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盐城市盐都区中西医结合医院肛肠科盐城协和女子医院看病贵吗导读:合家欢乐的圣诞之日,吃上一小口馅饼,一小块布丁,这可不算是罪过吧。但圣诞还在继续中,如果再不控制,你吃下的美味在未来就会成为你大腿上的脂肪了啊。A bite of a mince pie here, an extra helping of pudding there... It all seems so innocent at the time.But as the calorific Christmas extravaganza continues apace, it might be worth bearing in mind that any extra helpings could still be clinging to your thighs and tummy in March.A study has found that extra pounds we pile on over the festive period will take a depressing three months to shift.According to research by MSN, for Christmas lunch alone the average Brit feasted on two to three servings, consuming 2,300 calories across one meal.That accounts for 115 per cent of the recommended daily intake for women, and 92 per cent for men ; and that#39;s before taking into account the nuts, chocolates and alcohol we consume.According to the MSN survey, three quarters of those polled admit they over-indulge with abandon at Christmas, knowing they will suffer the consequences later as their waistbands begin to bulge.Nutritionist Dora Walsh said the key to not putting on weight over Christmas might be to eat slowly.She said: ;You can still enjoy your food at Christmas without going overboard and gaining weight.;;They key is to eat slowly and enjoy what you are eating without over filling, and also stay active over the Christmas period to help burn off any excess calories.;;It#39;s about moderation, which will help avoid the extremes of gorging at Christmas and starving after.;;Any post-Christmas diet plan needs to be sensible and balanced because crash diets don#39;t work and quick fixes won#39;t last.;Office worker Rachel Taylor told how she knows she will pile on the pounds thanks to festive excess ; and that it will be a while before she manages to slim down again.The 27-year-old, of Southampton, said: ;I like to keep trim but I#39;m not obsessive and I do make an exception for Christmas.;;Overindulging usually means I put on a few pounds and, because I don#39;t believe in crash diets, it usually takes a month or two for me to lose it all.; /201112/166245滨海县中医院月经不调多少钱 Feeling stressed or anxious at an inability to access the Internet? Don't worry, you're not alone and now there's a word for it: "discomgoogolation."Nearly half of Britons -- 44 percent -- are discomgoogolation sufferers, according to a survey, with over a quarter -- 27 percent -- admitting to rising stress levels when they are unable to go online."The proliferation of broadband has meant for the first time in history we've entered a culture of 'instant answers,"' said psychologist Dr David Lewis, who identified discomgoogolation by measuring heart rates and brainwave activity.The term comes from "discombobulate," which means to confuse or frustrate, and Google."A galaxy of information is just a mouse click away and we have become addicted to the web," added Lewis. "When unable to get online, discomgoogolation takes over."It was surprising to see the stress this led to brain activity and blood pressure in participants both increase in response to being cut off from the Internet."The survey also found 76 percent of Britons could not live without the Internet, with over half of the population using the web between one and four hours a day and 19 percent of people spending more time online than with their family in a week.Forty-seven percent of those polled believed the Internet was more important in people's lives than religion, with one in five people paying the Internet more attention than their partner.Commissioned by information service 118118, the YouGov poll questioned 2,100 Britons during the first week of July. 上不了网就会觉得焦躁不安?别担心,你并不是个特例,如今很多人都有这种“谷歌依赖症(discomgoogolation)”。据一项调查显示,近一半的英国人(44%)患有“谷歌依赖症”,超过四分之一的人(27%)承认自己在无法上网时会感到压力增大。心理学士大卫#8226;刘易斯说:“宽带网络的普及让人们有史以来首次进入了一个‘速答’文化时代。”刘易斯士通过测量人的心率和脑波变化识别“谷歌依赖症”。“Discomgooglation”一词是“discombobulate”(混乱、丧气)和Google(搜索引擎“谷歌”)两个词的合成。刘易斯说:“如今,你只要轻轻一点鼠标,无数资讯就尽在眼前,我们已经对网络产生了依赖,一旦上不了网,就会感到坐立不安。”“没想到上不了网产生的压力竟然会引起人大脑活动的加速和血压升高。”此外,调查发现,76%的英国人称自己离开网络活不下去,超过一半的人每天的上网时间为一至四个小时,19%的人每周上网的时间比与家人共处的时间还要多。47%的受访者认为,在生活中网络的意义大于宗教信仰;五分之一的人对网络的关注多于自己的伴侣。受118118信息务台的委托,英国YouGov民意调查机构在7月的第一周共对2100位民众进行了调查。 /200809/49807滨海县中医院地址

盐城市妇幼保健院流产手术多少钱10. The Body/Mind Connection 身心关联Medical science is only beginning to understand the ways in which the mind influences the body. The placebo effect, for example, demonstrates that people can at times cause a relief in medical symptoms or suffering by believing the cures to be effective--whether they actually are or not. Using processes only poorly understood, the body's ability to heal itself is far more amazing than anything modern medicine could create.对于心灵影响身体的各种方式,我们的医学只是刚刚有所了解。比如说,安慰剂效应表明人有时候能通过相信治疗有效来减轻症状和痛苦——不论治疗是否真的有效。我们的身体能通过一系列我们至今知之甚少的过程来自我疗救,其治愈能力远比现代医学所能创造的一切更加令人惊叹。 /200909/84347滨海县人民医院收费好不好 摘要:一项最新调查发现,数百万英国女性购买尺寸过小的衣,以此作为减肥的动力。Millions of Britain's women buy under-size clothes as an incentive to help them lose weight, a survey has found.More than a third of women deliberately buy clothes which are too small for them because they are determined to slim down enough to fit into them one day, it found.The research found that on average these women confessed to buying three under-size items of clothing each.This means about 24 million dresses, skirts, blouses and trousers hanging idly in the country's wardrobes --- as their owners battle to fit into them.The research uncovered Scots as the biggest purchases women make, with one in six claiming to own ten or more items they have bought knowing they are too small.Christine Evans, Lloyds pharmacy's weight management specialist, which conducted the research, said: "If slipping into a little black dress or a smaller jean size is something someone finds motivating, then buying an under-size garment could be a very sensible investment."Many people, women especially, have a daily reminder of their size in the form of an item of clothing they want to fit into one day."Deliberately buying these clothes could be an effective strategy."She added: "Taking control of weight loss is all about setting realistic goals and then taking action to achieve them". /200905/70454江苏省农垦肿瘤医院泌尿外科

东台市人民医院人流多少钱 If you are new to online dating, it can be hard to understand, with numerous pages and questions to fill out, profile pictures to add in, text-style lingo, blank responses and site navigations. However, persevere and there could be something - or someone - worth while waiting for you at the end. 对那些刚尝试网络相亲的人们来说,冗长的资料填写、图片上传、短信风格的话语、空白回应以及网站导航都很难让人理解。但是,如果你坚持下去,或许会遇到某些值得等待的人或事哦!To help you on your journey we've compiled a list of what to avoid and why…为了让你的网络相亲道路更加顺畅,我们特意准备了一系列网上相亲禁忌及其原因。 /201007/109402盐城协和医院男科滨海县人民医院好不好



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