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  • 很多人需要时间很灵活的工作--可是这些人很难跟有需要的雇主联系上。Wingham Rowan在做这件事。他解释了配现代财经市场的技术同样也会帮助雇主们找到时间零碎的工人。201405/291684。
  • So we had a little bit of that problem at apple. 苹果也有这方面的问题And that problem eventually resulted in the Lisa, which had its moment of brilliance, 这些问题最终导致Lisa电脑失败in a way it was very far ahead at its time…but that was not enough fundamental content understanding. Apple drifted too far away from its roots. Lisa是一款非常超前的产品,但是它过于超前了,以致偏离了产品的宗旨To these HP guys, 10,000 dollars was cheap, to our market, to our distribution channels, 10,000 dollars was impossible. 在这些从惠普跳槽来的人眼里,1万美元的零售价不贵,但是市场和经销商觉得这个价格太离谱了So, we produced the product which completely mismatch for the culture of our company, Lisa的定位彻底背离了苹果的企业文化for the image of our company, for the distribution channels of our company, for the current customers. 背离了公司的形象,也背离了经销商与消费者的期待None of them could afford a product like that. And it failed.苹果的老顾客根本买不起这么贵的产品。所以它失败了Like you and John Couch fought for leadership?就如同你同John Couch对领导权的争夺一般?Absolutely, and I lost. That’s correct.是的,我输了。How did they come about?为什么会起争执?Well... I thought Lisa was in serious trouble, 我认为Lisa当时面临困境and I thought Lisa was going off this very bad direction as I have just described, and err... 而且越陷越深I couldnt convince enough people and the senior management of Apple, but that was the case...we ran the places as team for most part.我没能争取到大多数高管的持,所以我也无能为力,只能从团队的决定So I lost, and at that point of time, you know I bruted for a few months…我失败了,那段时间我很消沉but it was not very long after that it really occurred to me that if we didnt do something here, the Apple II was running out of gas, 但我很快意识到如果不振作起来,Apple II会重蹈覆辙and we needed to do something with this technology fast, or else Apple might cease to exist as the company that it was. 应该尽快利用这些新技术,否则苹果将止步不前So I formed a small team to do the Mackintosh, and we were on a mission from God to save Apple.所以我组织了一个小组研发Mackintosh,就像是奉了上帝的旨意来拯救苹果 /201307/246669。
  • Theres a compelling showbiz mythology of the modern big city-the energy and the abundance, the proximity to culture and power, the streets that just might be paved with gold. Weve seen it and weve loved it, on stage and on screen. But we all know that in reality big cities are noisy, potentially violent and alarmingly anonymous. We sometimes just cant cope with the sheer mass of people.现代大城市简直是创造了一种嚎头十足的圈神话—能量充沛、物欲横流,文化与权力高度集中,仿佛街道都可以是黄金铺成的。舞台上、屏幕上那一切的一切,我们对其“所见即所爱”。然而我们也深知,在现实中,大城市也充斥着嘈杂、潜在暴力和惊人匿名性。有时,我们简直就是无法应付这样庞大、高度集中的人群。Apparently, if you look at how many numbers were likely to store in our mobile phone, or how many names were likely to list on a social networking site, its very rare even for city dwellers to exceed a couple of hundred.显而易见的,假如你看一下通常我们手机上可能储存的电话号码,或者我们在社交网站上添加的好友名单,就会发现经常一个城市居民的社交圈人群很少会有超过几百。Social anthropologists delightedly point out that this is the size of the social group wed have had to handle in a large Stone Age village. According to them, were all still trying to cope with modern city life with a Stone Age social brain.于是乎,社会学家得意洋洋地指出,早在石器时代的大村落里,几百这个数字我们恰好可以应付得来,这就是当时一个社会群体的合理大小。So how do you lead and control a city or a state where most people dont know each other, and you can only personally persuade a very small percentage of the inhabitants? Its the central theme of this weeks programmes, and its been the key political question for over five thousand years, since the growth of the worlds first cities and states.那么,你应该如何领导和控制一个城市与国家呢?绝大多数人都不认识彼比,你自己也只能亲身说比例非常小的居民。这是我们本周节日的中心主题;而且在超过五千年的人类历史上,自从世界上第一座城市、第一个国家的出现,这也是一个关键的政治问题。These grew up in the worlds great fertile river valleys, the Euphrates, the Tigris and the Indus, but I want to start with the most famous river of them all, the Nile.最早期的城市与国家崛起于世界上伟大的肥沃河谷里,幼发拉底河、底格里斯河、印度河等等,然而我想从这所有河流中最著名的尼罗河开始。;Theres no doubt that warfare and the coercive power of the king is very much at the heart of the regime from an early period.; (Toby Wilkinson)“毫无疑问,国王的战争力与威摄力自古以来就是制权的心脏要素。”托比#8226;威尔金森说道。201405/299892。
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