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I#39;m not a hugger. When I see a registered personal-space invader coming my way at a party, the music from #39;Jaws#39; plays in my head. And there are lots of people like me -- reasonably comfortable in social situations, no particular phobias, just a bit reserved in expressions of physical intimacy.我不是个爱拥抱的人。在派对上看到习惯侵犯私人空间的人走过来时,我脑子里就会响起《大白鲨》(Jaws)的音乐。有很多人都和我一样——在社交场合挺自在,没有特别的恐惧症,只是在身体亲密行为的表达上有点保守。For us fans of personal space, these are difficult times. America has become a hugging culture. What#39;s an Academy Award without a gauntlet of hugs from seat to stage? Any sports win will ignite an orgy of whooping, full-body man hugs. Political empathy in tragedy is measured in hugs.对我们这些喜欢保持一定距离的人来说,这种时候就比较难熬。美国已经成为了一个崇尚拥抱文化的国家。没有从座位到舞台的一连串拥抱能叫奥斯卡颁奖礼(Academy Award)吗?任何体育项目的获胜都会引起一阵狂欢式的全身拥抱。悲剧事件中政治同理心是通过拥抱来衡量的。We remain a #39;medium touch#39; culture -- more physically demonstrative than Japan, where a bow is the all-purpose hello and goodbye, but less demonstrative than Latin or Eastern European cultures, where hugs are robust and can include a kiss on both cheeks. But we do seem to be hugging more.我们还是一个“中度接触”的文化——比日本人更喜欢用身体接触表达感情,但不如拉丁或东欧文化。在日本,鞠躬是通行的问候和告别礼节,而在拉丁和东欧国家,拥抱都很有力,还包括亲吻两边的脸颊。但我们确实似乎拥抱得越来越多了。For men, this is newly slippery terrain. Handshakes are scripted and reliable -- a firm grip, a couple of brisk pumps, and done. There is evidence of hand-shaking as far back as the fifth century B.C. It may have started as a gesture of peace by proving that the hand held no weapon.对男士来说,这是个新的需要谨慎对待的礼仪。握手已经约定俗成,比较可靠——握紧、轻轻摇晃两下、结束。早在公元前五世纪就有关于握手的记载,可能最早是一种表示和平的手势,是为了明手里没有武器。With hugging now in play, men must do rapid social calculations: body language, length and nature of the relationship, setting, alcohol effect and the other#39;s intentions. Decisions must be made in split seconds.如今到了流行拥抱的时候,男士们必须进行快速的社交计算:肢体语言、与对方关系的时长和性质、环境、酒精效应还有对方的意图。决定必须在一瞬间做出。Male friends tell me that they adhere to the one-second rule (one-Mississippi and . . . break). They also favor the A-frame hug -- shoulders touching, handshake high, a couple of quick taps on the back. There is no such middle ground for women. It#39;s either shake or hug.男性朋友告诉我,他们坚持“一秒原则”(默念“密西西比”刚好一秒……然后结束)。他们还喜欢A字型拥抱——碰肩、高举双手相握、拍拍背。对女性来说没有这样的中间选择,要么握手要么拥抱。Bill Clinton has perfected the hug that is not a hug: a handshake complemented by also holding the other#39;s upper arm. Advantage -- more intense than a handshake but short of an embrace, and it can be maintained indefinitely. It can also easily progress to a full hug as the conversation dictates.比尔·克林顿(Bill Clinton)完善了一种不算拥抱的拥抱方式:握手的同时抓住对方的上臂。好处是——比单纯的握手更热情但又不算拥抱,而且姿势可以保持很长时间。随着谈话的进展还可以很容易发展成全身拥抱。When we expand our exploration to the man-woman hug, things get dicey. Especially at work.异性拥抱就比较危险了,尤其是在职场。Science says that hugs are healthy: They release endorphins, strengthen the immune system, boost self-esteem and promote bonding. But they can also put a warning in your personnel file.科学研究表明拥抱有益健康:可以释放内啡?,增强免疫系统,提升自尊,增进感情。不过同时也会让你的人事档案里出现警告。There are many valid reasons to hug in an office setting -- anything from a big team win to goodbyes after downsizing. But one senior executive I know shared some universal career advice: #39;Don#39;t yell, don#39;t cry, don#39;t hug.#39; His advice is backed by surveys that say that most people don#39;t want intimacy with other workers.在工作场合有很多拥抱的正当理由——从团队获胜到裁员告别,可拥抱的场合很多。但我认识的一位高管分享了一个通用的职场建议:“不要喊,不要哭,不要拥抱。”他的建议得到了问卷调查结果的持,调查显示大多数人不想和同事有亲密行为。As the question of whether or not to hug becomes more situational, the potential rises for awkward encounters. The biggest risk: going in for a hug only to realize too late that the other person had not planned the same. Expert consensus says that if you#39;re going for the hug and it#39;s too late to turn back, don#39;t stop. Press on, but make it quick.既然该不该拥抱的问题变得越来越取决于场合因素,那么会面时出现尴尬的可能性就变大了。最大的风险是:准备拥抱的时候却意识到对方并没有同样打算。专家一致认为,如果你准备拥抱,而且回头又太晚,那就不要停。抱上去,但动作要快。For nonhuggers, there are some defensive maneuvers. Deflect: Keep something (a desk, a table, a co-worker) between you and the serial hugger until the moment passes. Deny: #39;Sorry, I#39;m not much of a hugger.#39; Resist: Take physical control with a stiff handshake and firm elbow that keeps personal space intact. Escape: Find something that requires your immediate attention. If nothing comes to mind, drop your cellphone. Lie: #39;I really don#39;t want you to catch this cold I have.#39; Or when diversion isn#39;t feasible and escape is impossible, accept the hug with an icy response and hope that the hugger remembers.对不喜欢拥抱的人来说有一些防御动作。转移:让“连环拥抱者”和自己之间有个障碍物,比如桌子、茶几或者同事,直到那个时刻过去。拒绝:“对不起,我不大喜欢拥抱。”反抗:用身体控制,握手时故意保持僵硬,肘部僵硬一点,以防个人空间被入侵。逃避:寻找需要你们立即注意的事情。如果找不到的话就故意摔手机。撒谎:“我实在不想把感冒传染给你。”在没办法转移、又不可能逃避的时候,那就冷冰冰地接受拥抱并希望对方能记住教训。Workplace hugging is particularly problematic when your workplace happens to be a school. Teachers have been told never to hug any child for any reason -- even though a hug is precisely what a child might need.如果你是在学校上班,那么拥抱的问题就会格外棘手。学校要求老师不能以任何理由拥抱学生,即使学生需要也不行。Many schools have also added a written policy against hugging between students, with suspensions finding their way into national news. Students and some parents are irate at bans on a simple act of affection. But feel for the school administrator, responsible for determining when a simple act of affection becomes a more complex situation.很多学校还增加了禁止学生之间拥抱的书面规定,取消这种规定的呼声开始见诸于全美各处媒体。学生和部分家长不满学校禁止这种简单的表达情感的行为。但从校方管理人员的角度来看又情有可原,在简单的情感表达行为变成更复杂的问题时,需要做出决定的是他们。There is always the question: Are we overthinking this? Maybe we#39;ve complicated a simple act to the point that risk has overtaken reward, and it#39;s just not worth the effort. Some would say it#39;s a lamentable loss of human connection. As someone who believes that we call it personal space for a reason, I#39;m OK with that.总有这样一个问题:我们是不是想太多了?也许我们把一个简单的行为想得太复杂了,让风险压倒了好处,其实根本就不值得这么费尽心思去想。有人会说这是人类情感联系的可悲损失。作为一个认为私人空间很有必要的人,我表示赞同。 /201311/263465

If you’re planning a holiday it turns out you shouldn’t treat Sunday as a day of rest.如果你打算度假,那么你就不要将星期天只当做是休息日了。New research from the Airlines Reporting Corp (ARC) suggests that the lowest fares are found on Sundays, regardless of the domestic or international destination.来自ARC的最新调查显示,无论是国内还是国际航班,最便宜的机票都是在星期日出售。During the traditional Monday through Friday work week, tickets purchased on Tuesday were the best bargains.在传统的周一至周五的工作日里,周二售出的机票是最划算的。The findings were part of a study into nearly 130 million ticket purchases – worth anestimated #163;58bn (bn) – between January 2013 and July of this year.结论来自于一项针对在2013年一月至2014年七月的近1.3亿票务出售的研究,总计580亿英镑(980亿美元)。However, it only looked at tickets purchased from travel agents and satellite ticket printing offices, and did not include tickets purchased directly from airlines - a practice used by most consumers.然而,这些只是限于从旅行社和代办点买的机票,并不包括从航空公司的直接售票,而大多数乘客习惯从航空公司直接定票。With over six million US domestic flights purchased on Sundays during that 19-monthperiod, the average price for a round-trip ticket amounted to #163;267 (2).在整整19个月的时间里,就有超过600万的美国国内航班的机票在星期日售出,一张往返机票的平均价格只有267英镑(432美金)。The average cost for a return flight to an international destination was #163;593 (8) with over two million tickets purchased on Sundays.星期日还售出了两百多万张国际往返机票,平均单价是593英镑(958美金)。To get the best deals, travellers should plan in advance.要想更划算,旅客应该提前计划。ARC’s study revealed that the best deals for US domestic routes were found eight weeks before the date of departure, while the lowest fares for international destinations were found 24 weeks in advance.ARC的研究显示,美国国内航线的最好价格出现在航班起飞日的前八周,而最低的国际航班价格出现在起飞日的前24周。An ARC study conducted in 2012 found that the least expensive domestic tickets were purchased six weeks prior to departure.ARC2012年的一项报告发现最便宜的国内机票是于飞机出发前的六周售出的。Chuck Thackston, managing director of enterprise information management at ARC, said: ‘This latest study by ARC is significant because it reveals that not only have the lowest airfares shifted from six to eight weeks out for domestic travel, but the savings are markedly greater on a percentage basis.查克·查斯顿斯是ARC的企业信息管理部的总经理,他说:“ARC最新的研究是十分值得注意的,因为它揭露了不单单最低的国内飞机票价从前六周变成了前八周,同时,节省下来的钱占票价的很大百分比。“‘It was also interesting to see that the data showed the least expensive tickets were purchased on a Sunday as opposed to Tuesday, which is a common belief.’“数据表明,最便宜的机票是在周日而非通常认为的周二售出,这件事同样很有趣。”But he recommends people shop around and check prices every day as the best deals may not always be offered on a Sunday or Tuesday.但是他建议人们还是要四处比价,每天看一下价格,因为最好的成交价不是永远都出现在周日或者周二的。‘Air ticket pricing is dynamic and ARC isn#39;t advising anyone to purchase tickets only at these times during the sales cycle as there is no guarantee they will receive the lowest price; it is just what the data pattern indicates during the study period.’飞机票的价格是浮动的。ARC不建议所有人都在降价时候购买机票,因为不能担保一定买得到最便宜的机票。这也只是调查研究所显示的数据而已。 /201411/339762

Chinese cadets show their bottle: Militaryrecruits ordered to march around with half-filled drink containers on theirheads中国学生展示他们的瓶子:军训学生头顶半瓶水走军姿These Chinese military cadets prove they have a lot of bottle after being orderedto march around with drink containers on their heads.这些中国军训学生头顶瓶子走军姿,展示了自己精神饱满的一面。Although it may look comical, militarychiefs say there is no better way to make sure the students parade and stand toattention properly without fidgeting.尽管看起来很滑稽,但是教官说只有通过这种方式才能让学生们在行进和站立时全神贯注。The students of the Zhengzhou Institute ofAeronautical Industry Management were pictured during their compulsory militarytraining.这些郑州航空工业管理学院的学生们正在军训中。The military training class is a mandatory lesson taken by first-yearuniversity students across China.在中国,大学新生进入大学时都要接受义务军训。The idea of using partially filled water bottles were introduced aftercomplaints that students were slouching and not alert enough.有人抱怨说学生们在军训时无精打采,注意力没有集中,所以采用了这种办法。Trainer Lok Liao said: #39;They are notallowed to use their hands and anybody that drops the bottle gets punished.#39;一名教官说:“他们不能用手,瓶子掉下来的学生要接受惩罚。”#39;Once they have cleaned the toilets a few times or been forced to go on extralong hikes in the rain they soon learn to pay more attention to not droppingthe water bottle.#39;“一旦他们多扫几次厕所以及在雨中走更多路后,他们才知道要集中注意力,不能让瓶子掉下来。” /201409/331843

When Jean Paul Gaultier announced at the beginning of the women#39;s wear season#39;s four-ring, four-week circus that this Saturday#39;s show would be his last y-to-wear collection, and that he was going to concentrate on couture and fragrance and special collaborations like costumes and interiors instead, it seemed like the end of an era.在这个辗转四城、为期四周的女装季之初,让·保罗·高缇耶(Jean Paul Gaultier)就宣布:周六的走秀将是他的最后一个成衣系列,此后他将专注于高级定制装和香水,以及戏和室内设计方面的特殊合作,感觉像是一个时代结束了。The first reaction was shock: Oh, no! How can we imagine a y-to-wear schedule without the one-time enfant terrible of French fashion — whose y-to-wear shows had been among the hottest tickets in fashion week, with editors literally fighting for entree? Even if, in recent seasons, many of those same editors (myself included) had thought (or, ahem, written) that Mr. Gaultier#39;s y-to-wear was becoming increasingly irrelevant, relying on the crutch of old ideas that may have been sensationalist 15 years ago, but now seemed achingly familiar?人们的第一反应是震惊:啊,不!我们怎能想象成衣盛事中不再有这个法国时尚曾经的淘气鬼呢——在这个时装季上,他的成衣秀的入场券最为抢手,时尚编辑们为了入场资格“大打出手”。最近几季,这些时装编辑中有许多人(包括我自己在内)也觉得高缇耶的成衣愈来愈落后于潮流,依仗的是了无新意的创意,它们放在15年前可能很轰动,今天就显得极其平庸了,尽管如此,我们还是会抢票。Then came sadness: Was this yet another example of commerce squashing creativity, with the Spanish conglomerate Puig, which bought a majority stake in Mr. Gaultier#39;s company from Hermès in 2011, bloodlessly stopping support of what had ceased to be a moneymaking endeavor? (Well, it#39;s a license business, so probably not.) Absent from the y-to-wear schedule and all the attention it draws, would Mr. Gaultier, like Christian Lacroix, another formerly famous French name that slid off the schedule on the back of falling sales and who is now concentrating on (yup) costumes and other collaborations, fade into the ether of long ago?随之而来的反应是悲伤:这是否又是一个商业击垮创意的例子呢?要知道,2011年,西班牙产业集团普依格(Puig)从爱马仕手中买下了高缇耶公司的多数股份,它无情地停止持那些不能赚钱的尝试(好吧,它是一家特许公司,所以可能是否定的)。高缇耶离开了成衣走秀和它所带来的各种关注,是否会走上克里斯汀·拉克鲁瓦(Christian Lacroix)的老路,消失在过去时代的迷雾之中呢?拉克鲁瓦也曾是一个响亮的法国名字,销量下滑后离开了成衣走秀,如今专注于(这个……)戏和其他方面的合作。But then, after sitting through show after show in New York and London and Milan, I started to think perhaps we were looking at this the wrong way.但是在纽约、伦敦和米兰看了一场又一场的走秀之后,我开始觉得我们的视角或许错了。Maybe it is a much-needed public acknowledgment of a subject that has been mumbled and grumbled about in ateliers and over dinners throughout the last few weeks, as vintage this and accessible that have been regularly repackaged and presented as the Hot New Thing.就像古董或普通的东西经常被拿出来重新包装成流行的新玩意,它不再退出成衣系列的消息最近几周来成为了各工作室和餐桌上的热门话题,而他的声明是对这个话题非常有必要的公开承认。Maybe this is someone finally acting on the belief that what the cycle now demands from designers — to be creative and original about every two months — is not sustainable. Maybe it is someone making a choice, and just saying no. And he is doing it with corporate support (the corporate side of things, in fashion, often being demonized as bleeding designers dry instead of allowing them the luxury of fewer products).时装圈要求设计师每隔两个月都要有创意和创新,或许他相信这种事很难维持下去,于是终于采取了行动。或许他做了选择,对此说“不”。他的做法得到了公司的持(在时装界,公司方面经常被妖魔化为榨干设计师的鲜血,而不是允许他们享有只推出少量产品的奢侈)。After all, when Mr. Gaultier started his business in 1982, fashion was not even an industry. Designers made two collections a year. When he introduced couture in 1997, that brought his grand total of collections up to four. With men#39;s wear, it went to ... six!毕竟,当高缇耶从1982年创办自己的公司时,时装甚至还算不上工业。设计师们每年推出两个系列。1997年,他引入了高级定制概念,于是每年总共要推出四个系列。加上男装,就变成了……六个系列!Now, of course, a designer in a similar position is looking at about double that, thanks to the rise of pre-collections and occasion collections. And given that from 2003 to 2010 Mr. Gaultier was also the artistic director of Hermès women#39;s wear, you can add a few more numbers to the list.如今,由于预系列和临时系列的兴起,像他这样的设计师工作量可能要翻番。而且从2003年至2010年,高缇耶还担任爱马仕女装的艺术总监,你可以在他的工作列表上再添几项。As a result, said the designer in a letter to Women#39;s Wear Daily explaining his decision, ;Commercial constraints, as well as the frenetic pace of collections, don#39;t leave any freedom, nor the necessary time to find fresh ideas and to innovate.;其结果正如这位设计师发表在《女装日报》(Women#39;s Wear Daily),解释自己决定的信中所说:“商业的限制以及推出系列的疯狂步调让我不得自由,也没有时间去革新、寻找新的创意。”Arguably his creative famine is his own fault for having taken on so much over the years, however good the reasons seemed at the time (to support his own line; for the challenge; all of the above). But there is no greater proof of his words than his own career.认为他才思枯竭是自己造成的这样一种看法——因为这些年他负担一直太重,不管理由在当时是多么理所当然(持自己的品牌、接受挑战,或者上述全部)——是值得商榷的。不过,事实胜过雄辩。Mr. Gaultier#39;s extraordinary technical abilities and understanding of how to construct a garment, skills he learned in the ateliers of Pierre Cardin and Jean Patou, allowed him to turn fashion on its head, challenging such received notions of dress and society as where underwear belongs, that religious garb was a sacred cow, and that basics were — well, basic.高缇耶非凡的技术能力和对制作衣的理解,以及他在皮尔·卡丹(Pierre Cardin)和让·巴杜(Jean Patou)的工作室学来的技巧,让他可以彻底改变时尚潮流,挑战装和社会的即成概念,诸如内衣的穿法,宗教装神圣不可触碰的观念,以及基本款装就是……基本的。But such ideas, worked through as completely and elegantly as they were on his runways, have not appeared in a very long time. Instead we got gimmicky guest appearances by paparazzi magnets like the stripper Dita Von Teese and the drag performer Conchita Wurst, this year#39;s Eurovision winner.这些观念虽然曾在他的秀台上得以完整与优雅的体现,却很久没有出现了。相反,他让脱衣舞娘蒂塔·冯·提斯(Dita Von Teese)和今年Eurovision的获奖者、异装演员肯奇塔·沃斯特(Conchita Wurst)这些八卦小报的宠儿们做奇怪的客串亮相。So, whether closing his y-to-wear business was Mr. Gaultier#39;s idea or not — Ralph Toledano, head of the Puig fashion division, said it was the designer#39;s decision, and given that Puig owns both Paco Rabanne and Nina Ricci, two houses that survived for decades on perfume alone before being restarted as y-to-wear brands, you can understand why they might think this O.K. — the fact is, in taking himself off the schedule, Mr. Gaultier is putting the issue on the table.所以,不管关掉成衣公司是不是高缇耶本人的主意——普依格时装部门的主管拉尔夫·托勒达诺(Ralph Toledano)说这是高缇耶自己的主意,普依格还拥有帕高·拉巴纳(Paco Rabanne)和莲娜丽兹(Nina Ricci)这两个品牌,它们都是在香水界生存了几十年后转为成衣品牌的,所以你可以理解,为什么普依格觉得高缇耶关掉公司也不要紧——事实就是,通过退出成衣界,高缇耶把问题摆在了桌面上。And for the first time, it is not there because of a crisis like John Galliano#39;s implosion at Dior in 2011 or Alexander McQueen#39;s suicide in 2010, occasions that caused momentary soul-searching in the industry, but because of a conscious, articulated decision.这一次的事不像2011年约翰·加利亚诺(John Galliano)在迪奥期间搞出的危机,或是2010年亚历山大·麦昆(Alexander McQueen)的自杀,那些事件在业界引起过片刻的深思, 高缇耶的放弃是出于深思熟虑,这在业界还是第一次。The question now is whether the step back from y-to-wear will make any obvious difference. If Mr. Gaultier can retrieve the magic of his earlier years in his couture shows — which once upon a time transformed my understanding of how clothes could transcend their antecedents (a couture fitting that involved a long evening dress that began in the form of a knit French marinière, but ended in gently wafting ostrich feathers is forever imprinted on my mind) — then the fashion world, which loves nothing more than rediscovering genius (or should I say ;Genius!;) will once again hold him up as an example. Perhaps even one worth following.如今的问题是,他离开成衣界是否会造成显著的改变。如果高缇耶可以重新得到他早年那些定制时装秀上的魔法——那些时装秀曾经改变了我对时装可以如何超越先例的理解(比如有这样一套定制装,包括一件晚礼,上身是针织的法式蓝白条纹,裙摆是飘飘荡荡的鸵鸟毛,它深深铭刻在我的心中)——时装界最喜欢的就是回归的天才(我是不是应该说“天才!”),那么他一旦归来,是否又会被树为典范呢?或许这也值得关注。If it doesn#39;t, of course, then as is its wont, fashion will blink, and move on.当然,如果他不能再找回那些魔法,时装界也会像它一贯以来的那样,眨眨眼睛,继续往前走。We will have to wait until next January to find out which situation proves true. But in the meantime, one thing is sure: come his spring swan song this week, Mr. Gaultier#39;s show will once again be the one to see. Mr. Toledano says they have aly been getting urgent phone calls from all over the world demanding tickets.我们会等到明年一月,来看看究竟是哪种情况。但是与此同时,有一件事是确定的:这个星期,来看他的春夏季天鹅之歌吧。高缇耶的走秀值得一看。托勒达诺说,全世界想要票的人都忙着给他打电话。Bring your elbow pads, and get y to push.戴上护肘,准备去抢票吧。 /201410/335079Emerging Asia’s biggest noodle producers are competing to spice up the humble packet of instant noodles in an attempt to boost revenues as sales of low-end, everyday noodles stagnate.随着低端方便面销售陷入停滞,亚洲新兴经济体的各大方便面生产商正竞相让不起眼的方便面走高档化路线,以求提振营收。High in energy, low in nutrition and selling for as little as <牛人_句子>.10, easy-to-cook instant noodles have become a staple food for more than 1bn people across Asia and a cash cow for companies such as Tingyi, Uni-President and Indofood, which dominate the bn market.方便面热量高,营养低,烹制容易,售价可低至0.1美元,已成为亚洲逾10亿人口的主食,也是康师傅(Tingyi)、统一企业(Uni-President)、印多福(Indofood)等公司的摇钱树,这三家主宰着这个330亿美元的市场。In pushing their customers to trade up to more expensive and profitable types of noodles, these companies are following in the footsteps of global consumer goods companies such as Unilever and Nestlé, which have deployed this “premiumisation” strategy on everything from shampoo to ice cream.这些方便面公司正推动消费者购买价格更贵、利润更高的方便面,从而踏上了联合利华(Unilever)、雀巢(Nestlé)等全球消费品企业的后尘,这两家公司已在从洗发精到冰淇淋的种种产品上实施了这种“高端化”(premiumisation)策略。Last year, for example, Unilever bought T2, an Australian premium tea business to complement its mass market Lipton teas. It has been selling underperforming brands that have mainly been in relatively unhealthy food categories, such as Skippy peanut butter, Wish-Bone dressings and its Peperami salami snack.比如,联合利华去年收购了澳大利亚高端茶叶零售商T2,以补充旗下大众市场茶叶品牌立顿(Lipton)。该公司出售了几个效益不佳的品牌,基本上都是相对不健康的食品,如四季宝(Skippy)花生酱,Wish-Bone沙拉酱和Peperami零食香肠。Having launched joint ventures with the likes of Japan’s Asahi and local Pepsi bottlers, Asia’s noodle makers are branching out into more lucrative soft drinks and snacks, capitalising on the unrivalled distribution networks they have built in China and Indonesia, the world#39;s first- and fourth-most populous countries.亚洲方便面生产商已与日本的朝日(Asahi)及当地百事(Pepsi)瓶装公司成立合资企业,涉足利润更高的软饮料和零食领域,并充分利用他们在中国和印尼建立起来的无可比拟的分销网。中国和印尼分别为世界第一和第四人口大国。Over the past two decades, the instant noodle revolution in Asia helped make the Taiwanese founders of Tingyi and Uni-President, and the family behind Indonesia’s Indofood, wealthy tycoons. The four Wei brothers who built Tingyi are the third-richest family in Taiwan, according to Forbes.过去20年期间,亚洲的方便面革命帮助康师傅和统一的台湾创始人,以及印尼印多福背后的家族成为富商巨贾。根据《福布斯》(Forbes)的资料,创立康师傅的魏氏四兄弟是台湾第三富家族。Indonesia’s Salim family, which built Indofood after obtaining a monopoly licence to mill flour under the Suharto dictatorship, controls large parts of the economy from car distribution to the local KFC franchise.印尼三林家族(Salim)控制着从汽车销售到当地肯德基(KFC)特许经营权的相当大一部分经济。该家族在苏哈托(Suharto)独裁时期取得垄断的磨面许可,由此打造起印多福公司。But with the markets for cheap noodles saturated in China and Indonesia, the two biggest consumers of instant noodles, these companies are racing to produce higher-value products, from more exotic flavours to more convenient cup noodles that can be eaten straight out of their packaging.但随着中国和印尼这两个最大的方便面消费国的平价方便面市场逐渐饱和,这些公司开始竞相生产价值更高的产品,从比较异国风味的产品,到可以直接在包装里吃的更方便的杯面。In addition, noodle makers face the rising costs of wheat and other raw materials, and a shift by Asia’s emerging middle class away from snack foods toward healthier options, an established trend in the US and Europe.此外,方便面生产商还面临着小麦及其他原材料成本上涨,以及亚洲新兴中产阶层舍弃快餐食品,转向更健康饮食的挑战,后者在美国和欧洲早已形成趋势。“Indonesians eat more noodles per capita than any other country apart from South Korea, so I don#39;t think they can eat that many more noodles,” says Erwan Teguh, head of research at CIMB in Jakarta. “As volume growth slows, it’s all about pushing value growth and getting people to trade up.”“印尼人的人均方便面食用量仅次于韩国,所以我不认为他们还能大幅增加自己的面条食用量。”雅加达联昌国际(CIMB)的研究部主任Erwan Teguh说,“随着销量增长放缓,能做的就只有推动价值增长,推动人们购买高档产品。”Annual per capita consumption of noodles in Indonesia rose by an average of 5.2 per cent from 2001, to reach 66 packets a year in 2007. Since then it has declined 1.5 per cent a year to 61 packets last year, according to Malaysia’s Maybank.根据马来西亚马来亚(Maybank)的数据,印尼人均方便面消费量从2001年起以年均5.2%的增速上涨,至2007年达到人均66包。2007年以后又以每年1.5%的速度下降,到去年降至人均61包。About 43 per cent of Indonesia’s 250m people live on less than a day, and many eat instant noodles several times daily.印尼2.5亿人口中,大约43%的人每日生活费低于2美元,许多人一天吃好几顿方便面。Similarly, sales growth in China slowed from 12 per cent in 2012 to 3 per cent in 2013, according to Bernstein. But in China, where consumption per capita is roughly half that of Indonesia, the culprit is primarily demographics.根据伯恩斯坦(Bernstein)的数据,中国的方便面销售增长同样在下降,从2012年的12%降至2013年的3%。但在人均消费量大致仅为印尼一半的中国,增长放缓的主因在于人口结构。Analysts at Citi say the rates of growth in migrant worker and student populations in China have been shrinking in recent years – bad news for noodle makers as these groups are large consumers of such convenience foods.花旗(Citi)分析师表示,中国的外来务工人员和学生人数增长率近年有所下降,这对方便面生产商来说是坏消息,因为这两大群体是方便食品的消费主力。As market conditions have shifted, companies have been forced to compete on price and product innovation, squeezing profit margins.随着市场环境发生变化,各公司被迫在价格和产品创新方面展开竞争,利润率受到挤压。Tingyi, which has more than 50 per cent market share by value in China, saw its gross margins for noodles slip from 30 to 29 per cent in 2013. Uni-President, a distant second with 17 per cent of the market, has had to cut prices more deeply to stay competitive and its gross margin fell from 33 per cent to 2 per cent in the same period.在中国占据逾50%市场份额的康师傅,2013年毛利润率从30%下滑至29%。市场占有率为17%、遥居第二的统一不得不以更大幅度降价以保持竞争力,同期毛利润率从33%跌至2%。Charles Yan, head of China consumer research at Standard Chartered in Hong Kong, says that while these companies are unlikely to continue increasing sales volumes, they have ample room to sell more expensive noodles as the Chinese economy continues to grow rapidly.香港渣打(Standard Chartered)大中华区消费品研究主管严志雄(Charles Yan)表示,虽然这些公司不太可能保持销量持续增长,但随着中国经济继续快速增长,他们有销售较高价方便面的大量空间。He points out that Chinese consumers in wealthier Hong Kong and Taiwan fork out roughly double the amount spent on noodles each year by their counterparts in China and Indonesia.他指出,在更为富裕的香港和台湾,消费者每年在方便面上的出大致是中国和印尼消费者的两倍。Indomie, Indofood’s best-known brand, recently launched a Taste of Asia range that includes Thai Tom Yam and Korean Bulgogi flavours and sells for about Rp4,000 (<牛人_句子>.35) per packet, more than double the price of its typical Indonesian options.印多福旗下知名品牌营多面(Indomie)最近推出了“亚洲味道”(Taste of Asia)系列,包括“泰国冬荫”(Tom Yam,也称:泰式酸辣汤)及“韩国烤肉”(Bulgogi),每包售价约为4000卢比(0.35美元),是其印尼市场典型产品售价的两倍多。Producers in Indonesia and China are pushing cup noodles, which sell for three to four times as much as a regular packet. Analysts say sales of cup noodles are growing at double-digit rates because of demand from time-poor, city dwellers.印度尼西亚和中国的生产商正推动杯面的销售,其售价为普通袋装面的三到四倍。分析师表示,得益于时间宝贵的城市居民的需求,杯面销量正以两位数的速率增长。“It’s all about convenience,” says Mr Teguh. “Rather than putting the noodles in a pan and cooking them, they just put hot water in a cup.”“关键是方便。”Teguh说,“杯面不用将面条放到锅里煮,只要往杯子里加热水就行了。”Typically, noodles are bought in small single-serving plastic packets of 80g and boiled in a pan for about two minutes.市场上出售的袋装面一般装在每份一包(80克)的塑料包装袋里,需在锅中煮2分钟左右。Sales of noodles with reduced salt and fat content are picking up sharply, albeit from a low base, as an increasing number of middle class consumers adopt healthier lifestyles.随着越来越多的中产阶层消费者倾向更健康的生活方式,减盐、减脂的方便面销量正急速提升,尽管基数较低。Despite the challenges they face, Asia#39;s biggest noodle producers are well placed to tap changing consumer tastes, having built vast distribution networks that stretch to remote villages in large countries with poor infrastructure, and are expanding aggressively into more lucrative segments.虽然面对着种种挑战,但亚洲各大方便面生产商在利用消费者的口味变化方面处于有利地位,因为他们已经建立庞大的分销网络,即使在那些基础设施贫乏的大国也延伸至偏远乡村,而且他们正向利润更高的品类积极扩张。“Indofood is using noodles as a way to get cash flow now; they are not really trying to expand margins,” says Mr Teguh of CIMB. “The more lucrative growth will come from non-noodle businesses like beverages, dairy and restaurants.”“印多福现在利用方便面作为获取现金流的渠道,他们并不真想提高利润率。”联昌国际的Teguh说,“更有利可图的增长将来自饮料、奶制品和餐馆等方便面以外的业务部门。” /201404/283477

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