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东台市人民医院处女膜修复手术多少钱江苏省阜宁县人民医院看妇科炎症多少钱Don: I was awakened this morning by a flock of birds outside my bedroom window. They were singing up a storm at five in the morning. Somebody ought to blast music in the ears of birds when theyre sleeping. See how they like it.唐:今天早上我被卧室窗外的一群鸟惊醒了,才五点钟它们就开始喧闹了。人们应该在鸟儿睡觉的时候往它们耳朵里灌些音乐才对;;当然了,这些音乐应该是他们自己所喜欢的。Yael: Well, actually, scientists have done just that, and theres reason to believe birds aly have music on the brain when theyre sleeping. Scientists believe that birds dream about their songs. The key is a structure in birds brains that controls the nerves that make singing possible. Not only does this structure control the birds singing, but it also responds to sounds. Whats interesting is that this structure has been shown to be significantly more responsive to sound, especially to recordings of the birds own voice, when the bird is asleep. Even when scientists arent playing recordings of the birds own songs to its sleeping brain, this structure shows bursts of activity throughout the duration of the creatures sleep cycle. So it seems the bird is hearing music in its head.耶尔:哦,实际上,科学家们已经做到了这一点。而且,我们有理由相信,鸟儿即使睡觉时脑袋里也在萦绕着旋律。科学家们认为,鸟儿就是睡觉时也在唱歌。其中的关键是,鸟儿的脑部具有一种结构,这种结构用来控制歌唱神经。这种结构不但可以控制鸟儿的歌唱,还对各种声音特别敏感。有趣的是,明显示,当鸟儿睡着时,这种结构尤其对鸟儿自己的声音反应强烈。即使科学家们不向睡着的鸟儿播放它们自己的叫声,这种结构的阵发性活动也会贯穿于鸟儿的整个睡眠周期。因此,这如同鸟儿在聆听它们脑中的音乐一样。D: Thats peculiar alright, but why would a bird want to dream about what he sings all day?唐:这太神奇了。但是,鸟儿为何做梦还在唱?他们都唱了一整天了。Y: The theory is that dreaming about its songs helps the bird learn its songs and possibly improve them. As with most activities in life, birds learn to sing by studying and practicing. To be good singers they need to listen to songs and reproduce them. Scientists believe that when the bird sleeps it might be re-playing songs from the day, possibly memorizing the songs and trying out variations on the tunes. 耶尔:理论认为,睡梦中唱歌有助于鸟儿学习并提升歌唱技巧。鸟儿生活中的大部分活动都用于学习和练习歌唱。一个好歌手需要不断地聆听歌曲并且不断的做出改进。科学家们认为,鸟儿睡觉时脑中可能在重播它们白天所唱的歌曲;;可能是在背诵歌曲并尝试不同的曲调变化。201202/171456盐城江苏比较专业的不孕不育医院 These mini ;rock slides; can be caused by head injury or viruses and can even happen suddenly in some people, It is much more common in adults over fifty. Is there any cure? The problem sometimes resolves itself after several weeks, but there is also a clever treatment called the Epley Maneuver. The Epley Maneuver is simply a choreographed sequence of precise head movements, done with the aid of your doctor, that cause the misplaced rocks to roll back into the utricle. The maneuver is like those games where you try to roll a marble through a maze by tilting the board this way and that. In one study the maneuver was shown to be successful in eighty-five percent of cases. Although the treatment may not always provide a long term cure, the Epley Maneuver is a non invasive and painless way to find relief from certain benign cases of vertigo and dizziness.这些小型的;泥石流;,可能由头部损伤或病毒造成,甚至某些人会突然发生这种症状,这种情况在五十多岁的成年人身上比较多见。没有办法治愈吗?有时几个星期后这种症状会自己痊愈,但也有一个聪明的治疗法叫做;Epley手法;。它是一系列简单的精确的头部动作,在医生的帮助下,会让错位的耳石回到;胞囊;。这种办法就像是玩弹子游戏,你要左右倾斜斜板让弹子通过迷宫。在一项研究中,这种治疗方法的治愈率达百分之八十五。虽然治疗不能确保长期的疗效,Epley手法是治愈头晕和眩晕的一种非侵入性且无痛的方式。201202/170835盐城白带像豆腐渣怎么办

盐城治疗慢性前列腺增生最好的医院盐城协和医院看卵巢囊肿好不好 We all know that smoking is unhealthy. But whatrsquo;s the best way to get someone to quit? By harping on the dangers of lighting up, or by touting the benefits of kicking the habit? According to one study, being positive may be the best approach. The researchers looked at how callers to a stop-smoking- tobacco-quit-line responded to positive and negative messages. The results were encouraging, if somewhat limited. When smokers trying to quit called the hotline, they were told either about the costs of smoking and the benefits of quitting, or only about the benefits of quitting. Callers hearing only the benefits of quitting message were nearly twice as likely to quit smoking.我们都知道,吸烟是不健康的。但什么是最好的戒烟办法?通过反复强调吸烟的危害,或极力赞扬不吸烟的好处?根据研究发现,积极乐观可能是最好的戒烟方法。研究人员观察了处在戒烟边缘的人对正面和负面的消息是如何反应的。结果是令人鼓舞的,如果有些是有限的。当想放弃戒烟的吸烟者试图拨打电话,他们被告知有关吸烟的成本和戒烟的好处,或告诉戒烟的好处。只听到戒烟的好处的人戒烟的可能性要高出近两倍。201201/167788盐城怎么治不孕

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