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盐城国家高新经济技术开发区妇科疾病哪家医院最好的盐城市人民医院治疗月经不调多少钱Okay, I see some of you will need to talk to yourselves a little bit我认为你们有些人应该对自己说一下Start on Monday周一开始if you arent talking to yourself like crazy and you dont know how powerful you are如果你不知道自己有多强大you know, you will need to start to talk to yourself in a mirror你每天早上可以对着镜子问自己every morning, do you know how powerful you are?你知道自己有多强大吗Do you know how powerful we are? Yeah, powerful你知道自己有多强大吗 很强大So your generation is empowered to change the world你们这代人有改变世界的力量in ways we cant even imagine以我们想都想不到的方式See right now we are at a turning point现在 我们正处在一个重大的转折点a changing of the guard正在交接班our politicians are younger我们的政界人士正在年轻化our entrepreneurs are younger企业家们正在年轻化our faith leaders are younger精神领袖也在年轻化the leaders of this generation are more diverse and connected这一代人中的领袖更具多样性和关联性your generation crosses cultural lines这代人会跨越文化的界限and breaks gender barriers打破性别的壁垒I dont want you to be the next Oprah我不要求你们成为下一个欧普拉I dont want you to be the next Obama我不要求你们成为下一个奥巴马I dont even want you to be the next me我也不要求你们成为下一个我I want you to be you我希望你们成为自己So class of 20142014届毕业生们and everybody here at Howard University还有霍华德大学的所有人Do you know how powerful you are?你们知道自己有多强大吗Made the choice say it in a minute?请再坚定地告诉我一次See when I was growing up我在成长过程中I had this favorite uncle有一个很喜欢的叔叔we all have our favorite uncle我们都有一个很喜欢的叔叔but my uncles name was Uncle Shrine hopelessly我的叔叔名叫神庙叔叔Now I cant tell you why his name was Uncle Shrine我不知道为什么叫他神庙叔叔May god rest his soul愿上帝保佑他的灵魂安息but Uncle Shrine不过这位叔叔told me something I believed by my whole life给我讲的一点我会铭记终生Its something I want to leave you with today这也是我今天要讲给你们的He told me dont be afraid to close our eyes and dream他告诉我 不要害怕闭上眼睛做梦but then open you eyes and see然后还要睁开眼睛往前看Dont be afraid to close our eyes and dream不要害怕闭上眼睛做梦but then open you eyes and see然后还要睁开眼睛往前看201501/355575盐城康安骨科医院泌尿系统在线咨询 So I speak about it openly and that gives people permission 后来我就主动地谈论这个缺点to tell me when its happening 让大家来认同我 因而可以在我焦躁时告诫我But if I never said anything 但是如果我对此一句不提would anyone who works at Facebook walk up to me and say 会有Facebook的员工 走上来对我说Hey Sheryl, calm down 嘿 谢丽尔 冷静点Youre driving us all nuts! I dont think so 你快把我们搞疯了 我可不这样认为As you graduate today在你们毕业的今天ask yourself, how will you lead? 问自己你将如何去领导?Will you use simple and clear language? 你会用简单明了的语言吗?Will you seek out honest feedback? 你会追寻真实的反馈吗?When you get honesty feedback 当你得到真实的反馈will you react with anger or with gratitude? 你会愤怒还是感激?As we strive to be more authentic in our communication 当我们努力更真诚地沟通时we should also strive to be more authentic in a broader sense 我们也应该在更多的意义上做到真实I talk a lot about bringing your whole self to work 我经常会说带着完整的自己去上班something I believe in very deeply 这是我深深相信的一点Motivation comes from working on things we care about 工作的动力来自于做我们在乎的事情But it also comes from working with people we care about 但也来自于和我们在乎的人一起工作And in order to care about someone 要做到在乎某人you have to know them 你必须了解他们You have to know what they love and hate 你必须知道他们喜欢什么讨厌什么what they feel 他们会有什么样的感受not just what they think 而不只是他们会想什么If you want to win hearts and minds 如果你想得到人心you have to lead with your heart as well as your mind 你必须用心去领导I dont believe we have a professional self 我不相信周一到周五from Mondays through Fridays 我们是职业的自己and a real self for the rest of the time 其它时间才是真正的自己That kind of division probably never worked类似这样的分离从来就不太可行but in todays world, a real voice and authentic voice 在越来越提倡真实的当今世界里it makes even less sense 这就更没有意义了Ive cried at work 我在工作时流过泪Ive told people Ive cried at work 我告诉过别人我在工作时流过泪And its been reported in the press that 后来这被媒体报道成Sheryl Sandberg cried 谢丽尔·桑德伯格on Mark Zuckerbergs shoulder 在马克·扎克伯格的肩膀上哭泣which is not exactly what happened 事实当然不是如此I talk about my hopes and fears 我会谈论我的希望和恐惧and ask people about theirs 也会询问别人的希望和恐惧201511/410528Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you very much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I think Winston Churchill said the only reason people give a standing ovation is they desperately seek an excuse to shift their underwear. (Laughter.) So certainly before I’ve opened my mouth, that’s true. (Laughter.)Anyway, President Salovey and faculty members, parents, siblings who came here under the false impression there would be free food (laughter); Handsome Dan, wherever you are, probably at some fire hydrant somewhere (laughter); members of the 2013 NCAA champion men’s ice hockey team (cheers and applause); distinguished guests and graduates, graduates of the Class of 2014, I really am privileged to be able to be here and share the celebration of this day with you, especially 48 years after standing up right here as a very intimidated senior wondering what I was going to say.You are graduating today as the most diverse class in Yale’s long history. Or as they call it in the NBA, Donald Sterling’s worst nightmare. (Laughter and applause.)Nia and Josh: Thank you for such a generous introduction. What Josh didn’t mention is that he interned for me at the State Department last summer. (Cheers and applause.) Well, hold on a minute now. (Laughter.) I learned that he’s not afraid to talk truth to power, or semi-truth. (Laughter.) On his last day he walked up to me at the State Department and he was brutally honest. He said, “Mr. Secretary, JE sucks.” (Laughter and cheers.)No, actually, on the last day at the State Department, he asked if I would come here today and deliver a message his classmates really needed to hear. So here it goes: Jarred Phillips, you still owe Josh money from that road trip last fall. (Laughter and applause.)I have to tell you, it is really fun for me to be back here on the Old Campus. I’m accompanied by a classmate of mine. We were on the soccer team together. We had a lot of fun. He served as ambassador to Italy recently, David Thorne. And my daughter Vanessa graduated in the Class of 1999, so I know what a proud moment this is for your parents. But my friends, the test will be if they still feel this way next May if you live at home. (Laughter.)Now, I’m really happy you made it back from Myrtle Beach. (Cheers and applause.) As if you hadn’t aly logged enough keg time at “Woads”. (Cheers.) Just remember, just remember: 4.0 is a really good GPA, but it’s a lousy blood-alcohol level. (Laughter.)I love the hats. We didn’t have the hats when I was here. I love the hats. They are outrageous. They’re spectacular. This may well be the only event that Pharrell could crash and go unnoticed. (Laughter and applause.)I’ve been looking around. I’ve seen a couple of Red Sox, a few Red Sox hats out there. (Cheers.) I’ve also seen a few of those ded interlocking N’s and Y’s. (Cheers.) But that’s okay: I said diversity is important. (Laughter.) It’s also an easy way for me to tell who roots for the Yankees and who’s graduating with distinction. (Laughter and cheers.)So here’s the deal, here’s the deal: I went online and I learned in the Yale Daily comments that I wasn’t everyone’s first choice to be up here. (Laughter.)When Yale announced that I’d be speaking, someone actually wrote, “I hope they give out Five-Hour Energy to help everyone stay awake.” (Laughter.) Well don’t worry folks: I promise not to be one minute over four hours. (Laughter.)Someone else wrote I haven’t “screwed up badly as Secretary of State ... yet.” (Laughter.) Well, all I can say is, stay tuned. (Laughter.)But my favorite comment was this: “I’m really proud that a Yalie is Secretary of State.” I should have stopped ing right there because he or she went on to write, “but he is butt ugly.” (Laughter.) So there go my dreams of being on “Yale’s 50 most beautiful” list. (Cheers and applause.)It really is a privilege for me to share this celebration with you, though I’m forewarned that no one remembers who delivers their graduation speech. All I really remember about our speaker in 1966 is that he was eloquent, insightful, really good looking. (Laughter.) Anyway, one thing I promise you, one thing I promise you: I will stay away from the tired cliches of commencement, things like “be yourself,” “do what makes you happy,” “don’t use the laundry room in Saybrook”. (Cheers and applause.) That’s about all I’ll say about that. (Laughter.)So right after we graduated, Time Magazine came out with its famous “Man of the Year” issue. But for 1966, Timedidn’t pick one man or one woman. They picked our entire generation.And Time expressed a lot of high hopes for us. It not only predicted that we’d cure the common cold, but that we’d cure cancer, too. It predicted that we’d build smog-free cities and that we’d end poverty and war once and for all. I know what you’re thinking – we really crushed it. (Laughter.)So fair question: Did my generation get lost? Well, that’s actually a conversation for another time. But let me put one theory to rest: It’s not true that everyone in my generation experimented with drugs. Although between Flomax, Lipitor and Viagra, now we do. (Laughter and applause.)Now, I did have some pretty creative classmates back then. One of my good friends, very close friends in JE – (cheers) – I’m going to set it right for you guys right now. (Laughter.) One of my good friends in JE had at least two hair-brained ideas. The first was a little start-up built on the notion that if people had a choice, they’d pay a little more to mail a package and have it arrive the very next day. Crazy, right? Today that start-up is called FedEx. And by the way, it was created in JE, which therefore means JE rules. (Cheers and applause.)Now, his other nutty idea was to restart something called the Yale Flying Club. And admittedly, this was more of a scheme to get us out of class and off the campus. So I basically spent my senior year majoring in flying, practicing take-offs and landings out at Tweed Airport. Responsible? No. But I wouldn’t have missed it.And one of the best lessons I learned here is that Mark Twain was absolutely right: Never let school get in the way of an education.201503/367260盐城妇幼保健医院不孕不育多少钱

盐城协和医院预约挂号平台So we started asking ourselves: What kind of less obvious metrics could we use to actually evaluate our employees sense of meaning, or our customers sense of emotional connection with us? For example, we actually started asking our employees, do they understand the mission of our company, and do they feel like they believe in it, can they actually influence it, and do they feel that their work actually has an impact on it? We started asking our customers, did they feel an emotional connection with us, in one of seven different kinds of ways. Miraculously, as we asked these questions and started giving attention higher up the pyramid, what we found is we created more loyalty. Our customer loyalty skyrocketed. Our employee turnover dropped to one-third of the industry average, and during that five year dotcom bust, we tripled in size.因此我们开始自问:什么样的不明显的衡量标准能被我们用来评估我们的雇员的归属感,或我们的客户与我们公司的情感维系程度?例如,我们开始询问问我们的员工,是否理解我们公司的目标,他们是否对此表示认同,他们能否确实的影响到它,他们能否感到他们的工作能够实实在在地实现着为这些目标。我们开始问我们的客户,问他们是否感觉到与我们之间的情感联系,七种不同情感联系方式之一。出乎意料的是,当我们问这些问题,并开始关注我们的金字塔顶端的更高层次需求时,我们发现我们我们拥有了更多的忠诚。我们客户的忠诚度暴涨。我们的员工离职率降至酒店行业平均职工流动率的三分之一。在五年的互联网危机中,我们的企业规模翻了三倍。As I went out and started spending time with other leaders out there and asking them how they were getting through that time, what they told me over and over again was that they just manage what they can measure. What we can measure is that tangible stuff at the bottom of the pyramid. They didnt even see the intangible stuff higher up the pyramid. So I started asking myself the question: How can we get leaders to start valuing the intangible? If were taught as leaders to just manage what we can measure, and all we can measure is the tangible in life, were missing a whole lot of things at the top of the pyramid.现在,我走出来,花时间与其他领导者交流问他们是如何度过这个困难时期的时候,他们一次又一次的告诉我他们只是管理那些他们可以衡量的东西,而那些位于金字塔底部可以衡量的有形的东西。他们甚至不看金字塔中更高层的那些无形的东西。所以我开始问自己:如何我们才能让领导者开始重视无形的的东西?如果领导者们只是被教育去管理那些可以衡量的,并且所有我们所能衡量的是生命中有形的东西,我们就失去了位于金字塔顶部的整个部分。So I went out and studied a bunch of things, and I found a survey that showed that 94 percent of business leaders worldwide believe that the intangibles are important in their business, things like intellectual property, their corporate culture, their brand loyalty, and yet, only five percent of those same leaders actually had a means of measuring the intangibles in their business.所以我又去学习一些事情。我发现在一份报告,其中显示世界上百分之九十四的商业领袖相信无形资产对于他们企业至关重要,例如知识产权、企业文化、品牌忠诚度等。然而这些领袖中只有5%的人有办法衡量这些在企业中的无形资产.201402/274727东台市人民医院看妇科炎症多少钱 Now all of us must realize this is not a spectators sport, when I was just sitting here watching ;amazon.com;. Every institution and every entity must grab with this issue at the highest level as management. Samp;Base, Cacherdeck is one of the largest department stores in Europe. But they are making their first foreway into online sales. That is not an easy decision for an enterprise with huge investments and retail space, not to mention their economic model, their coop culture, rooted and traditional retail sales. Who made the decision for Cacherdeck to jump into online sales? I can assure you it was not their Web master. Increasingly, CEOs of companies, university presidents, government officials are stepping up to these issues. They are testing pilot sites, they are setting strategy, and they are answering questions like ;How will this network world affect my organization?; ;How are we threatened?; but more importantly, ;How can I leverage this new medium for competitive advantage?; The toughest, most jocular decisions that need to be made are which browser or which server their core management and policy issues. 当我坐在这儿浏览 amazon.com 时,我们大家或许都已意识到这决不是观众在看体育比赛。每一家机构和实体都应该象抓企业管理的一样抓住这个问题。......是欧洲最大的百货公司之一。它们是第一次走向网络销售。这不是一个轻松的决定,这家企业已经有巨大的投资规模和零售空间,更不要说它的经济模式、企业文化和它传统的零售业务了。是谁作出在线销售的决定的呢?我相信决不是它们的网络主管。逐渐地,公司的 CEO 们,大学校长们,政府官员们都在走近这个问题。他们测试试验网站,制定战略,而且对诸如;这个网络世界会对我们的组织产生何种影响?;;我们会受到何种威胁?;以及更重要的;我们如何利用这种新的媒体获得竞争优势?;等问题做出回答。最为为难的、最滑稽的是要决定采用何种浏览器或务器用于核心管理和政策问题。201312/269932东台市中医院看泌尿科怎么样

亭湖区医院电话So tonight, while I will talk about the power and potential of Information Technology, I hope the temper of my remarks with the perspective I had when I came to IBM five years ago, the perspective of a customer.因此,虽然今晚我要谈谈信息技术的力量和潜力,但是我希望我能够象五年前刚到 IBM 时一样,站在消费者的立场上表达我的观点。Now it is certainly easy to see why raw technology dominates these events. It is adoptive; it is breathtaking; and it is penetrating every aspect of our lives. 纯技术主宰这次展览会的原因是很简单的,因为现在的纯技术是可以被接受的,是令人惊奇的,而且它已经渗透到了我们生活的各个方面。Today there are more PCs sold annually in the world than TVs or cars. The typical luxury automobile today has 20 to 30 microprocessors in it, more computing power by far than was inside the landing-craft that took the first astronauts to the moon. 现在全世界每年销售的 PC 数量比电视机和汽车多。今天典型的豪华汽车中有 20 到 30 个微处理器,比那个把第一批宇航员送上月球的登月飞船的计算能力还强。Last year there were five times more E-mail messages sent than the number of pieces of paper mail delivered worldwide, 2.7 trillion E-mails. 去年全球发送的电子邮件数量比传统的纸邮件数量多五倍,达到 27000 亿封。And I got more than my share. There is another way to look at what is going on. In the mid-1970s, the first super computers appeared. 我的信箱容量就总是不够用。我们还可以从另外一个角度看看现在都发生了些什么事。七十年代中期出现了最初的超级计算机,They were capable of about 100 million calculations per second. And they cost about one million dollars. Today the laptop computer that college students carry in their bags, packs, is twice as fast as that first super computer, and it costs less than 3000 dollars. 计算能力是大约每秒一亿次,价格大约是一百万美元。而如今大学生的书包里装着的膝上型计算机的计算能力是那种超级计算机的两倍,价格却只有不到 3000 美元。201312/267716 Never before in the history of our country have most of the advanced degrees been awarded to women but now they are. Since the dawn of men, its hardly more than 100 years since we were even allowed into these buildings except to clean them, but soon most of law and medical degrees will probably also go to women. Around the world, poor women now own property, who used to be property and according to Economist magazine, for the last two decades, the increase in female employment in the rich world has been the main driving force of growth. Those women have contributed more to global GDP growth than have either new technology or the new giants India or China. Cracks in the ceiling, cracks in the door, cracks in the Court and on the Senate floor.历史上从没有一个国家像今天这样给女性颁发高等学位,但是今天他们颁发了。自男性主宰以来,长达100多年,除了做清洁之外甚至不准女性进入这样的建筑。但不久的将来,也许更多的医学和法律的学位将被授予女性。纵观世界,很多曾是他人财物的女性现在有了自己的财产。据《经济学家》杂志报道,在过去20年中,发达地区女性雇员的增加已成为世界发达国家的主要动力。这些女性为全球生产总值的增长所做出的贡献比新科学技术或新兴大国印度和中国还要多。“缝隙”无处不在,在天花板上、在门板上、在法庭中甚至是在参议院的地板上。You know, I gave a speech at Vassar 27 years ago. It was a really big hit. Everyone loved it, really. Tom Brokaw said it was the very best commencement speech he had ever heard and of course I believed this. And it was much easier to construct than this one. It came out pretty easily because back then I knew so much. I was a new mother, and I had two academy awards, and it was all, coming together so nicely. I was smart and I understood boiler plate and what sounded good.你们知道,27年前 我在瓦萨学院做了一次演讲。那是一场轰动的演讲,每个人都非常喜欢,真的!汤姆·布罗克说那是他曾听过的最棒的毕业典礼演讲,当然我也相信这个说法。那次演讲主旨的确立和构思比这次简单得多,演讲稿也很轻松的搞定,因为我当时有很多感触。那时我刚刚做了母亲,拥有两个奥斯卡奖,这一切恰巧又同时发生了。我以前很聪明,比如我知道发出什么样响声的热水壶才是好的热水壶。201403/280383盐城协和医院做引产江苏省阜宁县人民医院割痔疮多少钱



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