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湖州曙光整形美容医院丰胸手术湖州祛雀斑多少钱湖州收缩毛孔 The center of the virtual world, economically and culturally, may still be the ed States, but the work of creating that world leaves a real and growing footprint overseas. American technology giants have established data centers in about two dozen countries, and electronics manufacturers draw on materials fraught with ethical and environmental concerns. Those include the so-called conflict minerals — tin, tantalum and tungsten (and also gold) — as well as rare earth metals that are available almost exclusively from China. At the same time, the rapid cycle of obsolescence and replacement that feeds the expansion also produces a lot of garbage — nearly 42 million metric tons of toxic e-waste in 2014, less than a sixth of which made it into the regulated recycling stream, with much of the rest being broken down by workers at dumps throughout the developing world. Following are a few scenes from the digital life cycle.虚拟世界的中心在经济上和文化上或许仍然是美国,但创造虚拟世界的工作越来越多地转向海外。美国科技巨头们已经在大约24个国家建立了数据中心,电子产品制造商们使用材料的过程催生了对于伦理道德和环境的关切。这包括了所谓的“争端矿物”——锡、钽、钨(和黄金)——以及为中国垄断的稀土金属。与此同时,过时与替代的快速循环维持了产业的扩张,也制造了大量垃圾——2014年,全球产生了将近4200万吨有毒的电子垃圾,其中不到六分之一进入了受监管的回收渠道,而剩余的大部分则被发展中国家的工人在垃圾场分解。以下是数字产品生命周期中的几幕场景:Guiyu, China: The largest informal e-waste disposal site in China is here. Workers earn about .50 per day extracting materials that can be resold from circuit boards, sometimes by burning or leaching away potentially toxic components.中国贵屿:中国最大的电子垃圾处理场就在这里。工人从电路板中提取可以被转售的材料,有时是通过燃烧或滤除潜在的有毒元件,每天可以赚1.5美元。Accra, Ghana: Agbogbloshie, a suburb of Accra, is one of the most polluted e-waste dumps in the world. Recently, automated wire-stripping units were installed here to help workers extract copper wire without burning the plastic coating.加纳阿克拉:位于阿克拉郊区的阿布罗西(Agbogbloshie)是世界上受污染最严重的电子垃圾场之一。近期,这里安装了自动化的剥线设备,以帮助工人不必焚烧塑料外皮即可取出铜线。Chhatarpur, India: In the 2000s, China cornered the market on the rare earth minerals that are crucial components of consumer electronic and telecommunications equipment. But India produces around 2.5 percent of the world’s supply, largely here in the Orissa Sands Complex.印度切德尔布尔:在本世纪头一个10年里,中国垄断了对于消费电子与电信设备元件十分重要的稀土市场。但是印度生产的部分占全世界总供给的2.5%,大部分源自这里——Orissa Sands Complex。Lulea, Sweden: Facebook opened a data center here in 2013, its first outside the ed States, and says it will open another nearby soon. Locating the centers in high latitudes helps reduce the cost of cooling the servers.瑞典吕勒奥:Facebook于2013年在这里设立了其第一个位于美国之外的数据中心,并声称很快将会在附近设立另一个。将中心设立在高纬度地区有助于降低冷却务器的成本。Democratic Republic of Congo: Armed groups here battle over profits from gold, as well as tin, tantalum and tungsten (also known as the “three Ts”) — the so-called conflict minerals that are necessary to produce the specialized components of many electronic devices.刚果民主共和国:这里的武装组织为了争夺黄金,以及锡、钽和钨(即“3T”)的利润而战斗。这些所谓的“争端矿物”是生产很多专业的电子产品元件所必须的。Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of China: Amazon Web Services is building a data center here, and other American companies are opening facilities in China, where the government has invested heavily in the development of its “cloud cities.”中国宁夏回族自治区:亚马逊云务(Amazon Web Service)在此建立了一个数据中心。其他美国公司也正在中国设立各类设施。中国政府正加大投资,发展“云城市”。 /201506/379810Antarctic Science Inspection南极考察On November 19, 1984, the Chinese first Antarctic science inspection team started on a journey to Antarctica by the oceanographic research ship ;Xiangyanghong-X; from the Port of Shanghai. The expedition consisting of 591 members from all over China, covered a voyage of 26433.7 sea miles and this joumey lasted 142 days. The members of the Chinese Antarctic Expedition carried out scientific research on biology, geology, physiognomy, upper-atmospheric physics, seismology, meteorology, mapping and marine science as well as making routine observations on such subjects as human medicine and environmental science, etc. Chinese Antarctic Great Wall Station was built on Feb. 20, 1985, located at the southern tip of King George Island in the Shetland Islands of West Antarctica at 62012#39;59;S, 58057#39;52;W. Chinese Antarctic Zhongshan Station built on Feb. 26, 1989, is located at the Larsemann Hills of Princess Elizabeth Land, East Antarctica at 69022#39;24;S, 76022#39;40;E. China is planning to set up a third station at the summit of Dome A, Antarctica, during 2008 ~ 2010.1984年11月19日,中国南极考察委员会派出的第一南极考察队从上海乘“向阳红10号”出发,赴南极洲和南太平洋进行综合性科学考察。这考察队由来自全国591人组成。考察活动历时142天,航程26433.7海里。考察队进行了生物、地质、地貌、高层大气物理、地震、气象、测绘和海洋科学等领域的考察及医药和环境状况的多学科调查。1985年2月20日,中国首次在南极洲南端得兰群岛的乔治王岛上建成中国第一个南极科学考察基地——中国南极长城站,站址在南纬62 012 #39;59”,西经58057#39;52”处。1989年2月26日,又在东南极大陆拉斯曼丘陵上建成中国第二个科学考察基地——中国南极中山站,其坐标为南纬69022#39;24”、东经760 22#39;40”。中国从2008年起开始在南极内陆冰盖建立第三个南极科学考察站,计划2010年建成。 /201603/430109湖州整容医院哪家好

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湖州市中医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱When it comes to management challenges, fish fingers and circuses are at opposite extremes: one product is the acme of industrialised food processing, the other the ultimate expression of human creativity and energy. Somehow, private equity has found room for both: last week, Permira agreed to sell Iglo, which makes Birds Eye fish fingers in Europe, after nine years running the frozen foods company, while another buyout group, TPG Capital, led a deal to gain control of Montreal’s Cirque du Soleil.谈到管理上的挑战,炸鱼条和马戏表演是两个相反极端:一个是工业化食品加工的极致,另一个是人类创造力和能量的终极表达。从某种程度来讲,私人股本找到了同时实现这两点的空间:前一阵子,私人股本集团帕米拉(Permira)同意出售在欧洲生产Birds Eye炸鱼条的Iglo公司,帕米拉经营这家冷冻食品公司已有9年时间;另一家收购集团德太集团(TPG Capital)则领衔达成一笔交易,获得蒙特利尔太阳马戏团(Cirque du Soleil)控股权。The coincidence made me wonder at the sheer bth of private equity-owned businesses, which seems to defy the caricature of buyout kings as asset-stripping short-termists, interested only in targets with an annuity-like stream of revenue. But something else links these two apparently disparate businesses. All great enterprises start like a troupe of inventive and inspired circus performers. But over time most end up churning out the equivalent of pre-cut bed strips of reconstituted seafood. The big question is: how can entrepreneurial and inventive companies slow their slippery slide to a fish-fingery fate?这一巧合让我想知道私人股本所有的企业到底有多少类型,它们似乎要挑战人们的这种不良印象:收购界的巨擘是低价掠夺资产的短期主义者,只对能带来源源不断收入的目标感兴趣。但其他一些因素将这两类看似迥然不同的业务联系在一起。所有的大企业在一开始,都像由富有创造力和灵感的马戏演员组成的马戏团。但随着时间的流逝,多数企业最终生产的东西,都像预先切好、裹着面包屑的脱水海鲜条。重要的问题是:富有创造力的初创企业,如何能放慢沦为炸鱼条生产者的速度? /201505/374651 湖州第一医院有做冰点脱毛吗湖州点痣去哪里好




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