everythingrsquo;.对于批评言论,这位老妇人回应称,为人父母,她和他的丈夫都不算老他的丈夫也表示,他们不担心将来,因为上帝将会安排好一切Mrs Kaur underwent two years of IVF treatment at a fertility clinic in the northern state of Haryana, India bee falling pregnant.The baby was conceived using the couplersquo;s own egg and sperm, the news agency AFP reports.怀之前,Mrs Kaur在哈里亚纳邦的一家诊所接受了为期两年的试管婴儿治疗根据法新社的报道,这名婴儿的育使用了这对夫妇的卵子和精子He is now rsquo;healthy and heartyrsquo; after weighing just .lb when he was born on April 19, said a statement released by the clinic, the National Fertility and Test Tube centre.根据国家生育及试管检测中心发布的声明称,婴儿月19日出生时只有.磅,但他现在非常健康Mrs Kaur said the couple, who have been married 6 years, had almost lost hope of ever having a child.She claims they had even faced ridicule in a country where infertility is sometimes seen as a curse from God.Mrs Kaur说,她和她丈夫已经结婚6年,早就放弃了能有孩子的希望她说,他们还受到嘲笑,因为在这里,不不育被认为是受到了上帝的诅咒She said: rsquo;God heard our prayers. My life feels complete now. I am looking after the baby all by myself, I feel so full of energy.rsquo;My husband is also very caring and helps me as much as he can.她说,上帝听到了我们的祈祷,我们的人生现在完满了我现在亲自照顾孩子,我感觉精力充沛我丈夫也在尽其所能地照顾和帮助我rsquo;When we saw the (IVF) advert, we thought we should also give it a try as I badly wanted to have a baby of my own,rsquo; she said.她称,当我们第一次看到试管婴儿治疗的广告时,我们想可以试一下,因为我非常想要一个自己的孩子Doctors said Mrs Kaur had been infertile until now because her fallopian tubes were blocked, which had not been detected until she visited the clinic in .医生说她不不育是因为她的输卵管被堵塞了,这个病症是直到他年去诊所才查出来After two failed cycles of IVF, she finally conceived in July last year.经历了两轮失败的试管婴儿治疗,她最终在去年七月怀Her husband, who owns a farm outside Amritsar, said he was unfazed about their age, saying God would watch over their child.rsquo;People say what will happen to the child once we die. rsquo;But I have full faith in God. God is omnipotent and omnipresent, he will take care of everything,rsquo; he told AFP.她的丈夫在阿姆利则郊外有一农场,他称,对于他们的年龄,他一点儿不苦恼,上帝会照顾他们的孩子他告诉法新社记者,人们经常会说,如果我们去世后,孩子可怎么办但是我们相信上帝,他是万能的Dr Anurag Bishnoi, who runs the fertility clinic, said he was initially sceptical about going ahead with in vitro fertilisation (IVF), but tests showed Mrs Kaur was able to carry the unborn baby.Anurag Bishnoi医生是治疗这对夫妇诊所的所有者,他表示,最开始对于这对夫妇进行试管婴儿治疗持怀疑态度,但检测显示Mrs Kaur能够怀孩子rsquo;I first tried to avoid the case because she looked very frail. Then we made her undergo all the tests and once all the results were okay we went ahead,rsquo; the doctor told AFP.医生告诉法新社称,最开始的时候,我不想接这个病人,因为她看起来好脆弱但当我们做了所有检查之后,发现她情况还可以,我们决定继续This is the second case at the centre where a woman in her seventies has delivered successfully following IVF.In , 70-year-old Rajo Devi gave birth to a baby girl from the same centre, making her the worldrsquo;s oldest mother at the time.这也是第二例妇女在70岁时,通过试管婴儿治疗,成功怀在年,70岁的Rajo Devi在同一家生育中心成功产下一名女孩儿,这也使她成为世界上年龄最大的母亲90后成“白帽黑客”主力 -- ::38 来源: 中国首份《白帽黑客调查报告昨天发布,此次调查由国内知名安全团队KeenTeam创办的安全极客社区GeekPwn发起报告显示,90后的年轻人成为中国白帽黑客的主力军More than 0 white-hat hackers attend the final of a national competition designed to find new talent to work in the network security sector in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, on May .A total of ,500 people from home and abroad entered the competition. Sun Can Xinhua请看《中国日报的报道:The majority of Chinese white hat hackers are young people born in the 1990s, according to China's first report on the subject.据中国首份《白帽黑客调查报告显示,90后的年轻人成为中国白帽黑客的主力军“白帽黑客”也就是业界所称的“白帽子”,可以用英文white hat hackers 表示,指用自己的黑客技术来维护网络安全的黑客,他们实质是信息安全从业人员(inmation security personnel )与之相对应的是“黑帽黑客”(black hat hacker),也就是骇客(cracker),即闯入计算机系统或网络系统者这种说法缘于美国早期西部片以白帽和黑帽区分正邪双方媒体报道中,黑客一词常指那些软件骇客(software cracker)“黑客”是“hacker”的音译,原指用斧头砍柴的工人,1960年代这个词汇才被引入计算机圈 “骇客”是“cracker” 的音译,就是“破解者”的意思还有一些以“黑客”自居并沾沾自喜的初学者,称为脚本小子(script kiddie)《白帽黑客调查报告指出,90后(post-90s)白帽黑客的比例已达到了61%,80后则占30%,70后占%左右51.8%的白帽黑客承认进入黑客圈主要还是通过自学(self-taught),%是专业出身,%左右是因为工作需要盐城人流前准备什么

盐城治疗早泄大概需要多少钱少女原味脚皮?揭秘淘宝奇葩买卖 -- 18:6:1 来源:sohu 滴滴代注册、明星分手险、渣男测试、人皮面具、卖脚皮、出租男女朋友、脑残片......近日,淘宝首次公布“奇葩勾当”排行榜,揭露了八种突破法律红线或违反社会伦理道德的奇葩行为据了解,阿里“神盾局”内部有一“禁限售商品管理”团队,仅年上半年就删除此类违法、违禁、扰乱平台秩序的商品链接高达万余条 China's largest e-commerce platm Taobao has published a list of weird goods or services offered on the website the first time recently. The Safety and Security Intelligence Center of Alibaba Group has a team that manages the banned and restricted goods. It has deleted over . million links selling illegal goods or goods that disturb the order of the platm in the first half of . 首先,下面让我们来盘点一下都有哪些奇葩勾当上线 1.What are they? 1)滴滴代注册:这一务主要是为用户提供代理注册务,商家在收费50至0元不等后,保障司机即使在不合符注册条件的情况之下,仍可在滴滴平台上注册成功因滴滴注册自身有注册门槛要求,所以,这一代理行为违背企业安全诚信标准,日后存在未知风险 Help customers register Didi drivers: If a driver wants to register as a Didi driver on cab hailing app Didi Dache, he or she must meet certain standards. example, his car must be in good condition, and he himself must be a good driver, etc. However, some drivers cannot meet the requirements set by Didi. Theree, they turned to Taobao help. Some Taobao shops charge the drivers from 50 to 0 yuan to help them get registered quickly. And if the they register the driver is blocked, they can help them get a new free. 而就目前来看,这一代理行业最大的风险就是一旦不符合注册标准的司机成功注册,并开始接单进行务后,在过程中会给叫车的乘客带来极大的风险和困扰比如:实际车辆与乘客在叫车软件上预定的车号牌不符、型号不符,或司机根本不是同一人等 Reason stopping it: Drivers not meeting the standardsmay not be able to offer qualified service to customers. When customers hail a car on the app, they may find that the car going to take them may have a different number plate or the driver may be a different person, which may be quite dangerous. )分手险:泰勒和抖森新恋情曝光,淘宝网的部分商家趁机推出了与二人恋情相关的专属「分手险」,该险种明显带有对明星私生活的调侃性质另外,此虚拟险种,也涉及非法集资诈骗 Break-up insurance: After Taylor Swift started dating with Tom Hiddleston this June, there's a break-up insurance the two appearing on Taobao. Each bet costs 1 yuan(世上最矮夫妻高调秀恩爱 -- 19:8: 来源: 这对夫妻身高不足0.9米,然而他们说面对真爱,身高从来不是问题 The world’s shortest couple - who both measure less then three feet tall - have proved that size doesn’t matter when it comes to love.作为世上最矮的夫妻,二人身高均不到3英尺(0.9米),但他们却用行动明真爱和身形无关Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and Katyucia Hoshino, from Brazil, both have ms of dwarfism and stand at .8in and 35.in respectively.Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros和KatyuciaHoshino来自巴西,他们都有着侏儒的身形,身高分别为.8英寸和35.英寸The pair, who hope to enter the Guinness Book of World Records, said they met on a social media website ten years ago and started chatting on MSN Messenger.这对夫妻十年前通过社交媒体网站相识,并开始在MSN上聊天他们希望能进入吉尼斯世界纪录Paulo, 30, who has a rare genetic condition called diastrophic dysplasia dwarfism, said it was love at first sight him.Paulo今年30岁,患有罕见的畸形发育不良侏儒症,他说他对Katyucia一见钟情I found her very beautiful from the first moment I saw her,’ he said.“见到她的第一眼我就觉得她非常漂亮”他说But the attraction wasn’t mutual. Katyucia, 6, who has achondroplasia dwarfism, which affects bone growth, initially blocked him on the instant messaging site.然而他们之间并非两情相悦Katyucia今年6岁,由于患有软骨发育不全侏儒症而影响了骨骼发育一开始,她在即时通讯网站上屏蔽了PauloShe said: ’The first time I started talking to Paulo, he was really annoying. He had cheap-pick up lines.’她说:“刚开始和Paulo聊天时他真的很讨厌他的搭讪很没水平”Paulo, who works as a legal secretary, said: ’She thought I was trying to flirt but I was just being nice. According to her I was a really boring guy.’Paulo是一名法律助理,他说:“她觉得我在撩她,但我只是想表现好一点据她说,我一开始是个十分无聊的家伙”That would have been the end of the matter, if Katyucia hadn’t suddenly decided to unblock him 18 months later.如果不是Katyucia在18个月以后突然决定解除屏蔽,也许就不会有下面的故事了Katyucia, who now owns her own beauty salon that has been specially adapted her size, said: ’One day something happened in my head and I went and unblocked him. By then he was aly more relatable.’Katyucia现在拥有一家根据她的身高改造过的美容沙龙,她说:“有一天我脑海中突然有个想法,然后我跑去解除了对他的屏蔽那时候他已经变得更靠谱了些”Paulo said: ’When she unblocked me, it didn’t take me more than a minute to say hello. we started speaking and she said I was more civilised.’Paulo说:“她对我解除屏蔽后,我在一分钟以内就和她打招呼了我们开始聊天,她说我变得更有礼貌了”Two months later, Paulo travelled more than 186 milies to Katyucia’s home city of Londrina to meet her.两个月后,Paulo跋涉了186英里来到了Katyucia位于隆德里纳市的家中与她见面He said he was bowled over by Katyucia’s beauty, but she was shy and unimpressed with his dress sense.他说他为Katyucia的美貌所倾倒,而她却有点害羞,他的着装品味也没能给她留下很深的印象Paulo said: ’What most attracted me to her, besides her beauty, was how sweet she was. It was her sweet personality.’Paulo说:“她最吸引我的除了美貌以外,还有她的甜美她甜美的性格吸引了我”The beautician said: ’He was wearing an orange shirt, jeans and sunglasses - thank God it has improved since then.’这位美容师说:“他当时穿着一件橙色衬衫和牛仔裤,戴着墨镜-谢天谢地,从那时起他的品味开始有所提升”Despite Katyucia’s concerns about the long distance between them, five days later the pair started dating and after four years they moved in together.尽管Katyucia担心他们之间的遥远距离,然而五天后两人即开始约会,四年后他们搬到了一起居住Katyucia said: ’I had never dated bee so Paulo is my first boyfriend, my first everything.’Katyucia说:“我之前从没谈过恋爱,所以Paulo是我的初恋,我所有的第一次都给了他”Now they say they’re are like any other couple. Paulo has a specially-adapted car to enable him to drive, while Katyucia’s beauty salon has been specially modified her height.现在他们和其他情侣一样Paulo有一辆专为他改造过的汽车,而Katyucia的美容沙龙也根据她的身高特意改造过Paulo, who has ambitions to run mayor in his home town of Itapeva, said: ’Basically, we are a normal couple but our height is a little smaller.Paulo有着雄心壮志,希望在他的家乡Itapeva竞选市长,他说:“总的来说我们是一对普通的情侣,只不过我们的身高矮了点The best thing about our relationship is our closeness, our companionship we have each other.“最美好的就是我们之间的亲密无间以及相互陪伴She supports me in everything, she’s my little warrior.’“她什么事都持我,就像我的小战士”Katyucia added: ’We fight like every couple. A couple that doesn’t fight isn’t a normal couple.Katyucia说:“我们也像所有夫妻一样,会吵架不吵架的夫妻是不正常的Our thoughts match, our ideas match, our feelings match and that’s really cool.“我们想法一致,观念相同,感受相通,这种感觉非常棒His best quality is his simplicity. He is a person like any other. I think as a couple we are both different people, we aren’t the same person. We discuss our relationship, sit down and talk and get to a resolution.“他最好的一点就是他的天真,像所有其他人一样作为一对夫妻,我们每个人都是不同的个体,而不是同一个人我们会讨论我们之间的关系,坐下来交谈并最终找到解决办法I have a really difficult temper; dealing with me is not easy, but Paulo is so understanding and patient - that’s what I find most attractive about him.’“我脾气非常差,和我相处并不是件容易的事,但Paulo非常善解人意和有耐心-这是我觉得他最吸引我的地方”Together the couple enjoy travelling, going out, and eating ice cream and Japanese food.这对夫妻喜欢一起旅行和郊游,喜欢吃冰淇淋和日本菜Katyucia said: ’The things we most like to do are eating and sleeping. Those are the things we do best.’Katyucia说:“我们最喜欢做的就是吃吃睡睡,这也是我们做的最好的事”The couple say their small stature means they struggle to use cash machines, public bathrooms and reaching their beloved buffets.小夫妻说他们矮小的体形使得他们在使用取款机、公共厕所以及取爱吃的自助餐时非常困难Paulo said: ’The only difference that I see are things in public spaces. example, an ATM was made people with normal height. It’s a simple thing. A person with normal height has access but we, untunately, don’t have access.’Paulo说:“我觉得唯一的不同就是在面对公共场合的事物时比如,自动取款机是为正常身高的人设计的,对他们而言很简单,正常身高的人能够轻松使用,然而不幸的是,我们不能”Katyucia added: ’One of the difficulties I encounter is with the oven, the sink, the washing machine and opening a window and opening doors.’Katyucia补充说:“当我要用炉灶、水池、洗衣机以及开门开窗时,我觉得很困难”Both say they have faced discrimination their size and have been pointed and stared at in the street - with passers-by openly laughing at their stature.两人都遭遇过身高歧视,都曾在大街上被路人盯着指指点点,有些还公开嘲笑他们的体形Katyucia said: ’I’ve been through discrimination every day. Every day I go outside and you see people pointing at you, whispering about you, that’s normal. You can’t escape it.’Katyucia说:“我每天都经历着这些歧视每天出门你会发现有人指着你、小声讨论你,这很正常,你无法逃脱”But Paulo and Katyucia brush off the ignorance of others and after eight years together, the pair are considering getting married - though Paulo has yet to pop the question.但Paulo和Katyucia不顾他人的看法而坚定地一起走过了八年时光这对情侣目前正打算结婚-尽管Paulo还需要求婚Katyucia said: ’If it wasn’t his patience, we wouldn’t have been together eight years.Katyucia说:“如果不是他的耐心,我们也不会在一起八年之久I wouldn’t be who I am today. Paulo teaches me so much.’“我也不会是今天的我Paulo教会了我很多”The smitten couple are open to the possibility of children in the future - although it may be difficult Katyucia to carry a baby full-term because of her size.这对恩爱夫妻打算在未来要孩子-尽管Katyucia由于身形原因很难全程怀着孩子She said: ’We’ve discussed having kids. My pregnancy would be high risk because the size of my uterus wouldn’t support a baby.她说:“我们已经讨论过要孩子的问题我怀风险很高,因为我的子宫无法容下一个婴儿We’ve decided to let things happen at the right moment. In regards to the future we say: ’never say never’.’我们已决定顺其自然对于未来,我们坚信:“绝不要说绝不”She added: ’In terms of personal goals, I want to one day get married, I want us to have our own house and have our own dogs. Whether we have kids or not, I want to be happy, that’s what I want.’她还说:“谈到个人目标,我希望有天能够结婚,有座属于我们的房子和我们的不论是否有孩子,我只想要幸福,这就是我想要的”.). If the pop singer 'breaks up' with the new boyfriend within a year then the buyer will get double their bet which is directly paid into their bank . One seller says that there have been 53 transactions. While another seller said that the highest amount someone has spent was 00 yuan. 这项务所提供的险种本是就是不存在的,看似好笑,单笔交易也不过一元左右,而事实上它涉及非法集资诈骗在零成本的基础上,卖家可以盈利几千元之多 Reason stopping: There's no break-up insurances. This business could be suspected of involving fraudulent fund-raising. Although it’s sold at 1 yuan each, the seller may collect several thousand yuan or even more. It’s illegal fund-raising. 经过严格的筛查和监管,分手险和类似商品已在淘宝下架详情请点击查看:分手险系非法集资已遭下架 3)渣男测试:买家花钱购买后,就会有年轻女性以陌生女孩的身份,根据客户所提供的资料,通过QQ或微信来帮助客户鉴定另一半对自己是否忠诚 Fidelity tests: After you buy the service, there will be a young female using the inmation you give to seduce your boyfriend, testing whether he is loyal enough or not. 这一“勾当”其实严重扰乱了社会公共秩序更有潜在非法性交易和发生强奸犯罪的隐患 Reason stopping: it violates public order and fine customs. There’s also a risk of potential sex trade or rape cases (because of seducing), just like renting a boyfriend or girlfriend to satisfy worrying parents. )人皮面具:高度仿真人脸,其脸部皮肤纹理、色泽与真人极度相似 Skinmask: Skinmask that looks similar to genuine human faces in skin texture and color. Many people love to use such tools to make practical jokes, or frighten somebody fun. Or they may just want to imitate what people in TV dramas do and want to make some fun with the mask. 这一奇葩商品给了犯罪分子可乘之机,它们可以通过这些面具在作案时隐藏身份,逃避警察追捕 Reason stopping: Some criminals may also buy the mask, and use it as a tool to hide their identity while committing a crime, which may hinder the police from finding the criminals. 5)代骂挨骂务:协助他人提供报复、发泄性质的骂人和被人骂务 Revenge service: It was quite easy to find such service sold online. The seller charges customers money according to the time the seller spent in making phone calls to scold others them. 福建的律师邓长昌表示,根据法律规定,每个人都有人权,且都应得到尊重随意辱骂他人是严重伤害他人人权的行为买卖双方都属于侵犯他人权利 Reasons stopping: Deng Changchang, a lawyer in Fujian, said this behavior is illegal. According to the law, everyone has his or her right of personality, which should be respected by others. Scolding others will violate their right of personality. Those who scold others customers and customers who hire them infringe others' rights together. 6)脚皮、新鲜大便等无厘头商品:淘宝上出现“少女原味脚皮”等怪异商品,并持续热销,奇葩商品引发社会舆论和广泛关注 Dead skin from the foot of a virgin or feces: Some sellers sell original flavor of dead skin from the foot of a virgin or feces as snacks, which even became a huge hit on Taobao. 这一商品必须叫停的原因 奇葩商品吸引奇葩取向的顾客,造成负面社会影响 没有严格的检疫,这类商品极有可能携带病毒细菌 那么多人在买“少女”的这,“少女”的那如此大的销量,哪来那么多少女脚皮?或者,这也许根本不是你心中的“少女”?细思极恐 Reason stopping: These could attract some people with weird hobbies, and bring some negative social influences. Is that edible? There's no healthstandard that, which may sp some insects. There are a lot of people buying that. So are there so many girl's dead foot skin sales? Are these dead skins really from girls?7)脑残片:商家对普通糖果进行伪装,为了取眼球和恶搞而冠上脑残片等怪异名称 Pills stupid people: These are candies in fact. But sellers use a fancy package to pack these candies, and name it pills stupid people (脑残片). People may buy it prank use, like making fun of others by giving them the pills to cure their brain damage. 我国对于网络渠道销售药品食品是设有十分严格而明确的规章制度的而“脑残片”既不属于食品,也不属于药品,这就意味着它很有可能既不符合食品规定也不属于药品规定,所以对消费者健康而言,这类怪异药片有着不可预知的风险 Reason stopping: there is strict quality control in selling drugs or food on the internet. Such pills are neither food nor drugs, which may neither meet the requirements of food nor drugs. So it may be risky to customer's health. 那么,究竟是何原因导致市面上出现这些奇奇怪怪的“勾当”呢? .Why is there such weird business? 1)为了吸引消费者 许多年轻人喜欢标新立异,从而显示出自己的与众不同许多黑心商家利用法律漏洞,销售一些奇奇怪怪的商品,以此来取年轻人的眼球,从而盈利 To attract customers:Many young people love to show their individuality, and differentiate from others. Theree, many sellers make use of the loopholes of the law, and make their goods appear weird and special in order to stand out on the online shopping website to attract these young people to buy. )一个愿打一个愿挨--需求刺激供给 以滴滴打车为例,随着滴滴这款app越来越火爆,许多私家车司机也想从中捞一桶金而然部分司机不符合滴滴审核的标准无法注册为了迎合这一需求,淘宝的一些黑心商家就提供虚假信息帮助他们在滴滴上完成注册 There's demand stimulate the supply: As the Didi Dache app becomes popular, many drivers want to join in to make extra money. However, not all of them qualify the registry requirements. Theree, some Taobao sellers charge them money to help them register with false inmation. 3)监管的缺乏 由于淘宝这一平台自身的开放性和丰富性,人们似乎可以在淘宝上售卖任何东西这就使那些不法卖家可以披着万众创新的外衣,在这一平台上销售自己那些奇葩商品而且由于淘宝平台的复杂性,在监管团队查出他们之前,还有时间可以大赚一笔 Lack of supervision: Due to Taobao's qualities of abundance and openness, people seem to sell everything, real or virtual online. Theree, it’s easy people to start a business on the platm to sell these weird things, under the name of innovation. And it's highly possible that they can make money bee Taobao team found their business improper, and blocked their shops or links. )利用“名人”效应 分手险就是随着霉霉和抖森恋情曝光而出现的奇葩商品黑心商家利用广大中国粉丝对霉霉的关注和喜爱,积少成多,从中盈利 Make use of celebrity's gossip: Those who sell break-up insurance just want to make use of the relationship between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. Because the singer is very popular and has many fans in China, there must be fans focusing on the development of their relationship, and want to buy the insurance which only costs 1 yuan each. 最后,针对这些奇葩“勾当”,我们应该做些什么呢? 下面是几点小建议 3. What should be done 1)提醒广大消费者 Remind customers )与有关监管部门取得联系 Contact related departments 3)设立热线举报平台 Set up hotlines or reporting platm )屏蔽“奇怪”关键词 Block more key words响水县人民医院妇科挂号 高考人数呈下降趋势 -- :55:8 来源: 随着高考学生人数近两年呈下降趋势,迫使很多大学为了招收足够的学生而出台新的招生措施 The fall in the number of students taking the gaokao will ce some colleges and universities to find novel recruitment methods if they want to enroll enough students, education experts have warned.随着高考学生人数近两年呈下降趋势,迫使很多大学为了招收足够的学生而出台新的招生措施The annual national college entrance exam began on Tuesday, with 9. million students taking it nationwide, ,000 fewer than last year.今年高考于本周二开始,全国共有90万考生参加高考,相比去年考生人数少了两万At least of China’s municipalities, provinces and regions saw a fall in the number of students registering the exam this year.今年,全国个省自治区中有个地区高考报名人数减少In Beijing, Liaoning and Jiangsu provinces, the numbers have fallen to new lows, according to an annual survey on the gaokao and enrollment released by education portal eol.cn.根据教育部高考招生门户网站eol.cn年度调查显示,北京、辽宁和江苏省高考人数跌到最低点The gaokao is considered the most important exam in China, as only a small proportion of the students can be enrolled at top universities each year.高考是中国最重要的一项考试,因为只有小部分学生能被名牌大学录取Chen Zhiwen, editor-in-chief of eol.cn, said the fall in numbers is not good news some lesser-known colleges and universities.高考招生门户网站eol.cn 主编陈志文说,高考人数减少对于那些非知名院校来说不是好消息"Fewer students taking the gaokao mean it will be more difficult these colleges and universities to recruit enough students," Chen said.“随着越来越少的学生参加高考,意味着一些大学难以招收足够的生源,”陈说道He believes the fall is due to the shrinking population of college-age students and more Chinese students wanting to study overseas.陈先生说,高考人数减少源于高中学生人数减少以及越来越多的中国学生想出国读大学The eol.cn report, citing population authorities, said 5 million people were born in China in 1990, leading to a peak in the number of gaokao takers in .eol.cn 网站报道,根据人口统计显示,因为中国生于1990年的人口有500万,所以年高考人数达到高峰After 1990, the number of newborns fell — reflected from to , when gaokao takers declined five consecutive years. The fall in numbers ended in and they have stabilized at about 9. million since then.1990年之后,新生儿减少,从年到年连续5年高考人数的连续减少可以看出年高考人数降低到90万人,这两年人数一直稳定在这个数量However, an increasing number of Chinese students are heading overseas to study. Last year, more than 5,000 Chinese went abroad to study — the largest number ever.然而,越来越多的中国学生选择出国留学去年,有5万中国学生去国外留学,这是迄今为止留学人数最多的一年Chen believes that under such circumstances, the student recruitment issue facing some colleges and universities will continue.陈主任说,在这种情况下,很多院校将面临招生难的问题Xiong Bingqi, vice-president of the 1st Century Education Research Institute, said one solution is to cultivate the characteristics and strengths of these educational institutions.1世纪教育研究院副主席熊炳奇说道,解决这个问题的一个方法就是培养这些院校的教学特长建湖县妇科专家挂号

盐城协和医院割包皮图片美抗旱奇招:水库投"遮阳球" -- 3:9:01 来源: 美抗旱奇招:水库投"遮阳球"Los Angeles protects open-air reservoirs with millions of floating 'shade balls'The city has completed a program of covering open-air reservoirs with floating "shade balls" to protect water quality.为了保护水质,洛杉矶市向露天水库投放了9600万个“遮阳球”,这些球浮在水面上,水库表面已被遮盖目前该项目已全部完成City officials this week dumped the last ,000 of 96 million black balls into the Los Angeles Reservoir in Sylmar, 5 miles northwest of downtown. The -inch-diameter plastic balls block sunlight from penetrating the 5-acre surface of the reservoir.本周,洛杉矶市官员将最后万个黑色塑料球投放到洛杉矶水库,该水库位于西尔马,距离洛杉矶市中心西北部5英里这些塑料球直径为英寸,覆盖了水库5英亩(约71公顷)的水面,使其避免太阳光照射That prevents chemical reactions that can cause algae blooms and other problems, allowing the Department of Water and Power (DWP) to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency water-quality requirements.这也可以避免发生化学反应,而化学反应可能导致水藻滋生等其它问题此举使得洛杉矶水电局达到美国国家环境保护局的水质标准They have the added perk of aiding with the ravages of the drought, and are expected to keep about 300 million gallons annually from evaporating.此举已经缓解了干旱所带来的破坏,预计每年可以减少3亿加仑的蒸发量"In the midst of Calinia's historic drought, it takes bold ingenuity to maximize my goals water conservation," Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement, noting that the eft is "emblematic of the kind of the creative thinking we need to meet those challenges."洛杉矶市长埃里克?贾西提在一次声明中说道:“面对加州史上少有的干旱,我们需要有相当大胆的创造力来帮助我们最大化地实现节水,”市长还强调,此举“体现出我们迎接挑战所需要的创造性思维”The 36-cent balls also will help prevent evaporation of 300 million gallons of water annually from the 3.3 billion-gallon reservoir, the DWP said.水电局工作人员称,洛杉矶水库的储水量为33亿加仑,每个遮阳球的成本为36美分,每年可帮助该水库减少3亿加仑的蒸发量The city began using shade balls in .洛杉矶市自年开始使用遮阳球Vocabularyalgae: 水藻perk: 额外津贴evaporate: 蒸发emblematic: 象征英文来源:美联社译者:实习生冯佳佳审校编辑:许晶晶 <牛人_句子>盐城医院做人流哪个好盐城哪家医院治不孕不育



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