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建湖县第三人民医院治疗妇科炎症多少钱响水县阳痿早泄价格阜宁县中西医结合医院预约挂号 日本推出能和主人聊天的机器人手机For those who feel a bit lonely just talking on the phone, a Japanese company is offering a cellphone that turns into a robot buddy y to chat.Softbank Mobile Corp.'s new mobile line looks like a small humanoid with attachable arms and legs, with the screen showing various faces.The PhoneBraver will be released in April after a character in an upcoming television drama series entitled "Cellphone Investigator 7."The telephone comes with enough artificial intelligence to learn the user's habits.If the user calls a particular person many times, a text phrase such as "You're calling her often these days, aren't you?" might appear coming out of the face's mouth, according to Softbank Mobile spokesman Katsuhide Furuya.The user could carry on conversations with the phone by responding "yes" or "no" or with other simple replies."We haven't decided on specifics yet on the communication between the user and mobile, but your mobile would grow into a buddy different from others that is unique in the world," he said.The PhoneBraver does not move by itself but can strike a pose with movable joints. The price is not disclosed yet.Japan is known for its fondness for humanoids, which have been put to use as security guards, receptionists and for other functions in a country with a declining birth rate.Japan also has cutthroat competition in mobile telephones, with three main companies constantly trying to find new incentives to snare users.The number of cellphone subscriptions topped 100 million in Japan at the end of December against the nation's total population of 127 million, according to industry data. 觉得一个人打手机有点孤单的人现在不用发愁了,日本一家公司将推出一款能陪主人“聊天”的机器人手机。软银移动公司推出的这款新型手机外形像个小机器人,有胳膊有腿,屏幕上还能显示各种不同的面部表情。这款“PhoneBraver”手机将于四月份面世,它得名于即将播出的电视连续剧《手机调查者7号》中的一个角色。这款手机应用了大量的人工智能,能够了解用户的习惯。据软银移动公司发言人本木诚章介绍,如果用户多次呼叫某一特定对象,“机器人”的嘴里(显示在屏幕上)可能就会冒出“最近你是不是老给她打电话?”此类的话语。用户可以用“是”、“否”或其他一些简单的回答与手机交流。他说:“用户与手机交流的一些细节问题还未确定,但这款手机的与众不同之处在于,它可以成为你的伙伴,这在世界上是独一无二的。”PhoneBraver手机自己不能移动,但由于它的关节可以活动,所以能够摆出各种不同的姿势。目前,这款手机的价格还未公布。日本一直以对机器人情有独钟而闻名。日本的出生率持续下降,机器人已被应用于保安、接待及其他一些岗位。日本手机行业的竞争也很激烈,国内三大运营商为了吸引用户一直在努力寻求新的策略。日本共有1.27亿人口。据业内统计数据显示,截至去年12月底,日本的手机用户数量已超过1亿。 /200803/30366盐城第一医院治疗盆腔炎多少钱

建湖县第二人民医院地址The Lophelia II 2009 Reef, Rigs, and Wrecks cruise explored the waters in the Gulf of Mexico.   洛菲莉亚II号科学考察船2009年的征程围绕墨西哥湾附近的暗礁、钻探和船只残骸展开。 /200910/87185建湖县男科医院 Once, if your bra size was deeper into the alphabet than 'C,' you couldn't expect much style in your bra. Busty women were presented with sturdy 'grandma'-looking contraptions.以前,如果你的文胸罩杯尺寸大于“C”,那么你就不能指望自己的文胸有很多的款式,胸部丰满的女性只能买得到那种结实耐用的“老奶奶”型文胸。Now, more retailers are looking to offer attractive bras in all sizes. The name of a year-old shop in Los Angeles's hip Silverlake neighborhood says it all: 'Jenette's Bras: The Alphabet Starts at D.'如今,越来越多的文胸商店开始供应全尺寸的式样迷人的文胸。洛杉矶(Los Angeles)时尚社区银湖区(Silverlake)有一家开张一年的店铺,店名非常地一目了然:“珍妮特文胸:D罩杯以上”(Jenette's Bras: The Alphabet Starts at D)。 /201005/104354东台市流产多少钱

盐城协和医院魏重汁医生【中英对照】Brooklyn couple will become the first on the planet to say "I do" in zero gravity when they tie the knot later this month.本月下旬,纽约布鲁克林区一对新婚夫妇将成为地球上第一对在失重状态下说“我愿意”的爱侣。Self-confessed sci-fi addicts Noah Fulmore, 31, and Erin Finnegan, 30, will travel to the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., to exchange their vows while literally walking on air.新郎诺阿·福尔31岁,新娘艾琳·芬妮根30岁,俩人都是科幻小说迷。届时他俩将到佛罗里达州的肯尼迪太空中心,然后一起飘在空中,许下他们的婚誓。"We would really prefer to do it in space or on Mars but living in the time that we do, this was the closest we could get to zero gravity," Fulmore said.福尔说:“我们倒很愿意在太空中甚至在火星上举办婚礼,不过在我们目前所生活的这个年代而言,我们选择的婚礼形式就算是与零重力最接近的方式了。”"We were shocked to discover no one had done it yet."“我们实在太激动了,因为以前没人这么做过。”The Williamsburg residents will be joined June 20 by a handful of friends in a plane owned by the Zero Gravity Corporation's--the only federally approved provider of commercial weightless flights.这两个住在威廉斯堡的年轻人将在6月20日举行婚礼,到时候也有亲友同在飞机上参加他们的婚礼。飞机的主人是零重力公司,也是联邦政府批准的唯一一家提供商业性零重力飞行务的供应商。 /200906/73945 I was thinking about some of the common errors made on first dates. I came up with 10 common mistakes that could kill the chances for a second date:  我曾想过一些首次约会时会犯的常见错误。这里总结出10个,别让它们毁了你的第二次约会。  Arriving Late 迟到  Even five minutes of lateness is inexcusable on the first date. People are aly anxious on these excursions, so making someone wait and think more about everything is pretty rude。  在第一次约会时,即使是5分钟也不能迟到。别人已经处于一个焦急与紧张的状态,还让对方等待、增加各种担心,这样实在太没礼貌了。  Wardrobe Malfunction 着装不当  Make sure you cater what you wear to what you're doing. I try not to make a girl walk too much if she's in heels. Also, I've seen girls wear pearls and a nice blouse to trashy outdoor drinking events, or heels to sporting events。  确保你的着装与你所参加的场合相符。我尽量不让女孩们穿着高跟鞋走路太多。同样的失败案例:有些女孩戴着珠宝,穿着精致的装在脏乱的大街上喝东西,或者穿着高跟鞋参加体育活动。  Talking Politics or Religion 谈论政治或宗教  Staying away from debatable content is a good idea the first time out. It's fun to argue with your significant other, but I think it's important to reach a comfort level first. If you try to proselytize someone, or battle them over a hot topic like abortion, you may reach a point of no return。  第一次出去时最好远离争议性的内容。虽然与对方争论不会让场面无趣,但我想最重要的一点是,千万不要过火。如果你试图让对方改变信仰,或者在一些堕胎这样的敏感问题上说对方,那你以后想要改变观点也不行了。  Checking Out Other People 打量其他人  You'd think that no one would do this, but guys are always looking at waitresses, or other patrons when out. My one friend got in hot water because his date told me he made cat calls at other girls while on a date。  你是否以为不会有人这么做? 但是男人们总喜欢打量女务员或其他什么人。我的一位朋友有一次约会后之所以以失败收场,就因为他对别的女孩嘲讽了一下。  Bringing Friends (Non Group Date) 带上其他朋友(这可不是聚会哦)  If you bring friends along you look immature and insecure. You also throw the other person for a loop if they were expecting the date to be one-on-one. Make sure you establish that it is a one-on-one date, and follow the rules and show up alone。  如果你带上了其他朋友,这就是不成熟和没有安全感的表现。如果他们原以为这个是两人约会,另一个人难免会觉得尴尬。确保你发起的是一个一对一的约会,遵守这项规则,独自出行。  Getting Too Drunk 过量饮酒  Some people turn into a completely different person when they are drunk. Let the other person learn about you while you're sober, before you get wasted with them. Alcohol should be introduced into the relationship slowly, but if a drink or two takes the edge off, and wine adds romance it's fine. Just don't push it too far。  有些人在喝醉了的时候会完全变成了另一个人。趁你没醉没吐的时候,就向对方坦白你是个怎样的人吧,酒精应该在彼此关系发展到一定阶段再发挥作用,但如果只是浅尝辄止,或者增加一点浪漫气氛,这是没问题的,不要过量就好。  Being Too Aggressive 太过主动  No one wants to deal with someone's wandering hands before they are y. It is one of the best ways to creep someone out. Just because someone is getting dinner with someone once doesn't mean it's an invitation into the sack. It's best to be hands off on the first date。  没有人希望在还没做好准备时就牵手。这是代表一个拒绝别人的好方法,因为别人只是想和你吃个饭,而不是邀请你进入情网。所以,第一次约会时最好还是不要牵手。  Being Too Unaggressive 太过被动  My friend Margaret warns me to be more aggressive all the time. She said that if I don't kiss someone at the end of a date, or make a move when they hop in my bed they will begin to think something's wrong with them, or that I'm not into them. Maybe that's true, but sometimes I am just being too safe so that I don't break the rule I just mentioned above。  我的朋友玛格丽特时时告诫我要主动些。她说如果我在约会结束后还不吻对方,或者他们的屁股已经坐到了我的床上时还不做出点表示,对方肯定会以为自己做错了什么,或者我根本不在乎他。也许这是对的,但有时我只是不想为了过分保护自己而违反了上面所提到的规则。  Canceling at the Last Minute 在最后时刻取消约会  Canceling for a legitimate reason is fine, but respect your date's time so that they can plan their night without you. Canceling one hour before a date is not cool--most of the date prep has aly started at this point。  有正当的理由取消约会当然没什么,但请尊重你的约会时间,以致他们可以把你排除在晚上的计划之外。在临约会前一个小时取消并不酷,大部分的约会已经在这个时间准备好了。  Dominant Speaker 话语狂  Try to breathe in between sentences, and don't talk too much. Give your date a chance to talk. Aren't you trying to get to know one another? And don't speak for that other person (i.e order for them at dinner) unless they invite you to help with their order。  尝试下在每个句子之间调整下呼吸,不要说得太多。让你的约会变成对话,难道你不想更了解对方吗?也不要帮对方说话(如当点餐时),除非他们邀请你帮他们点餐。  Do you agree or disagree with any of these? Ever have these happen to you, or have you ever made these mistakes? Would you go on a second date after any of these mistakes? What would you add to this list?   你是否同意以上观点?你是否碰巧遇上了这样的人,或者你曾经犯过这些错误?你认为犯了这些错误后还能有第二次的约会吗?你认为还有什么需要补充的内容吗? /200910/86913盐城协和医院不孕科建湖县治疗前列腺炎多少钱



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