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A 400-pound gorilla named Harambe who was shot dead by Cincinnati Zoo officials just one day after his 17th birthday has sparked an outcry of emotion as mourners called it a senseless death.一只叫做哈兰贝00磅重的大猩猩,在17岁生日过后的第一天,就被辛辛那提动物园的工作人员一打死了。它的死激起了人们的强烈抗议,哀悼者们说这是“无谓的死亡”。Many are placing the blame squarely on the parents of a four-year-old boy, who investigators believe crawled through a railing barrier and fell into the gorilla exhibits moat before he was dragged by Harambe in the water for about 10 minutes.很多人都把责任直接推给一个四岁小男孩的父母,调查者认为,他爬过围栏,掉入猩猩展示区的壕沟,然后被哈兰贝在水里拖拽了将近十分钟。The small child said he wanted to get in the water before the incident, to which the mother, who was also watching several other children, replied: No, youre not, no, youre not, according to one witness Kim OConnor.据目击者金#8226;奥康纳说,发生事故之前,小男孩对他妈妈说他想下水,那位母亲还看管着其他几个孩子,她回答说:“不行,不能下去,不行,不能下去”。The zoos animal response team assessed the life-threatening situation and defended their decision to shoot Harambe rather than tranquilize him, but thousands took to social media to call it a murder.园方的动物应急小组评估了“生命威胁情况”,辩解称他们决定射杀哈兰贝而不是麻醉他的决定是正确的,但是数以千计的人在社交网站说这是一场“谋杀”。OConnor told WLWT she heard the boy talking about getting into the water before she heard a splash, followed by frantic yelling once onlookers realized he was inside the enclosure.奥康纳对WLWT电视台说她听见小男孩说要下水,然后就听到落水的声音,紧跟着传来疯狂的叫喊声,因为旁观者们意识到小男孩跑到围栏里面了。A emerged on Saturday revealing some of the chilling moments Harambe was dragging the boy in the water, although more graphic portions were cut from the footage.周六发布出一个视频,展示了一些哈兰贝在水中拖拽小男孩的惊心动魄的时刻,但是较清晰骇人的片段被删减了。According to OConnor, the gorilla looked like he was trying to protect the boy from panicked bystanders who may have aggravated the tense situation.据奥康纳说,大猩猩看上去像是想保护小男孩,惊恐的旁观者们也许加剧了紧张的局势。She said: I dont know if the screaming did it or too many people hanging on the edge, if he thought we were coming in, but then he pulled the boy down away further from the big group.她说:“我不知道猩猩拖拽小男孩是因为尖叫还是太多人趴在围栏上,也不知道他是不是认为我们要进去,但是之后他把小男孩拉下来,远离人群密集的地方。”Director Thane Maynard supported the zoos dangerous animal response team for their decision to put down the gorilla.园长塞恩#8226;梅纳德持动物园危险动物应急小组射击猩猩的决定They made a tough choice and they made the right choice because they saved that little boys life, Maynard said.他说:“他们做了个艰难的决定,他们的选择是正确的,因为他们救了小男孩一呀?”But outraged animal lovers took to social media declaring the western lowland gorillas life was unnecessarily taken, and more than 1,000 have aly joined the Facebook group Justice for Harambe.但是愤怒的动物爱好者们在社交媒体上称,本不必夺走这只西部低地大猩猩的生命,已经有一千多名网友加入“给哈兰贝公平”脸书小组中。One Twitter user wrote: So a beautiful, innocent gorilla has to die because neglectful parents cant control their kids? Mankind sucks :( #Harambe #CincinnatiZoo一位推特用户写道:“如此美一?无辜的大猩猩,就因为疏忽的父母管不住孩子,就必须死去吗?人类太恶心( #哈兰#辛辛那提动物园”Another user Chris Dasauchoit tweeted: Beautiful animals sadly paying for utter human stupidity and negligence with their lives. #Harame #CincinnatiZoo.另外一个网友克里斯#8226;达萨奥库伊特发推称:“美丽的动物纯粹因为人类的愚蠢和对生命的疏忽而付出代价,令人悲痛哈兰#辛辛那提动物园。”According to Maynard, the gorilla did not appear to be attacking the child, but he called it an extremely strong animal in an agitated situation.据梅纳德说,大猩猩并没有表现出对小孩的攻击行为,但是他说它在焦躁不安的情况下是个“极其强壮”的动物。Maynard explained that tranquilizing the gorilla would not have knocked it out immediately, leaving the boy in danger.他解释说,麻醉猩猩并不会使它立即昏倒,小男孩会处在危险之中。The child was taken to Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center with serious but non-life threatening injuries following the incident, which was reported around 4pm.下午四时左右有报道称,事故发生后,小孩被送进了辛辛那提儿童医院医疗中心,受伤严重但“没有生命危险”。Zoo director Maynard noted it was the first time the team had killed a zoo animal in such an emergency situation, and he called it a very sad day at the zoo.园长梅纳德提到,这是应急小组第一次在如此紧急的情况下杀死了动物园的动物,他说这是动物园“非常难过的一天”。He said in a statement: The Zoo security teams quick response saved the childs life.他在声明中说:“动物园安全小组的快速反应拯救了这个孩子的生呀?We are all devastated that this tragic accident resulted in the death of a critically-endangered gorilla. This is a huge loss for the Zoo family and the gorilla population worldwide.“这起悲剧事故导致一头被列为极危物种的大猩猩死亡,我们都十分悲痛。这对动物园大家庭和全世界的猩猩种群都是巨大的损失。”Jerry Stones, who raised the gorilla, said he was devastated by the news.把这只大猩猩养大的杰#8226;斯通斯说听到这个消息他都崩溃了He grew up to be a pretty, beautiful male. He was very intelligent. His mind was going constantly. He was just such a sharp character.“他长成了一只可爱、美丽的雄性动物。他非常聪明。他总在不断地思考。他就是一个这么机灵的家伙。”来 /201606/446880。

Officials who commit severe corruption crimes, such as taking a huge amount of bribes, may face a new sentence now - life imprisonment without parole, according to an interpretation issued on Monday by the top judiciary authorities.根据最高司法机关周一发布的司法解释,贪污受贿罪行严重(如受贿数额巨的官员现在将面临新的刑罚措施,即终身监禁、不得假释;The life sentence without parole is a new category of penalty for corruption, which means convicts given such punishment will spend the rest of their life in prison, no matter how well they behave while serving their sentences,; said Pei Xianding, chief judge of the criminal tribunal under the Supreme Peoples Court.最高人民法院刑事审判庭庭长裴显鼎说:“不得假释的终身监禁是针对贪污腐败的新一类刑罚,这意味着,不管在刑期间表现得有多好,那些被给予处罚的囚犯都将在监狱里度过余生。”In the past, a death sentence with a two-year reprieve could be commuted to a life sentence if the person convicted behaved well during the two years, and the sentence might be further cut if they continued to behave in prison, according to Pei.裴显鼎表示,过去,被判处死刑缓期两年执行的罪犯如在缓刑期间表现良好,刑罚可减为无期徒刑;若在监狱刑期间一直表现良好,可以继续减刑。But under the new interpretation, convicts found guilty of embezzling or accepting bribes will not have a chance to leave prison if they are given the sentence, Pei said.裴显鼎说,但根据最新发布的解释,死刑缓期两年执行的贪污受贿罪犯将被终身监禁。Life in prison without parole will be handed down in conjunction with a death sentence with a two-year reprieve, according to the interpretation.该司法解释指出,判处死刑缓期两年执行的同时应当一并作出终身监禁、不得假释的决定;For some defendants, the death penalty is too heavy and a suspended death sentence too light, so we made the new sentence after research and discussion, in a move to ensure punishments will be in line with offenses,; he said.裴显鼎说:“对于一些被告来说,死刑太过严厉,而死缓又太轻了,所以我们在调查与讨论之后制定了新的刑罚,采取这种行动来确保相关惩罚符合犯罪的程度。”Pei stressed it does not mean there will be no death penalty in corruption cases. ;For those whose offenses meet the requirements of the death penalty, the courts will sentence them to death without hesitation,; he added.此外,裴显鼎强调,这并不意味着在腐败案件中就没有死刑。他补充说道:“对于那些违法犯罪行为符合死刑要求的人,法院会毫不犹豫地判处他们死刑。”来 /201604/438887。

A pivotal deal to staunch the flow ofmigrants from Turkey into the EU, masterminded by German chancellor AngelaMerkel, was thrown into doubt yesterday after the resignation of Turkey’spro-European prime minister.土耳其亲欧洲的总理昨日宣布辞职,此举给德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)打造的一项旨在阻止移民从土耳其流入欧盟的关键协议带来变数。Ahmet Davutoglu, who personally negotiatedthe deal with Ms Merkel, quit following a power struggle with President RecepTayyip Erdogan. The premier’s departure imperils an agreement credited withsharply reducing the influx of asylum-seekers into the EU and rescuing MsMerkel from a potentially fatal political backlash.曾当面与默克尔谈判达成这份协议的艾哈迈德#8226;达武特奥Ahmet Davutoglu,上,因为与总统雷杰#8226;塔伊#8226;埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)发生权斗而辞职。达武特奥卢的离去将危及这项被认为大幅减少涌入欧盟的难民——且拯救默克尔于一场潜在致命政治反弹——的协议。The deal enables the EU to send migrantsarriving illegally on the Greek islands back to Turkey in exchange for aneasing of visa requirements on Turkish visitors and financial aid. However, MrErdogan has responded coolly to the agreement and has shown increasinghostility towards the EU.根据该协议,欧盟可将通过非法途径抵达希腊诸岛的移民遣返回土耳其,作为交换,欧盟将放宽对土耳其游客的签要求,并向该国提供财政援助。然而,埃尔多安对该协议反应冷淡,而且对欧盟表现出越来越强烈的敌意。Without reforms to Turkey’s anti-terrorismand anti-corruption laws, which Mr Erdogan has angrily resisted, Brussels maybe unable to grant some of the most important concessions in the deal a movethat Ankara has aly warned would cancel its obligation to curtail refugeecrossings into Greece.如果土耳其不改革国内的反恐及反腐败法律(埃尔多安对此愤怒抵制),布鲁塞尔方面可能无法做出该协议中一些最重要的让步,而安卡拉方面已警告称,这进而将使其没有义务限制难民过境土耳其进入希腊。“We’ve made good progress on the agreement with Turkey,Ms Merkelsaid in Rome yesterday. “The European Union, or at least Germany and Italy, areprepared and stand by the commitments that we’ve agreed to. We hope that ismutual.To keep the pact on track, Ankara must still meet several benchmarks,including revisions to its anti-terrorism legislation to ensure civilliberties. But Mr Erdogan has been loath to support them. EU officials are nowconcerned that Ankara will backtrack on reform commitments.“我们与土耳其在落实该协议方面取得了良好进展,”默克尔昨日在罗马表示,“欧盟——至少德国和意大利——准备履行并坚守我们做出的承诺。我们希望对方也能做到。”要落实该协议,安卡拉方面还必须达到多项标杆,包括修订反恐法以保障公民自由。但埃尔多安不愿持这些修订。欧盟官员现在担忧安卡拉将放弃改革承诺。“It’s certainly not good news for us,”said one EUofficial. “Erdogan would be very ill-advised to throw this out of the windowand think this is now a matter of horse-trading. He thinks it’s 50 percent wriggle room, and the rest is all arm-wrestling.”“这对我们来说肯定不是好消息,”一名欧盟官员表示,“如果埃尔多安随随便便撕毁这一协议,并认为这是一个政治交易问题,那将是很不明智的。他现在以为这其中有50%的回旋余地,剩下的则靠掰手腕较劲。”Sinan Ulgen, a former Turkish diplomat atthe Carnegie Europe think-tank, said Mr Erdogan has been “much morecategoricalin resisting changes to the anti-terrorism law. He added that withthe ruling AK party and parliament in disarray, the chances of reform beingpassed in time for a June deadline was becoming ever more unlikely.土耳其前外交官、现在任职于卡内基欧洲智库的锡南#8226;于尔Sinan Ulgen)表示,埃尔多安一直“相当明确地”抵制修订反恐法。他补充说,随着执政的正义与发展AK Party)和议会陷入混乱,改革月的最后期限前获得通过的机会已变得越来越渺茫。Mr Davutoglu, in office less than twoyears, had sparred for months with Mr Erdogan on issues including the detentionof academics and journalists, talks with Kurdish separatists and theappointment of an independent central bank governor, as well as relations withthe EU. 上任不到两年的达武特奥卢几个月来与埃尔多安在多个问题上矛盾不断,包括拘留学者和记者、与库尔德分离主义势力进行谈判、任命独立的央行行长以及与欧盟的关系。His departure leaves Mr Erdogan in theunassailable position of Turkey’s most powerful politician . The AK party will now hold anextraordinary congress on May 22 to choose a new party leader.达武特奥卢的去职将进一步巩固埃尔多安作为土耳其最具实权政治人物的地位。正义与发展党将2日召开特别代表大会,选举新的党魁。来 /201605/441903。

An N News/SurveyMonkey poll shows a majority, 54 percent, generally disapprove of the new American president, while 25 percent strongly approve of the job hes done and 18 percent somewhat approve of POTUS moves.据N News和SurveyMonkey联合开展的一项民调显示,54%的人普遍不持这位美国新总统5%的人表示强烈持8%的人表示有点持。How Americans perceive Trump depends on their race, gender and party ID, the survey also shows.这项调查还显示,不同种族、性别和党派的美国人对特朗普的看法也是不同的。Trump, not surprisingly, performs best among white men. Its the only group where a majority support him.毫不奇怪的是,特朗普在白人男性中持率最高。而且这是唯一一个持他的人超过半数的群体。After white men, white women and Latino men were the most supportive of Trump.排在白人男性之后最持特朗普的是白人女性和拉美裔男性。Forty-four percent of white women said they approved of the job Trump has done thus far and 42 percent of Latino men said the same thing.44%的白人女性表示,她们对特朗普目前的工作表示持,42%的拉美裔男性也同样如此。Trump performs worst among black women, with 81 percent saying they disapprove of the job the president is doing and just 14 percent saying they approve.最讨厌特朗普的是黑人女性,81%的人对特朗普目前正在做的事儿表示反对,而持他的人只有14%。Hispanic women are also not keen on the new president, with 75 percent disapproving of his job performance and 21 percent approving of it.西裔妇女对这位新总统也不买账5%的人表示反对,持他的人只有21%。While race and gender play a role in how American perceive Trump, the biggest indicator seems to be party ideology, as Trump scores high among Republicans and poorly when Democrats are surveyed.虽然种族和性别在美国人如何看待特朗普这一问题上扮演着重要的角色,但是最大的因素似乎是政党意思,因为特朗普在共和党人中呼声很高,但是持他的民主党人却寥寥无几。Eighty-eight percent of Republicans said they approved of the job President Trump has done, while 10 percent of GOP voters said they disapproved.88%的共和党人表示持特朗普的工作,在给共和党投票的人中反对他的只有10%。On the flip side, 8 percent of Democrats approved of Trump, while 91 percent disapproved.另一方面,持特朗普的民主党人只%,反对他的人却达到了91%。来 /201703/496429。

British Prime Minister David Cameron says the results of a referendum on Britains exit from the European Union will be final.英国首相卡梅伦说,就英国是否离开欧盟举行的全民公决的结果将是最终决定;This is a vital decision for the future of our country and I believe we should also be clear that it is a final decision,; Cameron said during an address in Parliament Monday.卡梅伦星期一在议会讲话时说,“这是事关我们国家未来的至关重要的决定,我相信我们也应该清楚,这是最后的决定。”He dismissed calls for a second referendum by London Mayor Boris Johnson who suggested the vote to leave could help Britain renegotiate its terms with the EU.卡梅伦拒绝了伦敦市长约翰逊呼吁举行第二次全民公决的建议,约翰逊认为公投结果能够帮助英国与欧盟重新谈判其条件。卡梅伦说,“有人提出如果全民投票离开欧盟,我们就能进行第二次谈判,然后再进行一次公投。但是我不会认为有人投票希望离开是为了用这一票来留下来。”Cameron has warned that Britains exit from the bloc would threaten the countrys economic and national security.卡梅伦曾警告说,英国从欧盟撤出将威胁到国家经济和安全。来 /201602/427886。