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There are always fish willing to be caught by anglerJiang Taigong姜太公钓鱼,愿者上钩Jiang Taigong is a popular name for Jiang Ziya, statesman and strategist.姜太公字子牙,是中国古代的一位影响久远的杰出的韬略家、军事家和政治家。As an adviser of King Wen of the Zhou State in ancient China, he, at the age of 80, helped the young King Wu overthrow the Shang Dynasty and establish the Zhou Dynasty.他在八十高龄,辅佐文王,兴邦立国,帮助年轻的周武王灭掉商朝,建立起周朝。Jiang Ziya lived near the Weishui River about 3 000 years ago.大约3千多年前,姜子牙居住在渭水北岸,The area was the feudal estate of Count Ji Chang.属于西伯姬昌的封建领地。Jiang Ziya knew Ji Chang was very ambitious so he hoped to get Ji’s attention.姜子牙听说西伯姬昌尊贤纳士,年逾七旬的他便千里迢迢投奔西歧。He often went fishing at the Weishui River,此后,他每日垂钓于渭水之上,等待圣明君主的到来。but he would fish in an unusual way. He hung a straight fishhook, without bait, three feet above the water .姜子牙的钓法奇特,短竿长线,线系直钩,不用诱饵之食,钓杆也不垂到水里,离水面有三尺高,He often said to himself, “Fish,if you don’t want to live any more, come and swallow the hook yourself. ”并且一边钓鱼一边自言自语,“不想活的鱼儿呀,你们愿意的话,就自己上钩吧。”Soon his strange way of fishing was reported to Ji Chang.太公奇特的钓鱼方法,终于传到了姬昌那里。Ji sent a soldier to fetch him.姬昌知道后,派一名士兵去叫他来。Jiang saw the soldier conning, but ignored him.但太公并不理踩这个士兵,Jiang just went on with his fishing, and was saying to himself,“Fishing, fishing,no fish has been hooked. A shrimp is up to mischief. ”只顾自己钓鱼,并自言自语道:“钓啊,钓啊,鱼儿不上钩,虾儿来胡闹!”The soldier reported this back to Ji Chang, who became more interested in Jiang.姬昌听了士兵的禀报后,Ji sent an official to invite Jiang this time.改派一名官员去请太公来。But Jiang again ignored the invitation.可是太公依然不答理,He just carried on fishing,and was saying,“Fishing,fishing,the big fish has not been hooked. A small one is up to mischief”边钓边说:“钓啊,钓啊,大鱼不上钩,小鱼别胡闹! ”Then Ji Chang realized Jiang may be a great talent so he went to invite Jiang himself and brought many generous gifts with him.姬昌这才意识到,这个钓者必是位贤才,要亲自去请他才对。于是他带着厚礼,前往磘溪去聘请太公。Jiang saw his sincere desire so decided to work for him.太公见他诚心诚意来聘请自己,便答应为他效力。Jiang helped Ji Chang and his son turn over the Shang Dynasty and establish the Zhou Dynasty.后来,姜尚辅佐文王,兴邦立国,还帮助文王的儿子武王姬发,灭掉了商朝,建 立了周朝。Today, people use this old idiom to describe someone who willingly falls in a trap or does something regardless of the result.成语“姜太公钓鱼,愿者上钩”比喻心甘情愿地上别人的圈套或是做事不计后果。 /201509/395354Taoism in the Per-Qin Period先秦的道家思想Taoism, also known as Daoism, was founded by Lao Zi in the Pre-Qin Period, and developed into many schools, the most important of which were represented by Zhuang Zi and Huang-Lao (short for Huangdi and Lao Zi) respectively.道家学派在先秦时期由老子创立,后发展成为多种学派,其中最具代表性的分别是庄子和黄老(黄帝和老子的简称)。Guo Moruo (1892—1978), a famous historian, pointed out in his book Ten Criticisms that all Taoist schools regarded Too or Dao, meaning “ The Way”, as the noumenon of the cosmos.著名历史学家郭沫若(1892——1978)在他的著作《十批判书》中指出“道”的意思是宇宙的本体。This means Taoism comes from the word dao, and the thoughts on dao constitute the core of the Taoist philosophy.这说明道家来源于“道”这个词,“道”的思想构成了道家哲学的核心。Tao, which refers to the integration of the noumenon and rules of the cosmos, is characterized by its deep abstraction and universal significance.道,代表宇宙本体和法则的统一,高度的抽象性与普遍意义是它的特点。Because of all this, Taoism is a doctrine, dwelling on the past and the present, covering Heaven and Man, and renowned for its tolerance and plasticity.正因如此,道家思想是一个立足于过去与现在的教义,它涵盖了上天与人类,因它的包容性与可塑性而闻名。As a result, more and more schools came into existence, which became an important source of ancient Chinese thinking.所以,越来越多的学派出现了,它们是古代中国思想的一个重要来源。 /201509/397304

A new study says that standing up at your desk doesn#39;t actually decrease your risk of death-by-office, unless you#39;re physically active otherwise.新研究表明:除非经常锻炼,否则站着工作也不会降低猝死风险。After several studies asserted that sitting at work all day is slowly killing us, researchers at the University of Exeter and University College London took another look at the claims. The Washington Post reports:此前,已有多项研究表明,久坐会慢慢地致人死亡。但埃克塞特大学和伦敦大学学院的几位研究员却从另一角度进行了研究。华盛顿邮报报道:Researchers tracked 16 years#39; worth of health data from 5,132 people in the Whitehall II study cohort. Participants reported their total time sitting and how long they sat during four different situations: at work, watching television, leisure time and non-television leisure time. Researchers also tracked time spent walking daily and on physical activity.此次研究的调查对象来自白厅二级定群研究,共5132人。研究人员对他们长达16年的健康数据进行了跟踪。调查对象需汇报他们坐下的总时长,以及在四种不同场合——工作、看电视、业余活动,以及不看电视的业余活动——分别坐下的时长。研究人员还跟踪调查了他们每日步行和运动的时长。After controlling for a number of factors, including diet and general health, researchers found the overall mortality risk for these participants wasn#39;t influenced by how long they sat or by the kind of sitting. And the researchers cautioned that too much emphasis on not sitting shouldn#39;t take the place of promoting physical activity.研究人员在控制了包括饮食、整体健康在内的许多变量后,发现:调查对象的总死亡率不受久坐时间和坐姿的影响。研究人员告诫称,人们不应过份强调久坐的风险,而忽视强调运动的重要。What#39;s particularly interesting about the study, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, is that researchers didn#39;t just focus on sitting during the workday, but factored in all kinds of sitting-specific data as well as rates of physical activity. Their conclusion was that ;sitting time was not associated with all-cause mortality risk.; Basically, more elements are in play than just whether you#39;re sitting down at work, and your levels of physical activity are the greatest health indicator.这项研究发表在《国际流行病学杂志》上。其中特别有趣的是,研究员没有只研究人们在工作时的久坐情况,还考虑到了各种相关数据和运动频率。其结论是“久坐与全因死亡率无关”。总而言之,影响健康的元素很多,不仅仅在于是否在工作时久坐。最能体现健康状况的是锻炼情况。So what does this all mean? It appears that the act of working while standing up—which has become a trendy thing to do, especially in tech offices—doesn#39;t help your health, if you#39;re not actually exercising otherwise. If you never make it to the gym, you might as well just sit down. This is good news for the makers of tmill desks, however.所以这到底意味着什么?现在流行站着办公,科技公司尤为突出。但是如果不锻炼,站着工作也似乎没什么用;如果永远都不去健身,还不如就坐着呢。这对跑步机办公桌的生产商来说,可是个好消息。The last office where I worked jumped on the standing desk trend hard, installing desks that could be raised for all workers. They also had a tmill desk, and a bike desk. While the option to stand is certainly nice as a change in the middle of a monotonous workday, this research suggests it#39;s not the cure-all that adherents would like to claim.我之前工作的地方勉强跟上了站立式办公桌的潮流,装上了可随意调节高度的桌子。此外,还有一张跑步机办公桌和一张自行车办公桌。当然,在乏味的工作之余能站着工作也是个不错的选择,但研究表明,站着工作并不是所谓的万灵丹。;Our study overturns current thinking on the health risks of sitting and indicates that the problem lies in the absence of movement rather than the time spent sitting itself,; study author Melvyn Hillsdon of the University of Exeter said in a statement. ;Any stationary posture where energy expenditure is low may be detrimental to health, be it sitting or standing.;“我们的研究推翻了当下人们对久坐危害的认知,并指出危害健康的原因在于缺乏锻炼,而不是久坐,”来自埃克塞特大学的研究作者梅尔文·希尔斯顿在一份声明中说道。“身体静止不动,能量消耗就低,从而危害健康,不管是坐着还是站着都一样。”The takeaway here is companies that truly want to assist worker health should invest money in options like free exercise classes and gym reimbursements. They should encourage employees to go outside and actually walk around, not simply stand up at their computers. And maybe it means that everyone who insists that standing up is the only way to work can climb down off their high desk.这表明,真正关心员工健康的公司应该把钱花在购买免费运动课程和报销健身费用上。公司应鼓励员工走出办公室,四处走走,而不是只在电脑前站着工作。或许这意味着那些坚信“站着是唯一解决办法”的人终于能从高高的桌子上爬下来了。 /201510/405200

It#39;s peak fall, and people are going nuts over foliage.秋意正浓,人们为秋叶而痴狂。As mid-October approaches, New Englanders wait in anticipation for that iconic time of year when the vibrant colors of fall foliage finally reach their peak. For many locals, leaf peeping - yes, that#39;s a thing - is as simple as stepping out into the backyard or taking a ride on Amtrak#39;s Autumn Express train.每每临近10月中旬,新英格兰地区的居民就开始期待这个黄金时节,此时秋叶色泽最好,可谓五纷呈、绚丽无比。对于许多当地人而言,赏叶——没错,这是一种时尚——很简单,只要走到后院或者坐上“美铁”(Amtrak)的“秋季特快列车”(Autumn Express)就够了。Meanwhile, those stuck in season-less regions are deprived of this annual treat.而那些生活在四季不分明地区的人就没有这一年一度的眼福了。But now, green-leafed West Coasters - or anyone else who really, really likes fall - can get New England foliage delivered straight to their door. Avid hiker Kyle Waring and his wife have searched throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont for the perfect few leaves that typify the fall season. They sell them on ShipFoliage.com. Customers receive a .99 bundle that has been hand-picked and assembled by the Warings.但现在,只能赏绿叶的西海岸人或真地特别喜欢秋天的其他人,也能看到新英格兰的树叶了,而且直接送货上门。徒步旅行爱好者凯尔·华林(Kyle Waring)和妻子搜寻了整个新罕布什尔州、马萨诸塞州和佛蒙特州,只为找到少数能象征金秋的完美叶子。他们在“寄送叶子”(ShipFoliage.com)网站上出售搜集到的树叶。客户只需花19.99美元就能得到一组华林夫妇亲手采摘并包装好的树叶。Once the leaves are collected, they ;undergo a unique preservation process; that involves soaking them for 2-3 days and allowing them to dry for a few more. This ensures that they#39;ll last long after the fall season is over - an estimated 5-7 years, according to the company#39;s site.叶子被收集起来后,会“经过一种独特的保鲜处理”,包括浸泡2-3天,干燥数天。这可以确保秋季结束后树叶仍长期不褪色,该公司的网站称,树叶颜色预计可维持5-7年。So far, Waring has seen the most demand from season-starved customers in California, Texas, and Florida. ;I guess there#39;s something about New England foliage,; he says.到目前为止,以四季不分明的加利福尼亚州、得克萨斯州和佛罗里达州的客户需求最大。华林说:“我想是因为新英格兰树叶与众不同吧”。 /201510/402400



  Qing Dynasty清朝Rise of the Manchu满族的崛起In the early 1600s Aixinjueluo Nurhaci formed the nomadic Manchu State known as Manchuo (满洲).17世纪早期,爱新觉罗努尔哈赤建立了以游牧为生的满洲国。He united four of the Manchu Flagged Factions that and later collected power of all eight of the flagged factions.他统一了满洲四旗并掌控了八旗的所有权力。In the later periods of his reign, he moved the capital to Shenyang.在他执政的末期,他将都城迁到了沈阳。When Lindan Khan, the last grand-Khan of the Mongols, died on his way to Tibet in 1634, his son Ejei surrendered to the Manchu and gave the great seal of the Yuan Emperor to Huangtaiji.当蒙古族最后的大汗林丹汗在1634年前往西藏的路途中去世后,他的儿子额哲臣于满洲国并将元朝的国玺交给了皇太极。As a result, Huangtaiji established the new dynasty of Qing as the successor of the Yuan Dynasty in 1636.因此,皇太极于1636年建立了清朝,也就是元朝的后一任帝国。After years of civil unrest, the Ming capital Beijing was sacked by a coalition of rebel forces led by one Li Zicheng (李自成).经历了多年的国内动乱,明朝的都城北京被李自成带领的起义军洗劫一空。The Ming Dynasty officially came to an end when the last Ming Emperor committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree on the hill overlooking the Forbidden City.当明朝的最后一任皇帝在遥望着紫禁城的山头上吊自杀时,明朝正式结束了。After taking Beijing in April 1644, Li Zhicheng led an army of 60000 strong to confront Wu Sangui (吴三桂), the general commanding Ming’s 100000 strong garrison stationed at ShanhaiPass(山海关).1644年4月,李自成占领北京后带领着60000强军与吴三桂对垒,吴三桂统领着明朝100000强大的驻军驻扎在山海关。ShanhaiPass is the pivotal northeastern pass of the Great Wall of China located fiffy miles northeast of Beijing and for years its defenses were what kept the Manchus at bay and out of China.山海关是长城东北部关键的关口,它位于北京东北方50英里的地方,多年以来,它将满族人阻挡在中国之外,使他们陷入困境。Wu caught between two enemies decided to cast his lots with the Manchus and made an alliance with Dorgon, regent to the then six-year old Shunzhi, son of Huangtaiji who had passed away the year before.吴三桂被夹在两个敌人中间,最终决定将赌注下在清朝身上并与6岁顺治帝的摄政王多尔衮结成联盟,顺治帝是皇太极的儿子,皇太极于前一年驾崩。Together the two armies met Li Zhicheng’s rebel forces in battle on May 27, 1644.1644年5月27日,吴三桂与清军联军和李自成的起义军开战。Even though the rebel forces were routed, Wu’ s army was so weakened by the day’s fighting that he had no choice but to join the Manchus forces as they captured Beijing on June 6 and began their conquest of the whole of China.尽管李自成的军队已溃不成军,吴三桂的军队也因连日征战过于虚弱,无奈只得在满洲国的军队攻占了北京征了中国之后加入他们的军队。The process took another seventeen years of battling Ming loyalists, pretenders and rebels.满洲军队又花了17年与反清复明者、伪政权以及起义军作战。The last Ming pretender Prince Gui sort refuge in Burma but was turned over to a Qing expeditionary force headed by Wu Sangui who had him brought back to Yunnan province and executed in early 1662.明朝伪政权的最后一任皇帝桂王在缅甸避难,后来又被移交给了吴三桂带领的清朝远征军,吴三桂把他带回云南省,并在1622年早期将其杀害。 /201512/412268


  Social Economy社会经济A series of economical reforms were necessary in order to overcome the financial crisis with which Emperor Wen was faced.当隋文帝面临财政危机时,采取一系列经济改革来解决它们是有必要的。A crisis due to the long period of wars and conflict prior to his succession.由长时间的战乱和冲突引起的危机比他的继位重要得多。In order to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor, the Sui reverted to the “land equalization system”.为了缩小贫富差距,隋朝恢复到了“均田制”。While controlling the possession of the land by the rich, this law provided for land distribution to all families on the basis of the number of the people in each household.这则法令不仅控制了富人的土地拥有量,还依据每户的人口数量将土地分配给所有家庭。The people were able to farm the land they owned but were precluded from selling it.人们可以耕种他们拥有的土地但不能进行贩卖。By permitting people to retain their land holdings much remained in the hands of landlords.尽管人们的土地大部分仍在地主的手中,Nevertheless, in spite of this, the farmer’s enthusiasm enhanced and great progress in agricultural productivity was achieved during this period.这个时期农民的积极性还是提高了,农业生产也取得了巨大的进步。At the same time, the government unified the coinage, nationalized the mints and standardized weights and measures.同时,政府统一了货币和度量衡并使造币厂国有化。Furthermore, Emperor Wen levied lower taxes on the farmers and merchants, greatly promoting the development of social economy.不仅如此,隋文帝还减少了农民和商人需要交纳的税款,这极大地加快了国家经济的发展。To improve means of transport between the south and north the construction of the Grand Canal was commenced and completed during the reigns of Emperor Wen and his son, Emperor Yang.为了改善南北方之间的交通运输,隋文帝下令建造大运河,这条河开凿于隋文帝和他的儿子隋炀帝当政期间。This great project connected the Yellow River with the Yangtze River and had the effect of greatly increasing cultural and economic exchange between the two areas.这项伟大的工程将长江与黄河连接了起来,它对于加快这两片区域之间的文化与经济交流有显著成效。Moreover, defense works such as the Great Wall, mainly the sections in Ningxia and Inner Mongolia areas, were built in this period to withstand the attack of Tujue (Turks) tribe.此外,防御工程比如长城,主要是宁夏和内蒙古部分,这个时期得到了建设以抵抗突厥部落的进攻。 /201510/398428

  Everything in moderation, as the old adage goes. As it turns out, that couldn#39;t be more accurate, as research continues to shed light on how the modern world is damaging our health. We might be living longer today than our ancestors did, but the current era isn#39;t as health-friendly as we might think.老话说得好,凡事都有个度。事实明,这句话十分准确,研究正持续揭露出现代社会是如何戕害我们的健康的。我们或许能比我们的祖先活得更久,但现在这个年代或许没有我们想的那样对健康多有益。10.Feeling Guilty Can Damage Your Health10.愧疚感能伤害你的身体Every January, people around the world resolve to leave their bad habits behind and embark on a journey of self-improvement as the new year begins. Then, a few weeks later, everyone starts to feel a little guilty for not following through.每年1月,全世界的人们都决心丢下他们的坏习惯并且在新年伊始时开始一场自我提升的旅程。接着,几周以后,每个人都会为没能做到而开始感到些许愧疚。But while a little guilt can encourage someone to make positive changes, too much guilt is a different story. Feeling guilty isn#39;t just unpleasant—it could be causing damage to your immune system. Researchers from Hull University found that people who felt guilty about their favorite activities had decreased levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A in their saliva. So if two people like to unwind with a box of wine and some trashy reality shows, but only one feels guilty about it, then the guilty person is more likely to catch viral and bacterial infections. That means your favorite ;guilty pleasure; could be the reason you seem to catch colds more often than someone who just calls it ;pleasure.;些许愧疚能鼓励一个人做一些积极的改变,但太多的愧疚感则另当别论了。感到愧疚不只是令人不愉快——它还可能对你的免疫系统造成损害。赫尔大学的研究者们发现对自己喜欢的活动感到愧疚的人唾液中的抗体免疫球蛋白水平降低。所以如果有两个人想用一箱葡萄酒和一些没什么意思的真人秀节目来放松自己,但只有一个人对此感到愧疚,那么这个愧疚的人更有可能被病毒和细菌感染。那意味着你最喜欢的;有罪恶感的快乐;可能就是你比只是单纯感到;快乐;的人更容易感冒的原因。9.Light Pollution9.光污染According to astronomers, the majority of Americans under 40 have never experienced true darkness. Urban areas experience a phenomenon called ;sky glow,; where artificial light is scattered by water droplets, creating a dome of light over the city. Even inside our own homes, the little lights on electronics like alarm clocks and televisions stay on 24/7—and our bodies just weren#39;t built to handle that. In fact, light pollution in the developed world is now so bad that it#39;s damaging our health. According to physicist Eric Vandernoot, the human body is hardwired for a cycle of light and darkness. Overuse of light in the evening is connected to a number of health problems, including increased risk of diabetes, obesity, depression, prostate cancer, and breast cancer.根据天文学家的说法,大多数40岁以下的美国人都没有体验过真正的黑暗。城市地区有种现象叫;人工白昼;,人造光被水滴反射出去,在城市上空制造了一个光线的穹顶。即使是在我们自己的家里,从闹钟和电视这样的电子产品中发出的微弱光线也一刻不停地照射着我们——而我们的身体可不是生来就能承受这些的。实际上,光污染在发达国家十分严重,它正侵蚀着我们的健康。根据物理学家Eric Vandernoot所说,人体天生适应光与暗的循环。在夜晚过度用光将导致一系列健康问题,包括增加患糖尿病、肥胖症、抑郁症、前列腺癌和乳腺癌的风险。Sleep disorders are another big problem. In fact, light pollution may have actually changed the entire way we experience sleep. Before the industrial revolution, it was common for people to sleep for two periods of around four hours each, separated by one to three hours ;of quiet wakefulness.; Even today, studies have shown that people tend to revert back to this sleep pattern once light pollution is taken out of the equation. And even if you buy blackout curtains and cover those flashing LEDs, you might still be in danger from excess light, since the streetlights are still on outside. Turning streetlights off has actually been found to drastically reduce crime (even criminals need to be able to see). Of course, that might not be much comfort to anyone trying to find their way home in the pitch dark, but at least they won#39;t get mugged.睡眠障碍是另一个大问题。实际上,光污染可能已经改变了我们整个睡觉的方式。在工业革命以前,人们普遍有两段睡眠期,每段约四小时左右,中间隔着1到3个小时的;安静的清醒;时期。研究显示,即使在今天,一旦光污染消失后人们也倾向于回到这种睡眠模式里去。而就算买了遮光布来挡住那些闪烁的LED灯光后,你可能还是会处在多余光照的危险下,因为外边还是有路灯。人们发现关掉路灯实际上大幅减少了犯罪行为(就连犯罪行为也需要能看得见)。当然,这对那些在伸手不见五指的黑暗中想要找到回家的路的人来说不是件好事,但至少他们不会被抢劫了。8.Added Sugar Is Worse Than You Realized8.多加糖比你意识到的更糟糕Sugar itself isn#39;t bad for you—glucose is essential to powering the body, especially the brain. The problem is that people are now consuming more sugar than ever, and you can definitely have too much of a good thing. And while our ancestors got most of their sugar from fruits and grains, these days most of our sugar is added to various processed foods—the average American eats 27.5 teaspoons of added sugar a day. It#39;s hard to cut back, too—the brain has a built-in trigger to let you know when you should stop eating and sugar consumption makes it less effective over time.糖本身对你无害——葡萄糖给身体、特别是大脑提供的能量至关重要。问题在于人们现在正消耗比以往更多的糖分,而再好的东西用起来都该有个度。我们祖先的多数糖分都是从水果和谷物中获取,而今天我们的多数糖都被加进了各种加工食品中——美国人一天中平均食用27.5匙的添加糖。减少食用量也很难——大脑有一套内置的机制,能让你知道什么时候应该停止进食,而糖分的消耗让它随着时间推移而变得不那么有效了。It#39;s only relatively recently that we#39;ve started to realize just how bad too much sugar can be for you. In the 1970s, when the public became concerned about fat in foods, manufacturers simply replaced fat with sugar. Since then, sugar consumption has shot up worldwide. Which is unfortunate, since sugar is now linked to high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, premature aging of the skin, dementia, brain damage, poor metabolism, and liver damage. Added sugar might even be damaging to our very DNA. In fact, some scientists now regard sugar as a problem potentially as damaging as alcohol and tobacco.直到不久前我们才开始意识到太多的糖分会对人造成多大的危害。在上世纪70年代,当公众开始关心食物中的脂肪含量后,制造商仅仅是把脂肪换成了糖分。自那以后,全世界食糖量迅速上升。这挺不幸的,因为现在糖和高胆固醇、糖尿病、肥胖症、皮肤过早老化、痴呆、脑损伤、药物不良代谢以及肝损伤都有关。添加糖甚至对我们的DNA有害。实际上,一些科学家现在把糖看作是和酒精与烟草一样具有潜在危害的东西。7.Climate Change7.气候变化We aly know that global climate change is making Mother Earth sick, but it may also cause major health issues in humans. As our oceans get warmer, toxic algae blooms will increase in likelihood, area, and duration. Algae like Alexandrium catenella can contaminate seafood and cause everything from vomiting to death by paralysis.我们已经知道全球气候变化让地球母亲生病了,但它也可能会引起人类的重大健康危机。随着我们的海洋变暖,有害藻类将有可能持续区域性的大量繁殖。像链状亚历山大藻这样的藻类能够污染海产品并且通过麻痹引起呕吐甚至死亡等一系列反应。Meanwhile, as the Earth gets drier, more dust will be blown into the ocean, spurring the growth of dangerous bacteria—poisoning caused by bacteria of the genus Vibrio in seafood is aly up 85 percent since 1996. Rapid urban growth means that many sewer systems are aly close to overflowing and contaminating our water sources—in Milwaukee, it currently only takes 4.3 centimeters (1.7 in) of rain a day for this to happen. As climate change makes flooding more likely, this could become a real problem. Between the flooding and the increased bacterial growth in the oceans, don#39;t be surprised if water-borne diseases make a comeback in the developed world.与此同时,随着土地越发干旱,更多的尘土将被吹入海洋,激发危险的细菌生长——自1996年后由弧菌属细菌致毒的海产品已经在85%以上。快速的城市发展意味着许多污水管道系统已接近外溢而污染我们的水源——在密尔沃基,现在只需每日4.3厘米(1.7英寸)的降雨量就会发生这件事。至于气候变化使得发洪水的可能性更大,这将成为一个真正的问题。在思考洪水和海洋里增长的细菌的两个问题时,别为发达国家里卷土重来的水源性传染病感到惊讶。6.Lack Of Sleep6.睡眠的缺乏It might be a cliche, but in our fast-paced modern world many people just don#39;t get enough sleep. And researchers are increasingly concerned about just how dangerous that might be. In fact, men with chronic insomnia who sleep less than six hours per night are substantially more likely to die young than normal sleepers. In one study, 51.1 percent of male insomniacs were dead within 14 years, as opposed to just 9.1 percent of regular sleepers. Oddly, this only appears to affect men—women with chronic insomnia have only slightly higher mortality rates than average. That might be because men are more likely to suffer from severe insomnia than women, even though women are more likely to have insomnia overall.这或许是陈词滥调,但在我们快节奏的现代生活里,许多人都没有得到充足的睡眠。研究者们越来越关心这会带来怎样的危害。实际上,每晚睡觉少于6小时的慢性失眠者大体上更有可能比拥有正常睡眠的人死得早。在一项研究中,51.1%的男性失眠症患者在14年内死亡,与此相对照的是只有9.1%拥有正常睡眠的人死亡。古怪的是,这似乎只影响男性——患慢性失眠的女性死亡率只比平均水平高一点点。那可能是因为男性比女性更有可能患重度失眠症,即使总的来说女性更可能患失眠症。While insomnia itself isn#39;t deadly, it will slowly wear a person down by not allowing enough sleep for the body to rest, recover, and revitalize, and long-term sleep loss is now known to cause irreversible brain damage by killing off neurons. Even just working night shifts can badly damage your health. There is also no such thing as being able to ;catch up on sleep;—taking naps on the weekend won#39;t make up for lack of sleep during the week.虽然失眠本身不致命,它却会通过不允许身体由充足睡眠得到休息、恢复而慢慢拖垮一个人,并且现已知长期的睡眠缺失会通过杀死神经导致不可逆的脑损伤。即使只是值夜班也会大大危害你的健康。也不存在;补觉;的说法——在周末打个盹不能弥补这周缺失的睡眠。翻译:bansu 来源:前十网 /201510/405758

  After the Qing army entered the Shanhai Gate, the surrendered general from Ming, Wu Sangui was conferred the title of Pingxiwang and stationed in Yunnan ; Shang Kexi Pingnanwang in Guangdong, Geng Jingzhong Jing-puwang in Fujian.清人关后,封明朝降将吴三桂为平西王,驻云南;尚可喜为平南王驻广东;耿精忠为靖甫王,驻福建。They were called uThree FeudatoriesThe Three Feudatories had their armies and set up their own separatist regime, acting like the independent kingdoms and spending a great deal of military expenditure, which made half of the national wealth be spent on them ”.称为“三藩”。三藩挑兵割据,形同独立王国,耗费了庞大的军费开,致使“天下财赋,半耗三藩”。The Three Feudatories were arrogant and domineering,becoming the barriers for the Qing Government to stablize the national political power and strengthen the frontiers.他们飞扬跋扈,成为清朝稳定全国政权和巩固边疆的障碍。When Kangxi came to theign, he took it as the task of top priority to cut down to state the Three ries. His suppression of the Three Feudatories was helpful to the integration of the nation.康熙帝亲政后,将削藩列为当务之急,其平定 “三藩”有利于全国的统一。The Qing Dynasty unified Taiwan, strengthened the communication between Taiwan and the inland, improved the development of Taiwan and consolidated the Southeast.清朝时期统一了台湾,加强了台湾同内地的联系,促进了台湾的开发,巩固了东南。Qing also enforced its control over Mongol and Xinjiang, suppressed the rebellion of the entry of Huijiang and enhanced the management in Tibet.加强对蒙古和新疆的统治,平定回疆贵族的叛乱,加强对西藏的管理。All of these provided the favorable conditions for the development of the economy.所有这些都为国民经济的发展提供了有利条件。From the mid-time of Kangxi, the agricultural production had restored and developed gradually. The handicrafts in the Qing Dynasty were more prosperous than that in the Ming Dynasty.从康熙中期起,农业生产逐步恢复和发展。清朝的手工业比明朝更加发达。 /201603/428569。

  Zhou Dynasty周朝General概况In the years around the 10th century , after defeating the last Shang ruler, King Wu with a family name of Ji founded the Zhou Dynasty,大约公元前10世纪,姬氏家族的武王在打败了商朝的最后一个统治者后,建立了周朝。making Haojing his capital city, near the present city of Xi’an in Shaanxi Province.他定都镐京,也就是今天的陕西省西安市附近。As a semi-nomadic tribe, the Zhou learned how to communicate with people of different cultures and gain the allegiance of disaffected city-states.作为一个半游牧的部落。周朝人学会了如何与来自不同文化的人交流以及如何获得心怀不满的城邦的忠心。The early Zhou system was proto-feudal, being a more sophisticated form of earlier tribal organization, in which effective control depended more on familial ties than on feudal legal bonds.周朝早期的制度就是具有封建制度模型的,而这较之早期的部落体系来说更加复杂。早期部落体系中的有效控制更多的依赖于家族的联系而不是封建法治的维系。Whatever feudal elements there may have been decreased as time went on,the Zhou amalgam of city-states became progressively centralized and established increasingly impersonal political and economic institutions.随着时间的推移,不管封建元素是否消退,有不同城邦组成的周朝变得日益集权并且建立了一个更加独立的政治与经济制度。These developments, which probably occurred in the latter Zhou period, were manifested in greater central control over local governments.这些发展,可能出现在周朝后期,表明了中央对于地方政府的掌控。The Zhou adopted much of the Shang lifestyle.周朝采纳了商朝许多的生活方式。In order to utilize the knowledge of the Shang artisans, they often imported Shang families or communities to the new towns they built.为了利用商朝工匠的知识,周朝让商朝的家族或团体居住在他们修建的村庄里。The Zhou also adopted much of the Shang writing system, rituals, and administration techniques.周朝还采纳了商朝很多的文字系统、仪式和管理技巧。Agriculture in Zhou Dynasty was more intensive.周朝的农业更加集中。All farming lands were owned by nobles, who then gave their land to their serfs,贵族拥有所有的土地,然后把这些土地给他们的奴隶。a piece of land was divided into nine squares in the shape of the character jing, with the grain from the middle square taken by the government and that of surrounding squares kept by individual farmers.一块地会被划分成“井”字型的九块,中间那块的粮食收归政府所有,旁边土地的粮食分给个体农户。This way, the government was able to store surplus food and distribute them in times of famine or bad harvest.通过这种方式,政府可以囤积足够的粮食并在饥荒或收成不好时分配粮食。Some important manufacturing sectors during this period include bronze making, which was integral in making weapons and farming tools.这个时期重要的生产部门包括青铜制造,而青铜是武器和农具制造中必不可少的一部分。Again, these industries were dominated by the nobility who direct the production of such materials.同样,这些产业由贵族掌控,他们管理着这些材料的生产。Historians divide the Zhou era into Western Zhou from late 10th century to late 9th century up until 771 and Eastern Zhou from 770 up to 221 .历史学家将周朝分为西周(公元前10世纪至公元前9世纪末,直到公元前771年)和东周(公元前770年至公元前221年)。The beginning year of Western Zhou has been disputed----1122 ,1027 and other years within the hundred years from late 12th century to late 11th century have been proposed.西周开始的年份存在争议。有可能是公元前1121年,公元前1027年或者是公元前12世纪至公元前11世纪100年之间的某一年。Chinese historians take 841 as the first year of consecutive annual dating of the history of China, based on the Records of the Grand Historian by Sima Qian.中国的史学家依据司马迁《史记》的记载将公元前841年定为连续纪年的元年。From the beginning of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty to the unification by Qin, China was marked by disunity and continuous conflicts.从东周的开始到秦朝的统一,中国一直处于割据战乱的状态。 /201509/395407

  One of the most daunting cities for foreign visitors, Tokyo is a manic, hyperactive assault on the senses. But steady your focus and you’ll notice that a distinct strand of traditional elements also weaves through the Japanese capital. Even without leaving Eastern Tokyo, here defined as the area east of the Imperial Palace, a visitor can experience the enormous bth of what this mesmerizing metropolis has to offer. From boutiques blooming in abandoned spaces to new ramen shops taking root amid glittering high-rises, Eastern Tokyo promises — now more than ever — to leave even experienced travelers wide-eyed with wonder.对外国游客而言,东京是世界上最令人眼花缭乱的城市之一,喧哗躁动不断冲击着感官。但是定睛观察,你会发现日本首都也有一丝鲜明的传统元素交织在其中。即便只停留在东京东部地区(指皇居[Imperial Palace]以东的区域),游客也能体验到这座迷人的大都市非同一般的多样性。这里有让废弃空间重焕生机的精品店,也有扎根在璀璨高楼中的新拉面馆。如今,东京东部比以往任何时候都更令人大开眼界,即使是经验丰富的旅行者也会有惊喜。Friday星期五1. Under the Tracks | 2 p.m.1.铁轨下的创意空间:下午2:00In this densely built-up city, it takes ingenuity to create commercial space where none existed. That’s part of the appeal of Maach Ecute Kanda Manseibashi, a handsome riverside complex that opened in 2013 under the red-brick viaduct of the historic Manseibashi railway station, which had been closed since 1943. After browsing the handful of shops selling everything from bamboo matcha whisks to printed handkerchiefs, ascend the old staircase to watch Chuo line trains rumble mere feet from either side of the rooftop cafe N3331, set between the tracks. For another example of creative repurposing, explore the collective of shops called 2k540 Aki-Oka Artisan that opened in an arcade beneath elevated railway tracks. Among the dozens of stores filled with handcrafted wares, don’t miss the elegant wooden toys at Nocra or the spellbinding goods in Soshin Kaleidoscopes.在这座建筑密集的城市,想要在拥挤的空间里再打造出一块商业区,就需要另辟蹊径。这便是神田万世桥(Maach Ecute Kanda Manseibashi)的魅力所在。这一位于河畔的综合性商业设施在2013年开幕,坐落在一座红砖结构的高架桥下,此处正是旧火车站“万世桥站”的所在地,从1943年车站被关闭后就一直闲置。这里的商品琳琅满目,从竹制抹茶筅到印花手帕应有尽有。逛完商店,沿旧楼梯拾级而上,看着往来的中央线(Chuo line)列车隆隆驶过,而屋顶咖啡馆N3331就开在两条轨道中间,距轨道仅一步之遥。2k540手艺人街(2k540 Aki-Oka Artisan)是将旧址转型为创意空间的又一典范。这条商店街位于高架铁轨下方的一个商场里,在众多手工艺品店里,别错过Nocra的优雅木制娃娃,还有创心万华镜(Soshin Kaleidoscopes)里那些令人着迷的商品。2. Art Anomaly | 4 p.m.2. 别具一格的艺术展:下午4:00Ginza is a glamorous shopping district dominated by luxury department stores and high-end designer boutiques, which makes the continued survival of the artist-filled Okuno Building so unusual. The brick tenement, built in the 1930s, is crammed with over 50 studios, workshops and galleries. Take the rickety elevator — said to be the last of its kind in the city — to the sixth floor and then work your way down through the low-ceilinged rooms displaying everything from hand-thrown ceramics to wrapped-yarn sea creatures. Keep an eye out for Galerie Sawarabi, a closet-size, second-floor gallery that recently exhibited a hauntingly beautiful collection of silk-screen paintings.银座(Ginza)是一个富有魅力的购物区,奢饰品店和高端设计师精品店随处可见,这让那座始终安处于此的奥野大楼(Okuno Building)显得极为不寻常。这栋砖楼建于20世纪30年代,是艺术家的大本营,里面有50多间工作室、作坊和画廊。搭乘摇摇晃晃的电梯——据说是东京仅剩的一部老式电梯——到达六层,然后顺着这些低矮的屋子一间间逛过去。这些房间里展示着各式艺术品,比如手制陶器,以及包纱线的海洋生物。还可以留意一下Sawarabi画廊(Galerie Sawarabi),这间狭小的两层画廊近期展出的绢画系列美得让人萦绕于心。3. Slurp Shops | 6:30 p.m.3. 囫囵吞面:晚上6:30Ramen is dead? Hardly. The Japanese government recently announced investments of up to 2 billion yen (over million) in Ippudo’s parent company to support the worldwide proliferation of their noodle shops. And in the heart of Ginza, two stylish, newish spots are doing their own form of trailblazing with deliciously distinct bowls. At Mugi to Olive, slurp a light bowl of the signature clam ramen (980 yen, or .40 at 116 Japanese yen to the dollar) or forgo broth entirely by ordering the silky umami-rich mazesoba that arrives crowned with a sunset-orange yolk (840 yen). Mere blocks away, devotees line up in the dim alley outside Kagari, an eight-seat shop that opened in 2013. Join them to sample the revelatory tori paitan soba (880 yen), a steaming bowl of chicken, seasonal vegetables and noodles in a creamy chicken-based broth.拉面已死?这么说还为时尚早。日本政府近期宣布,向一风堂(Ippudo)的母公司提供总额达20亿日元(超过1700万美元)的资金,以持他们的拉面馆向海外拓张。而在银座的中心地带,有两家新开的拉面馆正用自己独特的产品开拓市场。在Mugi to Olive,你可以呼噜呼噜地吞下一小碗他们的特色蛤蜊拉面(980日元,按116日元兑换1美元计算,约合8.4美元),也可以不要肉汤,选择口感顺滑、鲜味丰富的干捞拉面,上面有一颗日落橙色的蛋黄(840日元)。两三个街区以外,在Kagari外面昏暗的巷子里排着长队,这家2013年开业的拉面馆在只有8个座位。一碗tori paitan soba(880日元)会为你揭开长队的秘密——光滑细腻的鸡汤打底,热气腾腾的拉面配有鸡肉和时令蔬菜。4. Sipping Shimbashi | 9:30 p.m.4. 新桥小酌:晚上9:30Avoid Ginza’s stuffy cocktail bars, and their sky-high seating fees, by heading south to Shimbashi, an area favored by hard-partying salarymen who work in the surrounding skyscrapers. Start at the refined sake bar Kuri, which stocks over 100 varieties of nihonshu and serves three-cup tasting flights (from 950 yen). Then walk under the train tracks to Dry-Dock, a tiny nautical-themed bar with porthole windows and a rotating selection of top domestic craft beers on tap. Finish the night at the even smaller Oyster Bal Bono, a divey new bar where you can pair a pint with a plate of fresh oysters.避开银座那些拥挤不堪、漫天要价的鸡尾酒吧,去南边的新桥区(Shimbashi),周边的天大楼里那些热衷派对的上班族们都中意这个地方。可以从考究的清酒吧Kuri开始。那里贮存着超过100种日本酒(nihonshu),提供含三杯酒的试饮套餐(起价950日元)。然后沿着铁轨下方走到Dry-Dock,这是一家精致的海洋主题酒吧,窗户设计成舷窗的样子,可以在一个转盘上选择国内顶级的桶装手工啤酒。最后,在小酒馆Oyster Bal Bono结束这一天吧。在这家新开的潜水酒吧,你可以点一盘新鲜的生蚝配酒。Saturday星期六 5. Museum Morning | 9:30 a.m.5.物馆的早晨:上午9:30When there’s time to visit only one museum, make it the Tokyo National Museum, a vast complex housing impressive thematic collections (admission, 620 yen). The main building’s second-floor “Highlights of Japanese Art,” with exhibitions dedicated to topics like Zen and ink painting, provides an instructive primer on both culture and art. The adjacent modernist structure Toyokan, which reopened in 2013, contains refurbished galleries filled with early Chinese icons and a grisly mummy, among the Asian artifacts. And don’t miss the army of ancient terra-cotta soldiers of China’s First Emperor, part of a special exhibition in the Heiseikan galleries (Oct. 27 to Feb. 21).如果你的时间只够逛一家物馆,那就去东京国立物馆(Tokyo National Museum),这座宏伟的建筑群中有一些令人印象深刻的专题系列馆藏(门票620日元)。主楼的二层是“日本艺术精华”展(“Highlights of Japanese Art”),展品涵盖从禅到水墨画的各种主题,对文化和艺术都是有益的启蒙。毗邻的台东区(Toyokan)现代结构展在2013年重新开放,包括一些整修后的画廊,其中的亚洲手工艺展品中有一些古代中国的人像,以及一具令人毛骨悚然的木乃伊。别错过中国第一个王朝的兵马俑,位于Heiseikan画廊里的特展区(展出2015年10月27日至2016年2月21日)。6. Lunch Counter | Noon6.简便午餐:正午Who needs décor when you can admire a perfect plate of food? The unassuming luncheonette Maruyama Kippei, which opened in 2012, serves superlative tonkatsu — bed, deep-fried pork cutlet — in a modest space that could easily be mistaken for a spartan sushi bar. Make your selection from the ticket machine, take a seat at the long white counter and wait for the chef to deliver bowls of white rice and miso soup, and a plate of crisp shredded cabbage with the juiciest panko-encrusted cutlet you can imagine (about 1,500 yen).如果食物够完美,谁还会在乎餐厅的装修呢?低调的Maruyama Kippei餐厅在2012年开业,主打简餐,这里有最好吃的日式猪排——包裹面包屑的炸猪排。简朴的外观很容易让人以为这是一家普通的寿司店。在点餐机上选择食物,然后在白色柜式长桌旁就坐,过一会儿,厨师就会送来米饭和味噌汤,还有一盘爽口的白菜丝,上面摆着你能想象到的最鲜嫩多汁的面包屑炸猪排(约1500日元)。7. Daytime Drama | 2 p.m.7.白天也有好戏看:下午2:00No foreign language skills are required to appreciate Kabuki, the classical Japanese theater rich with expressive performances, elaborate costumes and dramatic stage makeup. And there’s no better place to immerse yourself in this traditional art form than at the city’s premier theater, Kabuki-za. After a three-year closure, the grand theater reopened in 2013 in a newly built structure designed by the acclaimed architect Kengo Kuma. A full multi-act performance — typically lasting about four hours — is a major time commitment, but the box office now sells same-day, upper-balcony tickets for single acts (about 1,400 yen).观赏歌舞伎表演不需要懂日语,这种经典的日本戏剧以传神的表演、华美的饰和戏剧化的舞台妆为特色。要认真欣赏这一传统艺术,没什么地方比东京最顶级的剧院歌舞伎座(Kabuki-za)更好的地方了。在关闭了三年之后,这个大剧院在2013年重新开放,全新的结构由广受赞誉的建筑师隈研吾(Kengo Kuma)设计。一场完整的多幕剧通常要四小时——可能对你来说有点长,不过现在售票处也出售单幕戏票,当日有效,座位在二楼包厢(约1400日元)。8. Earlier Era | 5 p.m.8. 寻访旧东京:下午5:00For a glimpse of an earlier, pre-neon-and-skyscraper version of the city, explore the narrow, winding streets of the Yanaka district. Along the way, seek out Scai the Bathhouse, a pioneering art gallery where metal lockers flanking the entrance of the centuries-old building hint at its previous life as a public bath. Then duck into the brick-and-wood house of Kayaba Coffee. Open since 1938, this cozy cafe serves green-tea lattes by day and, after 6 p.m., pours cocktails infused with ingredients like ginger or homemade plum liqueur.若要一睹旧东京没有霓虹灯和天大楼的模样,就去谷中区(Yanaka)那些狭窄蜿蜒的街道里寻宝。先找一找SCAI The Bathhouse,这家前卫艺术画廊所在的建筑已有几个世纪的历史,入口侧面的金属储物柜暗示着它的前身是一家公共浴池。然后,去砖木结构的Kayaba咖啡馆(Kayaba Coffee)小坐,这家惬意的咖啡馆从1938年开始营业,在日间供应抹茶拿铁,晚上6点后有用各式配方(比如姜)调制的鸡尾酒或自制梅酒。9. Bountiful Bowls | 7 p.m.9. 天妇罗饕餮:晚上7:00Japanese addresses often confuse more than clarify. So when trying to locate a top restaurant specializing in tendon — an oversized bowl of rice topped with tempura — just look for the lines waiting outside. There’s bound to be one alongside the old timbered house of Dote no Iseya, a tendon specialist since 1889 that has fittingly traditional décor: a few wooden tables, a small tatami-mat alcove and an ancient grandfather clock ticking in a corner. Try the excellent “Ro” bowl, which comes piled with crisp tempura of conger eel, squid, prawns and sweet pepper (1,900 yen). If you’re prepared to measure your wait in hours, head to Kaneko Hannosuke, where everyone is queuing for the kitchen’s only dish: outstanding tendon with generous portions of tempura including vegetables, prawns, eel and an oozy egg (950 yen).日本的地址经常会把人搞糊涂,所以如果你想找一家“天丼”(tendon)做得最好的餐厅——就是大碗的天妇罗盖饭——就看哪家门口排的队最长就行了。比如在土手の伊勢屋(Dote no Iseya)那老式木屋的外面肯定会有一条长队。这家餐厅从1889年起就专门做天丼,其传统的装饰风格也很贴切:几张木制餐桌、一个小的榻榻米壁龛,角落里还有个滴答作响的老式座钟。可以尝尝绝佳的“Ro”饭,米饭上堆满了松脆的各式天妇罗,有海鳗、鱿鱼、大虾和甜椒(1900日元)。如果你不想等得太久,那就去金子半之助(Kaneko Hannosuke),这里只卖一种天丼,所有人排队都是为了它——天妇罗分量很足,有蔬菜、大虾、鳗鱼,还配一只温泉蛋(950日元)。10. Water, Water Everywhere | 10 p.m.10. 泡汤:晚上10:00Tokyo can be overwhelming, but a late-night soak at Myojin no Yu, a spalike public bathhouse, is sure to melt away the stress of a chaotic day. The calming complex features a large bathing area complete with saunas, cypress-wood pools filled with natural spring water, cold-water baths and a series of outdoor tubs of varying sizes and temperatures surrounded by trees and greenery. Facilities are separated by gender and bathing suits are not permitted. Admission 1,200 yen.东京令人目不暇接、晕头转向,但是在午夜将至时,在明神の湯(Myojin no Yu)里泡一泡,定能扫除一天的疲惫。这个公共浴池很像温泉浴场,在宁静的建筑群里有一大片沐浴区,包括桑拿、注满天然温泉的柏木浴池、冷水浴池,在树木和绿植的环绕中,还有一系列各种尺寸和温度的户外浴盆。这里男女设施分区,不允许穿浴衣。门票1200日元。Sunday星期日11. Green Peace | 10 a.m. 11.绿荫漫步:上午10:00Swap out the city’s steel and glass for trees and grass during a morning stroll through the landscaped Hama-rikyu Gardens (admission, 300 yen). This peaceful park, framed by Shimbashi’s soaring skyscrapers, spans more than 60 acres of green meadows and placid ponds. If your visit to the city happens to coincide with the brief cherry blossom season, tack on a walk through Sumida Park in Asakusa. The delicate blossoms’ fleeting beauty blooms along the park’s riverside allée, which also offers unobstructed views of the futuristic 2,080-foot-tall Tokyo Skytree, currently the world’s tallest tower.把目光从东京的钢筋水泥移向大自然吧。早晨,在风景如画的滨离宫恩赐庭园(Hama-rikyu Gardens)散步(门票300日元)。这个静谧的公园嵌在新桥区的天大楼间,有超过60公顷绿荫和静如湖面的池塘。如果你来东京时正赶上短暂的樱花季,可以去浅草区(Asakusa)的隅田公园(Sumida Park)走一走。精致而娇弱的樱花沿公园的河畔小径绽放,欣赏这稍纵即逝之美的同时,从那里还能看到东京晴空塔(Tokyo Skytree)的全貌,这是目前世界最高的塔,高2080英尺(约634米)。12. Coffee Queen | 2 p.m.12. 咖啡女王:下午2:00Even as the city pushes the limits of modernization, there remain charming spots where you can feel the nostalgic pull of the past. That’s evident at Café de L’Ambre, a classic kissaten (coffee shop) tucked on a back lane in Ginza since 1948. Take a seat at the curved wooden bar or on the maroon banquette and order a drink you’ll never find at Starbucks: the Blanc et Noir “Queen Amber,” served in a coupe glass with milk floating atop sweetened coffee. Or try a brew made with aged beans, like an extra-fine Colombian vintage from 1954. Either is a delicious reminder that there’s room for everything — new and old, traditional and trendy — even in just a portion of this exhilarating city.尽管东京把现代化发挥到了极致,但仍有一些迷人的地方能勾起人的怀旧情结,比如琥珀咖啡(Café de L’Ambre)。这家传统的咖啡馆从1948年起就隐居在银座的一条后巷里。坐在弧形木制吧台或红褐色的长椅上,点一杯星巴克永远不会有的饮品——名为“琥珀女王”(“Queen Amber”)的黑白咖啡(the Blanc et Noir),以冰激凌杯为容器,加糖的咖啡上漂浮着牛奶。或尝一尝用陈年咖啡豆酿制的咖啡,比如1954年的哥伦比亚特优陈年咖啡豆。其实每一种都不错——无论新旧,无论传统还是现代——在这座令人欣喜的城市,即便只在这一隅,你也有很多选择。Lodging住宿Tokyo is home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, including the first urban outpost of the exclusive Aman Resorts, Aman Tokyo (1-5-6 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku; amanresorts.com), which opened in the eastern Otemachi financial district in December. Occupying the top six floors of a soaring tower, the hotel features sweeping views – from the neighboring Imperial Gardens to Mount Fuji – in the restaurant, lounge and 84 elegant rooms and suites (from about 90,000 yen).世界上几家最奢华的酒店集团都在东京落了脚,包括安缦度假村旗下的第一家城市度假村安缦东京(Aman Tokyo)(千代田区大手町1-5-6;amanresorts.com)。该酒店在2014年12月开业,位于大手町(Otemachi)金融区的东部。酒店占据了一栋大厦的顶部六层,餐厅、酒廊,以及84间雅致的客房和套房均可俯瞰东京全景——无论是附近的皇居,还是富士山,都一览无余(每晚90000日元起)。Style and views can also be had for far fewer yen at the Park Hotel Tokyo (1-7-1 Higashi Shimbashi, Minato-ku; parkhoteltokyo.com), an art-filled hotel near Shimbashi station. The 25th-floor lobby faces the Tokyo Tower, and similarly spectacular scenes figure prominently in each of the 273 plush rooms (from 20,000 yen), some of which have been decorated by former artists-in-residence.如果想以更实惠的价格同时享有格调和风景,东京花园酒店(Park Hotel Tokyo)(港区东新桥1-7-1;parkhoteltokyo.com)是一个不错的选择。这是一家充满艺术气息的酒店,位于新桥站附近。酒店大堂位于25层,对面就是东京塔(Tokyo Tower),273间豪华客房(每晚20000日元起)拥有同样壮丽的景观,其中一些房间还保留着前艺术家住户的装饰风格。 /201511/411637


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