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江苏省农垦肿瘤医院网上预约盐城/市医院做孕前检查The Cotswolds is the Liz Hurley of English tourism destinations, rural beauty with a highly-polished edge.科茨沃尔德是英国最美的旅游胜地,当地的田园美景是其最突出的优势But in recent years, the discount shopping mecca Bicester Village has become one of the area biggest draws.但是最近几年,拥有超低折扣的购物天堂比斯特购物村却成为了这里最吸引人的地方get Bond Street, if you want designer clothes nowadays youre best off in Oxdshire - there are less crowds, the air is cleaner and itll cost a fraction of the price.现在,如果你想要买到最时尚的大牌装,不要再去邦德街了,牛津才是最好的选择这里没有拥挤的人群,空气清新,最重要的是价格便宜 anyone who likes a bargain, Bicester Village has to be seen to be believed - Radley handbags retail 70 pounds, Ralph Lauren sweaters cost 30 pounds.对于追求打折商品的人来说,也许你不会相信这里有如此低的价格,莱德利包零售只需70英镑,拉夫劳伦毛衣只需30英镑There are all types of shopper, from local families and Chinese and Arabic tourists.这里有形形色色的购物者,有附近居民,也有中国和阿拉伯的游客The centre doesnt just offer the discounts though – they are canny enough to make shopping an actual experience, by offering valet parking and a VIP room in which customers can wait on a comfy sofa with a glass of champagne as their other halves burn through the credit cards.这个购物中心的特色不只是打折商品,这里精明的店主会为消费者提供完美的购物体验这里有帮客人停车务;VIP休息室里有舒的沙发和香槟,另一半在刷卡购物时你可以在这里休息等候The same has to be said the actual shopping experience - every member of staff was American-style polite, a rarity nowadays on the British high street.购物时的切身体会也值得一提,这里的每位员工都热情得像美国人一样,这在英国其他购物区已经十分少见了The enthusiastic crowds with grabby hands in some of the most popular stores take some getting used to, but the pay-off is the clean pedestrianised streets and the fact that, with all of the savings youve made, you can afd to turn the trip into a whole weekend away.也许你已经习惯了在最受欢迎的店铺中忍受狂热的人群和他们贪婪的购物欲,但一出来你就可以享受这里清洁的街道了而且,在这里购物省下的钱足够你做一次周末旅行Instead of heading back, you can stay at a 600-year-old inn called the Old Swan and Minster Mill. It has a croquet lawn, tennis courts, bicycles and trout fishing, plus a spa and cosy on-site pub.购物完你不必急着回去,你可以住在附近有着600年历史的老天鹅敏斯特米尔酒店这里有槌球场、网球场、单车、钓鱼、水疗和酒吧等等 55盐城/协和医院皮肤科挂号 Some of the world most priceless artifacts have been lost in war, buried and then gotten, or simply misplaced without explanation. Many have been missing so long they have transmed from treasure to legend to rumor. Some have made it to the black market. Some have been stowed away in private collections. Some are believed to have been destroyed completely.世界上一些无价的工艺品有的已经在战争中遗失,有的被黄沙掩埋慢慢被人所遗忘,有的只是单纯地被误放了位置却连只言片语的解释也没有很多宝藏由于遗失太久,慢慢的人们就把它当成了传说有的人把它拿到黑市贩卖,有的人把它纳为私人收藏,有的人则相信它是彻底毁灭了.The Wright Brothers Patent.莱特兄弟的专利The National Archives store some of history most prized and rarest documents. Security is tight in the most important anthropological storehouses in the world, yet this hasnt stopped thieves from making off with some of its priceless pieces.国家档案室里储藏着一些历史珍贵文件安全部门牢牢看管着这些珍惜文件,却依然阻止不了窃贼盗走一些零星文件The patent papers that describe in detail Wilbur and Orville Wright concept a flying machine were lifted by an unknown crook without anyone noticing. Not until did anyone discover that it was missing, and since then, no one has been able to apprehend the culprit. Thefts at the Archives have become so common that an armed task ce has been assigned to track down the missing pieces. The photos taken by astronauts during the Moon landing have been recovered, as have the audio tapes from the Hindenburg crash. But until someone tries to auction off hand-drawn airplane sketches from the early 1900s, we may never know where the patent papers took off to.一个不知名的坏蛋悄无声息盗走了莱特兄弟的专利文件,上面详细记载了莱特兄弟写的关于飞行器的概念直到年人们才发现它丢失了,从那以后,也没有人能抓住那个窃贼了由于档案室频繁出现盗贼,于是专门派遣了一只武装工作队追踪丢失的文件宇航员在登陆月球照的照片和兴登堡号坠毁的录音磁带都已经被找回但是如果不是在世纪初,有人试图拍卖手绘飞机草图,我们永远也不会知道这个专利文件去哪儿了9.Tanto Mei-Kunimitsu9.国光短刀Stolen national treasures is not a purely US problem. According to the Agency Cultural Affairs in Japan, 1 items marked as national treasures or important artifacts have gone missing from their collection. The pieces were being kept by private owners, which makes it impossible the agency to keep track of their whereabouts.盗窃国宝的现象不止发生在美国据日本文化厅统计,他们保管的国宝,包括重要的史前古器物已经丢失了1件因为私人收藏家收藏了这些珍宝,导致日本文化厅也不知其下落Of the listed items, 5 swords, sculptures, and paintings cannot be located. The report says that either they were stolen, the owners had moved, or no one had kept track of the items after an owner died. In the missing collection is a th-century tanto sword signed ;Kunimitsu.; The owner died, and the agency was not notified when the item became a very highly valued inheritance. As with so many pieces of its kind, the agency believes the owners are not aware of the policies in place to manage its location. They plan to start visiting the remaining owners on a regular basis to keep tabs on their whereabouts.列出的5把刀剑,座雕塑,幅名画皆不知去向据报道,这些珍宝要么是被偷了后私人转移藏了起来,要么就是私人拥有者死了后无人能探知其行踪失踪的宝物是世纪的一把刻有;国光;字样的短刀由于宝物持有者去世了,所以文化厅不能确定这件宝物是什么时候成了价值连城的遗产文化厅计划开始时不时拜访剩下的宝物持有者,随时注意国宝的行踪8.City Of Paititi8.失落之城-帕依提提Many legends surrounds the lost city of Paititi. It is said to be the location where the ancient Incas, desperate to hide their treasure from marauding Europeans, stored all of their gold. Due to its location and relative obscurity, the city gradually became synonymous with the legendary El Dorado. The two eventually became one mythical location where one lucky explorer could find endless riches.关于这座消失的帕依提提古城有很多传说传说这儿居住着古印加人,他们千方百计地隐藏从欧洲掠夺而来的珠宝,把所有的黄金都储存起来由于这座城市的地理位置偏僻,并且相对默默无闻,所以人们逐渐认为它和传说的;黄金国;(西班牙文:El Dorado)是同一座城市这两座城市最终变成了一个神秘的地方,哪个幸运儿一旦发现就能获得无尽财富的国度Explorers have been searching the jungle of Peru, mesmerized by the potential of the lost treasure. There are many settlements in the region that are remote, where explorers have found clues that they believe will lead them to their prize. Whether Paititi is simply another version of El Dorado or a real city in its own right—or if either of the two are real at all—remains to be seen.探险家们对能在秘鲁的丛林里发现这个宝藏十分入迷,于是他们翻遍了秘鲁的丛林那个偏僻的地区有很多定居点,在那儿他们发现了些蛛丝马迹,并且认为这些蛛丝马迹能引导他们找到战利品到底帕依提提就是传说中的黄金国,还是它本身就是一座真实的城市?这两个说法哪个是真的还有待观察7.Patiala Necklace7.帕夏拉项链The Patiala Necklace was an item of rare beauty, designed by the house of Cartier in 19. This gift to the Maharaja Sir Bhupinder Singh had five rows of platinum chains adorned with ,930 diamonds. It was encrusted with Burmese rubies among other jewels. The centerpiece was the seventh-largest diamond in the world, the famed DeBeers Diamond, a .6-carat yellow diamond, roughly the size of a golf ball. The necklace was the prize piece until it disappeared in 198. The last person known to wear it was his son Maharaja Yadavindra Singh.帕夏拉项链稀有华美,由卡地亚于19年设计这条项链是赠给印度帕夏拉王公布品达辛(Bhupinder Singh)的礼物,它是由5条白金项链排列而成,镶嵌的钻石多达930颗它的外层镶嵌着缅甸红宝石和其他种类的宝石,中心装饰着世界第七大钻石——著名的戴比尔斯钻石(一颗重达.6克拉的黄钻,大约有一颗高尔夫球大小)这条项链是作为奖品而存在的,直到198年它消失了最后一个佩戴它的人是王公布品达辛的儿子亚达维达王公The necklace itself was recovered by a Cartier representative in London over 50 years later, but it was missing its most impressive jewels. Among them were the Burmese rubies and the DeBeers diamond. Cartier restored the necklace as best they could, using cubic zirconium and other less expensive gems. The original, which is believed to have been dismantled and sold by the Maharaja family members, would be worth $–30 million today.50年后,一位卡地亚代表人在伦敦重新找回了这条项链,但它最引人注目的宝石却消失不见其中就包括缅甸红宝石和戴比尔斯钻石卡地亚竭尽所能修复了这条项链,用方晶锆石代替钻石,不太昂贵的宝石代替原来的真宝石相信如果现在王公的家族成员把这条项链修复的部分拆除了,然后卖出去,也能值-3千万美元6.The Mahogany Ship6.红木船When a ship sinks miles off the coast with virtually no way searchers to reach the bottom of the ocean, it can take decades or even centuries to find the wreck, if it found at all. The Mahogany Ship, however, is a complete different story. It isnt miles out to sea, it not at the bottom of the ocean, and it not between a set of iffy coordinates that take precise measurements to calculate. It is, in fact, in the harbor, beneath the sand dunes in southwest Victoria, Australia.如果一条船沉没于距海岸数英里处,实际上搜寻者是没有办法到达海底的,这要花上几十年甚至几世纪才能找到它的残骸然而这艘船却是完全不同的情况,它不是沉没于数英里开外的海里、也不是沉没于海底、更不是沉没于无法测量的坐标中事实上,我们在澳大利亚的维多利亚港西南部一个沙丘下发现了这艘红木船The legendary ship was made of dark wood, speculated to be mahogany (but probably a different material altogether). It said to have sunk as part of a secret Portuguese mission to explore Australia in . The wreck was allegedly spotted almost 350 years later, in 187, bee people lost track of it altogether. All the details are conjecture based on s by whalers and locals over 0 years ago. Though no one has managed to prove its existence, no one can disprove it, so the mystery endures to this day. Believers in the tale say that Captain Cook HMS Endeavour, supposedly the first European ship to reach Australia, was not the first ship of its kind to make landfall on the remote island nation.这艘神奇的船由乌木建造而成,推断应该是红木(但也可能是另外一种材料)据说这艘船是在5年执行葡萄牙探索澳大利亚的一次秘密任务中沉没又据说在人们失去这艘船消息的350多年后,在187年,发现了它的船骸所有关于这艘红木船的消息也都是从大约0年前的捕鲸人和当地人口口相传而来尽管没人能实它的存在,却也无人可以反驳,,关于红木船的秘密也延续至今一些信徒说库克船长的三桅纵帆战舰;奋进号;虽然可能是第一艘到达澳大利亚的欧洲船,但却不是第一艘到达遥远岛国的船,,这艘红木船应该不是库克船长的奋进号翻译:bansu 来源:前十网 31盐城/做人流哪个医院安全

盐城/不孕不育专家咨询建湖县宫颈糜烂多少钱 Visit the factory 参观生产车间A:Our factory locates at a village in the east of the city. Thearea of it is 3,600 square meters.B:Wed like to visit the factory. Can you show me the way?A:That OK! Well take you to have a tour. Please follow me.B:How many shifts are there in your factory?A:There are two shifts now in total.B:What about your company QC management?A:We established the strict QC standards, and we have followed it about five years with good results.B:Where are the works from? From the village nearby?A:Most of them live in the city, we provide freecommuterbuses workers. Besides, we built the dormitory building the workers on nightshift.B:It sounds nice. Wecant wait tovisiting the factory.重点讲解:Area 面积,地区相关词语还有: district,region 它们的区别如下:1. area是这组词中用得最广的,表示的“地区”可大可小,但通常不指行政分区例如:I find the people in this area very friendly. 我发现这个地方的人很友好. region通常指较大的地区,它既可以表示一个国家的行政分区,也可以指非行政分区例如:The south east is the richest of England. 通常指较大的地区,它既可以表示一个国家的行政分区,也可英国的东南部是最富有的 Italy is divided into regions. 意大利被分为个行政区其他用例:the Arctic region 北极地区 in country regions在农村地区 a faraway region 遥远的地区 an oil region 遥远的地区石油产区 a est region 林区3. district 指相对于 region 稍小的地区,通常指一个国家或城市的行政分区,有时也指非行政分区例如:The letters SW1 stand a postal district of London. SW1这几个字母代表伦敦的邮政分区 The busiest shopping district in Beijing is around Wangfujing Street. 北京最热闹的商业区是王府井大街一带Commuter 通勤者Shift 轮班“cant wait to”的意思是“迫不及待地做某事”,此处的to是介词,后面加名词或动名词例如:On Christmas Eve, children can’t wait to receiving presents. 圣诞节前夕,孩子们迫不及待地等着礼物 81建湖县中医院不孕不育多少钱

盐城/市第二人民医院妇科预约A: Hi, Jim. It's Olivia.B: Hey, Olivia. What's happening?A: I'll be moving out in a while, so I wanted you to know.B: Well, that's not good news. When are you moving?A: The last day of June.B: Is something wrong with your apartment?A: No, not anything new. But I just found out that I've been hired a new job.B: Great! What is the new job?A: I'm going to be an ESL instructor at Pasadena City College.B: That's great! ESL is some kind of electronics class?A: ESL is a class students who are learning English as their second language.B: I'm glad that your neighbors aren't the reason that you're moving.A: I won't miss having to listen to their darn TV.B: I'm giving them one more warning about their TV. Then they're out of there.A: I appreciate what a good apartment manager you've been these past few years.B: It's been nice knowing you, too. Good luck teaching LES. 187 A: Hi, the lab said that you would be getting my test results in today.B: I want you to come in and discuss some further tests that I would like to run.A: I think that this is a bad sign.B: now, I would like to run a few more tests to look into some of the problems that you mentioned.A: Why wouldn’t you tell me over the phone?B: If there is any question about test results, we always do a recheck.A: I need to come in right away.B: I would be happy to see you this afternoon. If you are feeling upset, please bring a friend or relative along.A: You are scaring me!B: Come on in this afternoon and we will talk. It will be fine! 13响水县人流专家盐城/早泄专业医院



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