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《权力的游戏第五季第九集继续放大招 -- :: 来源:   Game of Thrones is y to unleash another huge battle.  《权力的游戏即将迎来另一场大战  Sunday's episode will feature an epic gladiatorial match in which Jorah (Iain Glen) hopes to prove his devotion to Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), who in the previous episode banished him once again.  周日播出的《权力的游戏中江湖上演角斗士比武大赛,比赛上已经被驱逐两次的Jorah希望向Daenerys明自己的衷心  Glen previously told The Hollywood Reporter it would be a "massive, massive fight" in which Jorah would "risk all." Now Enzo Cilenti, who plays the slave master Yezzan zo Qaggaz, is sharing more details.  Jorah的扮演者Glen之前想《好莱坞报道透露,这一集将会有非常宏大的打斗场面,在这场戏中Jorah会直接豁出去了现在在剧中扮演Yezzan zo Qaggaz想我们透露了更多细节  The episode comes after the unexpected battle between Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and the White Walkers — something that had yet to take place in George R.R. Martin's books.  这一集是在上一集Jon Snow遭遇未曾预料到的异鬼之战之后——是在原作者George R.R. Martin的原著中还未出现的剧情 权力 季第九 第五

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活How to learn English well?如何学好英语 Listening and imitating should always go together.Use the LIP method! Listen-Imitate-Practice!听和模仿一定要同时做,使用“LIP”方法:听、模仿、操练! Use all your senses to learn English. You must hearEnglish, English, touch English, smell English, and taste English. Feel English with your heart. Immerse yourself in this language. Begin to think in English. 运用一切感官学习英语你必须听英语、说英语、触摸英语、闻英语,还要尝尝英语的味道用心去感受英语让自己沉浸在这门语言当中学会用英语思考Relax! Be patient and enjoy yourself. Learning eign languages is just a piece of cake. 放轻松!要有耐心,并且享受英语带来的乐趣!学习外语只不过是小菜一碟【知识点讲解】enjoy yourself 过得快乐, 玩得开心例句:Have fun! ie Enjoy yourself!尽情玩儿吧!Go on, enjoy yourself, let yourself go.继续玩,尽情地玩个痛快吧更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 个人微信:DJ_Ukki[本节目属] 39

奥运纪念品专卖店-31 ::35 A:What shall we do after the volleyball match?看完排球干什么?B:How about going to the Olympic souvenir store to have a look? I remember there is one in the gym.去逛逛奥运纪念品专卖店怎么样?我记得体育馆里有一家A:That's a good idea. I was thinking of buying some gifts my family.好主意!我正想给家人买点礼物呢B:Me, too. What did you have in mind?我也是,你想好买什么了吗?A:I haven't deceided yet, but I think the Olympic Mascots are a must.还没有,但肯定要买奥运会吉祥物B:I agree. They're very lovely, especially Huanhuan嗯,”福娃”真可爱,尤其是欢欢A:Is that the red one? That is my favorite, too. Do you know how much they are?欢欢是红色那个吗?我也很喜欢”福娃”怎么卖啊?B:The five dolls are sold together as a set, and they're priced according to the size. The bigger they are the more expensive.五个一套卖,越大的越贵A:Oh, I see. If I buy more than a set, can I get any discount?哦,那我多买几套,会打折吗?B:I don't think so. All the souvenirs of the Olympic Games are very hot right now.恐怕不会,现在奥运纪念品都很畅销A:Any other ideas?还有什么纪念品?B:There are lots of things, such as postcards, key chains, posters and various arts and crafts.还有很多东西,像明星片,钥匙扣,海报,还有各种工艺品A:It all sounds great. We can go there after the match. I can't wait to see what they have.听上去真不错,比赛结束后,咱们就去吧,我想看看都有些什么

Morgan将回归《行尸走肉第四季 --19 3::1 来源: AMC has canceled Low Winter Sun after its first season. It was based on a British miniseries and starred Brits Mark Strong and Lennie James.   AMC电视台砍了刚刚播出集的新剧《Low Winter Sun第一季这部剧是由Brits Mark Strong和Lennie James0主演,根据年的英国迷你剧改编而成   Lennie also plays Morgan on The Walking Dead. He was the first person to help Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) back on Season 1 when Rick emerged from the hospital and the poop had hit the zombie apocalypse fan. Morgan returned in Season 3, Episode , "Clear," which is widely considered one of the best eps of the series.   Lennie之前在《行尸走肉中扮演Morgan这个角色在第一季中,Morgan是Rick出院发现丧尸爆发后帮助他的第一个人Morgan这个角色在《行尸走肉第三季集《Clear中曾经回归,这一集也被认为是第三季最精的一集   The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple said Morgan would return in Season . Half of the season has aired now, and Rick’s group is now scattered away from the prison. It's possible Rick and Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) head back to Rick's old town, where they met up with Morgan last season. Maybe Morgan joins the group on a more permanent basis, if he isn't still a little mentally ... fragile ... after the death of his son. Duane.   《行尸走肉制作人Scott Gimple最近表示,Morgan这个角色将会在第四季回归现在《行尸走肉第四季已经播放过半,Rick一伙人从监狱四散逃了出来Rick和Carl Grimes很可能会回到之前的小镇,也就是Rick 遇见Morgan的地方Morgan可能会加入Rick他们的队伍增加战斗力,不过前提是他还没疯...毕竟他的儿子已经Duane死掉了 Morgan 回归 行尸走肉

喜爱慢跑和玩保龄球-1 :7:55 A:What are the most popular sports in your country?人们最喜爱的运动项目是什么?B:Swimming in summer and skating in winter.What's your favorite sport?夏天是游泳冬天是溜冰,你喜欢什么A:Jogging and bowling. Do you know how to practise Kungfu?慢跑和玩保龄球.你会功夫吗B:No I don't But l do Taijiquan or Shadow boxing.People everywhere in China usually do Taijiquan early in the morning.It can help people keep fit.It has a history of over three hundred years.不会, 但我会太极拳.在中国各处人们通常在清早打太极拳.它可以帮助人们保持体形.它有三百多年的历史了A:Is it easy to learn?学起来容易吗?B:Yes .it is I can teach you if you like.容易你若喜欢的话,我可以教你A:Thank you. I can teach you how to bowl.谢谢你我可以教你如何玩保龄球B:Right. Let's help each other.对让我们互相帮助

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